The 15 Weirdest Conspiracy Theories You'll Ever Read

The world is a confusing place and humans are hard-wired to seek out explanations. If we can make a narrative out of the facts as they appear to us then we feel much more secure with what is going on around us. This has worked out very well on the whole for humanity. Science is just the story we tell ourselves about the universe. As the facts become clearer we change the story.

Unfortunately there is no one set of facts that everyone agrees on. When faced with an unpalatable truth, or one that does not fit our narrative, it can be tempting to twist our view of the world. Conspiracy theories are stories that are not held by everyone, they exist on the fringes. Where simple explanations seem obvious to most people conspiracy theorists see doubt and reason to be suspicious. Suspicion is good and doubt doubly so. But when conspiracy theories begin to take over our thinking we see plots everywhere. When we don’t feel in control of our lives then it is pleasing to think that it is because there is a shadowy conspiracy pulling the strings around us. That downturn in the economy, that terrorist attack, that war, can all be attributable to something or someone outside of our daily lives.

There is nothing that cannot and has not been spun into a fantastical story by someone. Here are fifteen of the weirdest conspiracy theories you will ever read. At least, that is, until next year when there will be a whole new crop of them. The Secret Government of Reptiles never sleeps...

15 Flat Earth

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It is an urban legend that Christopher Columbus’ crew feared they would sail off the edge of the earth. Since Classical Antiquity people have known the Earth is round. In the 3rd century BC the Greek geographer Eratosthenes calculated the circumference of the planet simply using the difference in shadow lengths at two locations at the same time. You would think that since then we have moved on in our understanding of the world.

14 Hollow Earth

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The idea that there is some sort of realm underneath the Earth has been a staple of myth and literature for ages. Greek heroes were forever popping down to the underworld for various reasons. Edmond Halley, discoverer of Halley’s Comet, first proposed that the Earth was hollow and filled with further hollow spheres, each of them which could be inhabited. Later it was suggested that there may be openings at the poles which led down to these other worlds. The Northern Lights were thought to be produced by the mixing of air from above and beneath. President John Quincy Adams even supported mounting an expedition to go in search of these portals.

13 Reptilian Royals

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David Icke is a former English footballer and broadcaster. But he is best known for his pet theories. He believes he is the son of the “Godhead” and Turquoise is an energizing colour. His most influential pet theory is that humans are essentially the pets of alien reptilian beings called Annunaki. Name a world leader and it is likely that they are, in reality, a reptile.

The Annunaki have controlled the world for centuries, since coming to Earth from the constellation Draco. Living in underground caverns (Hollow Earth?) they have interbred with humans to produce the governing World Order. The Reptilians have created most of the world’s problems so that they can gain further control by solving them.

12 Iraqi Stargate


Why did the Iraq war take place? Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction? Oil? The question will be debated forever, and with endless answers given. One reason that has been put forward seems just a little less likely than the others. The real reason the war happened was to secure Iraq’s Stargate.



Tucked away in Alaska was perhaps the most powerful weapon ever built. Or perhaps it was an atmospheric research station. Opinions differ. The High Frequency Active Aural Research Programme (HAARP) was built by the United States military for the express purpose of studying the upper atmosphere. Others have seen its arrays of equipment as something much more sinister.

In 2010 Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela claimed that HAARP was behind the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Online you will find that HAARP has been linked to most of the earthquakes and disasters that occurred during its operation. It does not help that the project was partly run by DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which has in the past conducted dubious experiments. The base is now closed.

10 Chem Trails


Planes are massive creators of pollution. There are those who think that jet engines are pumping out much more noxious chemicals than mere greenhouse gases. The Chemtrail conspiracy theory says that those fluffy white trails planes leave across the sky are really the delivery system for all manner of chemicals.

The purpose of these chemicals changes depending on who you ask. They may be mind controlling agents used to keep the population docile. They may play a part in shaping the weather. They have been linked to the HAARP research base. Perhaps they allow HAARP to transmit electricity long distance along the chemtrails as part of an electromagnetic superweapon.

9 Phantom Time Hypothesis


History has been happening for quite a while now. Each year there seems to be more of it. This makes it tricky to learn it all. There is a conspiracy theory that would make it much simpler by getting rid of some of it.

8 Kubrick’s The Shining & The Moon Landings

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Stanley Kubrick was a master director who controlled every detail of his films. If it appeared on screen then he meant it to be there. According to some conspiracy theorists it was Stanley Kubrick who faked the Apollo moon landings and they can prove it from clues he left in The Shining. Kubrick would have been ideal for faking the landings, they claim, as he was filming 2001: A Space Odyssey around the time of the missions.

In The Shining there are several images of rockets. Danny, the son, wears an Apollo 11 jumper. Various other aspects of the film are given special significance. The snow that traps the family is the Cold War with Russia, forcing the space race on. Stuffed bears are the Soviets. One room number is changed to 237 from 217 in the books. The moon is 237,000 miles from Earth!

7 The Moon is Fake


The theory that the moon landings were faked is surprisingly wide spread. Buzz Aldrin has even had to defend his mission to the moon by punching a conspiracy theorist who called him a liar. But most people who look up at the night sky tend not to doubt the very existence of the moon.

6 Water Fluoridation

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In Stanley Kubrick’s film Dr. Strangelove a General goes crazy and begins to think that fluoridation of water is all a Communist plot. His proof? You never see a Commie drink anything but vodka! So is fluoridation a plot to compromise our precious bodily fluids? Doctors will tell you fluoride is added to water to prevent dental cavities.

5 Pyramids Are Grain Stores

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Why were the pyramids built? Stuffy old historians and archaeologists will tell you that they were meant as tombs and memorials to Pharaohs. Ben Carson, brain surgeon and one time front runner for the Republican presidential nomination, will tell you different. The pyramids were built to store grain.

4 Clinton Body Count


According to the Clinton Body Count theory the path of Bill and Hillary to the White House has been over the corpses of many of their associates. People who have worked with the Clintons have turned up dead and many see a pattern.

3 Jade Helm

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In 2015 Texas governor Greg Abbott called out the Texas State Guard in defence of Texans’ safety, constitutional, and property rights. Who was he defending them from? The US government.

2 CERN is Summoning Osiris


CERN is the large European particle collider that has brought about huge leaps in our understanding of the universe. It may also be bringing about the return of an Egyptian god.

1 AIDS is A Hoax


Since the discovery of AIDS and the HIV virus that causes it millions of people have died. The science seems clear cut: HIV causes AIDS and AIDS is deadly. There are those who would dispute each of those facts.

There are those who claim that HIV does not exist. Others claim that the immune system is able to combat the virus and that AIDS is caused by something else. Some even claim that AIDS is caused by the antiretroviral drugs used to combat the virus. AIDS, if it exists at all they say, is entirely man made. And of course there are those who claim the HIV virus was created in a lab to target various groups of people.

Thabo Mbeki, second president of South Africa, invited AIDS and HIV deniers on to his AIDS advisory board. The New York Times estimated that Mbeki’s failure to act on HIV lead to the death of around 300,000 people.

One magazine, Continuum, was set up and run by AIDS deniers to publicise their views. The magazine stopped publication in February 2001 following the deaths of all editors and contributors to AIDS related illnesses.

Sources: Wikipedia, Time, LiveScience, BBC.

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The 15 Weirdest Conspiracy Theories You'll Ever Read