The 15 Most Outrageous Kim Kardashian Rumors

A lot of people assume that it is easy being Kim Kardashian, but it really is not. Every single day she hears outrageous rumors about herself. Sometimes she goes on Twitter rants to deny them and other times the crazy stories just go unacknowledged because they are just so ridiculous. Nevertheless, it seems like there are new Kim K rumors on a daily basis. Between the fictional stories and the real ones, there is just way too much Kim Kardashian news to "Keep Up With."

You figure that since Kim Kardashian is a reality star and is so open about her life that there would be no room for error when it comes to the accuracy of stories about her. Kim Kardashian puts so much of herself out there and creates her own stories through many mediums: she has shared her life on TV for years, she floods every social media network with content, and is featured in interviews for all of the top magazines. Kim willingly gives the public so much material to work with so I don't understand the need to make up content about her, but it happens pretty much every day. Why bother making things up when the truth is so entertaining as it is?

Every public figure has been the subject of some untrue gossip, so this is nothing unusual for a celebrity with Kim's magnitude of fame, but there are really some wild rumors about her that go outside of the typical chatter.

These are the fifteen most outrageous Kim Kardashian rumors.



15 She Got Paid To Gain Weight


People accuse Kim of doing anything possible to make a buck. The rumor this time is that Kim Kardashian was doing everything possible to gain weight so she could have an extremely dramatic weight loss, endorse whatever supplements or diet she was partaking in, and rake in more money than she already has. A big part of Kim's brand is her fit body. There is no chance in hell that she would willingly let herself go just to cash a paycheck. She would never post chubby selfies, pose on the red carpet with some extra pounds, or let the paparazzi photograph her if she wasn't comfortable with her look.

14 She Got Butt Implants


The rumors about Kim's booty have been circulating ever since her body started appearing in paparazzi photos. No one believed that it was possible for someone to have a booty as great as Kim Kardashian's and she was accused of getting butt implants to acquire her famous look. The rumors were so persistent that Kim actually got butt X-Rays during an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians to shut up the haters and prove that her butt is actually all natural. Even after she did that there is still so much gossip about the authenticity of her rear end. It seems like no matter what she looks like there will always be some booty speculation when it comes to Kim Kardashian.

13 She Faked Her Second Pregnancy

Kim took a lot of heat for her first pregnancy with North West. People hated on her for her fashion choices and her weight gain. It was pretty cruel and it got out of hand. When Kim announced that she was pregnant with her second baby, people remarked that she looked great and was smaller than she was at that point in her first pregnancy. Well apparently there is such a thing as looking too good because people said Kim was way too skinny to actually be pregnant and accused her of faking it and having a surrogate carry the baby instead.

12 She Paid Off Tyga To Stay Away From Kylie


There is no denying that Kylie dating rapper Tyga when she was underage was not a good look for anyone involved. No matter what the special circumstances may be, there was no way to stop this from being a media firestorm. Apparently Kim Kardashian was so against the romance that she offered to pay off Tyga to stay away from her baby sister. Teenagers are just going to do whatever they want and probably more so if people are really against it, so there is no way that Kylie would stay away from Tyga. Also, this is insane. It's not like Kylie is the only one in the family to be involved with scandal by dating a rapper.

11 She Is Suing Kylie For Stealing Her Look


People love to hate on Kylie Jenner's ever-changing look, but I have to say that she looks smoking hot. I'm not the only one who thinks that and many people have accused her of copying her older sister Kim Kardashian's appearance. Imitation is supposed to be the greatest form of flattery, but it is alleged that Kimmy K disagrees and is super peeved that her youngest sister is trying to steal her shine. Apparently Kim is mad that Kylie is getting so much attention and making a shit ton of money thanks to her new look. According to reports, “Kim is fed up with how much money Kylie is making by mimicking her. She says she’s entitled to at least 30 percent of those earnings." If anything, I feel like Kim is encouraging Kylie to follow her path so it is pretty outrageous that she would sue her teenage sister for copying some outfits and dying her hair.

10 She Has Kanye & Khloe Write Her Tweets


Kim Kardashian broke the internet with her full frontal nude selfie - again. Celebrities were attacking Kim Kardashian left and right in interviews and on social media. Kim had enough of it and she went on an epic twitter rant of her own and called out each hater one by one with some hilarious tweets. But maybe her words were too funny because people accused her of having Kanye West or Khloe Kardashian write them for her. Kim defended herself yet again when she tweeted, "Wait I can't believe people thought Kanye or Khloe hacked my Twitter. I swear I'm funny too!!!" So that rumor got cleared up pretty quickly... unless Kanye or Khloe wrote that tweet.

9 She Has A Sex Tape With Kanye & Another Woman

People just won't let this sex tape go. Yes, we all know that Kim Kardashian had a sex tape with Ray J and that it helped catapult her into fame, but that was years ago. Kim has done a lot of things since then and she is a lot more than an adult film star. Just because she was in one sex tape, that doesn't mean that she is making them all the time and that doesn't make the stories more believable when people spread these rumors. The latest Kim K sex tape rumor is that she, Kanye, and a mysterious woman filmed a threesome. Kim and Kanye are so obsessed with each other and in my opinion they both seem like the jealous type so I just cannot imagine them inviting a third person into the bedroom.


