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The 15 Dumbest Things Women Have Found In Their Cleavage

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The 15 Dumbest Things Women Have Found In Their Cleavage

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There is an infatuation with female breasts. We’re just gonna get right to the point here. There is no denying that both men and women are drawn to the female chest. There are reasons on both sides of the fence for this. Let’s start with the obvious – the men. We clearly are a gender of people who lack boobies. In such, we are amazed by them. Men are enthralled by the female figure, and, in particular, the breasts. Now, it’s not that men don’t like a beautiful face, or a great set of eyes, a nice rear end (this is always a close #1 in this category) or great legs. It’s just that the boobs seem to draw the crowds. An amazing hour glass figures always gets men to stare and ogle for hours on end. So yeah, men kinda like the boobies.

As for the women. There are a few factors with the female anatomy that go beyond vanity. But looking at the ego driven side first; women know this power they have over men. They flaunt their breasts and happily do so for attention. Victoria’s Secret has literally built a business on the female breasts (see push-up bra for data). But there is another reason women care about these crucial body parts, and it has to do with geography. The lower they hang, the more back pain they bring. So the female anatomy isn’t just a toy, it supplies food for babies and can be a rear bare when it comes to physical ailments. Setting all that aside, it is damn funny what can end up in those things when a woman isn’t paying attention. Certainly, some of these things are not normal. Money and coins are too obvious so we are going to the next level here. Numerous females have been kind of enough to laugh at themselves and here are 15 Insane Things Women Get Stuck In Their Cleavage.

15. Snakes On A Plane


There is nothing easy about this story. A woman wanted to pull off a heist. She had these baby snakes and wanted to smuggle them. So naturally, she hid them in her breasts. She was fortunate to have an ample set on her chest to do the hiding. She was attempting to smuggle 75 baby snakes from Stockholm, Sweden. We’re not sure how she would have managed the entire flight with those slippery little things slithering around her chest. However, when she was seen scratching her breasts numerous times prior to getting on the plane, the authorities checked her out and found the litter of snakes hidden in her boobs.

14. One Little Caterpillar


Some things are just insane. You don’t want to believe they can be true. This woman removed her top to find a live caterpillar crawling around her cleavage like a baby searching for milk. She was wasn’t scared of the insect and instead marveled at the little guy, posting the picture on Twitter for all to see. We are guessing the small creature was looking for a safe place to hunker down for the winter. This one makes sense being that little caterpillars can pretty much drop out of trees and end up almost anywhere.

13. The Green


Never know when you could get frisked by the popo. This one is chalked up to just being dazed and confused. A young woman woke up one morning and when she took off her bra she found some tasty morsels from the evening before. The fresh buds were kept well-insulated between her hooters. The woman’s friend joked on Twitter: “Boob weed; (noun) weed that is found in Tori’s boobs and then smoked.” It’s always good when a friend calls you out for a terrible party foul.

12. Sweet Tart


Sweet tarts are a tasty little treat. The candy is sweet and sour and come in a variety of fun colors. The candy also boasts a nice variety of flavors. Sweet tarts have been around since the 1960s and the intention was to have people enjoy the wonderful sucking candies on their pallets. One woman thought she had lost a tart when she dropped it. It was quite a bit later when she looked down to find the candy stuck in her cleavage. She got the selfie to prove it.

11. A Slice


Okay, there are just some things that shouldn’t end up anywhere but in your mouth. I mean, pizza is amazing. There are all kinds of wonderful treats to feast on. Pizza is a crowd favorite no matter where you go. Pizza is good all times of the day. However, if you end up finding pizza stuck in your bra, there is a little bit of an issue. We’re not talking about a small crumb or just a tiny mouthful. A larger woman who had very large boobs found a rather large portion of a slice of pizza stuck between her breasts on a hot day. She didn’t realize she had lost it down there. All we can say on that one is…yuck.

10. Tiny Racer


Toy cars are loads of fun. They are a fan favorite for young children. A young grandmother in her late 40s was playing with her grandson earlier in the day. She walked up to her daughter and handed her a toy car that the young boy had thought he lost. She had a silly grin on her face and told her daughter, “I found this is my bra.” The daughter replied with a kind “WTF, my mom just found a toy car in her bra! Ha!” on Twitter. Yes, indeed…WTF.

