The 15 Dumbest Things Women Have Found In Their Cleavage

There is an infatuation with female breasts. We’re just gonna get right to the point here. There is no denying that both men and women are drawn to the female chest. There are reasons on both sides of the fence for this. Let’s start with the obvious - the men. We clearly are a gender of people who lack boobies. In such, we are amazed by them. Men are enthralled by the female figure, and, in particular, the breasts. Now, it’s not that men don’t like a beautiful face, or a great set of eyes, a nice rear end (this is always a close #1 in this category) or great legs. It’s just that the boobs seem to draw the crowds. An amazing hour glass figures always gets men to stare and ogle for hours on end. So yeah, men kinda like the boobies.

As for the women. There are a few factors with the female anatomy that go beyond vanity. But looking at the ego driven side first; women know this power they have over men. They flaunt their breasts and happily do so for attention. Victoria’s Secret has literally built a business on the female breasts (see push-up bra for data). But there is another reason women care about these crucial body parts, and it has to do with geography. The lower they hang, the more back pain they bring. So the female anatomy isn’t just a toy, it supplies food for babies and can be a rear bare when it comes to physical ailments. Setting all that aside, it is damn funny what can end up in those things when a woman isn’t paying attention. Certainly, some of these things are not normal. Money and coins are too obvious so we are going to the next level here. Numerous females have been kind of enough to laugh at themselves and here are 15 Insane Things Women Get Stuck In Their Cleavage.

15 Snakes On A Plane

14 One Little Caterpillar


13 The Green

12 Sweet Tart


11 A Slice

10 Tiny Racer


9 Chewed Up


8 8-Legged Friend

7 Olive Branch


6 Phone A Friend


5 Diamond In The Ruff

4 Where’s The Beef?

3 Bottle Tops

2 The Mule


1 Long Night

This is an awful story. When you talk about a night going awry, there is almost no worse scenario than this. A young woman in her early 20s spent a night partying only to find that she had a crazy discovery the next day. When she removed her bra she found a used condom from the night prior. Unfortunately, she had no idea how it got there or what she had done the night before. The moral of the story is, make sure you don’t drink from the homemade punch bowl!


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The 15 Dumbest Things Women Have Found In Their Cleavage