The 15 Creepiest Ways People Have Used Blood

Blood is a universal substance. Literally every single human being has blood. Not even every human being, but every animal has blood. Excluding, of course, coral, jellyfish, and certain types of worms. Aside from those three species, though, everyone has blood! For most, especially humans and mammals, blood runs red. But in certain insects and reptiles green blood is more common. Ever smash a giant spider and only saw a bunch of brown goop? Still blood.

Blood nowadays is most commonly used for medical purposes. We harvest it from willing subjects, only to ship it around the country to a patient running low on the sweet red nectar. We also get blood taken from us and sent away to scientists in order to diagnose our bodies with certain diseases and illnesses we might have.

Biologically, females have to deal with blood the most. We get visited once a month by the "Blood Fairy," only to have it exit our bodies and cause extreme pain and moodiness for up to a week. Some people can’t handle the sight of blood while others revel in the bright red sight. Right now, as you read this, you’re literally filled with blood, all getting pushed around your body by your big heart and squeezed to various body parts so you don’t lose the ability to use any of your organs.

With what seems like an unlimited resource, it only makes sense that people use blood for, and have tried to use blood for, various strange purposes. Although many of these practices aren’t happening anymore, we still can’t help but feel a little creeped out people have tried to use blood in these 15 different ways.


15 To Drink


If you’ve ever been to a Christian church, chances are you drank wine as a representation of the blood of Christ. If you really think about it, this form of worship alone can be a little strange to an outsider who might not normally practice such a belief. But that’s nothing compared to what some people are doing today.

Vampires are usually a topic for horror movies, or bad teen TV shows. However, there are still a select few who actually practice Vampirism to extreme heights today. There is no science backing proof of vampires as we know them; that is, eternal creatures who can only drink blood for survival and have the ability to turn into bats to fly around at night.

Many people practice vampirism today, claiming that they drink blood in order to gain differing powers. Some believe that drinking blood helps their digestive system, and their body run more smoothly altogether. Others practice Vampirism as well as Satanism and use the blood as a tool to get closer to their God, Satan. Regardless the reason, there are still many people today who practice the process of drinking blood from willing humans. And although most of the time blood comes from willing participants, it never hurts to hide your neck when walking home alone at night.

14 Cellphone Charger


Our generation is obsessed with technology and many critics feel as though we’re too dependent on our cell phones. One artist, Naomi Kizhner, decided to use this idea for her art piece, one which involves using blood as a means to charge your phone.

The artist’s pieces actually do use human blood in order to keep the cell phone battery high, however, she doesn’t plan on selling her idea to Apple anytime soon. Its intention is only to have users reflect on their relationship with the electronic devices and show them how far they are willing to go to maintain a battery charge.

She markets the pieces as a jewelry line and also has pieces that produce energy from the spinal cord and eyelid movements. Though her pieces are intended to bring up issues with our society and connection with technology, they also give a creepy warning about what our future of power might entail.

13 To Grow Your Heart

Everyone remembers The Grinch right? Especially the part when his heart grows a couple sizes bigger? Well, anyone with a medical background knows that any organ growing in that size would actually cause some serious, and probably fatal, damage. But scientists who are finding ways to study heart disease would actually appreciate something with the ability to make the heart grow, and they might have found the answer inside the heart of pythons.

Pythons are known for eating extremely large creatures, specifically in proportion to their own size. In order to easily consume these large animals, python’s hearts actually grow during digestion in order to produce enough blood to digest the animal. Scientists have tried injecting the blood of pythons into lab rats, and the results produced similar heart-growing features to those seen in the snakes.

This means that the potential for human’s hearts to grow as well might exist, and might lead to better treatments for heart-related illnesses. I don’t know about you, but I would still feel a little eerie knowing that there’s snake blood being pumped around inside of me.

12 Bacteria-Eaters


As discussed in the intro, most animals have red blood. One exception from this blood color palette is the blood of Horseshoe crabs, which actually runs blue. Of course, blue blood struck the curiosity of many scientists, so they began doing research on what the potential uses for this blue blood are. They discovered that when humans are injected with the blue blood, their blood flow actually turned into a gel-like substance.

