The 15 Most Embarrassing On-Set Moments Of Intimacy

When it comes to making love, it's only natural that some embarrassing moments that may arise. So are you really surprised that some of the most embarrassing stories that actors have to tell involve times they had to get intimate for a scene?

We've got 15 embarrassing on-set stories that range from someone having a panic attack, to actors getting way too drunk (who can relate to that?), some gassy moments and of course some injuries that have occurred. There is even someone on this list that fell asleep while a girl was on top of him and when he woke up said it felt like Mozart was on his di*k. Talk about a weird day of work!  Granted Aubrey Plaza was also intimate with Robert De Niro, so the weirdness below definitely has some variety to it.

You'll hear from some of your favorite stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Henry Cavill, Ryan Reynolds, and Emilia Clark, all of whom are no stranger to having some intimate moments on screen.

The scenes may be sexy to watch, but as you're going to learn, that doesn't mean they were sexy to film!


15 Ryan Reynolds - Accidentally Removed Olivia Wilde's Pasties


Ryan Reynolds may be all the rage for his role in Deadpool, but he’s also hilarious in the movie The Change-Up in which he tries to seduce the sexy Olivia Wilde.

Reynolds was talking to Jay Leno when he was asked whether any of the sex scenes were awkward on set. Hilariously, Reynolds responded with this story.

“At some point in the scene she takes my hands and puts them on her breasts, so, they’re there. Palms (are) a little sweaty. I don’t know what’s happening. … And I’m trying not to look at her like a 14-year-old boy that just won the lady lottery. I take my hands away and I look down at my hands and there’s two frickin’ smiley faces on them and I have no idea what to do. The scene is over now. … And I reflexively, like an idiot, just put my hands right back on her breasts. And I think I’m doing it to cover them up, but I’m realizing now that it’s a very fine line between chivalry and, you know, workplace sexual assault.”

You can imagine that was one Wilde situation! But to be fair, if you were in a movie in which you had to put your hands on Olivia Wilde’s breasts, you’d probably be left speechless too.

14 Emilia Clarke (and Jason Momoa) - Covered His Junk With A Pink Fuzzy Sock

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In Season one of Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke’s character Daenerys has a relationship with Khal Drogo and it definitely features some sexual scenes that are not only explicit but not exactly the most consensual on Clarke’s part. In order to help ease up the tension on set, Clarke admitted that Momoa decided to forgo the traditional modesty sock and instead used a fluffy and pink sock to help cover up his “manhood.”

Jason Momoa has since given his take on the day, in which he also said Clarke was unable to stop laughing at the situation. “She was like, 'Jason has a fluffy pink thing on his penis' he recalled. "And they were like, 'Momoa, we need to get this shot! We have to go!' And I was like, 'I'm the only f--ker in here naked! I don't see anything more appropriate than me having a good time. I mean, this is awkward. Just let me make her laugh and I'll try to get through this.’”

Momoa admitted that he also had some backup socks with little animals on them in case things got a little too tense!

13 Christopher Mintz-Plasse - Had His Mom On Set

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There are a lot of embarrassing stories on this list of things that went wrong or got awkward during the event itself, but could you imagine any sexual event going well if your mother was also present in the room? Christopher Mintz-Plasse was cast in the hit comedy Superbad, but he was also only 17 years old at the time. As a result, it was illegal for him to film any sex scenes without his mother being present on the set. When talking about the experience to GQ, Mintz-Plasse said "Stupid law. I was just sitting there with my bors on, waiting for my mom to drive down to the set. She got there, and I had fake sexual intercourse in front of her."

As if sex isn’t always awkward enough when you’re 17!

12 Kristen Schaal - Farted On Several Occasions 

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To be fair, Kristen Schaal and Will Forte are definitely both better known as hilarious comedians than sex symbols, so perhaps you aren’t too stunned to read this next hysterical story. Schaal was filming a sex scene with Forte for the movie Last Man on Earth. The only problem with that? In a previous scene, she had chowed down on a can of beans.

Schaal was giving an interview to Late Night with Seth Myers where she elaborated further on her gassy exchange. “[I wasn’t] allowed to move because the network thought that would be very vulgar. So I couldn’t like, shift things around [our characters aggressively and sexually talking]— that’s a lot of diaphragm work, which is also in the danger zone of where the beans are… Finally I just looked at Will and I was like, ’I’m gonna fart on you.’ And I did.”

To her credit, Schaal said she totally owned up to her fart, and even made sure it was not the last one that Forte felt that scene!

11 Stephen Moyer - Likes Directing His Wife In Sex Scenes For True Blood

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Stephen Moyer has opened up a few times in the past about his thoughts on having sex on camera. When talking about it to chat show host Andy Cohen, Moyer talked about how while some actors struggle with sex scenes that it is one of his favorite things to film. This even includes directing sex scenes, which sometimes also includes giving some direction to his real-life wife Anna Paquin who he met while working on the show.

