The 15 Most Disgusting Ramen Combinations

Ramen has quickly surpassed many other types of food once considered for the lower income individuals across the world. The Japanese soup dish is quite popular at supermarkets, where various international brands sell a wide variety of broth-based noodles. Everything from miso  to tonkotsu (pork bone broth).

The origin of ramen is quite unclear, though some historical sources point to China. Others, however, claim Japan invented ramen sometime in the early 20th century. By 1900, restaurants from Canton and Shanghai, China, were serving their own version of the dish with wheat-based noodles, a few toppings, and a broth that was flavored using nothing more than salt and pork bones. Portable food stalls became quite commonplace throughout both China and Japan, offering ramen as a portable street food for the masses.

The most common type of ramen today, however, remains instant ramen, which can be cooked in a microwave or on a stovetop at home. These noodles were exported from Japan in 1971 by Nissin Foods. At the time, they bore the name of "Oodles of Noodles." This instant version is quite unhealthy, though, as research has revealed consuming ramen more than twice per week increased the chances of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke, especially in women.

More often than not, those eating ramen will adorn their bowl with a variety of toppings, including, but not limited to, pork, soy sauce, seaweed, green onions, soft-boiled eggs, and shaved carrots. These are quite normal ingredients and toppings to include in ramen, but some people go a step further and introduce the most bizarre, disgusting combinations they can concoct in their home kitchen. Sometimes the ramen isn't even in a bowl. The catastrophe!

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15 Ramen Burger

Via Ramen Burger

The very first original Ramen Burger was unveiled at Brooklyn's Smorgasburg by Keizo Shimamoto. The world quickly forgot about the other concoctions cooks were designing, including the Cronut for a little while. Everyone quickly realized that using ramen noodles as a bun was not actually a tastier alternative to the classic, buttered hamburger bun.

When the burger was first revealed at the Ramen Burger restaurant, only 150 of them were made for the crowd. They sold out within a matter of hours, with some people waiting in line for up to two hours to challenge their taste buds with this heathen of a burger. The burger itself was cooked medium rare, with the ramen noodles formed into the shape of a patty, or “bun,” and used to hold all of the burger ingredients in place. Its appearance makes it look edible, and some surely enjoyed the unique burger, but others were left in shock.

14 Ramen Pizza

Via The Vegetarian Ginger

Following the introduction of the Ramen Burger, which was just the first step in a long line of odd combinations between ramen and other edible foods, the Ramen Pizza was introduced. Serious Eats, the renowned food blog known across the world, was responsible for this monstrosity. Their editor, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, was the man behind the mistake.

Instead of pizza dough forming the base for a wonderful spread of cheese, sauce, and pepperoni, Kenji decided to use cooked ramen shaped into the form of an entire pizza pie. The ramen noodles were cooked in a single cast iron skillet until they took shape, allowing them to form the basis for the pizza. The crust itself was slightly chewy, a bit charred, and had an odd crunch to it, apparently.

Now, following Serious Eats’ first attempt, California-based pizzeria Marco Polo Pizza has begun selling their very own version of the Ramen Pizza.

13 Ramen Taco

Via The Vulgar Chef

Let’s recap for a moment, the Ramen Burger and Ramen Pizza were bad enough, but somehow they managed to work well for some. Then, a New England-based food blog known as The Vulgar Chef designed the Ramen Taco and any sense of reason went flying out the door.

Following in the same vain as the Bacon Weave Taco, the Ramen Taco uses ramen noodles shaped into the form of a hard taco shell. The shell itself was the weird part as it had managed to combine the same weirdness of the Ramen Pizza. An oddly charred, crunchy yet chewy shell to hold all of the great flavors within. Those other flavors included spiced ground beef, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and, of course, sour cream to boot.

Tacos are wonderful, but this abomination makes us rethink everything. When you think about it, though, the taco is basically a Mexican casserole using ramen noodles.

12 Ramenrrito

Via Am New York

You read that title right, the Ramenrrito is a bit of a mouthful, but it is actually quite simple. Ramen plus a Burrito equals the Ramenrrito. Presstea, a West Village restaurant, is responsible for the monster burrito, which is always made to order and features soft cooked noodles prepared in a pork broth alongside cilantro, garlic, and house spices.

To make the taste more bearable and less mushy, you can choose from a variety of protein, such as six-hour roasted chicken, 12-hour cooked pulled pork, steak, or a mixture of all three meat in one burrito. The rest is topped with cheddar jack cheese, barbecue sauce, pickled onion, corn, pickled English cucumber, and finally adorned with fresh greens.

