The 15 Craziest Things That Has Happened On 4Chan

The motto of 4chan is "a magical place." And that phrase fits the site perfectly. Some seriously crazy stuff happens on this website. It has a pretty bad rap with the rest of the world, and for good reason. This site has been linked with countless controversies. Hillary Clinton herself recently attacked one of 4chan's boards, saying it's a haven for the "alt-right," and promotes hate-speech. She's not wrong, there are parts of 4chan that can be pretty nasty. Get on their wrong side, and you might just open the door to find out 100 pizzas have just been delivered to your house. And they're capable of much worse than that.

Some of 4chan's feats, however, can only be described as hilarious. In these moments, the site's many users seem more like a bunch of good-natured pranksters as opposed to a hate group. Then there are the things that have happened on the site that are just weird. We're talking about spooky, inexplicable, and downright disturbing things that have happened on 4chan. If you yourself visit 4chan regularly, or have never heard about it before, after reading this you may feel the need to take a closer look. On the other hand, it may make you make every effort to steer clear of it in the future...


15 Hacking Votes

One of the things 4chan is best known for is hacking online polls so that they choose who or what wins. For example, Time Magazine had an online poll of who would be Man of the Year. 4chan hacked the poll so that the winner was the dictator of North Korea, King Jong Un, by a landslide victory. Another example was Justin Bieber's online poll asking his fans where he should do his next concert. 4chan caught wind of this and hacked it so that the place that won was North Korea. Needless to say, the singer did not go to North Korea. Similarly, the singer Pitbull had an online poll that asked the same question, and 4chan fixed it so that Alaska won. He didn't go there either. They also managed to rig the online poll for Time magazine's "Most Influential Man," making 4chan's creator, moot (AKA Christopher Poole), the winner. Mountain Dew once had an online contest to see what their new flavor would be called. The flavor with the most votes would win. 4chan made it so that "Hitler did nothing wrong" was the winner, followed closely by other bizarre phrases. They also found out about an online poll asking people what was their favorite book. They made sure that the winner was Mein Kampf.

14 Calling In Airstrikes

One of the craziest things 4chan has ever done by far was the time they called in air strikes in Syria. They found a YouTube video of ISIS militants, which happened to make the mistake of giving away their approximate location within Syria. Then countless 4chan users worked tirelessly to watch the video again and again, looking for landmarks in the video that might reveal the militants exact location within Syria. The breakthrough happened when they figured out that an electrical tower seen in the background of the video was the exact same as one in an area that they had located using google maps. Then other features in the video were matched to this area, and the coordinates were locked. These coordinates were then texted to a Russian representative with ties to the military, who in turn gave them to a Russian general. The Russians then bombed the location, and a video of the bombing was posted on YouTube.

13 Pepe

Pepe the frog is the symbol of 4chan. He's a green frog with a human face, and if you've been on the internet longer than a day, you've seen him. He's been used in countless memes, and has developed a cult following of his own on the web. CNN once referred to drawings of Pepes as "Nazi Frogs." Maybe that's because as of late, he's been associated with the "Alt-Right" that Hillary Clinton and her followers despise so much. Donald Trump once retweeted a picture of Pepe that was posted on a YouTube video about him. But by far the craziest thing that involved Pepe the frog was during a speech by Hillary Clinton. She was talking about the "Alt-Right" movement, and as soon as she said the words "Alt-Right," a guy in the crowd yelled out "Pepe!" Little did she know, a 4chan user had infiltrated the speech and wanted to yell something that other 4chan users would recognize. It was a massive inside joke that only people who visit 4chan caught onto.

12 Causing And Watching Suicides

On a darker note, 4chan has long been associated with suicide attempts. These attempts have been both successful and unsuccessful. There are countless examples of this, but a couple really stand out. One of the most famous was a suicide attempt by a 4chan user called Dakota Moore, a 21-year-old student at Guelph University in Canada. His suicide was fairly unique because he actually livestreamed his own suicide, and invited members of 4chan to watch his death. He first swallowed several pills and set fire to his room. Then he crawled under his bed to die. But firefighters came in and the 200 people who were watching the stream witnessed the firefighters pulling him to safety, not his death. He later survived.

