The 15 Most Convincing Alien Photographs... Supposedly

Over the years, many UFO photos have appeared on the internet. A more rare item to find is a picture of an actual supposed alien. Some of these appear to be obvious hoaxes; others seem to be incredibly life-like and appear to fit naturally into the context and frame of the objects, scenery, and people around them.

With the advent of CGI technology, it becomes increasingly difficult to tell the difference between a real life person and a CGI creation, although CGI creations often look done-up and synthetic. When we see Gollum, for example, in the recent The Lord of the Rings instalments by Peter Jackson, the creature appears almost real, but not quite. The day and age may be coming when movies don’t even require actors, but for now, the whole concept seems a little awkward as compared to live acting.

At any rate, the whole CGI phenomenon, along with advanced computer graphics, is creating a bit of a headache for paranormal researchers, obsessed with finding out the truth behind the photos they investigate. And on some websites, they lament their problems with coping with all the hoaxes and disinformation swirling about the net.

With that said, there are still some interesting photos on the web. Again, there are some obvious hoaxes, and there are some fairly realistic pics, although some of these also may eventually be no more than an expertly done hoax. While the photos run the gamut, many appear to be snaps of the much talked about 'Grey' species of alien, the type that abductees often draw after an alleged abduction. These pictures often show a small creature with large almond-shaped, black eyes, a small, almost non-existent nose, and an oblong, elongated head. Whether fake or real, let's see what they've got. Here are the 15 most convincing supposed alien photographs.

15 An Alleged Grey Close-Up


In this photo, we can see a close-up head shot of what some refer to as Greys. The black, oval, nocturnal eyes of the being appear squinting and intelligent. The nose is almost non-existent, and the mouth is extremely small. While this photo may seem tantalizingly real, we must bear in mind that many so-called believers and UFO researchers remain reluctant to put their weight behind photos like this. The website where this pic is listed (among others), is very hesitant about backing any of its photos up as real. They have this to say: “The photographs contained on this page are from many varied sources. There is no way to absolutely prove that any of these images represent an actual being. There are many fakes, hoaxes, and representations made of alleged alien beings.” Nevertheless, this is quite the intriguing find.

14 FBI Alien Photo?


There are some websites online that report that this photo is from recently released UFO files by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). But the origins and purpose of the photo remain a mystery to most. Massimo Polidoro, an Italian paranormal researcher and skeptic of UFOs, writes that the picture from the FBI files was taken in Wiesbaden, Germany in 1950 and that the photo turned out to be an April Fools' joke with a child, some soldiers, and a journalist. But it’s sort of interesting in a way to ask: What sort of soldiers and journalists would make such a creepy photo op? The costume seems a bit too weird for an alien spoof, although maybe they didn’t have the best props back then. In the pic, a soldier is leading by the shoulder a small child-like being or child, with some sort of elongated mask and a long tube protruding from it.

13 An Alleged Area 51 Video


Maybe the most convincing photo to some UFO enthusiasts in a while allegedly came out of Area 51 in 1999. The picture was not actually a picture but an entire video of a small, green-looking creature being interviewed by Area 51 personnel. The video was pirated out of the secret government base in Nevada allegedly by an employee who identified himself only as “Victor.” Victor said that he intercepted the video while on the base, and experts in the field of ufology were convinced, based on his intimate knowledge of Area 51’s sectors and areas, that he was telling the truth. Some Hollywood makeup artists were called in to analyze the video and the supposed alien. One thought the creature was definitely a dummy. The other thought it was maybe a hoax, but he claimed the alien on the film was so life-like, it was hard to say.

12 The Hitler Photo


A Google or Yahoo search will sometimes yield a pic of what appears to be Adolph Hitler shaking hands with a short Grey alien. Hitler appears to be smiling at the creature as he greets the greyish to off-white creature. His face appears to be elated and cordial to the creature whom he’s extending his hand out to. The creature is much shorter than Hitler and standing at angle to the camera, so that the flash bulb illuminates its frontal section. The creature appears to be synthetic perhaps, maybe a dummy of some sort, but its setting and context in the photo appears relatively realistic and natural.

