The 15 Creepiest Things People Have Found In Their Backyards

Backyards are for barbecues, swimming, and other fun outdoor activities. When we were kids, backyards are where we would spend time playing sports with our friends, have water balloon fights, and dig for worms. When we were teens, backyards were good for throwing parties when your parents were not home, and a place to lay outside and sunbathe. As adults, backyards are our escapes to have parties, have morning coffee, and stare at the stars. Those without backyards long for a space to escape to serenity, and those with backyards relish in their own private park.

But some backyards instead are filled with mysteries, secrets, and just downright creepy things. Every scary movie has a scene where something sinister happens in the backyard. Having a large open outdoors space is an invitation for all sorts of paranormal and haunting things to happen. At night a backyard can be a place for ghosts to awaken and creatures to enter. Nothing good ever happens in a backyard during a horror movie.

Moving into a new house is supposed to be exciting, and exploring what you can do with your personal outdoor space is part of the excitement of being a homeowner. But things can quickly turn sour when one might find something spooky hidden in their backyard. Whether it’s something unexplainable or something scary from years ago, here are 15 creepy things people have found in their backyard.

15 Headstones


What could be worse than finding a grave in your backyard? What about just a headstone, with no body? Finding just the headstone but no actual body leads to all sorts of questions. Like, what in the heck happened to the dead body? Is the body hidden somewhere else in the yard, did someone dig the body up and move it, or did the body happen to just leave on its own?

Those are the type of questions a California family had after finding 12 headstones in their backyard, but no bodies. The Riverbank family had just moved in and were doing some renovating of the backyard when they began finding headstone after headstone. After contacting authorities, it was discovered that the previous homeowners had purchased the headstones at discounted prices as they had misspelled family names and typos on the headstones, making them basically garbage. The family then decided to use them as stepping stones for their landscape. Luckily the family never ended up finding any dead bodies to go with the headstones. Yet.

14 A WWII Bomb


Construction workers and landscapers know that sometimes while working on a new project, a lot of difficult things can get in the way of completing a job. One Toronto man knew this to be true when he was digging in a backyard of a family who hired him to do some landscaping in the backyard. As he was digging, he found what he thought was a pipe. He kicked the pipe at first, but after digging more, he realized it was actually a WWII-era bomb.

The man dug up the bomb and drove it to a local police station. He went in and simply told them he had a bomb in the back of his truck. Authorities were shocked, as it is extremely dangerous to touch such a deadly explosive. After some investigating, they came to the conclusion that the bomb was one often used by planes to drop during the second world war. It likely came from a military base not too far from the house. The bomb was taken by the task force to a local secluded area and detonated. Just remember, if you ever find a bomb anywhere at any time, don’t touch it!

13 An Actress 


Many of us dream of running into celebrities in public settings. But having one appear in your own backyard is even better! Especially if it’s an actress of a superhero movie! One man was lucky enough to have the fantasy fulfilled, as he found actress Margot Kidder in his own backyard!

However, the situation was not as one might normally dream, as Margot was found in a rather concerning state after being missing for four days. In 1996, Margot was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after spiraling into a manic state caused by losing 3 years’ worth of work on her computer to a virus. She fled her home and wasn’t seen for four days until being found in one man’s backyard. Since her manic state, Margot has sought help and made a full recovery.

It would be disturbing to find a missing person in your backyard, but to find a missing celebrity who doesn’t really know who or where they are is all the creepier.

12 Native American Remains


In the situation above with finding a headstone in their backyard, at least that family was warned that they might stumble upon a body part or two at some point. A Canadian couple that was digging for a fence got no such warning.

A couple from Sarnia were digging in their backyard to put up a new fence when they suddenly stumbled upon what they thought was an animal bone. After digging further, they discovered the skeleton of an entire body. They quickly contacted authorities and soon learned more about the bones found in the backyard.

The skeleton belonged to a native American woman who was believed to have lived some time in the 1500s or 1600s. she was only 24 years old when she died, and the nature of her death is unknown. Regardless of what might have happened to her, finding the bones of a dead young girl alone in your backyard can’t be a good sign.

