The 15 Creepiest Things A Spirit Has Ever Done

Oh spirits! Those mischievous scamps seem to get away with everything! And honestly, if you were a spirit you'd probably be doing insane stuff too because hello - you're dead! It's scientific fact that your levels of "give a f**k" drops significantly when you can walk through walls and scare the living s**t out of people just by showing up. The spirits that we see among us are probably stuck in some weird paranormal purgatory where the universe somehow screwed up their paperwork and they showed up with no passport to go to the beyond. Hanging out on earth waiting to move up a level is probably the ghostly equivalent of waiting in line at the DMV. So what's a spirit to do to fight boredom? Use the only thing they have going for them of course, and that's to be creepy as hell.

Whether it's floating their heads along a dark highway you happen to be driving on at 2 a.m. or giving you a menacing eyeless stare-down in the middle of the night, there's definitely not a lack of creepy-spirit experiences in the world because seeing us crap our pants and then getting mocked by our friends and family afterward, is probably the only happiness they get for being stuck here on earth, with no ability to order a cheeseburger and fries for themselves.

Here are 15 of the creepiest things a spirit has ever done because they probably figured, screw it. Why not?


15 Ghostly Jury Duties

Sometimes creepy spirits horning in on your life can do good things like getting you off jury duty! Take for example the ghostly spirit that visited a juror in Calgary who was in the middle of a murder trial. The ghostly spirit of the victim visited this female juror who claims she's medium who is very sensitive to spirits of those who have died and those who are about to be born. In a letter she wrote to the judge, she states that the victim visited her and made her feel what he experienced when he was getting murdered. The ghostly spirit also made it known to her who was responsible for the killing. The visit threw her into such a loop, mentally and physically, that she felt as if she couldn't continue on being an unbiased juror to the case. The judge agreed and she was dismissed from the case.

14 Steakhouse Spirit


Not having the ability to eat a good meal is one of the major downfalls of being one of the undead. Imagine the frustration of being able to walk (float) into any restaurant you want, sit wherever you want but not be able to eat whatever you want - because you literally don't have the stomach for it anymore. It's enough to drive a hungry ghost to the edge, which is what seems to have happened to a lady named Laurie, who has been dead for 40 years - but still allegedly haunts patrons at the Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse in Colton, California trying to score some grub. They've seen mysterious handprints on the walls that the staff try to wash off but it keeps reappearing in several locations. According to one employee, the strange handprint also began moving, flexing its fingers and started grabbing people's shoulders. Someone get poor Laurie a medium-rare steak post haste!

13 The Call For Help

When someone is dying, most people pay their respects and say goodbye for what they assume will be the very last time. But in the case of one Reddit user's grandmother, hanging out in spirit limbo was just too much to take so she did what any ghost would do.  Get a prepaid ghost card so she could call her daughter for help. Apparently, this Reddit user's mother got a call from an unknown number two weeks after their grandmother's death. Instead of letting it go to voicemail like most normal people do, she weirdly picked up the phone like a maniac and immediately regretted it. Grandma was on the other line saying that she was trapped and to please come get her because they wouldn't let her leave. Grandma also called more than once and begged for help over and over again before the phone line disconnected, thus proving our theory that being ghostly purgatory is exactly like being at the DMV.

12 The Ghost With No Chill


Personally, if I passed on and my spirit somehow got caught between the moon and New York City (ha! That's a song, kids!), I'd be spending a lot of my time taking advantage of my permanent invisibility cloak and hanging out in Chris Hemsworth's dressing room or doing that Ghost thing where I Whoopi Goldberg my spirit into Eva Mendez and see what that Ryan Gosling is REALLY about, but that's just me. Some spirits, like the one in the video above, full on rage like a person who hasn't had their caffeine fix. Who really knows what got up this spirit's holy colon when it started trashing this kitchen? Is it desperately trying to find the jar of Nutella? Is it mad that they didn't have any vegan options? Or was the kitchen decor so horribly offensive, it felt the need to redecorate? Spirits man, they're so picky sometimes!