Anyone who is looking to avoid massive amounts of carbohydrates should steer quite clear of this odd mixture. It will take a brave mouth to chow down on this particular burrito while on the east coast.

11 Ramen Corn Dog

Via Popsugar

Just when we thought ramen could not become any lower on the food chain that it already was, someone decided they should cover an entire corn dog in ramen and then deep fry the entire monstrosity. Of course, those folks over in New Jersey are the masterminds behind such a concoction.

Union Republic, a Jersey City-based restaurant, combined a beef sausage, battered in cornmeal, and then surrounded in fried ramen noodles. The end result is something that looks like it stems from the works of H. P. Lovecraft. The sausage is actually high-quality, having been made of 100 percent Angus beef sausage and crafted by an in-house butcher. Alongside the ramen corn dog, the restaurant adorns the plate with a housemade kimchi relish and whole-grain mustard, both of which add a touch of spice to the dish. Each table features a bottle of Sriracha for those seeking extra bite.

10 Olive Ramen

Via: Imgur (Big_Gay_Mike)

Internet user Big_Gay_Mike, hoping to take some type of award over at r/shittyfoodporn combined beef-flavored instant ramen, one of the most favored packets of instant ramen, with an entire can of black olives, juice and all. The end result is some type of mush that looks positively disgusting. The broth of the ramen combined with the slop of the black olive can to form a dark yellow-brown broth.

Ramen is already an acquired taste, but black olives really take the cake in terms of odd flavors. The amount of salt that goes into a dish like this is nearly unfathomable, and anyone who consumes an entire bowl may need to visit their general practitioner once they have finished off every last drop of goop.

Those reacting to the disgusting combination is exactly what one would expect, with many asking how this individual remains alive after eating like this, or perhaps how his kidneys continue to function.

9 Ramen + Velveeta + Bush's Baked Beans

Via Imgur (PallasCormorant)

If ever someone was looking for a bowl of slop that looks like it would be in the trough of a barn animal, then this individual, known as PallasCormorant, really does take the cake in terms of disgusting food combinations that stretch what most would consider edible.

Ramen can already be quite mushy if you leave the broth in place, though some people enjoy draining the liquid beforehand. Alongside the broth, combining Velveeta cheese and a can of Bush’s Baked Beans form one of the most liquidated bowls of goop anyone has ever witnessed in their lifetime.

Of course, being an internet user, PallasCormorant consumed the entire bowl and probably went on to make the meal one or two more times before kidney failure and heart disease took its toll. It would be nearly impossible for most people to finish off the bowl, honestly, as the appearance and smell alone would be something to reckon with.

8 Chocolate Ramen

Via Eater

The simple idea of infusing ramen noodles with a hint of cocoa into the dough sounds like it could be a harmless little experiment. That is one way to make chocolate ramen, the other is to melt solid chunks of chocolate into the warm broth and allow the soupy mixture to become like a chocolate sauce. Either way, the end result sounds a bit too disgusting and sloppy to really enjoy to its fullest.

The designer of this concoction claims it is easier to simply eat chunks of chocolate with your chopsticks right off the top of the ramen, but melting the chocolate first, as mentioned before, creates a chocolate-coated noodle.

The combination of sweet and savory is not a new flavor mixture – though this one seems to be a bit more out-there and adventurous. Some reviewers who have tried the noodles claim it doesn’t taste half bad when you get past the dark appearance, though it does have an incredible odor.

7 Ramen Grilled Cheese

Via House of Yumm

Much like replacing the hamburger buns with fried ramen, the ramen grilled cheese makes use of cooked ramen and is loaded down with cheddar cheese, arugula, and sautéed mushrooms to create a sandwich that sounds wonderful and tasty on paper but looks a bit menacing when you are faced off against the sandwich.

The ramen, which is the standard Maruchan beef flavored noodles, was cooked as normal, then mixed with a single egg. The ramen block was cut in half before being fried up to form the sandwich bread you see before you. We’re all for normal grilled cheese with different types of bread, but ramen gives off the appearance worms adorning the sandwich instead of an actual bread-like component to hold everything together.

The extra flavors sound like they could be delicious – cheddar cheese, mushrooms, and arugula – but it is hard to look past the square-shaped ramen blocks on top and bottom.

6 Ramen Cheeto Soup

Via Imgur

It is unclear exactly what goes through the mind of a college student who is seeking a bit of extra crunch, bite, or flavor from their meal, but this one truly stands apart from the other ramen recipes that have been shared on the internet.

