The 15 WORST Things That Ever Happened At Chuck E. Cheese's

Good old Chuck E. Cheese's. It is one of the most famous places in the country for family- friendly entertainment.  That place is known far and wide as a family-friendly place where you can bring your kids for hours and hours of  playing games, mindless fun, mediocre pizza and expensive entertainment.

For some reason every once in a great while, something totally messed up happens at Chuck E. Cheese. Sometimes it is just a fight, other times it is some creepy guy doing some creepy thing, and you know, every once in a great while someone just happens to get shot.

Now we're not saying that Chuck E. Cheese's restaurants is the worst place you could ever bring a kid for a birthday party; strip clubs, crack houses and fern bars are still at the top of that particular list. But you expect things to go south at places like that. Chuck E. Cheese? Not so much. But hey, that mouse sure is cute, right?

Well, yeah, he is. So cute in fact that you should head on down to Chuck E. Cheese for your next child's birthday party, and don't forget to invite all his friends, too! One thing though, just don't forget your mace, your bullet proof vest, and your naloxone, because sometimes Chuck E. Cheese is a wild ride.

So put your tokens down and grab an overpriced beer: here are the 15 worst things that ever happened at a Chuck E. Cheese's.

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15 Baby Mama Brawl

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Nothing says "family friendly" more than a huge brawl at Chuck E. Cheese's. It all started when a father of a boy got in an argument with his girlfriend in the parking lot. The girlfriend then went inside and got in a fight with the kid's mom. Before long, around 50 people were inside the place throwing hands and fighting. One would think it was a rare occurrence, but as you will see, not so much...

14 How Clean Is That Ball Pit?

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Nothing like the ball pit for kids. Wooh! Yeah, just dive on in there among all these other plastic balls and have a good time. The only thing is though, how are those things actually cleaned?

Well, a former employee said: "Don't ever let your kids (if you have them) play in ball pits. They're rarely cleaned. When we did clean them, we put them in my boss' pickup truck in netted bags. Then we just went through a carwash."


13 Chuck E. Cheese Gropes Mom

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We get it, you are in a ridiculous mouse costume, you are bored, and you are surrounded by hot moms all day long. Sure it must sound like fun to get a little action, but groping a mom while dressed as Mr. Cheese is just not a good idea. But in 2009, that is exactly what happened when Mr. Chuck E. Cheese apparently reached out and grabbed a lady's boob. The mom was not amused and sued.

12 Man Shot Over Parking Spot

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Hey, we get it, you want to go into Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant with the family and have a good time, and you can't find a parking spot; man that is frustrating. The fun is going on without you! Still, though, shooting someone over it is probably not a good idea. Robert Herrera did not get that message though, as he gunned down a 29-year-old man in an argument over a parking spot. Mr. Cheese would not approve.

11 Kid Finds White Powder

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A child in a Chuck E. Cheese's found a bag of white powder on the carousel and her mother, understandably a bit concerned, brought it to management. Instead of calling the cops the manager refused to do so and just told the mom to throw the bag away. Hey, why not? Who wants to get the cops involved in trying to find out who the drugs belonged to when there is pizza to eat and Skeeball to play!

10 Man Uses Kids To Help Him Steal Purses

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I know when most people worry about crime happening at a place like Chuck E. Cheese's, they worry about crime happening to the kids, they don't worry about crime being committed by the kids. But a man in Washington used children under the age of ten to steal 15 t0 20 purses a few years back. I think he spent too much time watching the movie Oliver Twist. 

9 Men Get Arrested For Using Heroin

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There are a lot of things people go to Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant to do. Okay, there are really only a couple: play games and eat. But one thing people usually don't go to Chuck E. Cheese's to do is to shoot up in the bathroom. Tell that to two guys in California, though, who decided to skip the Skee Ball and go smoke some heroin in the men's room. So now the world knows that they not only have a drug problem, but that they are total morons as well.

8 Skee Ball Beatdown

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Hey we all know how it goes when playing Skee ball: step out of line and someone might just start throwing hands. One woman who was playing Skee ball in New Jersey found that out the hard way. She pushed a two-year-old out of the way, which caused the two-year-old's mother to come back at her and throw her into the Skee ball machine. A fight ensued, as per what usually happens when people get passionate about Skee ball.

7 Man Exposes Himself

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Going to a place where there are a lot of kids and exposing yourself is obviously totally creepy. Doing it at Chuck E. Cheese's is not only creepy but really stupid as well. In 2012, a man named Kevin McGhee exposed himself beneath a table around children at a Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant. He was soon spotted by a mother and was arrested. Hopefully this dude figures out another place to get pizza in the future.

6 Man Picks Up Wrong Kid

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We get it, you've had a long day, and let's face it, you totally checked out on your kid's birthday party. Which is why some dad probably picked up the wrong kid and tried to walk away with him. The guy just took a few steps with the kid, and it was obvious to the police it was an honest mistake, but I am sure the guy had a hard time explaining it to his wife. But at least he probably won't have to go to any more lame parties.

5 Fight Breaks Out Over Stolen Phone

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Wanda Jackson decided to take her two kids to Chuck E. Cheese's for a fun time. While she was there, she tried to steal another woman's phone. The victim caught her and spit in her face, which is when Wanda went ballistic. Jackson was charged with assault. I am not entirely sure about this but I bet her children are not going to get too excited next time Wanda offers to take them to Chuck E. Cheese's.

4 Photo Machine Assault

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The last thing you would think anyone would fight over would be the photo machine, but hey, if you thought that, you would be wrong. A few years back, in Ohio, the photo machine at a Chuck E. Cheese's wasn't working, which caused a whole mob of people to attack a group of employees. One employee was thrown into a table and hit with an uppercut. By the time the cops arrived, all of the people had run off.

3 Tire Flies Through Window

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Okay, so this could have happened anywhere, we get that. But it didn't happen anywhere, it happened at Chuck E. Cheese's, so therefore it makes the list. A 63-year-old woman drove her car into a ditch and hit a telephone pole, which caused her tire to fly off and crash through the window, injuring three kids inside.

No word was available about whether or not she had something against kids, mice, or pizza.

2 Big Brawl Breaks Out

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A manager in Connecticut told a group of unruly people in a Chuck E. Cheese's to "tone it down" which apparently was the wrong thing to say. Soon a massive 12-person brawl broke out when two people bumped into each other.  A one-year-old was knocked down during the battle, but no serious injuries occurred to the combatants. Which is kind of too bad when you think about it; people that are this stupid deserve at least a few bumps and bruises.

1 Revenge Killing

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While some of these cases are just lame, and others of them are even a little bit funny, one case stands out for being totally awful. By far the worst thing ever to happen in a Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant was the case of Nathan Dunlap. He was fired, then 5-months later returned, and hid in a bathroom until after the store was closed, then emerged and shot and killed numerous people. It was the worst mass shooting ever in Colorado at the time.

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