The 15 Worst Dares People Have Actually Gone Through With

Do you remember being young and stupid? No? Well that's probably because you still are, but don't worry, it will pass eventually. We've all done things we aren't proud of, and the memory of these actions will even haunt some of us for the rest of our lives, but just know that someday, you will be able to talk about it without shame.

Now, most of us don't know why, but as a kid, when someone "triple-dog-dared" you to do something, you just did it. It's almost as if those 3 words had a magical effect on children. They might want to say no, but they simple can't.  You would think that this would go away as people turn into adults, but this is where you would be totally and completely wrong if you look at these all too true stories of people taking on that triple-dog-dare.

The older you get, the less of an effect those words will have on you, and you will be free of performing acts of stupidity for the rest of your life — unless you're just an idiot. We all bear scars that no one can see. Maybe you ate a bug for a few dollars, or maybe you broke a couple bones because you thought you could jump from the top of your house and into the pool. Whatever the reason for your scars, just remember that all over the world, at this exact moment, people are being dared to do far worse than what you've done — and they're doing it.  We have made up the names here to (mostly) protect the identity of those involved, but the stories are completely real.


15 Dared To Stick A Knife In A Toaster


Most of us can still hear our mother's voice in our head, telling us to never, ever, use a metal fork to dislodge a piece of bread from the toaster. Unfortunately, those pesky toasters are always up to no good, and purposely challenge you by grabbing onto your toast, and never letting go. Well toaster, it seems you have met your match, and his name is "Danny."

Maybe Danny had a bad experience with Señor Toaster. Maybe he just didn't like his face. Whichever the case, a dare is a dare, and so he does what most idiots do — he perseveres.

Danny isn't the only one to blame. He clearly has a crowd of neanderthals edging him on. "Do it Danny, common man, do it." They say, like salivating hyenas. Danny looks at his friends for encouragement, and finds some. He plunges the metal knife into the plugged toaster, and an instant blast sends Danny and the baboons to the other side of the room.

14 Dared To Eat A Cactus


Some people are stupid enough to let their friends talk them into doing crazy things. Other people, are just plain dumb. Take Walid, for example. This young boy, who appears to be as old as your milk carton, has his own YouTube channel, where you can dare him to do weird things, and he will do them without question. He does not have friends next to him, edging him on — instead, he has faceless internet rats.

So Walid gets dared to eat a cactus, and he doesn't seem perplexed in the slightest. He proceeds to cut off a piece of his mother's cactus, and boil it.  Why he decided boiling was a good idea is beyond the imagination. Walid is even nice enough to give us his secret recipe."Cinnamon, hot sauce and a dash of salt." He takes a bit, spits it out, and claims that he put too much hot sauce. Ya right, nice one Walid.

13 Dared To Look A Turd In The Eye


Some dares are just too embarrassing to admit to. This is why our next one was submitted anonymously. So for the sake of this story, let's give this poor soul the name of "Katherine."

As Katherine must surely know, kids can be cruel, but sometimes your friends can be the worst of all. So, Katherine's friend is on the bowl taking a rather massive dump, when he gets an idea. He starts to giggle, he wipes, but he does not flush.

You see, good old Katherine had dared him to do something rather disgusting the week before, and well, payback is a female dog. So he goes up to Katherine and he says something along the lines of, "Katherine, I dare you to get on your knees. Put your head in the toilet bowl. Take a big whiff, and flush my huge crap down the toilet, without moving your face out of spatter's way." Kathrine's eyes go huge, but a dare is a dare.

12 Dared To Marry A Senior Citizen


Well, it would appear that dares date back to the 20th century, and why am I not surprised? So if you've ever felt down about not being the smartest kid on the earth, don't worry, our ancestors set us up for failure.

Not everyone has the chance to experience love, but most of us have the chance to experience stupidity. At some point in our lives, the two might even correlate. Charles E. Jamison was a 60-year-old man who had recently became widowed. On America's Independence Day, Jamison decided to have a few drinks to ease his troubled soul. It wasn't long before Laura Clayton and her friends stumbled upon this sad little man and decided to make his night.

Eventually, Clayton was dared to marry Jamison, and despite only being 17 years old, she agreed. Being Independence Day and all, the town became so riled up by the announcement, that they were married that same night.

11 Dared To Eat A Tainted Banana

Behold the tale of the tainted banana. A tale so flabbergasting, that is was submitted anonymously. Sleepovers can get weird, especially when you're a teenager, but on this particular night — things got taken to the next level.

