The 15 Creepiest Paranormal Encounters Involving Children

Whether you're a believer or not, stories concerning the paranormal are captivating. They play on our primal fears of the unknown and force us to broaden our minds and consider "What If?" It seems we are predestined to fear even the possibility of spirits or ghosts. Why should we fear them? After all, they were just like us at one time. Perhaps, it's not the ghosts that frightens us, but more the fear of not knowing if and when the entity is there— and if it's watching.

Numerous people have paranormal stories to tell, and it would appear to be increasing these days. However, maybe it's because society as a whole is becoming more receptive to the idea versus a few years ago when shame outweighed fear and people would rather stay silent than risking being labelled as 'crazy'. Fast forward a few years and there are innumerable videos, television programs, and movies all cashing in on the paranormal fever that still burns. While the adult experiences are terrifying enough there is another demographic that seems to double with ghostly encounters. Children.

Visit any paranormal site or watch a shaky camera docushow, and you will find children at the epicenter of the most active hauntings. Some say children are just more open minded, that they haven't learned to 'not see' what we have. Others say it's nothing more than an overactive imagination. Could be, however, the following 15 strangest encounters with children and the paranormal might give you something to think about, at the very least. Hopefully not at night.

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15 On Thursday, Rent Is Due


Bryan T. had trouble sleeping most nights. He stayed up reading feeling not the least bit tired. He looked up to see his bedroom door slowly swing open and then— his five year old son walks in. Bryan says his son just stood there for a while, before finally saying he had had enough of the woman in his room. She apparently kept climbing into bed with him and stroking his head. Bryan assumed it was a dream, nevertheless, he asked his son the standard: "Who? There's no one here but us." Bryan says the look his son gave him was otherworldly, as if he was possessed. In the voice of an old woman the five year old boy said; "On Thursday rent is due," and passed out.

Despite months of doctor's visits, the episodes continued to repeat weekly. Four months later, Bryan had another sleepless night. He decides to check on his son. Getting to the door, Bryan says he saw what looked like a haggard old woman climb out of his son's bed and out the window. Bryan instantly pursued the figure only to find no trace of the woman. It was the last time he saw her, and his son never had another incident.

14 Just Beyond That Tree


There is a forest outside of Dublin, Ireland that is reported to be not only haunted but also where bizarre disappearances occur. It is said that the ghost of a little girl lures people into the deep woods by calling for help. Anyone concerned for her follows, trying to find her, getting closer and closer. The voice of the girl sounds like it's coming from 'just beyond that tree' when suddenly— the searcher falls to their death in a ravine.

Official reports list no deaths associated with the ghost girl, however, local legend and storytellers are adamant that she not only exists, but also know who she is. Her name is Claudia Henry, an American girl who had been traveling with her parents when two men approached them on the road through the forest. Supposedly, the men killed her father, raped her and her mother and then killed them as well. Now, Claudia is bent on revenge killing any Irishman who is just trying to do a good deed.

13 Cold Water, Warm Light


Cordy recalled from her childhood that her younger brother was terrified of water. Even for baths, he would put up a fight, screaming and crying the whole time. One night, Cordy asked why he was so afraid of the water. Cordy said she could remember word for word her brother's response; "I was in a big unsinkable ship, we hit the biggest iceberg and then it was really busy. Then I got cold and wet. Then I went to a warm, bright place and waited until my next family came." Cordy said her mother also heard it and ended bath time. Cordy's brother was born April 15th, 1992— the Titanic sunk on April 15th, 1912.

12 When Did He Get Here?


Tina, a mother of three, told the story of her children playing with a new friend. She had been sitting in her room when she heard her two youngest girls (aged 6 and 9) giggling up a storm. Tina decided to go see, it was after 10pm and they should have been in bed. However, before Tina can even get out of bed her daughters come running into her room.

"Where did he go?" one of them asked

Tina said who? and the girls gave her accusing looks. They stated that he came running into her room, they saw him! The young boy who was playing with them. It took Tina nearly fifteen minutes to convince the girls that no boy had ran into her room. Finally, the girls left and went to sleep.

A month later and at a new apartment, Tina and her children are unpacking and getting settled in. Tina's youngest, a son age 5, is walking around taking pictures of her and his sisters. Later when they are scrolling through the pictures he took, they notice something odd. In a picture of Tina and her daughters in the living room, there is a young boy no older than 10, with dark hair and pioneer style clothing standing in the corner. Tina is shocked, then one of her daughters says, "Mom? When did he get here?"

11 Down By The River


Stephen's five year-old son had a chilling encounter one evening. Stephen says that he and Joseph were in the living room watching television when the phone rang. Joe jumped up and answered it, and Stephen says that was unusual in itself. Joseph was silent as if listening intently. Stephen kept asking who was on the phone, but Joseph would not reply. Finally, after about five minutes, Joe hangs up the phone and returns to the couch. Stephen looks at him and asks if he's going to tell him who had been on the phone. Joseph said he didn't know who it had been. This makes Stephen edgy, he asks why Joe would talk to a stranger for so long and not tell him? Joe said he had to listen, he was getting directions. Stephen sat up at that and forced his son to look at him.