Paquin is naked at several points in the show and gets intimate with several characters. One of the episodes was directed by Moyer and when talking to Entertainment Weekly, Moyer said “There are moments where I'll be watching on a monitor [and say], 'Oh, Joe, just move your hand up towards Anna's breast. Good. And can you move your right thumb just a little bit? Great. And then I'll go, 'Babe, babe, enjoy it.'"

That is definitely one of the weirder ways to encourage your partner on set!

10 Henry Cavill - Accidentally Became The "Man Of Steel" On Set

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Now when you’re watching a show like The Tudors or Game Of Thrones, it becomes clear that it is only a matter of time before you end up seeing some nudity. Prior to being the Man of Steel, Henry Cavill was a star in The Tudors where he admitted he was a completely different version of being a man of steel.

When talking to Men’s Health, Cavill said “A girl had to be on top of me, she had spectacular breasts, and I hadn’t rearranged my — stuff into a harmless position. She’s basically rubbing herself all over me and, um, it got a bit hard. I had to apologize profusely afterward. It’s not great when you’re in a professional acting environment and somebody gets a boner, is it? No, not acceptable.”

Of all the awkward conversations you could have with your coworkers, that has to be pretty high up there.

9 Allison Janney and Michael Lerner - Slip Sends Lerner To The Hospital

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When you first think of Allison Janney, you may picture her as C.J. Cregg from The West Wing, and even if you love the character, she isn’t exactly a sex symbol. In fact, Life During Wartime which came out in 2009 featured her first sex scene. In the scene, the director was insistent that Janney and her co-star, Michael Lerner both look good and sweaty for the shot. As a result, they were sprayed with a glisten that when mixed with the marble floor, spelled disaster for Lerner.

Janney was talking about the experience to Entertainment Weekly where she elaborated on the scene saying “He pushes me up against the wall and all of a sudden we drop out of frame because he slips and he drags me down with him. He falls on his knees and I can’t stop laughing. Todd was trying to get me to stop because I think Michael was really hurt. And I couldn’t. And the cameraman couldn’t stop either. But he really hurt his knees. He had to go to the hospital. So that was my first sex scene."


8 Lizzy Caplan - Learned What Happens When You Drink Too Much

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There are a lot of circumstances that are nerve-wracking for an actor to go through, but one of the biggest has to be their first ever nude scene. For Lizzy Caplan, she was going to have her first nude scene alongside Jason Stackhouse on the television series True Blood. The scene is far from innocent, so before shooting it Caplan decided that she should get herself good and drunk. When talking about the experience to Chelsea Handler, Caplan said "I didn't really have lines the first time. It was like 7am in the morning and I was chugging vodka completely naked while a make-up artist I had just met was on her knees in front of me sponging my ass."

If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, after the scene ended up being filmed, Caplan said she was “going up to [her new cast and crew saying] 'You got a boner! You do! You've got one.'''

Yikes! At least the alcohol made her feel confident enough to speak her mind.

7 Chloe Grace Moretz - Had A Scene Of "Rear Entry" Cut From Neighbors 2

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While Neighbors 2 may have just seemed like a cheap cash grab, it does have the distinction of being the only movie on her with a sex scene that ended up being cut from the final movie partially because it was just too awkward. Chloe Grace Moretz is one of the new stars in the movie, and in an interview she talked about how there was an anti-sex scene in the film, meaning that her clothes stayed on but it was Efron that stripped down. “It was only him that was completely undressed. It was pretty raunchy, pretty wild…I put him in some really compromising positions…really changing the gender norms.”

We’ll leave it to your imagination on what those compromising positions would have looked like, but you can imagine that would be an awkward day on set for Efron!

6 Jennifer Lawrence and Christopher Pratt - Also Learned What Happens When You Get Too Drunk

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If we’re being honest, in any sex scene that features Jennifer Lawrence, it should be the guy that is the nervous one. Lawrence clearly disagreed, especially when the sex scene was being done with Chris Pratt. Perhaps Lawrence took Caplan’s advice because in an interview she mentioned “I was like oh I'm gonna get hammered for the sex scene, 'cause it's stressful and scary, and then you forget like, you know, you're at work and so you're gonna be here for eight hours. I was incredibly hungover by the time they got to me."

I don’t know what’s worse, having to film a sex scene when you’re drunk or having to shoot it when you’re hung over! It also makes you wonder how often actors are drunk during the sex scenes in the movies.

5 Dave Franco - Had An Awful Day For A Butt Pimple

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If you’re going to be acting in a movie that is centered around partying like Neighbors was, you need to expect some sex scenes are probably going to be thrown in there. As explained to an interviewer, what Dave Franco was not expecting, was that he’d wake up with a giant pimple on his behind. "It sucks, right?" Franco explained. "I had to go to the makeup artist who I had also met that week and be like, 'Can we go in the other room and you'll put makeup literally on my ass?' So that was that."

