The 15 Biggest Creeps In Hollywood

In a lot of anti-social justice warrior rhetoric, you hear (mostly) guys complaining that girls these days are too sensitive, that they'll exaggerate a man's benign compliment into a sexual harassment lawsuit if they aren't interested. I would just like to say that this article operates from the perspective that a casual flirtation doesn't a creep make. In other words, you won't hear me say: "Brad Pitt hit on an adult woman in a supermarket. What a creep!"

I don't want to contribute to a culture where mere flirtation can get a person labelled an antisocial maniac. I think we should be hitting on each other more, unafraid to strike up pleasant conversation in a public bus or at the airport. We're all so uptight, and I think a lot of it has to do with the possibility of being called "a creep".

That all said, the following fifteen men are indeed creeps. Their actions were either illegal, illicit, or unsavoury to the point that "it was just for fun!" no longer applies. Although I don't think we're all born with the right to never be uncomfortable, I do think that at a certain point discomfort and distress become one and the same.

With that out of the way, let's jump right in to the 15 biggest creeps in Tinseltown.

15 Dr. Luke


14 John Travolta

13 Bill Cosby


12 Joe Simpson


11 R. Kelly

10 Terry Richardson


9 Jian Ghomeshi


8 Stephen Collins

7 Woody Allen

6 Roman Polanski

5 Mark Salling

4 James Franco

3 Dov Charney


2 Jared Fogle


1 Josh Duggar


Josh Duggar and his wife Anna are fundamentalist Christians. In 2009, they welcomed the first of their four kids. Around that same time, Josh began his career as a high-profile right-wing Christian lobbyist in D.C., which a Duggar family source said “He sold… so well.” But behind this religious exterior hid an adulterous horn-dog. First of all, he was "addicted" to adult entertainment. He spent much of free time devouring the stuff. He was also a huge contributor to AshleyMadison, having spent over a thousand dollars patronizing the affair-orchestrating website. Although we don't find his actions particularly despicable, his dishonesty definitely is.


Sources: RollingStone, Spin, HollywoodLife, Buzzfeed

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The 15 Biggest Creeps In Hollywood