The 15 Most Advanced Alien Races People Have Reported To Exist

A familiar sight if you search the internet for photos of ETs are pictures of “little green men,” the ones with diminutive forms and large, bulbous black eyes. These are maybe the most widely talked about variety of ET species, probably based on the high amount of reporting on them, the numerous pictures and drawings of them that have emerged over the years, and the descriptions of them coming out of the Roswell incident. These are the beings with advanced technology, allegedly, who can supposedly warp through walls, engage in varying types of telepathy with abductees, and travel through the cosmos with an ability never even dreamed of by today's scientists.

What some people don’t realize is that this isn’t the only species of aliens that people report seeing from time to time. Although these other species appear to be a more rare tale from abductees and other 'contactees', there are numerous types of ET species sometimes recounted in varying places across the globe. If you feel tempted to laugh at the idea, there’s actually a bit of unofficial official sourcing on the issue. Paul Hellyer, a former defense minister for Canada, has amazed people in the last few years with his stories of his days as an insider in the government. One of the things Hellyer reports is staggering: in recent years, he has told the media that he was aware of over 80 species of aliens in our universe. The report actually isn’t that far off from what many mainstream scientists believe these days, believe it or not, although most academics don’t believe they are already visiting us as Hellyer and some allege. With the universe so vast and spacious as it is, some scientists have calculated the probability of other life emerging to be quite high. The probability that many civilizations, even many that are advanced, exist out there is considered highly probable as well, many theorists suspect.

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15 The Centaurians

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The Centaurians are supposedly a race of ETs that  look similar to humans, according to some UFO believers, psychics, and contactees. As their name suggests, they are thought to have come from Alpha Centauri, the closest star system to our solar system. According to some psychics and other contactees, this species of ET is considered to be very benevolent, and its intent is to implant scientific ideas with advanced technology in scientists on our planet to help us progress technologically. Mainly, it is believed by some, they are working also on theoretical aspects of science and are thought to be involved in putting theoretical ideas into scientists' minds (such as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity) that helps them to come up with new equations for looking at the universe and reality. Because of their theoretical orientation, these beings are thought to have trouble grounding their minds, similar to many genius physicists.

14 The Arcturians

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Arcturus is the largest and brightest star in the Bootes constellation, and it is thought by some alien believers to be the home of the Arcturians, a species of ET thought to be perhaps the most advanced in the universe due to their technological mastery. Some say that this species has a spaceship that has been effective in deterring hostile ETs from earth for many years. By all accounts, the descriptions of them are similar in many respects to what many call “Grays”: their skin is thought to be greenish in color, their eyes large and almond shaped. Like the Grays, they also are sometimes said to have only three fingers, indicating a source for the “little green men” catchphrase that many people use. The species and its activities are allegedly detailed in a book called “The Keys of Enoch,” a book about ET contacts by Dr. Michael Salla, a former university lecturer turned UFO researcher. By some accounts, the yeti, or sasquatch, is thought to be an advanced Arcturian, who can move at will between planets without the necessity of a spaceship at all. Some shamans regard the Arcturian, or yeti, as an enlightened being.

13 Agharians

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Thousands of years ago, a group of Asiatic or Nordic humans are believed by some to have journeyed into a vast array of caverns below the ground in the Gobi desert, where they found a species of ET that were snake-like in appearance dwelling below the earth. These vast caverns are linked to parts of Tibet, where stories and tales still exist of a secret “snakeworld” beneath the earth, a whole kingdom of beings that travel between dimensions and planets. This snake kingdom is also recounted in the annals of Hindu myth, which referred to the snake-like entities below the ground as “nagas,” or serpents. In modern times, this species has come to be known as the Agharians by some alien believers. It is told in some tales in Tibet and India that long ago, an Asian prince went below the ground of Tibet and drove out the snake kingdom for a while. In modern times, due to neglect of these stories, it is said the Agharians have returned to some degree to their old haunts.

12 Alpha Draconian (Reptilian)

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The so-called Reptilians are well-known villains on the scene in the field of ufology. British author David Icke seems to have first popularized the idea in his series of books which put forward the idea that much of the government is involved with this species, and in some cases, are one and the same (Icke claims that the Reptilians are able to shapeshift and to assume human shapes of key political figures in our culture). Some alien researchers believe the Reptilians have created colonies in Alpha Draconis, which has led some to refer to them as Alpha Draconians. According to these researchers, the ultimate agenda of the Alpha Draconians, which look lizard-like in their appearance, is to suppress advanced technology from reaching the masses on earth, technology which would save humanity from many of its ills, such as pollution, overpopulation, food, and environmental problems. Along with the Grays, the Alpha Draconians are believed by contactees to be part of an empire known as the Unholy Six, which is seeking dominion of power over many star systems.