This sounds gross at first but is actually beneficial in trapping certain bacteria affecting the bloodstream. The only downside? It requires a ton of crabs, meaning using the blood could be harmful to the population of Horseshoe crabs. However, scientists are working hard to make a synthetic version of the blood that could have the same benefits to humans. If they do so, it could be possible to be injected with both crab and human blood, potentially resulting in a whole new breed of superheroes.

11 To Decipher Aliens From Humans

While all humans have blood, every human has different types of blood. Many know that some are more common than others, and some types are so rare that they need to have donated blood on hand as much as possible to keep the supply up. At one point in science, doctors had no idea that humans had different types of blood.

Depending on your blood type, you might have certain complications when giving birth to a baby with a different blood type, and only certain diseases affect certain people with certain types of blood. Some used to theorize that this was due to the fact that some of us are aliens, and some of us are not.

Although we now know that these complications are only due to a disease, many still believe that certain differences among humans are the cause of our breeding with aliens many years ago.

10 Bricks


Bricks are still a great building tool that we use in many buildings and pathways today. They’re strong, waterproof, and aesthetically pleasing. Like most things, scientists are still looking for ways to improve the quality of the building tools we use.

In our hunting and gathering days, humans used to use every last part of the animal, as sometimes that might be the only resource they would have to feed a family for weeks. At this point, many parts of the animals now become waste. One architect was tired of all of the animal waste, specifically blood, and decided to do something about it.

He discovered that blood was actually an excellent tool to use in making bricks. It’s a rather cheap material and possesses all the necessary qualities of something required to build a house with. What a world we live in where it’s possible to be filled with snake blood inside of a blood-brick house.

9 Adhesive For Rituals


Blood is hot, sticky, and smelly. Sometimes people cut themselves and only know due to the fact that they feel a sticky substance all over their body. Well, at one point, many cultures used to use the sticky substance as glue. Blood can easily be washed away, so it wasn’t used for certain crafts but rather as a nice sticky adhesive to glue feathers all over the body for certain rituals.

One specific group that practiced this ritual was the Aboriginal people of Australia. They would practice Dreamtime worship, a time when they would celebrate the creation of the earth. In order to practice the ritual, they would adorn their bodies in various materials as decoration, most commonly feathers. A good adhesive for the process was none other than blood. They mostly harvested blood from animals. Though celebratory rituals are still common today among many cultures, the practice of covering your body in blood and feathers is greatly frowned upon.


8 Glue For Food


As we just discussed, blood as an adhesive is a great use for the sticky substance. Though  that practice is not commonly used today, the practice of using blood in food is still commonly used. Blood is a great way to keep various meats from falling apart.

Steaks, specifically Filet Mignon, are very delectable pieces of meat desired by many hungry meat eaters. In order to produce these delicious meats without paying the price of high cuts, many restaurants are turning to the coagulant properties of pig blood in order to create a Frankenstein-like creation to serve to hungry customers.

Rather than using an actual steak cut, restaurants will sometimes use various pieces of meat, mix it up with some pig blood, and slice it up to make it look like an actual steak, without having to pay for an actual steak. This is a process that is completely safe and legal, and common among restaurants around the world. Blood is often a great compound used in many types of sausages as well.

7 Organ Freezer


You might have heard of certain animals that have the ability to freeze during cold winters, and thaw during the summer so that they are able to survive all seasons. This is actually possible, and most commonly seen among Wood frogs. Freezing humans has been a popular discussion among many people for years and years, and humans are still looking for a way to freeze people.

Injecting wood frogs into various organs has shown promising results in keeping these organs frozen without dying. Just like the Horseshoe crabs, using Wood frogs for human organ freezing requires a big frog to human ratio, so seeing frozen humans in our lifetime is still rather unlikely.

However, this process is still helpful in keeping organs for transplants frozen long enough to go from one dead body to the next. Having someone else’s organ in your body already seems creepy enough, but having an organ with a little bit of frog blood in it seems just a little bit extra-disturbing.

6 Love Potions


People of all religions have been trying to make their crushes fall in love with them since the dawn of time. There are potions for love and different spells that can be said, but one common way to get someone to fall in love with you is to feed them your blood.

