The 16 Hottest Women Snoop Dogg Has Been/Worked With

Snoop Dogg. Yep, he is still around (it seems like forever ago that he was a star, right?) Anyway, it is no secret that Snoop may be the biggest public figure-slash-pimp in recent history. Can we even count the ways he has fully exhibited his womanizer lifestyle? The recent story is that Snoop Dogg (or should we say Snoop Lion?) is now removing some offensive words from his vocabulary, thanks to the advice of his daughter and wife. Well, she may not even be his wife anymore.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy taking a peek at just some of the women that Snoop has been hanging around with. While they are not all romantic connections, these women are fierce and beautiful so they most definitely deserve a spot on our list of The 20 Hottest Women Snoop Dogg Has Been With. From models and dancers, to pop stars and actresses, even funny women have been linked to Snoop.

Look, we all know that Snoop Dogg is not exactly a dignified celeb, but he is famous and because of that, he has been with lots of girls. So let’s just take a moment to reflect on some of his relationships, friendships, and collaborations. From the A-list to the X-rated, Snoop Dogg has definitely made his rounds with the ladies.

16 Rita Ora

15 Karrine Steffans

You might know Karrine Steffans from her hit Vixen literature series. The author was actually once tied to Snoop. No word yet on just how legit the connection is, but according to a very amusing Reddit thread, Steffans spent some time to evaluate Snoop’s (and other rappers’) assets. According to Steffans, Snoop was “too long.” Now Steffans is jumping into acting and has been seen with Columbus Short. In fact, wedding bells have been chiming! The two reportedly met while filming Meet The Shorts. Looks like Short put a ring on it and the two are now officially a couple!

14 Grace Chavez


13 Random Party Girls



So this entry is not exact just one girl, but throughout the years, Snoop Dogg has definitely been seen with some fine-looking girls. Owing to his pimp lifestyle, he has made hardcore productions, music videos, and guest appearances with both the rich and famous and the average girls-next door. Granted, he is often photographed with total party girls, but that’s the way he likes it. Just run a Google search of Snoop Dogg with hot chicks, and you will find loads of photos showing Snoop getting cozy with any number of girls. He likes his women (although he has since tried to stop calling them “b****es”.)

12 Farrah


Farrah is an adult star who also made an appearance on Snoop Dogg’s hardcore film, Doggystyle. We don’t want to sound judgmental, but are we sensing a pattern here? You know, that Snoop Dogg is a serious pimp and womanizer? We were happy to find out that he has since tried to lay off the offensive terms to relate to females, but this was a long time coming. Even though he is a rapper (or at least, he was a rapper,) he does not have to exploit women for his personal gain. And yes, Farrah is very good-looking, but she didn’t need to be disrespected. Then again, this is her job…

11 Anna Malle


Anna Malle is kind of old now (she is 48,) but back when Doggystyle came out (yes, we are still talking about that film,) she was hot, hot, hot. Along with Farrah, Kaire, and plenty of other stars, Anna Malle got down and dirty on the set alongside Snoop Dogg. No word on whether or not she was in an exclusive relationship with Snoop, but we doubt it. Come on, this is Snoop Dogg we’re talking about. He doesn’t really do exclusive relationships. Or at least he didn’t back then (Doggystyle was released in 2002.) We don’t know about you, but we’re sick of this.

10 Katy Perry

9 Britney Spears

8 Fergie

7 Paris Hilton

6 Playmates


5 Tiffany Haddish


4 April Macie


3 Miley Cyrus

2 Charlotte Devaney


1 Shante Taylor

It is the classic on-again, off-again relationship, but Shante Taylor and Snoop Dogg have been a “thing” for years. They were married, then broke up, then got together again. Hey, with all of the pimping that Snoop Dogg is known for, we really can’t blame Shante for wanting to call it quits. The latest rumor is that she hinted at their most recent break-up on her Instagram account. So did she really leave Snoop? Well, she included a pic of herself with her friends and the caption: “All the single ladies.” Ouch, what a hit to Snoop’s ego. Maybe that’s what he needs!


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The 16 Hottest Women Snoop Dogg Has Been/Worked With