The photo originally appeared on the discussion forum site called, a forum devoted to top secret and paranormal debate. There’s quite a bit of disagreement on the page’s thread about whether it’s fake or not. The first reaction to this photo, for some, is to perhaps laugh, but here’s the funny thing: in 2014, about the same time this photo got out, NSA leak Edward Snowden allegedly leaked a new document, detailing how the US government has been controlled for some time by a species of ETs known as the “tall whites.” The document also included mention of the Nazis, who received knowledge from these ETs on how to build more advanced subs in the 1930s. We don’t know if this is all some sort of bad joke by higher-ups in the government. But was this photo part of the Snowden leak— maybe?

11 The Alien in the Barn


This photo shows what appears to be an alien, possibly a Grey again, shielding its face, as if protecting its eyes from a flash. The slats on the side of it are from a barn somewhere in the English countryside. The photographer has been identified as a farmer, who apparently heard some strange sounds inside the barn late one night. He quickly grabbed a camera before he went out to the barn, where he was able to snap this photo. The farmer apparently was expecting to photograph a burglar in the act and thought it would help police catch the intruder. This is what he, apparently, found instead.

10 The Evil Alien Baby


Most of the time, if we go online and look for alien photos, we typically see a pic of what appears to be a full grown adult ET, big head an all. Though they are more often than not shorter and smaller than most adult humans, it's still fun to see the differences side by side. In this case, however, what we have here appears to be an infant, and not a very pleasant one at that. The small baby appears to be crying and is seemingly enraged in this photograph, easily making anyone that looks at it shudder. Is it real or concocted? Maybe no one on this earth knows, or maybe the photo is from some movie set. Then again, Photoshop has been the culprit behind countless fake photos.

9 The Meier Photos


It must be made clear that not all alien 'contactees' allege seeing the type of alien with large black eyes. Some, especially the ones who report more benign experiences, report meeting human-like beings. Often, they say these beings, sometimes called Pleiadians, are very beautiful in appearance, like a model on earth. Such are the reports of Billy Meier, a now famous contactee who claims to have been on several trips inside a Pleiadian UFO in the mid 70s.

While some UFO researchers vigorously doubt Meier’s claims, he has produced numerous close-up photos of flying saucers in nature. He’s also put forward a few pics of the Pleiadian women he met during his alleged sojourns. This is one we see in the photo above. We see a woman who does not appear too different than one on earth, although the jaw line and mouth seem to be slightly different in shape than a typical woman’s. Or at least that's what everyone seems to be debating about. One may ask how the Pleiadians might possibly look so much like us, but some contactees claim that these human-like races were originally of the same ancestry as humans. Thousands of years ago, they say, these beings took off in their advanced spacecraft to seek out other planets and galaxies, though they occasionally return from time to time.

8 The Arizona Photo


This photo was found in an attic in Arizona along with pics of Dwight Eisenhower, Clark Gable, and Bing Crosby. Due to this impressive collection, conspiracy theorists who attest to a UFO cover-up are convinced this and the other photos found in the attic are proof that the Roswell crash was ET in origin. The picture is of a decayed body, which appears so diminutive and foreign-looking that it must be alien in nature. The pictures were taken between 1947 and 1950 by a man by the name of Bernard Ray. He took the pics with a Kodachrome camera. On the other end of the spectrum, some say that the reflection in the glass near the head region is actually that of an ape and that this photo was taken in a museum.

7 The Alien In The Trees


In this photo, a strange-looking figure moves through the darkness of night. We can see it probably had three or four long fingers and a skinny, almost emaciated form. The eyes are oval, it seems, similar to the supposed Grey photo we saw before at the farm house. The origins of this image remain unknown, but it appears to be another photo by someone in the woods or in nature, somewhere remote. One interesting difference here perhaps is that the head appears to be rounder and less oval or extended than some of the other Grey shots, but it is difficult to tell. The angle of the camera may account for the difference in how the creature, or dummy, appears.