Ladies listen up, because the best type of blood to give is menstrual blood. That’s right, many cultures throughout history have believed that the best way to trap a man is to give him a little taste of your lady blood. Menstrual blood is not even fully blood, and is made up of mostly tissue and fluids from the cervix and vagina. This blood is full of hormones and pheromones, and many believe that giving a man a taste of this homemade potion will attract him to your scents and hormones, causing him to fall in love with you!

This method is a disturbing one, nonetheless, but unfortunately some people still believe this process works today! A woman was recently arrested in Portugal for giving her boss some of her period blood in his morning coffee! Who would’ve thought a way to a man’s heart was through your Tampon?

5 Paint


Blood comes in all shades of red, and many with an artistic eye like to use this natural color as paint for their art! Artists are going to great lengths these days to create art that is unique and shocking, and combining blood with art is definitely both of those things.

One artist, Sarah Levy, recently made headlines after using her own period blood to paint Donald Trump. Many found the piece to be shocking, interesting, and something that made a bold statement against a candidate known for hating women. Many found the picture to be rather disturbing, however.

Sarah is not the only one to use blood in her art. Many cultures have used the natural paint since the beginning of time, as blood paintings have been found in various caves by archaeologists. Blood painting is a practice that has been seen throughout history and is something that seems to be here for good.

4 Pancakes


We know that blood is used in various meats, but the red substance has tainted the world of breakfast foods as well. Many cultures believe in the practice of making pancakes with blood! The practice of making blood pancakes, known as Blodplättar, is common among cooks in Finland and Sweden. The food is typically served for breakfast alongside the animal from which the blood came from.

The blood in the pancake typically comes from pork, and sometimes even reindeer. The pancakes are made by mixing in blood with other desired materials, and then frying the substance in a frying pan, just like a normal pancake. The process is common so no parts of the animal goes to waste. The practice of eating blood is still common, but using it in a food typically filled with chocolate chips or sprinkles adds an extra level of disturbance to a once-playful food.

3 As A Bath


A blood bath is a term typically used to describe a situation involving a lot of death. However, a bloodbath is also a literal term that several serial killers are known for partaking in. The most notable is Elizabeth Bathory, also known as "The Blood Countess."

Elizabeth lived from 1560-1640 and is infamous for her murderous ways. She was rumored to often take baths in the blood of virgins in order to maintain a youthful appearance. Another murderer known for his bloodbaths was Richard Chase.

Richard was known as "The Vampire of Sacramento," as he was infamous for drinking blood. One of his earliest victims died after he shot her. He then had sex with the corpse and later bathed in her blood. Blood is definitely warm, but the smell and stickiness are enough for it to be low on the list of things to bathe in.

2 To Form Alliances


Everyone might have had a childhood friend or relationship where they made a blood pact. Blood brothers are known for making small cuts and mixing blood with each other in order to form a closer bond. The process is often seen in pop culture, and though slightly disturbing, is seen more as charming and normal in the usual contexts.

The history behind the blood-pact is much creepier. The purpose of the blood-pact is to have another person’s blood flow through your body. This process in more ancient times would often just result in a person’s blood diseases running through your body, resulting in the transition of many deadly illnesses.

It was often common as well for leaders of tribes to drink each other’s blood in order to form alliance and unity. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to watch Obama drink Vladimir Putin’s blood on CNN? While certain gangs are said to practice the blood-pact today, it’s much less common for enemies to drink each other’s blood.

1 As A Facial


If you keep up with the Kardashians, you might know that Kim is notorious for her blood facials. Just like Elizabeth Bathory, she believes that the use of blood will help retain a youthful appearance. A blood facial is a process of drawing blood from the person getting the facial, separating red blood cells from the plasma, and then injecting the face with the plasma mixture.

The process involves poking tiny holes all over the face in order to get extra absorption. The process doesn’t really have much scientific proof backing it and is mostly just a fad several people are trying. The process has only been around for several years.

One day, everyone thought it was insane when Kathy Bates rubbed baby’s blood all over her face in American Horror Story, but now that Kim enjoys smearing her own blood all over her face, some people are running to the doctor asking for the same. Most of us, however, still find it downright disturbing.

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