There is always that one kid in the group that wants to impress everyone. Unfortunately, he is usually the one with the fewest brain cells. So one night, "Kevin" is sick and tired of hearing his idiot friend Steve brag about how he'll do any dare. Now, Kevin and his friends have tried to disprove this theory, and Steve always pulls through, but not tonight. Kevin has a plan, and it's a filthy one.

Kevin dares Steve to take a banana, shove it up where the sun don't shine, and then eat it. Now Kevin's feeling proud, in fact, he's just about certain that he's got Steve beat. That's when Steve stands up and drops his pants. His friends scream in horror, and Kevin looks at him in disbelief. Steve completes the dare and eats every last bite of the banana. Steve is the dare king. Sorry Kevin, better luck next time.

10 Dared To Light Himself On Fire And Jump Into A Lake


"Andrew" does not mess around when it comes to dares. In fact, he takes them more seriously than anything else in his life. One day, his friends dared him to, "Jump into the lake in the most dangerous way you can." Now Andrew didn't even flinch, in fact, he started getting some ideas on how to take this a step higher.

So, Andrew dips himself in the water and then douses himself with gasoline before preceded to climb a tree that towers the lake. He can hear his friends laughing. They are convinced that he's going to chicken out. When he gets about 30 feet up, he takes out the lighter, takes in a deep breath, and then lights himself on fire.

Andrew jumps out of the tree just as the gasoline catches. His friends are no longer laughing; instead they stare in awe. Andrew belly flops into the lake and swims out without a single scrape. Completely amazing.

9 Dared To Drink A Whole Bottle Of Olive Oil

Olive oil is usually delicious when paired with the right ingredients, but to drink an entire bottle is just plain disgusting. Not only will it make you feel ill, but its high calorie intake will surely make you pack on a few pounds. Just one tea spoon of olive oil can be up to 120 calories, so you can only imagine what state you'd be in after drinking massive amounts of it.

One student shared his story, but unfortunately did not share his name, so we'll name him "Bartolomeu." So young Bart was a freshman who was looking forward to losing his "freshman fifteen," however his diet did not go as planned. When Bart was dared to gulp down a bottle of olive oil, in exchange for a 30 pack of beer, he immediately complied. At least he got something in return though; most people just do it for the sake of the dare.


8 Dared To Electrocute His Nipples


Kyle DuBois was not the best student, but at least he had an inquisitive mind. One day, during an electrical trades class, this 18 year old and his friends decided to have some fun. Their idea of fun, however, was finding loose wires in the back of the classroom, and electrocuting themselves.

Electrocuting yourself with small currents can become very tiresome, especially for a group of high school students, and so they decided to take things up a notch. Kyle's friends dared him to attach a pair of alligator clamps to his nipples, and so he did, but not before naming his price: one bottle of Mountain Dew.

Kyle immediately went into cardiac arrest and was rushed to the nearest hospital. He also suffered from respiratory failure, but ended up making a full recovery. His parents eventually filed a law suit against the school, but they should have filed one against themselves — for raising an idiot.

7 Dared To Smear Dog Poop On Their Face

Close your eyes and think about the gross things you did as a child. Are you cringing? Well that's because children do the most disgusting things of all. Are you smiling? Well then you are an alien and your childhood memories were implanted.

Take "Anicole" for example, even now, she still remembers being a 10-year-old girl, and succumbing to peer pressure. Nowadays, 10 dollars isn't worth much, but go back a decade or so, and most kids would do a lot for 10 bucks. In Anicole's case, she was dared to smear a piece of dog poop all over her face. Problem was: she didn't have a dog.

So little Anicole went around town searching for the perfect turd, while the neighbourhood kids giggled like teenage girls. Alas, she found it, bent down and picked it up, smeared it all over her face, collected her prize, and ran all the way home. 

6 Dared To Lick A Stranger's Vomit


Taking a walk on a Saturday or Sunday morning is a brave thing to do. Especially if you live in an area where many bars line the streets. Teenagers and adults alike will have too much to drink and colourfully decorate the streets with their vomit. If you have a dog or just like to walk in the wee hours of the morning — exclude these streets at all cost.

One morning, "Annie" and her friend (who will remain nameless) walked out of a convenient store and into the parking lot. As they were walking, Annie noticed a disgusting blob of puke on the ground, she looks at her friend and jokingly says, "Hey, I dare you to lick that." To Annie's disbelief, her friend immediately gets down on his knees and licked the vomit.

