The 15 Most Entertaining Celebrity Conspiracy Theories Ever

Let’s get to work on debunking these absolutely incredible conspiracies about celebrities. Honestly though, we find some of these to be downright hilarious, while others are just kind of offensive. We will let you read for yourself and think it over as you go through our list of The 15 Most Entertaining Celebrity Conspiracy Theories Ever. These ones will really throw you for a loop and make you question human intelligence. If there is anyone out there who actually believes these theories, then we are hoping for your mental recovery.

We don’t want to be mean, but really, these conspiracy theories are so crazy and could never be true in real life. In fact, some of them are founded on pure nothingness and would only be accepted if someone denied the rules of physics and nature. These celebrity conspiracy theories run the gamut from family relations to famous people’s true ages and identities. And there will always be a surplus of celebrity conspiracy theories about deaths and reincarnations or clones. What is it with assuming that a celeb has died and that they are now being replaced by an impersonator? Famous people can die too, and we’ll all be okay.

Brace yourself, because the celebrity conspiracy theories below will make you scratch your chin, shake your head, and laugh out loud. If you are looking for a good joke, then we have 15 of them right here! Unfortunately, there are some people out there who take these theories as the truth.

15 Lorde Is Years Older Than She Says She Is


Let’s start our list with something extremely entertaining involving an entertainer from New Zealand. Lorde is a popular singer, with hits such as “Team,” and “Royals.” And while she does look very mature for her age, that’s just the way she looks! It doesn’t mean she is a middle-aged woman trying to pass for a teenager. Some celebrity conspiracy theorists say that Lorde is actually in her 40s or 50s, and that explains her not-so-average looks and appearance. We honestly think that the 19-year-old is beautiful, and in our minds she doesn’t look a thing like a middle-aged woman. Plus, she doesn’t have the kind of skin or complexion that a woman twice her age would have. People need to accept that there are different kinds of beauty in the world and that just because someone is talented doesn’t mean you need to bash the way they look. *Drops mic*

14 Nicholas Cage Is A Vampire


Personally, anything that talks about Nicolas Cage as being some kind of freak of nature is something that we find entertaining. Even ABC News covered this celebrity conspiracy theory. The news source covered an op-ed piece on its website in which the writer explained that Nicolas Cage was a vampire from the Civil War. A black and white photograph from 1870 shows a dude who looks JUST LIKE Nicolas Cage. Boom. Theory true. Really though, vampires? The writer of the op-ed piece even went further, saying that Nicolas Cage reincarnates every 75 years and takes on the profession of his liking. In this day and age, he is an actor, but maybe in his next life he will be a politician or a singer. Wow. While the photograph does bear a striking resemblance to Nicolas Cage, the idea of him being a vampire is way too far fetched.

13 Celebrities Are Time-Traveling Reincarnations


Oh boy, you better brace yourself for this one. According to some celebrity conspiracy theorists, some of your favorite celebs may be reincarnations from a past life. This sounds like it could be founded in the Buddhist religion, but we really don’t see how these theorists are making the connection. It just seems to be some crazy idea that they hatched one day while they were drunk or high. Or both. Really though, we know that time travel is not possible, at least not in this day and age. And the subject of reincarnation is something that will be dependent upon someone’s religion and personal beliefs. And anyway, why would celebrities be involved in this time traveling theory? Why aren’t normal people time travelers as well? Explain that, conspiracy theorists! Until they have a better explanation that could even make this a good fiction story, we aren’t buying any of it.

12 Disney Killed Miley Cyrus


Haha, we actually find this celebrity conspiracy theory to be really funny! There is so much speculation surrounding Miley Cyrus, that we weren’t surprised to hear about this theory. Still, it is really far-fetched. We know that Miley went through a dramatic transformation after shedding the Hannah Montana persona. She was sick of being a Disney kid, and that’s fair. We have seen this happen to other stars as well, such as Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Shia LaBeouf. Yet Miley’s transformation was so drastic that it led to people creating all of these crazy theories, such as her being killed in a car accident and being replaced with a look-a-like. An even more insane is that the people at the Disney studios were involved in organizing a murder of Miley Cyrus. We are pretty sure that a company as successful as Disney would not go about killing its actors.