"Joseph! Who was on the phone? You need to tell me."

"It was grandpa! I wasn't supposed to say, but, we are supposed to meet him by the river tomorrow. He's excited to see us!"

Stephen and Joseph had a fishing trip planned for the following morning. However, the grandfather had been dead for seven years. Joseph had never known him.

10 The Green Children Of Woolpit


In 12th century Suffolk, England outside the village of Woolpit, villagers found two young children in a nearby forest. The children appeared unharmed. They seemed to be more scared than anything, and so were the villagers who found them— the children had green skin. They were taken back to the village for safety and to try and find where they came from. The children, besides being green, also spoke in a language no one had ever heard. For weeks, they refused to eat until they happened to find raw beans they consumed with vigor. For a while, all they would eat were the beans, but, with time they began eating other foods and eventually started losing the green hue to their skin. One day, the boy became ill and died not long after.

The girl went on to live a long life, and learned enough English to tell her story. She said that she and her brother came from a subterranean world called Saint Martins Land where "the sun never shone and their brightest day was twilight." There, everyone was green in color, and ate food much different than here. The pair had followed some cattle into a cave. She couldn't recall what happened, or how they ended up near the village. They had been following the sound of cow bells into the darkness and got lost.

The girl grew into a woman and got married not far from Woolpit. She died of natural causes in her seventies.

9 Heidi And Mr. Gordy


When Heidi was three years old, her family moved to a country home in Georgia. Heidi was not happy due to the lack of children to play with. Then one day she met Mr. Gordy. An old man in a black suit that would appear out of nowhere. Lisa, Heidi's mom, was worried when Heidi first told her, after some time, though, she became frightened for another reason. She discovered that Mr. James Gordy had been a local landowner, he had also been dead twenty years. Certain that her daughter had seen his name somewhere, Lisa and a friend who knew James Gordy, showed Heidi some photographs. They showed her one of him and Heidi excitedly pointed— "That's him, Mr. Gordy!" So It was. Wearing a black suit, laying in his casket. Heidi continued to see Mr. Gordy until she was eight years old.

8 Shirley Saves


Brenda S. tells a story from childhood about her sister, Shirley, who had Down syndrome. Complications arose as she developed holes in her heart and artery walls. At the age of two, Shirley died. Two years later, Brenda's new brother, Gerald, was born.

Another two years pass and Brenda's mom is cleaning the attic while her father was working in the basement. Brenda says her mom heard clearly, as if in the same room, "Dadda! Dadda! Momma! Momma!" Her mother ran to her husband saying she had heard Shirley call for help. Oddly enough, the father had heard the same call, at the same time, and thought the exact same thing; Shirley was calling. He started running up the stairs. Brenda said her mother and father almost collided as she watched, confused, from the kitchen as she claims she never heard anything. Her parents found themselves face to face in the front room where Gerald had been napping. They looked over to see that the child had gotten wrapped up in a plastic bag and was suffocating.

Brenda says they had barely made it in time for Gerald had turned blue. Her parents still have a hard time telling the story without tearing up. They know the truth— Shirley had saved her brother's life.

7 Shadow Whisperer


Shadow People are a popular phenomenon hosting an array of theories, from multidimensional travelers to demons, albeit, only one thing is clear; nobody knows for sure who or what Shadow People are. However, Gabby T. claims not only does she know, but, she communicates with them and has since she was five years old. Claiming to have had dozens of conversations with Shadow People, she goes on to say that they are beings from another time. They are here on our plane to correct a mistake. What's the mistake? We are.

Our species evidently depletes every natural resource to the point of slow extinction. They are working on a solution besides the obvious. Currently, according to Gabby, they are planning on rounding us up and moving the population to another universe. When Shadow People visit a person, it means that individual has something exceptional to offer when the time comes, they are being scouted in a way. They also told her that she would be among those to lead the ones they deem "worthy" and she was the most valuable. Heavy for a five year-old.

Gabby did and still does take it earnestly. She warns anyone who will take heed. She's adamant that they approach children since their minds are more open and easier to "train." There is no other reported case of anyone who communicates with the so-called Shadow People. What do they train the children for? Well, you can keep up with Gabby on her soon-to-be WordPress blog.

6 The Black Eyed Children


While Shadow People use the darkness for cover, Black Eyed Kids or BEKs, are upfront. Roger from Huston says he was on his way home after a four-day run driving his tractor-trailer across the country. It was well after 2:00am, no matter, Roger preferred to drive at night; less traffic, cooler, and the silence beyond his engine was awesome.

Like most in his profession, he drank too much soda and had to pull over at a rest area. The rest area was pitch black, save a light on the building. Roger didn't seem to notice anything until they stood right in front of him. He says it was three children.

No more than eight or nine years old. Dressed in 19th century clothing and blocking his path to the restroom. Roger tried to say excuse me, tried to walk around them, and even tried a commanding tone. Then it dawned on him; it's after two in the morning, where are their parents? Roger says a feeling of dread so powerful came over him that he would have run all the way home if he could have moved. The children began asking him for a ride. They were lost. They needed a ride to exactly where Roger was going. Thankfully for Roger, he had enough wit about him to say no and run for his truck and took off.