Reddit user ‘MyWittyName’ thought it best to create a bowl of ramen, but then mix in hot Cheetos to form a soup-like mixture that is bright red but loaded with chunks from the corn chips. The idea of combining hot cheese with ramen sounds like a great idea, as cheese does work into the noodles rather well. However, when you throw in a bunch of mushy Cheetos chips that begin to break down from the hot broth, then you are entering into a whole new world of disgusting.

Only the very brave of the internet have attempted such a feat and shared it.

5 Ramen Donut


A 21-year-old political science major by the name of Joshua Scherer is the mad genius behind the Ramen Donut, or “Ramnut,” a donut made entirely of ramen, frosted on the top, and filled with a variety of different flavors, including jelly filling and crème.

According to the budding chef, the Ramen Donut required an impressive six packs of instant ramen and 12 hours of preparation time and cooking. They appear quite disgusting, with the outer shell somewhat resembling a band of maggots coming together around a crème filling. According to the chef, though, the taste is somewhere between starchy and crispy but with a huge covering of frosting to add some sweetness. The custard stuffed inside certainly helps tackle the very plain ramen flavor, of course. Scherer was actually rather impressed with the taste, claiming, “I enjoyed them in my mouth.”

Not everyone is a fan, though. Some sent him messages saying he was one of the reasons behind food insecurity across the country.

4 Ramen Ice Cream Sandwich

Via Jay Eats

So far we have witnessed a lot of savory options that people have combined with their ramen packets in an effort to create something new. Sure, there have been a few sweet options mixed throughout, too, but so far nothing has quite gone this far. Someone in Brooklyn thought the idea of frying up some ramen blocks and then forming them into sandwich patties and stuffing ice cream between the bricks to form an oozy, gooey cold treat.

We’re skeptical of this recipe, however. The idea of combining noodles with ice cream just sounds like way too much. Those are two very distinct food flavors and types that simply do not mix together quite well.

The ramen buns were coated in a mix of cinnamon and sugar, creating a type of sweet treat reminiscent of churro coating, albeit with noodles. The drawback to this entire slop is the mess, as melted ice cream can drip through the noodles with ease.

3 Ramen Pot Pie

Via FoodBeast

This is probably one of the more elaborate recipes that use ramen as a base. The simple mentioning of a pot pie usually brings back warm memories of sitting around the family dining room table with your parents, a warm, steaming pot pie filled to the brim with chicken, carrots, and potatoes under a flaky crust. Replace some, or all of that iconic filling, with ramen noodles, corn, green onion, a bit of pork belly, and a soft-boiled egg, then cover the entire mess in pot pie crust to create this wonder.

In total, to create the ramen pot pie, over 10 ingredients were needed. Basically, each of these ingredients were nothing more than carbohydrates, so save this for a cheat day at the end of the week if you have your heart set on trying it out.

Those who have tasted this creation were torn between the flavors being too rich, while the rest found it savory.

2 Cheesy Bacon Ramen Pops

Via The Vulgar Chef

Some food items work in pop form, including cake, brownies, cheesecake, and actual lollipops. Ramen, however, is one consumable that should probably never be shaped into a ball and skewered with a stick for the opportunity to eat on the go.

The Vulgar Chef, who is famous for working with ramen to craft a variety of horrific edibles, decided to combine cheese, bacon, and ramen blocks for this little treat. He started by taking a bit of bread, cutting the crust off, then coating the mess with egg wash. These were ten formed into a ball to coat the ramen inside, which was also filled with chopped up bacon bits and cheese for a gooey mixture that would be deep fried later on.

The end result doesn’t look horrible appearance-wise, but the idea of biting into a ball of ramen coated in bread just sounds too icky to really comprehend.

1 Mayo Ramen

Via Imgur

Okay, we may just have a winner when it comes to some of the most horrible combinations of food and ramen. Choosing to pour a massive glob of mayonnaise, which is already incredibly bad for you and has quite the nasty texture, over an entire bowl of ramen noodles and mixing it all together is just inhumane.

The resulting mess, which you can see for yourself, is a gooey muck that should make any sane individual gag and hold their breath. Just imagine the smell coming off of the warm noodles coated and slicked down with mayonnaise.

The individual who consumed this particular concoction won praise on r/shittyfoodporn after he made numerous users, all of whom see nasty food like this daily, hold back their stomach and begin gagging for their life.

You could not pay us to consume this bowl of pure disgust and horror. Said user should be ashamed of himself for crafting such an atrocity.

Sources: The Vulgar Chef, FoodBeast, Reddit


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