The 15 Worst Celeb Bikini Bodies Of 2015

Not all of these celebs pack a banging body and can pull off those itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikinis. Both male and female celebs carry some extra weight, cellulite and flab. Now that winter is fast approaching, we have put away our summer gear and put our shorts, tee shirts and swimwear in storage. There is sunshine somewhere and it allows for these celebs to don their swimwear whether on vacation or in sunny California.

It is not uncommon for the stars to fall into the world of plastic surgery but sometimes they wish they hadn’t. Botched breast implants and liposuction marks have left some of their bodies in worse shape than before the surgeries. Unfortunately, these messy mistakes show when they decide to take a dip in the ocean and the paparazzi is more than happy to start snapping.

This year has included full of new stars emerging and celebrities need to keep up at the gym. It is a critical world and appearances are everything in Hollywood. Having a perfect physique is essential in the entertainment industry and people notice when your body starts slipping. It is hard to find the time and motivation to stay on top of your game, but unfortunately, it shows when it comes time to lace up that new bikini.

The stars are no different than us, only they have the paparazzi to worry about when they aren’t looking too hot! Take a look at the following 15 worst celeb beach bodies of 2015.

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15 Lena Dunham

via pinterest.com

14 Selena Gomez

via www.tmz.com

When it comes to this pop princess, Selena Gomez always looks her best in front of the camera. Well almost. In 2015, it all came undone for this refined beauty. She is seen busting out of this tight little number and it doesn't want us to "come and get it." Gomez has packed on the pounds since her split with Justin Bieber. An unstable relationship can cause anyone stress, causing them to shrink down to nothing or the opposite in this case. Gomez should alter her wardrobe in order to better suit up on the beach without looking so squished in, but as always, "the heart wants what it wants."

13 Tara Reid

via www.dailymail.co.uk

There once was a time when Tara Reid was the 'it' girl starring in American Pie, but how things have changed. Over the years, Reid's career and physical appearance have taken an unfortunate nosedive. There is such a thing as being too skinny and sadly, Reid is showing us that. Her barely there thighs hold a huge gap making us wonder if she will just blow away with the wind. The combination of breast implants and severe weight loss do not mesh well together as it ends up looking very disproportionate like we see in Tara's chest area. We do hope Reid takes another serving of American Pie.

12 Rebel Wilson

This funny star makes it no laughing matter when stepping out in a bikini. A celebrity who openly mocks her own weight and lack of enthusiasm for exercise, this star sports a body that proves just that. It is no easy task to shed the pounds and change your entire lifestyle. Wilson's physique can change drastically if effort was put into healthier eating choices and constant exercise. This busy comedic actress has reportedly been spotted doing just that. After the 2015 AMAs, Wilson decided to put some work in at an LA workout studio. A perfect step continued into your bright future Rebel; keep it up!

11 Steven Tyler

via unrealitymag.com

There is one thing we all are thinking when we see Aerosmith's leading man in this tight number: please don't walk this way. Even the biggest stars can blunder when it comes to swimwear. This rock-star should stick to releasing hit after hit instead of hitting us with this revealing swimsuit of choice. Steven Tyler definitely has that rocker style and it shows with his fashion choices and jewelry, but we can say that this has not been one of his best looks. His tall and thin frame shows off a feminine side of him and we can't help but think "Dude looks like a lady"!

10 Courtney Love

via www.nydailynews.com

We are not sure how much there is to love about Love in this bikini. Love has gone through a variety of body changes over the past decade, but this is definitely not her at her worst. From days of being sickly looking and way too thin, this is potentially an improvement. Unfortunately, it looks like she had liposuction and is suffering the consequences of its appearance long term. Love's rep claims that she has never had surgery, and that her changing figure is due to diet and exercise. Maybe she is just living in her 'celebrity skin'...

9 Donatella Versace

via www.gossiprocks.com

Holy bronzed! We are not sure what exactly we are looking at here, but the sun sure has done its job. Not only is this look terrifying, but it scares us to think just how badly the sun has damaged Versace's skin. A natural glow is always a beautiful look, but this popular designer took it too far. There is such a thing as "less is more" and unfortunately, Miss Donatella did not get that memo. With a net worth of $200 million, we hope to see Versace invest in more sunscreen. We love your looks on the runway Versace, please let us love your looks off of it too!