The other notable suicide connected to 4chan was the death of two brothers, Miguel and Daniel. The news reported on a car chase involving these two "bandit brothers" in Texas, with the cops chasing after them for miles. It was on live TV, but what the news folks didn't tell you was that one 4chan user noticed and tuned in to his police scanner. He listened as the cops negotiated with Miguel and Daniel repeatedly. Miguel and Daniel were armed, and were in radio contact with the police. The brothers demanded the police patch a call through to their mother, and they gave the cops the number so they could patch a call through. Little did they know that this 4chan user heard the telephone number of mother being mentioned. He and hundreds of other 4chan users called the number again and again, meaning when the police tried to call the brother's mother, the line was busy every single time. The boys, who just wanted to talk to their mom, were infuriated when the cops told them they couldn't get them in touch with their mom. One brother emerged from the car and was shot down, the other committed suicide inside the car.

11 Battletoads

You're probably all familiar with the show Pawn Stars. Like a lot of you out there, people on 4chan watched the show. They were delighted when they found the phone number for the actual pawn shop that featured on television. This was because they could prank call them- again, and again, and again. Eventually a trend emerged. They would call the store and usually Rick, one of the main stars from the show would pick up. They would then ask if he has "Battletoads," a very old video game. The first time someone asked him if he had Battletoads, he thought nothing of it. The second time, he was a little perplexed. By the 20th time someone asked him for Battletoads, he was absolutely furious. And after hundreds of these prank calls, even the slightest mention of a word that even sounded like Battletoads would send him flying into a frothing rage.

10 Inventing The Rickroll


4chan has invented many things, but perhaps one its finest contributions to society is the "Rickroll." If you've ever been Rickrolled, you know what I'm talking about. If not, click on the above video for an example before you read any further. Basically 4chan users create a link with a misleading title, such as "naked girls drinking beer," and then when you click on the link, you instead are treated to the 1987 music video for Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up." It's so hilarious that it has survived many years and people are still getting rickrolled to this day. If you're feeling mischievous, try this prank on your friends. It's innocent fun and guaranteed lols.

9 Tricking People Into Destroying Their iPhones

4chan can be downright cruel sometimes. But only if you're on the receiving end of their pranks. If you're on the outside looking in, it can be pretty damn hilarious. One of the finest examples of this was 4chan's iPhone pranks. They basically tricked people into bending their iPhones, submerging them in water, and even microwaving them. I know what you're thinking- how can people be this stupid? Well, 4chan's method was pretty genius. They created fake Apple advertisements telling people of the iPhone's "hidden features." One told people that you could bend your screen any way you wanted for optimized screen angle. Another falsely told people that it was OK to put your iPhone in water. But the funniest by far was the fake advertisement that told of a new feature called "Wave," where iPhone users could charge their iPhones by putting them in the microwave.


8 Habbo Hotel Raid

One of the funniest things to ever happen on 4chan was the Habbo Hotel raid. For those of you who don't know, Habbo Hotel is an online game where you can walk around a hotel and meet other people doing the same thing. You get to choose what your person looks like, and you can say pretty much whatever you want to other people. 4chan, for whatever reason, decided to raid the site. They did this by joining the game in the thousands, with all of them making their player characters look like black men with afros. Then they all went into one area of the hotel together, and generally caused a nuisance. One hilarious moment was when they formed a huge wall around the pool, and informed other players that the "pool's closed."

7 Gamergate

One of 4chan's pranks got so nasty, that the site's owner, moot, decided to quit and sell the website. This moment became infamous in the site's history and was known as "gamergate." It started with a female game developer named Zoe Quinn. Zoe Quinn allegedly was having affairs with numerous men within the gaming industry so that they would give her video games good reviews. These facts came to light when her ex-boyfriend went online and posted about her cheating on him with men in the video game industry. It got pretty nasty, with info coming out about how journalists who were reviewing games were also donating money to the people who made those games. Zoe Quinn later released a screenshot of a chat room conversation that seemed to suggest that gamergate was a massive conspiracy started by 4chan to destroy women in the gaming industry. Death threats were made by 4chan users, and eventually all discussion of gamergate on 4chan was banned. This led to moot leaving the site forever.