9. Chewed Up


Friends can pull a lot of pranks on one another. Boys like to table-top someone, a fun joke risking physical harm. In this case, one female “besty” thought it would be hilarious to toss her chewed gum into her friend’s cleavage. Her best friend was blessed with large ones and she not only successfully landed the gum in between her “moons,” her friend didn’t find the game until later that night when she took her bra off to shower. That’s when the used, chewed up piece of gum was finally discovered safely nestled between her large ones.

8. 8-Legged Friend


There are some things you just can’t believe – or, don’t want to believe. Anybody who is afraid of spiders has probably gotten worried about a spider ending up in their mouth as they slept at night. Probably could happen. But what happened in this scenario is more funny than scary. A woman with ample breasts removed her bra and was grossed out when she found a dead spider smothered in between them. Since she doesn’t like touching spiders, this had to be an awkward conversation with her roommate when she asked them to remove the spider on her behalf.

7. Olive Branch


When you go for a good run, a lot of things could happen. Perhaps you run through a park and there are some low hanging trees. You may smack or hit a tree leaf here and there. That is such the case with this hot jogger who not only ended up with a leaf inside her sports bra, but someone managed to end up with a piece of the entire branch…and didn’t know it! She finished her run and took her sports bra off to shower and out came a tree branch, concealed nicely for a good part of her run between her stunning breasts.

6. Phone A Friend



Okay, ladies. Come on, now. I’ve seen my wife do this and others as well. And it’s crazy to think that you can’t feel a cell phone hidden between your breasts. But this happens more than we think. A young woman in her early 20s was freaking out because she lost her cell phone. She was frantically looking for it when her friend dialed up her number in an attempt to help her find it. When her boobs started radiating a Justin Bieber hit, everyone had a good laugh. She pulled the phone up out of her bra and had a red face to boot.

5. Diamond In The Ruff


Ever look for something for so long that you begin to lose your mind? Woman’s earrings are small and difficult to track. If you’re not careful, they will be gone as quickly as you got them. When a woman borrowed her mother’s diamond earrings and then lost one, she didn’t know what to do. She looked and looked, but the earring was gone. She had to fess up to her mother that she lost it. Then she removed her bra and hidden in her breasts, shining like a diamond, was the diamond earring. She was saved, and a tad embarrassed.

4. Where’s The Beef?


Roast beef is a wonderful treat. If you have a large roast for dinner it can be so appetizing with gravy. When you toss some thin slices onto a piece of bread, this can make for a wonderful sandwich. But when a larger woman unleashed her bra after a long day, she laughed when not only crumbs from the day fell out, but a large piece of roast beef from her lunch sandwich sat stuck between her breasts. I’m no expert, but maybe she needs a bib when she eats. Because that roast beef has been growing bacteria all day in between those two insulators.

3. Bottle Tops


It’s fun to be young, stupid and drunk. We do enjoy the silly times we have. A young college girl had another average night of fun. When she woke up the next morning at her friend’s house, she headed back home. When she took her bra off to shower, she found a bottle cap from the night before. She wasn’t drinking beer that night so then it became a guessing game to which guy’s beer cap ended up in her bra. And in her drunken state from the night before, wondering what else she may have done.

2. The Mule



There is nothing new about drug smuggling. There are always people who are trying to circumvent the law and transport narcotics from one place to another. With drug smugglers getting creative, the authorities have had to match their wits. Spanish officials were suspicious of a woman traveling from Bogota, Colombia to Barcelona. But the woman wasn’t a talented drug mule. She sweated under the lights and pressure from the authorities. She had fresh scars and blood-stained bandages on her breasts. She claimed she just had breast surgery. The police weren’t quite buying her story. But turns out, she was telling the truth. It’s just that her implants happened to be filled with 1.38 kg of cocaine. Not exactly saline.

1. Long Night


This is an awful story. When you talk about a night going awry, there is almost no worse scenario than this. A young woman in her early 20s spent a night partying only to find that she had a crazy discovery the next day. When she removed her bra she found a used condom from the night prior. Unfortunately, she had no idea how it got there or what she had done the night before. The moral of the story is, make sure you don’t drink from the homemade punch bowl!


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