The 15 Worst Chris Brown Scandals

It can be argued that Chris Brown is more famous for his personal troubles than his music. At the same time, the Chris Brown fans are the first people to use his music and dance abilities to defend him in response to pretty much anything that he does. "But have you seen him dance?" seems to be their reply to anyone who hates on him for getting in trouble- which happens often.

It seems like whenever the R&B singer redeems himself in the eyes of the fans (and even the haters), he immediately does something stupid to take away from his professional achievements. The saying "one step forward, two steps back" doesn't even apply here because it's more like "one step forward, two hundred steps back." Every. Single. Time.

It's a damn shame though, because based on his catalog alone, the man could have iconic status as an artist, but he really keeps setting himself back with the poor behavior. It's just one thing after the other with this guy. Chris Brown has proven that people will forgive celebrities for just about anything if their product is good enough. I feel like he's the Charlie Sheen of the music industry. It seems like no matter what he does, people will still listen to his music and believe me, this man has done a lot.

It was tough to narrow this list down to just fifteen incidents, but these are just some of Chris Brown's biggest scandals- to date. Because who knows what he could get himself into by the time you finish reading this article

15 He Got In A Bar Fight With Drake Over Rihanna


The rivalry between Chris Brown and Drake over Rihanna seems like a tale that will never die. Pretty much every time Chris acts out I suspect it has something to do with Drake and Rihanna hanging out- because in all honesty the timing almost always adds up. The bar brawl between Chris and Drake is pretty legendary. Supposedly it all went down when Drake sent over a note to Chris that read "I'm f*cking the love of your life" and then it really hit the fan. Chris Brown, Drake, and their respective entourages ended up brawling at the club. And yeah, I have no idea if there was anything else that went down to instigate Drake supposedly writing that note, but how did he expect Chris to act? He has a violent reputation for a reason. I just imagine the fight ending with them both texting Rihanna and getting hit with those read receipts because she doesn't give a damn about their antics.

14 He Had An Altercation With Frank Ocean Over A Parking Space


I really can't imagine anyone finding an excuse to fight with Frank Ocean, of all people, but of course Chris Brown found a reason to do so and it was an incredibly dumb reason at that. The two singers got into it over a parking space. No, I'm not even kidding. Apparently when Chris wanted to leave the recording studio he was majorly pissed off that his car was blocked. Frank Ocean tweeted about how he got jumped by Chris Brown and his squad and apparently he hurt his finger which impacted his Grammy's performance. It gets worse than the physical violence though. It has also been reported that Chris Brown used homophobic expletives against Frank Ocean which makes the whole thing even worse. This is just the dumbest story. Apparently it doesn't take much for Chris Brown to snap. The need for anger management is truly vital here.

13 He Was Breeding & Selling Puppies


Wait. What? At first, when I heard that there was news about Chris Brown and Pit bull, I just naively assumed that he just did a collaboration with the rapper Pitbull. But apparently I was way off with this one. Apparently, Chris wasn't content making money off of music, touring, and other conventional entertainment endeavors. It seems so random, but Chris weirdly decided to start breeding and selling dogs online. What's up with that- Why? I also can't help wondering if Chris Brown had anything to do with training the dogs because that would mean that they were super-aggressive pups. Or at least that's what I would assume. But anyway, Chris was selling pit bull puppies online and people found it offensive for plenty of reasons. I just thought that it was a really strange thing to do, but at this point it's kind of hard to be surprised by any trouble that Chris Brown gets himself into.

12 He Cyber Bullied Kehlani For Her Suicide Attempt


The love triangle with NBA star Kyrie Irving, Kehlani, and PARTYNEXTDOOR really took over the internet. PARTYNEXTDOOR posted a photo of himself holding hands with Kehlani in bed when everyone was under the impression that she was dating Kyrie. The memes were immediate, everyone was talking about it, and people were really hating on Kehlani- hard. Well, it really got to her since she deleted her social media and revealed that she tried to take her own life in response to all of the scrutiny. Apparently Chris Brown wasn't buying it though and he decided to insert himself into the only scandal with an R&B singer that had nothing to do with him. He tweeted some pretty horrible stuff at "#KYRIEMVP," and it got even worse when he wrote, "There is no attempting suicide. Stop flexing for the gram. Doing sh*t for sympathy so them comments under your pics don't look so bad." Wow. That was really unnecessary and as expected many people were beyond offended by Chris's interjections.

