The 13 Worst Parents Of 2016...So Far

It seems like every year parenting just gets a little bit worse, and so far 2016 has been no exception. Of course, it isn't easy to be a parent; none of us said that it was, but some moms and dads are really just taking this whole bad parent thing just a tiny bit too far.

All of you who are parents probably feel like you could be doing a better job. Maybe you just got a nasty divorce, maybe you don't think you spend enough time with your kid, or maybe you just use the TV as a babysitter. If this is you, if you think you could be a better parent, then just read this list. If you do then I guarantee that soon you will feel totally better about yourself. I promise. Trust me on this.

Why are you going to feel better about yourself? Because the people on this list are just plain awful, that's why. They not only don't deserve to be parents, they don't even deserve to do the deed, let alone become parents. The whole raising kids thing is kind of an important job, but apparently none of the parents on this list got that memo. Or if they did, they were too self-involved, ridiculous or just plain dumb to read it. Here are the 13 Worst Parents of 2013. So far, anyway. Let's just remember we still have a long way to go...

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13 Mom Can't Figure Out What Is Wrong With Girl's Nose

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Sometimes parents aren't bad necessarily, sometimes they are just plain old dumb. Katelyn Powell's daughter's nose had been running constantly for 6 months and had even started to smell, and her mom simply could not figure out what was going on. Well, it turned out that the little girl had jammed a safety pin up there, where it remained for 6 entire months. Gross.

12 Dad Attacks Cop For Ticketing His Son

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Sometimes you can even be a bad dad when your son is all grown up. Don't believe me? Well, check out Daryl Headrick. He and his 23-year-old son were out for a ride on their motorcycles when his son was pulled over by a cop for a driving infraction. When the cop was writing his son a ticket, Daryl came up behind the cop and hit him on the head. Both of them then beat the officer before taking off on their bikes. The two dummies were arrested shortly after.

11 Dad Says Racism Of Daughter Is Just "Teen Drama"

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Would you be concerned if your daughter screamed racial slurs at another girl while smashing her car with a pole attached to a confederate flag? Well when 18-year-old Hayleigh Blevins did just that, her stepfather was not too concerned and just blew it off as typical girl drama. Which I suppose is true, if your typical girl is a member of the KKK. Hayleigh was arrested for the incident.

10 Mom Steals From Youth Club

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Sometimes parents aren't mean parents or do things that are bad to their kids, they just are thieves and common criminals. One of these people is Laura Zellerbach, a soccer mom who stole a ton of money from a youth sports league.  She took in the neighborhood of $175,000 over a three year period!  Not a good idea, Laura, not at all. Here's hoping that you look good in orange.

9 Kid Eats Candy Laced With Parent's Marijuana

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Nothing like having a party, especially if you have some really awesome candy that is laced with marijuana; what a good time, right? Yeah! So much fun. The only thing is, you probably should not let a kid eat it. Which is exactly what happened when a couple of derps in Wisconsin had a party, and their 3-year-old ate marijuana-laced candy. The kid had to be rushed to the hospital, and the parents wound up on this list.

8 Mom Drives With Daughter On Roof Of Car

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Next on this list is a 33-year-old mom from Ohio who thought that it was a totally good idea to drive around at speeds of around 20 miles an hour with her 15-year-old daughter on the top of the car. Guess what? It was not a good idea, not at all. Her daughter fell off and was injured rather badly, while the mom was arrested for endangering children and reckless operation. What a dummy.

7 Man Leaves Baby In The Car While He Goes To Strip Club

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Yay strip clubs! Aren't they the best thing ever? Well they are to Auwin Dargin, a 24-year-old father from California. He likes them so much that he went there with his 9-month-old baby girl, and left her in the car while he went in for a couple of lap dances. I might not be the smartest guy in the world  although I am close), but I can tell you right now that this is not a good idea. The cops didn't think so either and charged him with child abuse.

6 Mom Leaves Kid In Car While She Goes To A Job Interview

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A mother in Florida left her kid in the car for an hour so she could go into a job interview. We get it, times are tough, and she even left the fan on, but hey there are just some things that you just simply can't do. Or anyway, I guess you can do them, but if you do, you not only wind up on lists like these, but you also get arrested. Which is exactly what happened in this situation.

5 Kids Get Trampled At Easter Egg Hunt

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There is nothing like a good old fashioned Easter egg hunt, as long as all the children escape without major injury. A bunch of parents rushed a field in Connecticut at an annual Easter egg hunt at the Pez Visitors Center, knocked a bunch of kids down and according to witnesses even left a few of them bruised and bloody. What a bunch of great parents, huh? They should all be super-duper proud of themselves.

4 Three-Year-Old Says "I Need A Beer" To Investigators

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Investigators got a bit more than they bargained for when they responded to a complaint in Texas. A three-year-old was hanging out barefoot and filthy in a nasty and unsafe apartment. This obviously stressed her out as she told the investigators "I need a beer." The mother, who is a 42-year-old named Sandra Bennett was charged with abandoning and endangering her child. What a loser.

3 Man Uses Son As Human Shield

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So yeah, this is really lame, and this guy is a really bad parent. Travis Connolly, a man from Florida (what is it with people from Florida, anyway?) used his young son as a human shield during a stand off with the police. He was charged with a variety of crimes, and also has the satisfaction of knowing that everyone now knows what a total loser he is. Really dude? Come on. What were you thinking?

2 Mom Leaves Daughter In Burning Building

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Another absolutely horrible parent on this list is 32-year-old Erica Rosello, a mother from Miami. When her condo caught on fire, Erica bailed, which makes perfect sense except she left her 5-year-old daughter inside. Firefighters showed up and managed to rescue the girl, but by that time Erica had left the scene. Really? Can people be this lame?  Erica, your spot on this list is well deserved.

1 Gorilla Mom

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You had to know this one was coming right? Unless you have been living under a rock you know about the mom whose kid fell into an enclosure with a gorilla, which caused the gorilla to be shot. Some people feel like it was an accident that could have happened to anyone, while others think that the mom is the worst mother of all time. No matter what you think, she had to be on this list for obvious reasons. Now go fight it out amongst yourselves.

Sources: fox13newshuffingtonpost

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