The World's 10 Hottest Flight Attendant Selfies

There is something about flying that feels almost magical. Everything about the experience works together to provide this sort of surreal feeling. Being up among the clouds and secluded from the world, we rely on the cabin crew for essentially everything. The pilots and flight attendants are our keepers for those hours in the sky. And for some reason, flight attendants are notoriously thought of as sexy, whether because of the uniform, or maybe because we look to them for everything from sustenance to safety while up in the air.

It is not difficult to find sexy airline stewardess photos, but those easily found are more often than not just models in costumes, either for Halloween or perhaps a men's magazine. The following flight attendant photos are of real-life women who work in the sky. They are among the sexiest you will come across, for various reasons. Behind the smiling faces, though, is scandal, off-the-wall business ploys, fame, fortune, ladies on strike, pilot hookups, passenger hookups, and ladies who simply know they look damn sexy and want to flaunt it.

You have heard of eye candy, but now I present you with... fly candy!

10. Red Hot Malaysia


This selfie oozes hotness, from the girls' red hot matching outfits to their physical closeness to their suggestive smile and kissy face. These cute coworkers are fun, flirty, and ready to fly! They are obviously posing with the intent to be sexy, and are already halfway there just by being stewardesses.

Air Asia is a low-cost Malaysian airline based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Though they also have an Australian syndicate, those who work for the main company as cabin crew must be at least 18, Malaysian, fluent in both English and Bahasa Malaysia, and and possess a "stunning" personality and "inexhaustible" smile, as described in the official company requirements. Females must stand no shorter than 157 centimeters barefoot (as opposed to males at 169 centimeters). Language skills aside, the two girls pictured above seem up to par with the company they represent!

9. Dysfunctional Queen of the Sky


Ellen Simonetti is a former Delta flight attendant who was fired after documenting her life and work in her blog called "Queen of the Sky: Diary of a Dysfunctional Flight Attendant," which Delta deemed inappropriate. Some of the photos she posted were taken on an aircraft. She filed a lawsuit against Delta in 2004 on the grounds of sex discrimination and retaliation, among other things. It was settled out of court, and Ellen renamed her blog "Diary of a Fired Flight Attendant". She had gained a considerable following, and her story became well known, even granting her appearances on shows like The Montel Williams Show.

Even though things seemed to end up ok for Ellen, who used her settlement to attend culinary school, we can kind of see Delta's point, illustrated in the above photo. It is not exactly the kind of representation a professional, reputable business wants to portray. But we give her credit - at least she looked good getting fired!


6 Millionaire Mile-High Clubber


An unnamed flight attendant working for an unnamed Middle Eastern airline reportedly made almost one million dollars having sex with passengers! This occurred over a two-year period, in the airplane's bathroom. In the Saudi Arabian magazine Al Saddah, which originally reported the story, the woman in question said "that she preferred long-distance flights between the Gulf and the United States." It is believed that she charged $2200.00 per passenger, though how exactly she propositioned them in the first place is not known. She was fired and deported immediately upon discovery, though after earning an astonishing $$983,000! Ah, the Mile High club at its finest.

7. Beauty Above All Else


In China, being a flight attendant is a highly coveted position. In fact, those vying for the job can expect to prance around in a bikini (as well as the uniform), as if they were in a pageant, as part of their audition... er, interview. Chinese airlines such as Air China hope to recruit the most beautiful women to work as stewardesses, and even partner with modeling agencies to find them. The girls need to be at least 5'6'', unless they are "extraordinarily" beautiful, in which case 5'5'' would suffice.

Even the recruits take the "look" very seriously. As a former Airline Services instructor in Baoding, China, my class of 60 would regularly show up wearing their full uniforms, just to sit in class and read from a textbook. I heard from them that being very beautiful is the most important thing when looking for employment with the airlines.

5 Forbidden Fruit


China, yet again... In a somewhat strange situation, pretty Chinese flight attendants have been kissing apples and selling them, and they have been largely successful at it. The apples are being sold on China's equivalent of eBay, and sell for $1.50-$20.00. The more women who kiss it, the more it costs. One apple was said to have been kissed by over 500 flight attendants! Many of these women are trainees from southwest China's Sichuan Southwest Vocational College of Civil Aviation, according to One of the participants told a news source that the money they raise will be used to set up a university fund so more students can realize their dreams, and some will be donated to an "old person's home."

It is a sweet thought, if a bit random, but let's face it: sex sells. And what better a prop than the original forbidden fruit, the apple? It is quite fitting.

4 Bikini Billionaire


The woman who has made a fortune by staffing an entire airline with bikini model flight attendants is on track to become a billionaire. She will be Vietnam's first female billionaire. VietJet founder and CEO Nyugen Thi Phuong Thao's private airline is about to go public, but already it has 30% of Vietnam's airline market share. All because she had the brilliant idea to combine flying and bikinis! In fact, the company's motto is "Enjoy flying!" Seems to me it would have been a man to come up with this idea, but nope. This so-called "Bikini Airline" was made (for men) by a woman, and features countless gorgeous, half-naked stewardesses who are happy to pose for photos galore (just check out the one behind the group, in the propeller!)

3 Hooters Air


Ok, so their "uniform" is the same as if you were to ogle a Hooters Girl in your local Hooters joint, but still. Does it not add to the appeal that once upon a time, you could ogle them at 30,000 feet? Hooters Air's inaugural flight was from Atlanta, Georgia, to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, in 2003. We can only imagine that the "flight attendants" were surrounded by a plane full of only men, not surprisingly and not much different from your local Hooters on a Friday night. But sadly, the vision of sexy stewardesses (which worked in Vietnam...) did not pan out, and the airline ceased public service in 2006. They cited the reasons as being primarily due to increased fuel costs after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita the previous year.

2 Bachelor Beauty


Lauren Bushnell is well known for winning The Bachelor franchise's most recent season, and being engaged to said Bachelor, Ben Higgins. She is sweet and nice and seemingly loved by all, including her fellow competitors for Ben's heart. But she was also a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines. We bet the girl-next-door/blonde bombshell looked amazing in her uniform and that Lauren looked just as good at work as she does on a beach half- naked. Alas, she says she had to quit working once the season really took off because she was being recognized too much, and it was interfering with her work (as in, every aisle she brought drinks to asked a million questions and the drink service was taking far too long!). She says everyone was so nice, but in the end it was not working out. She now lives in Denver with Ben.

2. Scandal in the Sky


In Japan, some "air hostesses" have turned to prostitution to combat decreasing wages. Several have claimed in the Japanese publication the Shukhan Post that flight attendants are regularly paid to sleep with the pilots. Like in China, many young women in Japan dream of becoming a stewardess, despite the long hours and poor pay. One airline employee is quoted as saying, "Stewardesses who are willing to do it with a pilot pass their number to a senior stewardess who is effectively a female pimp. There is also a system where pilots use hand signals to tell the hostesses they are interested, and how much they will pay. Other stewardesses outsource their services through companies."

Allegedly, the hookup will take place overnight at the hotel the crew all stay at. Women under 30 can charge more because they "have an expiration date".

1 Not Your Typical Strike

via Irytas.It

Spanish airline Air Comet boasts some very beautiful (and very tough) flight attendants. But many of the women employed by Air Comet were understandably frustrated when they were owed up to nine months work by their grounded airline in 2010. So they took the natural next step- they made a nude calendar! All of the photos are of the female flight attendants posing provocatively in or outside of the aircraft. It was an act meant to draw attention to their plight, but instead it gained them worldwide notoriety. It remains unknown if in the end, their little plan worked out, but Air Comet is definitely no longer in business.

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