To make things all the more awkward, the girl that Franco was being intimate with in the scene was someone he had met briefly at the time and he barely remembered her name.

The real victim was Jerrod Carmichael who walks in on the scene, and as Franco pointed out, “He has this view of me that no one should have. He essentially had a staring contest with my brown eye and lost."

4 Margot Robbie, DiCaprio and Alex Skarsgard - Robbie Leaves A Lasting Impression

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Margot Robbie is an incredibly sexy woman, especially if she’s not wearing clothes, so that may be why she had the confidence to direct the action during a sex scene with DiCaprio during Wolf of Wall Street.

When talking to Manhattan magazine, Robbie mentioned described one scene. “We were positioned while they lit around us in one scene, and I kind of pushed Leo's head to one side and told him he was in my light and he moved out of [it]," she said. "He was so incredulous that I had told him to get out of my light, and physically moved him out of the way, he was like, 'Did you really just do that?’ I don't think anyone has told him to get out of their light in quite some time, he seemed extremely [shocked], but it was kind of funny."

But that’s not the last sex story of Robbie to make our blurb. Robbie also stars in the latest Tarzan movie and director David Yates mentioned how things got a little too physical during a scene with Robbie and Skarsgard.

Yates kept encouraging Robbie to punch him during the love making, so you can imagine adrenaline was running, leading Yates to say “The only bruise he picked up during the entire shoot was probably that punch from Margot. Which says a lot about her feistiness.”

3 Robert Pattinson – Julienne Moore Thought He Was Having A Panic Attack

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Robert Pattinson has definitely done his fair share of awful projects, but one of his better ones may have been the movie Maps to the Stars that also starred Julianne Moore. The movie involved some car sex for the two characters, which as you can imagine, is already a pretty tight space to be in.

Pattinson explained how the love making went when promoting the film at Cannes Film Festival, saying “I remember seeing Juliette before we started shooting the scene. She was giving me advice: 'Keep choosing classy projects and filming intelligent films.' And suddenly, David says, 'Action!' and we start f**king like beasts in the car. Very classy, that's right.”

The real embarrassing part is what comes next, says Pattinson.

"On top of that, it was boiling hot. I was sweating like crazy and huge drops of sweat were running down my forehead. I asked myself if I wasn't having a heart attack. Every time a drop was falling, I was trying to stop it from ending up on Julianne's back. It was ridiculous. After a while she turned back in my direction, worried and asked me: 'Are you OK? Are you having a panic attack?' I was out of breath, completely drenched, meanwhile her, not at all."

Now call me crazy but one of the last things you want the girl to be thinking during any intimacy is that you may be having a panic attack.

2 Gucci Mane - Falls Asleep With A Girl On Top Of Him

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Now no matter what your stance is on marijuana, you can probably agree that Gucci Mane smoked a little bit too much of it on this day. Mane was one of the leads for Spring Breakers and one of the last scenes to shoot was a sex scene, but do you think that would stop Mane from smoking weed all day? Nope!

Director Harmony Korine described the experience that followed. "So we’re shooting the sequence, and as he is getting f***ed, I start to hear snores. He had literally passed out! And she was riding his d**k the whole time. I’d never in my life filmed a sex scene where the dude was sleeping … and she was on top of him for a good 45 minutes. At the end, he woke up and was like, 'I feel real nice. I feel like Mozart’s on my d**k.' And that was it, and he went back to sleep."

Let’s hope the girl's confidence wasn’t too shattered that a dude literally fell asleep while she was on top of him, on camera. Something tells me Mane didn’t experience the same type of nervousness as other actors did before filming. Hell, he probably didn’t even know they were filming!

1 Aubrey Plaza - Gets Up Close and Personal with De Niro's Nipples

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When Aubrey Plaza first auditioned for a role in the movie Dirty Grandpa alongside Zac Efron and Robert De Niro, she actually decided to flash the producers her booty to try and ensure her part in the movie. I guess that was definitely a dirty move.

But I imagine Plaza also wishes her sex scene in the movie was with Efron, and not DeNiro. But thankfully for you, it was with De Niro, because it leads to a hilarious story that Plaza shared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The scene allegedly took 9 to 10 hours to shoot, leading Plaza to try out some interesting techniques. She went on to explain,

"I'd try to get in there and suck on his nipples, and he was like batting me away, and I didn't know if it was in character or not, and then they'd cut the camera and [the director] called me back and was like 'Bob does not like his nipple area paid attention to.'"

Plaza played a sex-obsessed co-ed in the movie, so you can imagine De Niro had plenty of time to try and get used to Plaza being all over him.

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