6 The Indian Skull


This guy doesn’t appear too freaked out by what is sitting in front of him— what appears to be an unusual alien skull that resembles the head shape in the photo previous to this one. In fact, he seems elated by his discovery. This skull was apparently found in India, but one might wonder what happened to this seemingly incredible discovery. Where are the scientists and media on this issue? The skull is oblong and oval, and the eye sockets are again almond in shape. The only scientific explanation for this might be the expansion of a monkey skull through some sort of natural or unnatural process, but that is beyond the scope of this article. Still, this is an eerie find if you dig this up in your backyard. Internet searches for more info on this event have yielded nothing, so we’ll just have to keep an eye on it.

5 The Andes Skeleton


Apparently, this tiny, alien-like skeleton was unearthed somewhere in the Andes, where it is being analyzed in a research lab for its exact makeup and DNA. We might be startled someday by the results, or we might not. At any rate, DNA sampling should determine whether the skeleton is of some earthly or unearthly origin. And yet the skeleton appears very odd, unlike most primates on earth. It could be a monkey, a baby chimp, or even a lost primate that scientists have yet to discover. What's interesting, though, is that the eye sockets appear to be very large, similar to the other Grey photos. Again, media reports on this event have proved scarce, probably for similar reasons as the other cases.

4 The Tiny Mummy


Unlike the other alien skeleton cases, this one has been the focus of a lot of media coverage, probably because the sheer size of it, which measures only six inches long. Early DNA tests suggested that the being was human in origin, though 9% of that DNA was not considered as part of the human genome, so a layer of mystery does surround the case.

The size of the mummy also remains a big puzzle for scientists, who are studying how such extreme dwarfism can occur in someone (or something). The leading theory is that this is actually an aborted fetus; though X-ray comparisons between human fetuses and this one show vast unexplained differences. Another enigma for science is how the tiny creature, which was found in the Atacama Desert in Chile, could have fewer ribs than humans.

Is this the Holy Grail for alien seekers? Maybe, and it might be the best evidence so far of some alien presence here, although scientists are often reluctant to go with that explanation.

3 Alien-Like Skulls


If you ever walked into a museum with these skulls on display, you might feel a little freaked out. And there’s probably some reason to be: initial tests on these skulls have indicated that they are not human in origin, so the case, on the surface, appears to be as mysterious as the last one.

Scientists working on the case believe the skulls, which came from Peru, are evidence of an extinct humanoid race that once walked South America, but many are convinced these skulls are alien in origin. The good thing about this case is that scientists have plenty of material and evidence to work with. In total, there are over 300 of these skulls, which were dug up in a mass grave near the south coast of Peru in 1928. For decades since then, it’s been assumed that the skulls were the product of some sort of intentional cranial work that the indigenous people of Peru were engaged in, but more recent DNA testing suggests this bet is probably off.

2 The Russian Cone-Head


In 2015, this skull, as well as the rest of the skeleton, was thought to be that of a 2,000-year-old human, excavated in a place known as Russia’s Stonehenge. Like in South America, the skull showed evidence of elongation, though this one appears a little less extreme than the last one we saw. Once it was discovered, UFO enthusiasts began clamoring that the skeleton was the remains of some sort of ET, but as usual, scientists are remaining cautious about making any such claims.

Researchers believe the woman buried at the site was a member of the Sarmati tribe, which ranged the area in and around modern day Ukraine and southern Russia. The body was dug up in Arkaim in Chelyabinsk, which is in central Russia. This discovery leaves us naturally wondering why such different and remote cultures as those found in South America and Russia, were involved in cranial deformation. What are the chances they both practiced the same customs? Hmmm...

1 Greys in the Dark? 


This picture looks pretty close to what you might expect in a movie by M. Night Shyamalan, such as in Signs, although the film-maker might have also gotten his ideas for such strange night sightings from photos like this one. If it is some CGI expert messing around, he or she should probably talk to Shyamalan and start working for Hollywood because it’s actually well orchestrated. From the evergreen pines brushing aside to the faint, phantasmagoric light off in the distance beyond, which might be the ET ship, the effect of the photo is both curious and haunting. The two apparent beings seem to be conversing together from a short distance away from each other or waiting for something or someone to drop by. Or maybe they’re just studying the top soil as if not from around here? At any rate, the origins of the photo remain a mystery, which will probably cause researchers some doubts, although again, it is a very well done hoax if indeed it is one.


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The 15 Most Convincing Alien Photographs... Supposedly