"Whatever they were, they weren't kids and they weren't lost." Roger recalls, "I don't think they were human."

5 Mind Games


Johnathan always knew he was different. He could remember odd events back to his childhood, and while he couldn't provide evidence at the time, he recalls making a bully in school levitate out behind the gym. A few even witnessed it, he claimed.

John believes that when he was six years old, something happened that changed him. He was taken. Not by aliens, but by demons. They came one night and dragged him away. He screamed so loud and then— nothing. His mother recounts, "We wouldn't be able to find him until morning. Usually in the backyard."

They would come every other night, and take him to (where else?) hell. The demons trained him in mental powers and showed him horrific images of his parents and sister being tortured or other atrocities. However, due to the demons making him consciously forget, he had no control over the powers. Levitating the bully above the ground had been more of a primal response. "What the demons want? Raw emotion," Johnathan said. "Demons prefer children for their elastic minds."

John was first taken at age three and was taken until his seventeenth birthday.

4 The Creeper


Fourteen year-old Samantha lived in Oakvale, a small suburb outside of the capital, and she and her friends would walk all hours of the day to and from the coffee shop they hung out at. One night, time had gotten away from the girls and they were late. To save time they each went home the fastest way possible. Leaving Samantha all alone on her walk. She was two blocks away from her house when the shape stepped out from the tree line running along the street. Sam froze in her tracks and waited to see what it would do. After a few moments, the shape side-steps back into the trees and crosses the street. Samantha runs the rest of the way home.

Getting to her bedroom she feels safe, unfortunately, it doesn't last long. Samantha looks out the window to see the shape standing in her yard and starting up at her window. She ducks to the side, thinking it hadn't seen her. Sam says it stood there for thirty minutes before leaving. The event repeated for years, every few months what she had named 'The Creeper' would appear suddenly, let her go, and then stare at her window. She tried telling her parents, boyfriend, even the school counselor, but nobody believed her. One night she comes home and looking out the window, she sees the shape standing not on the lawn, but standing right in front of her window. However, she says it had not been a creeper after all.

Samantha said it was her grandfather who had been dead for two years.

3 The Water Was Red Now


Stephanie and her four year-old son, Tommy, had been home one balmy Virginia day. Tommy had been playing in his room while she did household chores. It had been a quiet day, though that silence was quickly broken by a loud scream from Tommy. Sprinting down the hall, Stephanie bursts into Tommy's room and expected something horrible had happened.

Tommy was sitting in the corner with tears streaming down his face. She tried to calm him, inquiring what the matter was, all the same, Tommy was inconsolable. After five minutes, Tommy was calm enough to speak. Stephanie asked what had happened and Tommy replied, "Those two kids are scary. They say it's cold in the water and the water was all red now. But, their mommy and daddy are very scary."— the last part, he could barely whisper.

"Why, Tommy? Why are they scary?" Stephanie said, assuming an active imagination. Tommy had been hysterical so she continued hoping to calm him; "Where are they now, Tommy? I don't see anyone."

"It doesn't matter. They see you." he said.

Tommy continued playing with his new friends until a year later. He said they left to go home. Stephanie says he still talks to spirits wherever they go. They now reside in Bangor, Maine.

2 Rites Of The Child


There is a little known town in Oregon called Dufur. Resident Clyde B. says that something sinister occurred there in 1998. A child, Donald F., was almost murdered by his own parents. When Donald was seven years old, he had heard loud singing coming from downstairs. When he went to investigate, he was shocked by what he saw.

His parents and several others he had not known were in a circle and, not singing, but chanting something he couldn't understand. However, that was not what had him frozen in place. In the middle of the circle, Donald had told Clyde, there was a black mass, shaped almost human yet different, and it was staring right at him. Then, one of the adults grabbed him and he blacked out. The next morning, he awoke in a field on the outside of town. His parents were gone, the house was vacant, and nobody in town knew who he was. He had become the town's only homeless person. Up until he met Clyde. Who says not a day after Donald told him the story, he vanished.  All they found was his coat and shoes.

1 The Amityville Ghost Child


The home of the Defeos in Amityville, Rhode Island is among the most famous paranormal locations. In the seventies, Robbie Defeo, the Defeos' eldest son, went from room to room killing his family with a rifle. A little while after, George and Kathy Lutz bought the house where strange occurrences started taking place. Strange to the point where George almost repeated Robbie's actions. George and Kathy capture the nation's attention and the attention of some of the most known paranormal investigators ever, Ed and Lorraine Warren.

They conduct an investigation in the home looking for evidence of paranormal activity. They find none. Until they develop the film. A single photo from their infrared camera caught this image.

Peering around the doorframe is what appears to be a child looking out at the camera. There was no one living in the home at the time and the investigators hadn't brought any children with them.

Though it was later revealed as a fake, this is one of the most famous paranormal encounters involving children. Leaving this case out of this list was not an option.

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