11 This House Is Occupied

In Bakersfield, California, there are rumors going around that a realty building of all places has been extremely haunted for years. It was originally built as a house in 1919 and like most things built during that time, it's probably made of asbestos, bricks and ghosts, and this house is no exception. Okay, so we don't know about the asbestos part, but spirits have been witnessed so much in this house, it was named one of the must haunted places in America. People have claimed to see a man hammering at the wall while a woman walks near him looking angry. Those spirits don't seem to bother anyone, so we can only assume it's just a guy who's still trying to finish his "honey-do" list into the afterlife. Then there's the creepy spirit who warned a young couple who wanted to potentially buy the house. According to this couple, a man who was rumored to have been a previous owner of the house, staggered out at them as they were trying to look at the house. He told them to stay away and never come back. When the startled couple asked why, the spirit replied, "because I don't want her to get you." The couple looked into the house and a girl with black ringed eyes was smiling and beckoning them to come in. Moral of the story: buy a condo.

10 Unwanted Passenger


Don't you hate when you're driving along a deserted road some girl died on a long time ago, and she ends up in the backseat of your car shrieking at you? Ugh. So annoying.

Okay, so thankfully that's never happened to most of us but unfortunately, a woman named "Amy" can't say the same. According to Amy, she decided to drive down Browning Road after a road trip to her friend's house because she wanted to see some "new sights" and got more than she bargained for. She states that after she passed by a roadside memorial of flowers, she glanced at her rearview mirror and saw a spirit of a girl in the backseat who opened her mouth and screamed. (Backseat drivers are THE WORST.) Amy thought about pulling over but when she looked back out to the road, the girl that was sitting in the backseat was on the road and in front of her car. Amy swerved to miss her and backed out of Browning Road, opting for a busy freeway where the scariest thing on the side of the road are gas stations that sells sushi.

9 The Photobomber

If the inventor of the camera saw how his invention has somehow morphed into something that has people capturing panoramic shots of their pastrami sandwiches, he would have probably scrapped the idea and spend the rest of his days curling his mustache or buying new top hats (or whatever it is people did in the old timey days). He definitely would have scrapped the idea after seeing what this woman captured in her photo. What started out as a sweet picture of a mother and child, wound up being the scariest picture the woman ever took. Not because they didn't use a filter, but because an unexpected photobomber appeared behind them. The woman insists that there was no one else there except her, her daughter and the friend taking the picture. She was so upset she had experts come into her house, but they found nothing. It was later learned that the previous owners of their house were morticians.


8 Daryl Hannah's Grandmotherly Ghost


Celebrity Ghost Stories had a short amazing run on the BIO channel. It was a show where they would gather up celebrities and reenact their 'real life' ghost story experience. One such celebrity was Daryl Hannah, whose ghost story wasn't just about a creepy shadow they saw in another the room or an ominous bump in the night. Daryl Hannah basically had a ghost nanny for a while. (Stay with me here.) Unfortunately, that video above doesn't show the entire episode, but after doctors in the city misdiagnosed Daryl for being slow instead of just being introverted, her mother moved her out of the city to a secluded beachside home for the summer. Daryl went exploring and passed another house where she was greeted by an elderly woman. The elderly neighbor showed her around her garden and Daryl went to visit her every day, helping Daryl come out of her shell. Her mother got curious as to who she had made friends with, so Daryl took her mother to meet the elderly neighbor and when they got to where she lived, her house wasn't where it was. Daryl and her mother spent all day retracing her steps but they never did find the elderly lady's house again.

7 The Live-In Ghost

Ever wake up in the middle of the night, needing to go to the bathroom but decide to hold it until morning because you're convinced something's in the bathtub waiting to attack? No? Just me then? Okay. Well, laugh all you want but one Reddit user's story proves that my fears are not unfounded. He tells a story of how he saw a boy with no eyes sitting on the edge of his bed one night, trying to hand him a box. As he grabbed for it, the boy pulled it back towards him then disappeared. The fact that he wanted to grab the box and not a bat to hit the creepy off his bed like I would have done made the spirit comfortable enough to appear a few more times. Once to his girlfriend and the next to his daughter, who had nightly conversations with the boy. When he asked his daughter about it, her daughter said he was "nice but lost and looking for his mommy." Awww - that's kind of a bummer but still, get off my bed you eyeless freak.

