Then and Now: 12 Actors From The American Pie Movies

If you’re a late 80’s – early 90’s born kid, you’ve probably just hit puberty around the time American Pie came out. The cheesy, super popular, somewhat controversial high-school comedy flick made you realize the influence of beautiful girls, and probably made you think:

“I need to get a mate, fast!”

Well, many of us have wondered the same, but that was just a phase you were going through at that age, or maybe you’re still going through it… Seriously, get off the internet and look for a mate! Anyhow, American Pie is considered a classic now, and the impact it left on the teen movie industry is still relevant today. The film made around $235 million and earned itself the 20th place in the highest-grossing films list of 1999. (It also forever changed the way we look at pies)

What about the movie cast? A bunch of unknown kids, now mostly superstars, are the heart and soul of the film. Each character represents a certain high school cliche, and each of us could relate to one of them. And If you’re asking the question: Where are these people now? you’ve come to the right place. We’re taking you on a 14-year long ride through the lives of the crew. The list is hefty, so take out your reading goggles and let’s get on with it!


12 Alyson Hannigan: Actress

“The cute redhead who likes sticking trumpets up people’s butts.”

Yup, that’s the first thing that comes to mind when her name gets mentioned. Alyson Hannigan is probably the most successful export of the American Pie franchise. Well, she was already kinda’ famous before that for her role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, butt… Sorry, BUT, it was “The Pie” that launched her into the stratosphere. She went on to do the ultra-popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother, where she continued to charm us with her random and clumsy humor for nine seasons. It’s hard not to love this little woman!

11 Jason Biggs: Actor

This is the guy who went down in history for the infamous pie love making scene. Very few people in this world could boast with such an accomplishment in life. After starring in the first three American Pie movies, Jason Biggs has had more success on the small screen than in the movie theater. His best-known role is probably as Larry, Piper Chapman’s husband, on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black TV series. Today, Jason is happily married to actress Jenny Mollen and he is the father of a boy, Sid. In his free time, he likes to make sex abuse jokes about the Pope and other inappropriate topics on Twitter.

10 Shannon Elizabeth: Actress and Pro Poker Player

The Slovakian bombshell Nadia – or Shannon Elizabeth in real life, has paved her way into the dirty, dirty minds of millions of young guys with her role in the movie. After American Pie, she has gone on to do a streak of successful films such as Scary Movie, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Tomcats and even a Chris Brown music video. Another fun fact is that this hottie is also a professional poker player, she even reached semi-finals in National Heads-up Poker Championship in 2007. Guys, yes, she’s real, and if you don’t consider her “wife material”, you need to rethink your life.

9 Seann William Scott: Voice Acting

The guy you loved to hate, but secretly wanted to be – Stifler. This brilliant performance brought him around $ 8,000 in the first American Pie movie and a million in the next two sequels. More importantly, he gave life to the Stifmeister character which will never die. Scott’s career took off after these films, landing roles in Dude Where’s My Car? and Final Destination, to name a few. But, his success wasn’t easy on him, and after a few wild years, Sean entered rehab in 2011 for “health and personal issues”. Fully recovered, he is now a part of the voice acting crew in the Ice Age movies.

8 Chris Klein: Actor

Oz the friendly high school jock must be one of the most adored characters in the movie. Chris appeared in the first two movies, but not in the third sequel (American Wedding) because of schedule problems with the film shoot. After the American Pie movies, he played a few notable roles in films like Here on Earth, Rollerball, and We Were Soldiers. He is also the second “Pie” cast member to join the rehab club – WOO HOO! I guess that Hollywood life is a rough ride. The poor guy also lost his girlfriend Katie Holmes, to none other than Mr. Top Gun himself – Tom Cruise.

7 Thomas Ian Nicholas: Actor and Musician

Already, famous for his role in Rookie Of The Year (1993), Thomas cemented his newfound fame with the American Pie movies. He was the founder of the “pact” of guys who pledged to lose their virginity, and actually, he was a virgin in real life during that time! No, we made that up. He was in Hollywood since 1993; that “problem” was taken care of early. Following the American Pie, he played Frank Sinatra Jr. in a film entitled Stealing Sinatra, and more recently, Walt Disney in a biographical feature film. Ian is also a musician and all-around charming guy!

6 Eddie Kaye Thomas: Actor

If Jason Biggs made us look at pies differently, then Eddie (or Paul Finch) is the guy who made us look at our friends’ moms in another light. Yes, the man who nailed Stifler’s mom is one of the most iconic characters in the American Pie franchise. Thomas continued to make us laugh in hilarious creations such as Freddie Got Fingered, Harold and Kumar and as a voice actor in Seth MacFarlane’s American Dad. Right now, he is starring in the CBS series Scorpion, and has moved on from having sex with his friends’ mothers. Way to go!


5 Jennifer Coolidge: Actress


Not many know this, but Stifler’s mom is the sole reason for the popularity of the word MILF. A good looking middle aged woman who seduced the young Finch at a house party also sparked a lot of fantasies for young males around the world. Jennifer credits her role in American Pie for dating a lot of younger guys in real life after the movie came out. Along with her love life, her career also soared with roles in films like Zoolander, Epic Movie and Legally Blonde. She currently plays Sophie Kachinsky in the Warner Bros. sitcom 2 Broke Girls.

4 Mena Suvari: Actress

Also known as Heather, a shy and quiet choir girl who Oz fell in love with, Mena Suvari has appeared in the first three American Pie films, as well as the American Reunion sequel. She hasn’t exactly been in the spotlight of showbiz following the franchise, even though she has consistently been working. Suvari’s most famous for her roles in American Pie and American Beauty, but she has also appeared in the series Six Feet Under and American Horror Story. She is currently starring in the supernatural horror drama South of Hell, which started airing in 2015.


3 Natasha Lyonne: Actress

Natasha Lyonne is known for her supporting role of Jessica in American Pie. Not so exciting. But, her real life has been a roller-coaster of legal troubles, rehabs and open heart surgeries! Luckily, Lyonne is fully recovered and keeps kicking a** in life on small and big screens as well. She starred in a lot of movies. Some of the most famous are Blade: Trinity and Scary Movie 2. Natasha also made a few appearances in TV series like Weeds, New Girl and Law and Order, and is currently starring in Orange is the New Black (along with Jason Biggs).

2 Tara Reid: Actress

Tara Reid has been in the movie business since birth – her first TV appearance was at the age of 6. She got her first big break in the cult classic The Big Lebowski, and continued her winning streak with Cruel Intentions and Urban Legend. Her role as Vicky in American Pie skyrocketed her fame, which lasted for a while, and now, well, she is best known for plastic surgeries that went wrong. Ouch. Reid also appeared in 2013 MASTERPIECE (note: sarcasm) Sharknado and its two sequels. Lately, she’s been seen messing around Bollywood. Oh Tara, we still love you!

1 Eugene Levy: Voice Over Acting


The super awesome, crazy dad of Jim who made every awkward situation even more uncomfortable. Yes, that’s not a real word, but you get the point. Eugene already had a long career before the American Pie film, but this franchise gave a big boost to his popularity. He is the only original cast member to star in all eight sequels of the movie. Levy appeared as a voice actor in Night in the Museum and the Disney Pixar film Finding Dory. He also proved to be a loyal colleague by co-starring with Tara Reid in Josie and the Pussycats, and Sean William Scott in the movie Goon.

There they are, folks! Are you surprised?


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