11 He Dated Rihanna & Karreuche Tran At The Same Time


Chris Brown is another one of those celebrities whose relationship status has been constantly unclear. Pretty much every woman he's ever dated has been a part of an off-again, on-again scenario. And then there's the other women in between and it's just a lot to keep up with. The singer's two most high profile relationships were with Rihanna and Karrueche Tran and apparently there was some overlap there and he admitted to dating both at the same time. Or at least that's what Chris put out there. How classy. First off, that's a messed up and irresponsible thing to do. Not to mention the disrespect to both women. Then, bragging about it during a radio interview really just made it all worse. Acting like an ass and deceiving two women really isn't something to brag about. I would love to know how Ri and Karrueche reacted when they heard about this one. I would say "poor Chris," but then again, I really don't feel bad for him at all.

10 He Used Eye Drops To Fake Tears During Michael Jackson Tribute


Understandably, everyone and their grandmother HATED Chris Brown after his domestic violence with Rihanna went public. He was truly persona non grata. No one wanted anything to do with him or his music after that horribly offensive act, but Chris had the opportunity to be a part of a Michael Jackson tribute after his death. It was Chris's chance to start working toward a comeback. He absolutely killed the performance from the wardrobe to those MJ dance moves. Then he was applauded by the audience (instead of getting booed) and he broke down in tears. It was a really moving moment and many people sympathized with him, until it was reported that people witnessed Chris putting in eye drops before the performance so he could produce artificial tears. What? That's a real low point- which is saying a lot since this is Chris Brown after all. It's still unclear how true this is, but a lot of people found it plausible given his reputation so it definitely counts as a scandal.

9 His Nude Photos Leaked


It seems like Chris Brown can check off having every kind of celebrity drama possible. So it was only a matter of time before the nude pics hit the internet. Not only did that become a thing, but it was also while he had that super blonde hair, which I was personally not a fan of. Obviously, that's not the real point here since EVERYTHING was exposed and everyone who dared to click got a glimpse at the singer's most private area. I just wonder who he was originally sending that to. Clearly it wasn't someone who was too fond of him since she decided to leak the photos, but honestly Chris Brown seems invincible when it comes to scandals. It really seems like he can survive anything. To be honest, I bet his album sales, social media mentions, and whatever stats he has all went up after the nude photos leaked.

8 He Got Kicked Out Of  Rehab


I had no idea that you could go to rehab for acting like an ass, but apparently it's possible. Well, that's not the exact reason that Chris Brown went to rehab. Technically it was because he had "anger management" issues- the understatement of the century, to put it mildly. But anyway, apparently that's something to go to rehab for, although we all know that Chris only checked into rehab in an attempt to avoid jail time. But anyway, he somehow managed to get kicked out of rehab. The troubled singer had three violations. First off, there was a special rule put in place to keep him two feet away from all women (because of the domestic violence against Rihanna- obviously). That is such an unusual rule, but yeah I can see why it would be a thing. He also left the premises without permission and initially refused to take a drug test when he was back. What kind of rehab allows people to come and go as they please? That seems like some celebrity favoritism to me. He also got in trouble for making a mockery of rehab during a group session. I don't see why it took that many strikes to get the dude out of there. Clearly he wasn't taking it seriously- at all.

7 He Went To Jail


I hate to say it, but it was only a matter of time before Chris Brown ended up in jail. The man just cannot stay out of trouble, so we all knew that this was going to happen eventually. Chris was still on probation from the Rihanna assault and he ended up in jail after he violated his parole after he assaulted a random stranger in Washington, D.C. Surprisingly, Chris wasn't able to get out of this one and he actually spent 108 days behind bars. And no, this stint did not seem to scare him straight because he (obviously) ended up getting into legal trouble again and again after. It seems like pretty much nothing will get Chris Brown to actually learn a lesson, but at least he's a good dancer, right? Obviously, I'm kidding with that last part, but it really does seem like he can get away with anything and still sell music.

6 He Was Denied Entry To Canada

I'm not gonna lie, the first time I heard about Chris Brown being denied entry into Canada, my immediate thought was to come up with some sort of Drake-related joke about how he couldn't get into his home country due to the love triangle with Rihanna. I mean, a lot of people love Drake and a lot of Drake loyalists are against Chris Brown, so you never know- totally kidding by the way, I'm not (that) dumb. I feel bad for all the fans who had tickets to see Chris perform. There was no concrete reason given for the singer's denial, but instead it was chalked up to "immigration issues." I (along with the rest of the internet users) joked (and hoped) that it had something to do with the Drake rivalry. I honestly feel like Chris forgot to fill out some sort of application for permission to work in the country or something careless like that. But once again, it really just came off like Drake completely owned him.