11 Solange Knowles is Beyonce’s Daughter


This one makes zero sense because the math just doesn’t add up. There is no possible way that Beyonce could have given birth to Solange Knowles. Come on, now! We don’t even know why this was even conceived as a concept. Beyonce is 34 years old and Solange is 30 years old. Now someone please tell me how a 4-year-old would be able to give birth to a baby? You see? It just doesn’t make any sense at all! Tina and Mathew Knowles were the parents who created Beyonce and Solange, and we can even find photographs of the two sisters together during their younger days. And for the people who try to say that Solange was beating up Jay Z in that elevator because she was defending her mom, just stop. No one knows the true reason behind that, and Jay Z and Solange have reconciled. This theory just makes us laugh.

10 Pippa Middleton’s Wedding Butt Was Fake


The Royal Family will always be shrouded in curiosity and intrigue, but this conspiracy theory is just unnecessary, and probably the result of some jealousy. Remember back when Prince William and Kate Middleton got married? It was a huge worldwide event and everyone was pining over Kate and how beautiful she looked. Another hot lady at the wedding was Kate’s sister, Pippa, who trailed behind Kate and carried her super long train down the aisle. It was easy to see in her form-fitting dress that Pippa had a gorgeous derriere. People could have admired it and recognized her awesome workout efforts - the girl must have been doing some serious squats - but instead a theory emerged that Pippa wore a fake butt for the wedding. Sure, the members of the Royal Family may feel intense pressure to look perfect all the time, yet wearing a padded butt just doesn’t seem like a possibility. The Queen would not approve.

9 Michael Jackson Never Hit Puberty


Sigh, this one is just an insult to the King of Pop. Yes, Michael Jackson had some feminine features and his voice was higher pitched than most men, but that doesn’t mean he never hit puberty. That sounds like something that a teenager would say. Some people tried to back up this claim by infusing some science into it, but the argument is still totally dumb. They say that thanks to acne medication that Michael took when he was just a young teenager, he never hit puberty; never had to develop sexually, and his voice never went through those manly changes. How stupid is this idea?! Michael had a fantastic voice, not to mention the best dance moves we have ever seen, and we know that he suffered from vitiligo and maybe even lupus. Michael’s life was riddled with physical and verbal abuse as well as health issues. So back off, conspiracy theorists!

8 Shirley MacLaine Is A Royal Agent


This one is so screwed up that we don’t even know where to start. Apparently, Shirley MacLaine is thought by some conspiracy theorists to be the head of a group of celebrities who have been injected with royal blood and are preparing Hollywood for an imminent alien invasion. Did you catch all of that? Ancient actress Shirley MacLaine was injected with blood from the Royal Family and she is leading hordes of celebrities in Hollywood. They are tasked with the mission of preparing Tinsel Town (and maybe the greater population) from an impending invasion from extraterrestrials. This is something that would only come out of the mind of someone who is seriously stoned. And drunk. And on some kind of psychedelic drug. Really though, we have no idea why this is a thing, nor why Shirley MacLaine is the one in charge of the whole deal. Because she’s old? That’s a weak argument.

7 Tupac Is Still Alive


Tupac has been dead for twenty years, but if you talk to certain celebrity conspiracy theorists, they will tell you that Tupac is alive and well, even to this day. Now, for those of you who don’t know, the details of Tupac’s death are as follows: he got into a gang fight at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas on September 7, 1996. The parties involved in the fight then took to the streets and were on their way to a Las Vegas nightclub, Club 662. Tupac was sticking his head through the sunroof of a car his buddy was driving. He was hollering at some ladies to join them when a car pulled up beside him and fired shots. Tupac suffered two shots to the chest, one to the arm, and one to the thigh. He had a punctured right lung and died shortly afterwards. His body was even cremated! Tupac is no longer with us, sorry to say.

6 Prince Harry Is An Illegitimate Child


Oh, now the celebrity conspiracy theorists are attacking the Royal Family! Apparently Prince Harry is the next victim, and people are adamant about claiming that he is not Prince William’s true brother. Rather Harry was born from an affair Princess Diana had with a cavalry man named James Hewitt. Where the heck did this conspiracy theory come from? Well, he is a legit dude who did have an extramarital affair with Princess Di. In fact, the tryst lasted for five years, and due to the timeline of their romance, many people say that Prince Harry was a love child between the two. However, this seems very unlikely. First of all, Harry and William share a strong sibling resemblance. Secondly, James and Diana met after she had already given birth to Harry. Irresponsible of the Princess? Yes. But did it result in an illegitimate child? Nah. We’re going to close the book on this one.