11 The Anakim

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The Anakim are reported to be very tall, anywhere from between nine and eleven feet. But they are capable of interacting with humans and blending in with human society, according to some sources, because they possess an ability to shrink their molecular structure with their technology, such that their height can be rapidly lowered. Some researchers connect this alleged species to the giants of the Bible, who, you may remember, mated with Cain and Abel in the Book of Genesis to further the human species as we know it (some scholars are still puzzled by how these two males could have reproduced without any women around). These “giants” are also referred to in Hebrew as the Nephilim, which, Genesis states, mated with generations of humans after the downfall in the Garden of Eden. This story has led some alien researchers to speculate that the original human species was co-mingled with ET genetics, though they’re still not sure whom the word “giants” refers to. Some people claim to have encountered the Anakim in western North America, Alaska, Mexico, and Texas.

10 Janosians

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The Janosians, said to be slender in their build and sort of oriental looking, are believed by some to have left their home planet Janos centuries ago after a meteor shower devastated the planet, making it virtually uninhabitable. The meteor shower apparently triggered a nuclear explosion, which caused too much radiation to enter the Janos’ atmosphere. This species is said by some contactees to have jettisoned into space with a massive donut-shaped vessel, at which point they were able to locate the position of earth. According to some, the vessel is still out in space in our solar system, while they are trying to gain sanction from our governments to live here. In exchange, the Janosians have promised to award some of their technology to the government. By some accounts, this species is virtually human, and the reason they are seeking earth’s atmosphere again is because they once lived here long ago and want to return again.

9 Lyrans

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Said to be one of humanity’ galactic cousins, the Lyrans are another race of ETs that contactees often talk about, and it is a race, they say, with somewhat of a tragic historical background. Thousands of years ago, contactees say, this race was able to achieve a high level of technological advancement, but these advancements did little to assuage bitter factions that developed in their star system, called Lyra. Eventually, these factions evolved into outright warfare (known as the Lyran Wars), and many of the Lyrans, since their world had become a playground of war, decided to pursue new climates on other planets, including the Pleiades, the Hyades, and the Vega systems. The Lyran star system is believed by some contactees to be in a similar state as our current earth— a conflict area between the Grays and humans.

8 The Orions


Some people believe the stories of the Orions and its struggles against dark forces and intergalactic powers has been a major inspiration for the Star Wars films. At any rate, these stories bear a striking resemblance to the hit films, and George Lucas might have drawn heavily on these ideas for his own work.

The Orion civilization, which is said by contactees to be located in the Orion star system, is said to be one of the few civilizations to develop advanced technology while still in the midst of a spiritual conflict between the ideas of ego and power versus the spiritual values of love and charity. In this case, the Orion Empire, as it came to be known, was pitted against a resistance movement known as the Black League, which sought to free itself from the confines of the empire’s domination. The empire apparently even used psychic arts to achieve its ends, which sounds eerily similar to the Sith in the Lucas films. Eventually, this empire was defeated with the help of a spiritual avatar, who spiritually awakened the Orion people and brought about a collapse of what the empire was attempting, it is said. Some contactees report that the Reptilians are still trying to wrest control of the Orion star system.

7 The Pleiadians

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The Pleiadians are often blond and occasionally brunettes, according to some contactees, and they most usually look like they are from some Nordic background, like Scandinavia or Norway. They are thought by many to be of the same bloodline of humans on earth, so they look almost identical to any human walking around on the planet, it said. Allegedly, the Pleiadians are the first beings to develop advanced spacecraft that people ordinarily call UFOs and that can perform hyper-space travel. Some contactees report that this species has stated their technology surpasses current technology on earth by 3,000 years or so. They are said to be part of a galactic council, known as the Andromedan Council, which is based somewhere in the Andromeda constellation, and they are often quoted by contactees as saying they are extremely upset about the environmental devastation on earth. The Pleiadians are also believed to have received the Lyrans when they arrived in their star systems centuries ago as refugees from their planet.

