The 15 Most Outrageous Kim Kardashian Rumors

A lot of people assume that it is easy being Kim Kardashian, but it really is not. Every single day she hears outrageous rumors about herself. Sometimes she goes on Twitter rants to deny them and other times the crazy stories just go unacknowledged because they are just so ridiculous. Nevertheless, it seems like there are new Kim K rumors on a daily basis. Between the fictional stories and the real ones, there is just way too much Kim Kardashian news to "Keep Up With."

You figure that since Kim Kardashian is a reality star and is so open about her life that there would be no room for error when it comes to the accuracy of stories about her. Kim Kardashian puts so much of herself out there and creates her own stories through many mediums: she has shared her life on TV for years, she floods every social media network with content, and is featured in interviews for all of the top magazines. Kim willingly gives the public so much material to work with so I don't understand the need to make up content about her, but it happens pretty much every day. Why bother making things up when the truth is so entertaining as it is?

Every public figure has been the subject of some untrue gossip, so this is nothing unusual for a celebrity with Kim's magnitude of fame, but there are really some wild rumors about her that go outside of the typical chatter.

These are the fifteen most outrageous Kim Kardashian rumors.


15 She Got Paid To Gain Weight


14 She Got Butt Implants

13 She Faked Her Second Pregnancy

12 She Paid Off Tyga To Stay Away From Kylie


11 She Is Suing Kylie For Stealing Her Look


10 She Has Kanye & Khloe Write Her Tweets


9 She Has A Sex Tape With Kanye & Another Woman

8 She Wants To Be Amal Clooney's Legal Assistant

7 She Waxes North's Eyebrows


6 She Got Pregnant To Make Money

5 She Got With Kanye While She Was With Reggie & Kris

4 She Buys Instagram Followers


3 She Killed Her Dog


2 She Follows A List Of Kanye's Rules

1 She Got North A Personal Trainer


This would really be taking things too far. I'm sure that Kim wants the best for North and wants her to be healthy, but who would hire a personal trainer for a toddler to get in shape? That's rather ridiculous. There were rumors that "she wants her to be a perfect physical specimen, and she thinks it's perfectly normal to want to get North in shape at such an early age." That is absurd. Kim did not address the accusations, but there is no way that anyone believes this gossip or that any respectable trainer would ever train someone as young as North West.

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The 15 Most Outrageous Kim Kardashian Rumors