6 Causing Apple's Stock To Fall By 10%

4chan is often dismissed as a place for basement-dwelling losers, but when a site like this is capable of making the most valuable company in the world lose 10% of its value, you kind of have to take them seriously. How did they manage this? Apparently it all started with one of these basement-dwelling losers who was bored and thought he would convince everyone that Steve Jobs was dead. Somehow, it actually worked. This 18-year-old kid started a rumor on 4chan that Steve Jobs had suffered a massive heart attack and had passed away. Everyone panicked, as there was no way to confirm or deny the rumor. And when people panic, they sell their stocks. This caused Apple's stock to drop by 10%, resulting in an estimated 5 billion loss. Authorities later conducted an investigation to see whether the rumor was a deliberate attempt to sabotage the company, but they found out that it was only a bored 18-year-old 4chan user.

5 Swatting

Swatting is a particularly malicious way that 4chan attacks its enemies. It involves calling the police and telling them that they heard gunshots at someone's house. The police then calls in the SWAT team, and that person gets their door kicked in and finds themselves with about 12 guns pointed at their face. This is why you should never give out your address online. Many people have been "swatted" over the years. One of the most notable was when a gamer was livestreaming a Counterstrike match and someone sent a SWAT team to the building he was in. Lil Wayne was once swatted in his home. This is an incredibly serious offense and one person received 13 years in prison for doing it.

4 They Saved A Cat's Life

Sometimes, 4chan proves to the world that it's not so evil after all. Moments like these are rare, but none was more heartwarming than the story of Dusty The Cat. A man named Kenny Glenn uploaded two videos to YouTube showing him abusing his cat. 4chan saw these and vowed to get revenge for the cat. Working hard, a number of online communities came together and tried to find out this guy's identity. After many hours, they were successful, and passed his info on to the local police department. This guy was arrested, and the cat was treated by a veterinarian and taken to a better place to live. 4chan, at least for a day, was seen as the good guy.

3 Attack On AT&T

At one point in time, all people who had AT&T as their internet provider were unable to access 4chan. This was because AT&T had banned their internet customers from accessing the site. That act proved to be a huge mistake, as they had just gotten on the bad side of an online community that is capable of some seriously messed up stuff. 4chan's response was hilarious. They created a number of fake news stories that the CEO of AT&T, Randall Stephenson, was dead. They uploaded the story to CNN's iReport feature, and a number of other self-reporting news features, and for a while there they actually had people convinced. The report said a friend of Randall Stephenson had called 9-11 after a wild night partying with him. The fake report said that when paramedics arrived and found him dead, "Male dancers were everywhere, and the best blow west of the Mississippi." And that his death was a "suspected side effect of massive cocaine use." AT&T later restored access to 4chan for its customers.

2 Creating Stupid Trends That People Actually Follow

One of the things 4chan is best known for is started incredibly stupid trends that people actually follow. If people believe that thousands of other people are doing something, they can be easily convinced to that thing, no matter how ridiculous or stupid it is. When Jennifer Lawrence's nudes got leaked, 4chan was able to convince thousands of women to share nudes of themselves as well, to "show support for Jennifer Lawrence. They used the hashtag "#Leakforjlaw," and it fooled many girls everywhere. There was also their attack on young Justin Bieber fans, when they fooled thousands of girls to cut themselves to show their support for Bieber. They used the hashtag "#CuttingForBieber." If you think that was cruel, wait until you hear about what they did to people who owned Xbox Ones. 4chan released detailed instructions on how to "hack" your Xbox One so that it would become backwards compatible with your Xbox 360 games. Of course, if you followed the instructions, you would be left with a broken Xbox One.

1 Tricking People Into Creating Chlorine Gas

This is probably one of the craziest things 4chan has ever done. It started with someone posting pretty pictures of multicolored crystals, with directions on how to "grow your own crystals." The directions involve mixing together pennies, ammonia, salt, baking soda, bleach, and ammonia. What the directions don't tell you is that this isn't how you make crystals. This is how you make chlorine gas. Thousands of people around the world tried to make crystals only to find a cloud of chlorine gas erupting in their faces. While chlorine gas can't kill you unless you're exposed to it for long periods of time, it can seriously irritate your eyes and skin. Let this be a lesson to you - never believe anything you read on the internet!

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