11 A Whale Fossil


Gary Johnson (not the presidential candidate) loved exploring so much that he was often found digging around for various rocks and fossils throughout his childhood. One time during one of his adventures, he found the treasure of a lifetime, a 16-million-year-old whale fossil.

When Gary found the rock, he contacted a local museum to extract the fossil. However, at the time, they didn’t have the finances needed to extract the fossilized whale. Decades later, they finally found it possible to relocate the historic animal parts. Gary Johnson, now in his 50s, was still in sight as the fossil was removed. The fossil is extremely rare, thought to be only 1 of 20 in existence. It definitely pays to dig, as Gary taught us.

10 An Alligator Going For A Dip


When you were a kid, you might at one point have been scared of possible creatures swimming around in the pool. Who knows when you might run into a shark, whale, or alligator. Our parents quickly assured us that no such thing was possible, as those types of creatures only exist in large bodies of water, right?

This isn’t always the case when you live in Florida. While Florida has many issues involving pretty much everything, one issue they run into often is that of gators. Gators are not only a threat to the safety of humans, but some are known to attack pets like dogs and cats! Not only do they often find themselves wandering in people’s backyards, but some are even known to go swimming in their backyard pools! The last thing I would ever hope for would be an alligator to cannonball in the pool while I’m trying to sunbathe.

9 A Mastodon Vertebrae


As we’ve already learned from Gary Johnson, digging around your backyard can result in some very interesting discoveries. Two kids from Michigan definitely know this to be true. After having a nice old afternoon dig, the two pre-teens managed to discover a mastodon bone up to 13,000 years old! The most I’ve ever found in my backyard were piles of dog poop!

The bone was one of 200 discoveries in the area involving the mastodon. While finding a bone buried in your backyard is a pretty cool discovery, it’s also still slightly creepy. It reminds us that just a couple of feet below the surface lies the potential to hold bones that are years old. What could possibly be hiding under the ground much deeper than that? We may never know. But, if the boys hear loud thumping throughout their hallways at night, they can blame it on the ghost of that mastodon.

8 A Stranger Living In A Shed


Do you ever have the feeling that you’re not alone when you’re in an empty house? I’m not talking about a religious figure guiding you, or a paranormal ghost following you around, rather, an actual person watching you when you’re alone. An Austin man felt this feeling one night and it turned out, he was right, he wasn’t alone.

When Samuel Williams was looking out in his backyard one night, he noticed a strange man in his backyard. This was alarming enough, but what he discovered next sent chills up his spine. He saw the man enter his backyard shed, and decided to confront the seemingly harmless stranger. The man he saw ended up running off, and Samuel quickly discovered the man had set up a camp-like living situation in his backyard shed! It is not known how long the man was living there, as the man was never found, but knowing that an uninvited guest is living in your backyard is pretty terrifying!

7 A Bomb Shelter


People find all sorts of things when they go digging in backyards including bones, creatures, and graves. But what about another world? When John Sims first purchased his home, he heard a rumor there might be a bomb shelter located somewhere on the property, but he wasn’t sure where. When he discovered what seemed at first to be just a small crawl space, he quickly realized the existence of the shelter was true.

Once he found the location, he enlisted the help of several people to ensure the air was safe to enter and that he wouldn’t be trapped if the door came down on him. Just imagining what could possibly be in the shelter is terrifying, but luckily for John, he found nothing but a bunch of rubble and cooler temperatures as an escape from the Arizona heat. He has future plans to restore the shelter and use it as a backyard retreat.

6 A Fully Loaded Hunting Rifle


Finding an abandoned weapon anywhere at any time can be pretty disturbing. Who does it belong to, why is it there, and what was the intention behind whoever had it? A man from Calgary had these anxieties overcome him when he made a disturbing discovery in his backyard in 2014.

The Canadian man was doing yard work one seemingly normal afternoon when he found a fully loaded hunting rifle and a cell phone in a pillowcase, then wrapped in plastic. Whoever owned the gun obviously had some disturbing intentions. The owner of the gun and the cell phone was never found, and it remains a mystery as to why the weapon was there in the first place. Someone innocent who was just hunting animals for sport, legally, would never hide their intentions with the gun, and would probably want to come forward to claim the expensive equipment. Whoever decides to just abandon a weapon like that obviously had some seriously creepy intentions.