When Annie submitted this story, she mentioned that she still feels bad to this day about daring her friend to commit this sickening act. But you're not fooling anyone Annie. You had ample time to stop him. Shame Annie, shame.

5 Dared To Get Shot In The Butt With An Air Rifle

Guns can be useful when you are trying to protect yourself, but since we are not living through a zombie apocalypse, they aren't really that necessary. When left unattended, guns can fall into the hands of idiots and that's exactly what happened in this case.

First off, "Shane" starts this video by saying, "My name's Shane, and I'm f—ing dank!" He then proceeds to turn around, bend over his bed, and await his fate. It seems his buddy dared him to get shot in the butt with an air rifle, and being as "dank" as Shane is, how could he possibly refuse?

So Shane's buddy, who is on cloud 9, shoots Shane right in the rump and watches him wither in pain on his infant-like bed. Shane's screams sound like a little girl and the video isn't even worth watching — but that Shane man, you got to hand it to him, is really dank.

4 Dared To Eat A Cigarette Butt


Are you familiar with the term YOLO? Well, there's a group of British boys that sure are. In this saddening video, you see a visibly drunk Brit being pressured by his friends to eat a cigarette butt. Now, whoever is filming this video, really wants his friend to eat the butt. You can even hear him begging throughout the entire video, "Common Fam. Just eat it. YOLO man. YOLO. Common Fam."

So "Fam" eventually gets tired of his friends voice, grabs a butt from the ashtray and swallows it whole. Sadly that's not what his friend wanted. "You got to chew it Fam. You can't swallow it one shot. Do another Fam. YOLO." So Fam, takes another cigarette butt, and visibly chews on it before swallowing.

Fam's friend is a happy man now. "You did it Fam, you actually did it,"Say YOLO to the camera." So Fam does what he does best, and listens to his friend, turns to the camera, and meekly says, "YOLO."

3 Dared To Suck On A Used Tampon

High School parties have been known to get a little rowdy, especially since one 40 of Vodka Ice can get a group of 5 wasted. However, some groups of people are a little grosser than other's and unfortunately that's what poor Brian learned on that fateful night.

So Brian's girlfriend Kelly, decides to have a New Years party at her house, while her parents are out of town. Her parents even allow her to throw the party — as long as her little sister doesn't have anyone over. But being the awesome big sister that Kelly is, she tells her younger sister that she can invite some friends over — as long as they stay in the kitchen.

Halfway through the night, Brian ventures to the kitchen to get a glass from the cupboard. As he enters, he notices Kelly's younger sister and her friends playing a game of truth or dare , he smiles, remembering the good old days. Suddenly his smile is turned upside-down when he hears the phrase, " I dare you to lick my friends used tampon." Brian then witnesses the most disgusting thing he has ever seen in his life.

When Brian returns to the living room, he feels sick to his stomach. Kelly looks over and says, "What's wrong Bri?"  Brian looks at her and softly whispers, "Nothing, nothing."

2 Dared To Mace His Tongue And Eat Two Habanero Peppers


So "James" is looking to become the world's greatest idiot, and he's basically achieved his goal. He receives an online dare to, "Spray his tongue with mace and then eat two habanero peppers." To which he complies.

Before spraying his tongue with mace, he reads the label behind the bottle, which reads, "If ingested, do not drink liquids or swallow. Immediately call poison control." So James, sprays his tongue, and then swallows and drinks liquids. Brilliant.

Afterwards, James proceeds to eat two habanero peppers while smiling through the pain. He starts to spit and cry into a garbage can. He asks for milk. He drinks, he laughs, he's a genius.

1 Dared To Jump Down A Flight Of Stairs


There are gross dares, embarrassing dares and then just plain out stupid dares, can you guess which one this will be? Yes, another stupid one. So for the sake of this story we will give our simple-minded friend the name Jeremy.

So Jeremy is dared to jump down an entire flight of stairs. Which only seems easy...if you're Jackie Chan. Jeremy's friends are nice tho, and they line the bottom of the staircase with pillows and blankets, to prevent him from actually hurting himself. As usual, the plan backfires.

Jeremy lands on the last step instead of the padded area. He lands directly on his tailbone and pain shatters throughout his body. For the next week or so, Jeremy is forced to sit on a pregnancy doughnut, even while at school. Jeremy even states, that to this day, it sometimes hurts him to sit down.

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