8  8. Alanis Morissette

via www.justjared.co

This singer oughta know that she has packed on a few pounds since her glory days. This famous singer does have the excuse that she did have a child but that was all the way back in 2010. Morissette has reportedly publicly spoke on topics such as breastfeeding, drug free at-home births and many mommy baby subjects. Perhaps being a mom is her top priority and she does not care so much about having a banging bikini bod for her beach time! A few extra pounds or not, this singer is head over heels for her little man Ever Imre Morissette-Treadway; now, age 4.

7 Gemma Collins

via https://twitter.com

This English television star decided to take a jog at a beautiful beach in Dubai. She has recently made heads turn as she has slowly been shedding the pounds. Although she still does have a lot more work to do, her mind is set in the right direction with exercise. Collins has attributed that her body produces much more insulin than the average person and without the proper medication, it is difficult to regulate her weight. Health professionals have advised her to be taking metformin three times a day, but Collins has refused this treatment as it makes her feel ill. As recently as September 2015, Collins has showed significant weight loss; keep up the good work!

6 Amy Schumer

via https://www.reddit.com

It is without a doubt that Amy Schumer is super confident about her body. She has made it a huge part of her career being confident in her own skin. She has even said: "I feel very comfortable in my own skin. When someone makes jokes about me being heavy, it makes me mad. It’s not true. I’m right where I should be." Her body has not stopped her career from booming and Amy knows this. This star won her first Emmy Award in September 2015 and shows no signs of slowing down. She has made her plump figure work in her favor, which is rare in Hollywood these days.

5 Vin Diesel

via miami.racked.com

One actor we never thought would make this list has shocked us with his new physique. Vin Diesel is best known for his role in The Fast and the Furious movies. He always shows off bulging muscles, a ripped six pack and radiates health. This new dad welcomed daughter Pauline (named after late actor and friend Paul Walker) this year and has also packed on the pounds. Perhaps fatherhood has been a whirlwind and keeping physically fit is not his priority. Diesel is seen smoking and looks completely out of shape and unhealthy. We hope to see Vin in another hit movie and smoking again; smoking hot that is!

4 Adam Sandler

via justjared.com

Funny man Adam Sandler hit the beach this year and enjoyed time under the sun. It seems as though Sandler did not absorb too many rays, because that shade of white is lunar. Sandler has the typical "dad bod" and doesn't seem to mind. He is always seen playing with his daughters Sadie and Sunny without a care in the world. When family life is so great, who has time to worry about a few extra pounds? Sandler seems to have things in perspective. Keep being the great dad you are Sandler despite the less than stellar beach appearance.

3 America Ferrera

via www.therichest.com

This Ugly Betty star was seen splashing around in the Bahamas this year and is not only sporting a big smile but a big look as well. Ferrera was never a petite female, but she always packed on huge success with her career. Ferrera plays Betty Suarez in the television hit, a young unattractive woman trying to make it big in the magazine world. Off screen America is a beautiful woman with a fuller figure. Maybe this actress took a few tips from her character in order to exude extreme confidence and security.

2 Leonardo DiCaprio

via www.popsugar.com

This heartthrob once made every teenage girl have hearts in their eyes and a pitter patter heartbeat. From gracing us with his charismatic persona and baby blue eyes, this pretty boy made us swoon. As 2015 has shown, even the hottest celebrities can take a downturn. Hitting the beach, Leo is hardly recognizable with his gut and unruly facial hair. He's always been a fan of dodging the paparazzi, so maybe this is all part of his master plan to live unbothered. He certainly never seems to be bothered, as he is always surrounded with some of the most beautiful, hot bodied models in the world.

1 Mariah Carey

via www.express.co.uk

This singing sensation can never let us down when it comes to hitting those high notes. Over the years, we have watched Mariah's weight fluctuate just as much as her vocal chords do when belting out her biggest hits. Mariah has proven she is on the plumper side this year while enjoying a vacation with her family this year in Sardinia, Italy. Her choice of attire: a full length black body suit. We are unsure if she was trying to cover up or show off in this tight number. The only number Carey has to focus on is another number 1 hit for us to bump to!


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