5 He Sat Down During The National Anthem On 9/11 Anniversary


I really don't get the point of people not standing up during the National Anthem or the Pledge of Allegiance. First off, it's obviously incredibly disrespectful. Aside from that, it just isn't a lot of effort to make for a short period of time. If you're not respectful enough to actually care, then why not just comply? It just makes zero sense to me. Plus, Chris Brown decided to be a jerk at the worst possible time by refusing to stand up for the "Star Spangled Banner" on the fifteen year anniversarry of 9/ a charity event no less. What is wrong with this dude? Why would he do this? In general, it's obviously one hundred percent a sh**ty thing to do. But aside from that, he is in the middle of legal drama (as per usual) and he decides to be a total jerk in a very public setting when all eyes were already on it. Shaking my damn head.

4 He Was Charged With Felony Assault After Attacking A Man In DC 


Color me shocked Chris Brown was involved in a physical altercation- again. At this point, it's tough for me to consider this news. The real shock would be if Chris had the maturity to walk away from a fight or served as a peacemaker in a conflict. Nevertheless, I have no idea why a guy on probation would continue getting into trouble, but it's hard for me to rationalize why Chris Brown does anything. But anyway, Chris and his body guard punched a guy outside of a Washington D.C. hotel who asked to take a photo with Chris while he was talking to two women at the time. I guess Chris doesn't like to be interrupted while he's spitting game at the ladies? That's totally reasonable, right?....Cue my eye roll. Originally Chris was charged with a felony, but in typical Chris Brown fashion that charge was lessened to a misdemeanor.

3 He Was Accused Of Threatening A Woman With A Gun


It seems like this scandal is still ongoing so it will be interesting to see how it works out. At this point, I feel like Chris Brown has a legal team standing by at all times. They could build a whole career solely off of defending Chris Brown in court. Honestly, I feel like this all stems from him being angry about Drake and Rihanna being all over each other these days and super cute at the VMA's. But that's just me. He was arrested on "suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. " Apparently he threatened a woman with the weapon inside his own home. He took to Instagram to defend himself in a now-deleted video where he did not seem at all sober- what a great PR tactic, Chris. Shaking. My. Damn. Head. At one point in the video, Chris lamented, "Every three months y'all come up with something." No, not exactly. Every three months you do something stupid and/or illegal.

2 He Found Out He Fathered A Baby 9 Months After She Was Born

This is probably the only Chris Brown "scandal" that has something good to come out of it. Chris's daughter Royalty is just way too cute. Nevertheless, her conception and birth were shrouded in some severe shadiness. First off, the baby was conceived while he was still dating Karrueche Tran. Then the baby was born and Chris actually had no idea about Royalty's existence. Damn. Poor Karreuche- as if she didn't already go through enough drama in that relationship. There was no way Chris Brown could ignore the shadiness there. I don't blame the girl for FINALLY getting out of that relationship. Clearly Chris Brown cannot be trusted. Hopefully he gets his act together and can become the good example that his daughter deserves to have as her father. I'm not even being sarcastic, I'm really hoping that Royalty will serve as motivation for him to actually turn his life around for good.

1 His Domestic Violence Against Rihanna


Everyone and their grandmother knows about this time. At the same time, there's no way that I could compile this list and neglect the assault case with Rihanna. Before this, everyone loved Chris Brown. They were a golden couple in the music industry. Then things took a very dark turn. The saddest thing here is that it's not even Chris who has been stigmatized the most by this. Weirdly enough, this has followed Rihanna around ever since. Rihanna says that alcohol did not play a part in the incident. She confronted him about texting a girl he used to date (and he lied about it, of course) and then the situation escalated to violence. He punched her repeatedly, bit her, and choked her. Then Rihanna was further violated when photos of her bruised, bleeding, and swollen face hit the internet. It was disgusting and so sad. Then, people were confused when she returned to Chris Brown and later did a few songs with him after they were broken up. This is definitely the biggest scandal Chris Brown has gotten himself into, but it really is unfair how it has affected Rihanna's personal and professional life when she was the victim here.

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The 15 Worst Chris Brown Scandals