5 An Abandoned Baby


Everyone knows Moses, right? The infamous baby found in the water, seemingly an orphan. Well, one little girl in Indiana made a discovery similar to the biblical tale. Elysia is a nine-year-old girl from Indiana who was harmlessly playing by the creek in her backyard when she made a disturbing discovery. She overheard a baby crying and saw two pink legs flailing in the weeds by the stream. At first, she thought it was just a robotic child’s toy, but she soon realized it was a very real, very alive newborn baby.

Elysia quickly got her mom who called authorities to help with the discovery. The baby was found sunburnt, and with maggots around the umbilical cord. Luckily the baby survived, but the whereabouts of her mother or father are still unknown, as Indiana has laws protecting parents' right to give up a baby anonymously. The baby will likely be given to child services where she will find parents looking to adopt. But in several years, the world might meet a new Moses miracle baby.

4 A Dead Body


Indiana is like Florida in that it has many of its own problems, like people finding strange things in their backyard. Just like the baby just mentioned, another Indiana woman made a grave discovery in her own backyard just this year, but the results weren’t as cute as a newborn baby. Instead, she found a dead body.

It was a normal Sunday morning when an Indiana woman went to her backyard after seeing a man lying unconscious in her yard. She soon discovered he was dead and called authorities. Police showed up quickly and pronounced the 22-year-old male dead at the scene. He was likely stabbed to death, but all other circumstances surrounding his murder are unknown, as the homicide is still under investigation. Not only is it haunting enough to find a dead body in your backyard, but for that body to be a murder victim with the perpetrator still unknown would make anyone want to quickly move out of their once safe home.

3 Cursed Money


Curses aren’t real, right? Especially for money right? So if you ever find random sums of money buried in your backyard, feel free to spend it, that is, if you aren’t too creeped out by the story of the cursed money of Illinois.

Wayne Sabaj, of McHenry County, was innocently picking broccoli one day when he made an incredible discovery of about $150,000 in cash. His neighbor quickly came forward as the owner, stating that she had gotten rid of the money in the first place because it was cursed. Regardless, it seemed both still wanted the money, and were on their way to a settlement to let them split the cash. However, before either could make it to court, they both passed away. Wayne was found dead in his home from complications due to diabetes, and his neighbor died of dementia-related problems. No one still knows where the money could have come from, but where it should go now is to be determined in court. But after what happened to the two who almost claimed the fortune, it’s a wonder anyone is still interested in the money at all.

2 An Alien Fetus


The above image is a mystery creature that one California woman found in her backyard. She described her experiences on social media, and the haunting story quickly went viral. Through a post she made on Facebook, she explained that around 11:30 at night, she heard an alarming scream in her backyard. She went outside to investigate the scene and wound up finding the disturbing creature above, dead. Her Facebook friends shared the image with many speculating that the only thing it could possibly be was the fetus of an alien.

Since the incident, many have stepped forward with their opinion as to what the creature might be. But most have come to the conclusion that it is most likely the underdeveloped fetus of a deer, and the scream was probably from the mother, as epidurals aren’t normally given to woodland creatures for their birthing process.

1 A Graveyard


Finding headstones is pretty creepy, and finding human remains is even creepier. But what one New Orleans man found on his property tops the list of the ultimate creepy backyard discovery.

Vincent Marcello just wanted to build himself a nice swimming pool in his backyard. During the construction of the underground pool, he unearthed not one, but fifteen coffins! In the 1980s, there was a condo project that caused for the removal of many skeletons and graves in the area, and since, many residents of the luxury condos have had similar experiences of finding dead bodies. Nothing to the extent of Vincent’s find, however.

The coffins are from a cemetery dated back to the 1700s, and much of the records of who the graves belong to were destroyed in a fire. The graves were removed from his backyard and will be buried at a different location. Vincent plans to carry on the pool building process and has no worries about the continuation of the project. I’m sorry, but has he never seen Poltergeist? This story is way too similar to the classic horror film. Good luck with that pool, Vincent.


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