6 The Sirians

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Credited with giving the Egyptians much of their astronomical and medical information, the Sirians are said to come from the constellation of Canis Major, the Dog Star, or Sirius. It is believed, unlike the Centaurians, that they are able to put into action many theoretical concepts, a fact which has led to the belief by some UFO believers that they constructed the pyramids and temples of Egypt. It is also said that the Sirians have met extensively with the ancient Incas and Mayans, who also built great monuments such as Machu Picchu perhaps based on these interactions. The legendary crystal skulls, which got wide attention in the most recent Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, are believed by contactees to be originally obtained from the Sirians long ago. On a wider level, the Sirians supposedly also waged war with the Unholy Six in the Orion system when these stars were supposedly going through a lot of turmoil.

5 The Cetians

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An interesting supposed trait of the so-called Cetians is that they are often described as having pointy ears, which resembles a lot of descriptions of elves in the Middle Ages (these tales mainly came out of the Viking and Norse mythology books, such as the Elder Edda). Is it possible that these stories are connected in some way? The Cetians are typically said by contactees to be very short in stature, about five foot five inches. Resembling humans, they are also said to have Roman or crew-cut style haircuts. The Cetians, which might look also a bit like the descriptions of Pleiadians, are also said to be in a type of alliance with the Pleiadians, which stands against the more dictatorial approach of the Grays and the Reptilians. This alliance was apparently formed to help halt the incursion of the Unholy Six in different worlds, according to contactees.

4 The Dwarves

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Some people who have entered caverns and tunnels across the globe have encountered a small, diminutive person that doesn’t appear to be human. Such sighting reports have occurred in caves across the US, including northern California, south-eastern Arizona, and south-western New Mexico. While some might regard these sightings as a hoax or perhaps as some sort of interdimensional encounter from some fairy tale world, many of these contactees report that they also see UFOs hovering around the area where the so-called dwarves appeared. Contactees claim these encounters have convinced them that dwarves have some sort of advanced technology that enables them to travel between planets with relative ease. Generally, the dwarves have been reported to be about three to four feet in height, although some have been reported as short as two feet, which seems a little small even for human dwarfism.

3 The Hybrids

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Some abductees report that Grays are involved in a comprehensive program to create a new species out of their own using human DNA. These hybrids are believed to possess a stronger genome, in terms of health, for this species, which implies that they might be dying out or going extinct if they don’t try something soon. On top of this, there have been some reports by contactees of Reptilians, or Alpha Draconians, attempting hybridization, according to some contactees, although this process is thought to be almost impossible given that the species are so vastly different, genetically speaking. However, some contactees allege that the Reptilians are attempting genetic alterations that allow for some genetic mutation to occur in their species, using human DNA from abductions. This would prevent the hybrid from becoming half-human and half-Reptilian, but the Reptilian might have a shade of human qualities inside them. Perhaps they might be able to walk around among human society without their mutating skin on, as David Icke suggests, if such a minor hybrid was created.

2 Procyonians

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Procyon is a binary star that rises in Canis Minoris, close in the sky to Sirius. It’s a place where some contactees believe a type of benevolent ET called the Procyonians dwell, another human-looking alien that is supposedly known for their deep interest in spiritual issues. Despite this species’ high ideals, it is alleged that the United States government has not been interested in negotiating with Procyonians, mainly because this species was unwilling to share their advanced weapons upon early encounters. Like the Nephilim, the Procyonians are believed by some to be our distant ancestors, and some believe they came down from the sky at one point and cross-bred with humanity, as they are sort of a distant cousin. Contactees also believe the Procyonians have honed the ability to travel in time and to switch dimensions with their advanced technology and crafts.

1 Synthetics

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Synthetics are supposedly bio-mechanical individuals who allegedly carry out the tasks of the Reptilians, according to some contactee sources. Similar to what’s known as an EBE, or Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, the synthetics are considered part animal often and part machine, or robot. It is believed the synthetics are created using the organs of cows and other animals that Reptilians acquire during cattle mutilations, documented in some parts of the world. The synthetics are made to look like humans or sometimes even Gray aliens when it suits the Reptilians' purposes and agendas, it is said. Perhaps most bizarre of all, some also believe that the Reptilians inhabit or possess the synthetics with evil spirits, such as poltergeists, dark spirits, and fallen spirits. In addition to this, the aliens are said to use artificial intelligence devices or organisms, similar to drones, that don’t have any biological organs.

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