6 Saved By A Spirit


The sucky part about being an aimless spirit, aside for not being able to shove burgers down your ghostly face, is no matter what you do, you're still creepy as hell. Take for example a Reddit user who was saved from a horrific car wreck by what he assumes was a spirit. After falling asleep at the wheel and slamming into a tree, he woke up at the ICU with broken bones in his skull, broken collar bone, collapsed lung, ruptured diaphragm and no recollection of what happened. Apparently, a neighbor were driving home late at night and noticed his car parked on the wrong side of the road but since it was dark and they were looking at the opposite side of the car, they didn't see any damage so they drove on but returned when they heard honking coming from his car. They later found out that the car was a total wreck and the horn was found not to be working. Was he saved by a spirit? Who knows? Is the spirit's efforts, albeit heroic, still qualify as creepy? Yes. Yes it does.

5 Hay There Spirit

Sometimes, being a workaholic can bite you in the ass or at the very least, creepily come up from behind you and scare you into being a mediocre worker for the rest of your life - which is what happened to a farmer one night after deciding to work into the wee hours of the night to get his job done. After baling some hay and finishing up his work, he noticed that around 2 a.m., one hay bale didn't come out properly from the baler. He raises the arm of the tractor to about 10 feet to cast light on the bale. As he starts to remove the bale, he suddenly can't see. Something was standing between him and the tractor ... waiting. He tried to tell himself that it was a cow or a deer who had wandered in front of the headlights but the only problem with that is the headlights of the tractor was 12 feet high. Eventually, whatever it was left and gave him his light back. He stood there until the sun came up before he left and vowed never to work overtime ever again.

4 Roadside Spirit


Nothing screams authenticity quite like a video from a security cam but we're going to give this video an A for effort and a O for "oh s**t, what was that?!" In this video, the security camera is pointed at some random road in the middle of the night. All of a sudden, the girl from The Ring makes an appearance in front of an unsuspecting motorcycle rider riding through. An appearance just quick enough for him to swerve and s**t his pants before she disappears. He foolishly stops, gets off his bike and seems to be more confused than scared, wondering if there really was a girl in front of him. The terrifying roadside spirit sees that she hasn't quite scared this guy enough since he's just standing there looking for her and decides to appear AGAIN. Second time was the charm and was all she needed to do to get him screeching home. Mission accomplished. On to the next poor unsuspecting motorist!

Creepy Spirit 1, Motorcycle guy 1 pair of ruined underpants.

3 The Interior Decorator

I wish this video came with a back story. First, why did the guy in the beginning run and why didn't he warn the poor woman in the other room that something creepy was about to go down? Second, why is this woman sitting around in a cafeteria after midnight? And third, who uses patio chairs like regular indoor chairs? No wonder this spirit went on an interior decorating frenzy. It's enough to drive anyone crazy, including this annoyed spirit who starts flinging chairs and pushing tables. The spirit is so disgusted by this interior decorating faux pas that it tries to shove them all out the door, oblivious to the poor woman who was still sitting on one of them. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any backstory on this video, where it was taken, if the spirit has redecorated other rooms or what. So just to be on the safe side, we're going to go ahead and keep our patio furniture outside where it belongs.

2 A Helping Hand


If you haven't already guessed, there's a cornucopia of stories about creepy spirits on the internet and most of the stories show that they seem to be up to no good, so it's kind of refreshing to hear one that adds a bit of heartwarming after you get the chills like the story of a group of six people who went hiking and decided to go through a cave. It was dark inside the cave, but a pretty straight forward path to the other side so they decided to all hold hands and go for it. One of the guys gets separated from the main group and realizes he's only holding one person's hand. As he gets closer to the opening, he sees all five of his friends waiting for him at the end of the tunnel and at that very moment, the hand he's holding slips out of his. Ahhhhhhh!! ...I mean...awwwww.

1 Room Crasher

Rock and roll never dies and whatever spirit was in this hotel room is rock and roll as hell. The video starts with someone calling security to check one of the rooms that's supposedly unoccupied. People on the floor reported screaming coming from it. The security cam shows security walking to the room and you can hear the screaming on the tape. After a lot of back and forth with the front desk, John the security dude, goes above and beyond his work description and decides to go in and check it out. He spends less than a minute inside before getting the heck out of there. He reports back and tells them he found all the furniture turned upside down, the carpet ripped out and the shower going on in full blast. Whoever did this wasn't in the room when the security walked in. or was it? Watch the video carefully after John goes into the room. The hotel trashing, rock and roll spirit seems to high tail it out of the room as soon as he goes inside and probably went out to score some hookers and blow to complete its rock and roll day.

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