8 She Wants To Be Amal Clooney's Legal Assistant


This is such a random rumor. I have no idea where this would ever come from. Sure, Kim's father Robert Kardashian was a famous lawyer, so it is possible that could have sparked an interest in the law. But it seems like Kim Kardashian does everything she wants to do so if she wanted to work in the legal field she would have just done that on her own. According to some random "inside sources", “[Kim] has been calling George’s handlers, pleading for an introduction to Amal. [She] also emailed Amal’s London law office hoping to track her down. Despite that Kim doesn’t have a law degree — or even a college degree — she wants Amal to hire her as a consultant on the Armenia case.” It sounds to me that people were just throwing around some popular buzzwords with the hope that a story would stick. Not to mention that Kim Kardashian doesn't have a college degree or any legal experience. This is just way too random to ever be true.

7 She Waxes North's Eyebrows


When Kim Kardashian posted an adorable photo of her daughter North West, the internet went crazy, but that's nothing new for the famous family. What made this case different is that people were saying that North looked a little too perfect since people thought she had really nice eyebrows. Kim took to Twitter to deny these crazy claims. She wrote, “Do people really think I would wax my daughters eyebrows so young?” Well, yeah there clearly are people who do think that although it is way too much. She even added a joke to her tweet that I bet people took way too seriously when she wrote, “Come on, I’d wait until she’s at least 2 1/2!” People need to lay off and stop questioning the grooming regime of a young child.

6 She Got Pregnant To Make Money


This story makes no sense, but it was on the cover a tabloid magazine anyway. Allegedly Kim Kardashian had to return a bunch of gifts after her failed marriage to Kris Humphries, losing $22 million worth of stuff so she purposely got pregnant in order to make some money back. I'm really not seeing the connection between these two stories at all, but apparently there were some people who actually believed this nonsense. It was alleged that she got pregnant so she could get endorsements and gifts and even just some straight up cash. I don't feel like Kim has ever been short on money so there really is nothing about this that makes sense to me.

5 She Got With Kanye While She Was With Reggie & Kris

In the past, Amber Rose has asserted that Kim was part of the reason that she and Kanye West broke up. Apparently Kim was sending Kanye a lot of messages and sexy photos trying to get with him, even while she was still with Reggie Bush. Amber said that she and Reggie got cheated on by the duo before Kimye was ever a thing. There are even rumors that she was getting with Kanye while she was with Kris Humphries. I just don't get why Kimye would get together several times while dating other people instead of just dating each other. It makes no sense, but since I have no insider information, I guess I will never know what really went down with these love triangles.

4 She Buys Instagram Followers


A big part of Kim's fame and business success stems from her larger than life presence on social media. She knows how to use social media and she has a large following. She had the most-liked photo on Instagram for a long time when she posted a pic of her and Kanye from their wedding. That honor was taken away by Kim's little sister Kendall Jenner and then all of a sudden Kim announced that she got three million new Instagram followers overnight. People accused Kim of buying followers, because it's a pretty big jump to get that many followers in a short timespan, and accused of her being jealous of Kendall's Instagram attention. I know that a lot of businesses and celebrities buy followers, so who know if Kim did this, but I doubt she would ever do this just to show up her own sister. Plus, her photos get a ton of attention, so there are clearly a lot of people who want to look at what she's posting. She does not really need to buy any attention.

3 She Killed Her Dog


I have no idea why Kim would ever have to defend herself when it comes to these radical rumors, but she did speak up on Twitter when people accused Kim of killing her dog, Rocky. The reality star tweeted, “There is some crazy rumor that I killed my dog. What a hurtful rumor! I would NEVER dare hurt my baby Rocky or any other animal!!!” But apparently that wasn't the first time that people called her a dog murderer. Kim also tweeted, “What’s so awful, is they made up this same exact rumor last year, that I stomped a dog to death! People are so cruel! This is not true!” Wow. That really is a disgusting rumor and I have no idea where someone would get that from or how the story could have possibly picked up so much steam.

2 She Follows A List Of Kanye's Rules


There have been rumors going around for years that Kanye West has a set of rules to control his wife Kim Kardashian's behavior. Supposedly Kim has to be makeup free at all times except for when she is in public. She allegedly is not allowed to contact any of her exes, which is understandable in all honesty. And the latest in these rumors is that Kim Kardashian upset Kanye when he spotted her in the audience of one of his shows looking at her phone and that resulted in him telling her that she is not allowed to break eye contact with him. This all sounds insane. The dude is obsessed with Kim and thinks she is the most perfect person on the planet, so I would be pretty shocked if he ever tried to change her to such an extent. Who would actually make a list of rules for their partner? That's way too extreme.

1 She Got North A Personal Trainer


This would really be taking things too far. I'm sure that Kim wants the best for North and wants her to be healthy, but who would hire a personal trainer for a toddler to get in shape? That's rather ridiculous. There were rumors that "she wants her to be a perfect physical specimen, and she thinks it's perfectly normal to want to get North in shape at such an early age." That is absurd. Kim did not address the accusations, but there is no way that anyone believes this gossip or that any respectable trainer would ever train someone as young as North West.

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