5 O.J. Simpson is Khloe Kardashian’s Dad


You know what? Just about every guy on Earth could be Khloe Kardashian’s dad if you ask celebrity conspiracy theorists. In fact, they probably argue amongst themselves about who is the true father of Khloe. And while no one has suggested that it is Darth Vader, the other ideas come pretty close to being just as ridiculous. Sure, Khloe looked different from her biological sisters Kim and Kourtney, and she still looks a tad different from them. But we have seen photos of the three girls as infants, and it is quite obvious that Khloe is indeed a Kardashian. Khloe has even spoken out about it and has claimed that the theories and conspiracies around her “true identity” are just so dumb. And why would O.J. Simpson have fathered her? Wasn’t he kind of busy being a criminal and all? This one is SO STUPID that we can’t even.

4 Jennifer Lawrence Fakes the Adorable Klutz Persona


Okay, so lots of people have probably heard about this one, and there might be a tinge of truth to it, but not to the extent that these celebrity conspiracy theorists are making it out to be. They claim that J-Law really isn’t as klutzy and “normal” as she tries to act in public. For instance, that whole stunt with her tripping up the stage stairs when she was accepting her Oscar award. Lots of people say that was the pivotal moment when they knew that the whole Jennifer Lawrence is just a humble hot mess was fake. Now, if you ask us, we do think that Jennifer took a bit longer to get used to Hollywood life than other celebs, and many of her comments and actions were probably genuine. Yet her agents probably suggested that she could gain a larger following if she played up that humility even more. It’s just a common public image ploy.

3 Megan Fox Was Cloned Twice


Why they chose Megan Fox for this one is beyond us. They could have picked just about any celebrity for this bat-crazy conspiracy theory. Some people say that Megan’s appearance has been slightly altered over the years, but guess what? That is called ageing, people, and everyone does it! Plus, this conspiracy theory is even weirder because it claims that Megan was cloned not once, but two times. Now why on earth would a celebrity want to be cloned? Are they that self-centered that they think the world would be a better place with more of them in it? While we wouldn’t put it past Megan to believe that, we highly doubt that she would be down for being cloned. Especially when she currently has a family with young children. Nothing about this conspiracy theory adds up, and quite honestly, we are so tired of all of these theories about celebs having look-a-likes that live their secret double lives.

2 Paul McCartney Is Dead


Yes, Paul McCartney is super old now (he’s 74 years old,) but that doesn’t mean we have to start these rumors about his imminent death. That just seems really inconsiderate and mean. Some celebrity conspiracy theorists claim that the former Beatle died in a car crash and is now replaced by a guy who looks just like him. And this guy just goes about life living as Paul McCartney and he has everyone fooled. Well, that just doesn’t make any sense, because Paul is still an amazing singer and he is still performing and selling out concert venues. If he were replaced, his imposter would not be able to belt out lyrics like that, or answer interview questions that only a real Beatle would know. This celebrity conspiracy theory is just plain stupid, although it’s entertaining. It seems that there are always celebrity clone theories floating around, but they rarely have staying power.

1 Taylor Swift and Kanye West Planned Their Feud


This is a celebrity conspiracy theory that will go down in the record books, and we aren’t sure if anyone will really be able to figure it out. It’s about the whole Taylor Swift vs Kanye West thing, especially the event that started it all. Back at the Video Music Awards when T-Swift was still an up-and-coming singer, she received an award, but Kanye yanked it out of her hand and told her that she didn’t deserve it. He has since apologized and apparently the two of them are cool...but then, Kanye made a Taylor Swift reference in a song and she got angry. Then Kim ousted her for approving the reference, and we have no idea what’s going on. Maybe it really is all staged! That might be the best thing because if this is a true-blue rivalry going on, we’ll never hear the end of it.

Sources: Jezebel, ABC News

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The 15 Most Entertaining Celebrity Conspiracy Theories Ever