The 11 Most Violent And Disturbing Rap Songs

Rap is the only genre of music where almost every album release has a parental advisory sticker. When rappers sit down to write lyrics, they don't really care for penning loving and warm sentiments. They usually talk about the tough inner-city street life, the gangsta life and how many loose groupies they get to enjoy. But there are some rappers who take things way, way overboard and write down some of the sickest and most twisted lyrics you've ever heard in your sheltered life. From more contemporary rappers like Tyler the Creator of Odd Future to old school groups like the Geto Boys, here is a list of 11 of the most violent rap songs ever recorded on wax. Caution, this list contains content that readers may find offensive.

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11 DMX : "Bring Ya Whole Crew"

Via: www.dmxtour.com

This was the second song on the sophomore album titled Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of my Blood by the Yonkers rapper DMX. He was feeling very violent on this one and his aggression spilled all over the record. In one part of the song, he talks about having “blood on his d***, because he f***ed a corpse.” Elsewhere he says “I’m bout to find out how much guts you got before I spill ‘em.” Seems like someone was having a very bad day.

10  Big L – "All Black"

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One of the most talented rappers from NYC in the mid 90’s was the Harlem native Big L. He started off in a group called Children of the Corn which also featured Cam’ron and Mase. One of the songs on his debut album was called “All Black.” On this track he spits raw lyrics like, “I roll with scary crews, I come out of wars barely bruised/I'm puttin mother f*****s on the Daily News” and elsewhere he talks about how his own Dad robbed him: "My old man in the past, stuck me without a mask/ Then his a** cold dashed with my cash fast." Wow, you certainly don't want to walk a day in this guy's shoes.

9  Tyler the Creator – “Yonkers”

Via: theunicornjade.deviantart.com

One of the most raucous Hip-Hop crews to recently emerge on the scene is the West Coast collective known as Odd Future. The crew is led by Tyler the Creator, and one of the reasons for their initial success was his breakthrough song “Yonkers.” The song had an artistic and twisted video and it included lyrics like: “I’ll crash that f***ing airplane that B.O.B. is in / and stab Bruno Mars in his goddamn esophagus.” If it’s shock value you want, this song has tons of it.

8  Cage – “Ballad of Worms”

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Sometimes rappers are able to tap into the sickest thoughts that human beings could ever think of. And that’s what Cage did with the track “Ballad of Worms.” In the song, he talks about caring for his dying girlfriend and he gets really graphic and raw. Some of the lyrics include, “Can’t stop what’s hurting her / No sleep with her screaming all night, I’m thinking of murking her / Her parents paid for the coffin and left state / After signing the contact, do not resuscitate.” It gets even sicker than that – check this song out for yourselves.

7  Geto Boys – “Chuckie”

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One of the pioneers of the gangsta rap scene in 1991 was the group Geto Boys consisting of Scarface, Willie D and Bushwick Bill. They were known for their unfiltered and twisted lyrics. One of those songs was called “Chuckie” and the lyrics are quite disgusting. One of the opening lines rapped by Bushwick Bill was: “That’s why I murdered your nieces / wasn’t my fault they found their heads cut in 88 pieces.” Wow , that’s some very heavy and dark material.

6  Kool G. Rap – “Executioner Style”

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One of the NYC rap godfathers of the Golden Era of Hip-Hop is Queens rapper Kool G. Rap. He has influenced some of the best rappers to come after him – including Jay-Z and Nas. He’s known for his slick, quick-paced gangsta raps and he delivered his signature couplets over the menacing track “Execution Style.” In one part of the song, he raps: “ I’m an outlaw, the mother****in villain doin’ killings, I won’t stop until the morgue got bodies stacked up to the f***in’ ceiling.”  There’s a lot more where lines like those came from.

5  Eminem – “Stan”

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One of the most descriptive narrative songs ever released in rap is the 1999 song called “Stan” by Detroit rapper Eminem. The song features the rapper  in rare storytelling form talking about a disturbed fan penning him in a letter. The song culminates with this disillusioned rapper putting his pregnant girlfriend in the trunk of his car and crashing over a bridge into the water below. One of most disturbing lines on the song was: “But I didn’t slit her throat, I just tied her up / See I ain’t like you / Cause if she suffocates she’ll suffer more and then she’ll die too.”

4  Immortal Technique – “Dance With the Devil”

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3  Gravediggaz – “1-800-Suicide”

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The Gravediggaz was a NYC group in the nineties that was made up of Rza (Wu-Tang Clan), Prince Paul and three other members. Their genre of rap could be described as horror-core and one of their most popular songs was called “1-800-Suicide.” In one of the verses of the song, the Rza who also went by the name Rzarector delivered the following gory lyrics: “Put an ax up to his head and then he chopped it / Blood shot out in every direction.” If you are looking for a theme song for your Halloween party, you just found it.

2  Eminem – “Kim”

Via: www.wallpapergate.com

For Eminem to appear twice on this list of violent rap songs, it probably means that he has some really twisted thoughts. And honestly, in his earlier years, he was certainly a disturbed young man. On the 1998 song, he unleashed a furious tirade at his girlfriend/wife in a harsh track titled “Kim.” In the song he talks about how much he hates her and how he plans on killing her. It includes the jarring lines: “You were supposed to love me, now bleed bi**h, bleed!! Bleed bi**h, bleed.” How’s that for some raw and terrifying rage?!

1  Necro – "Dead Body Disposal"

Via: m3event.wordpress.com

When it comes to the horror core genre of rap, there’s no rapper who is more terrifying and twisted than the 38-yr-old Brooklyn rapper known as Necro. For over a decade, he has been putting out some of the most disturbing songs, and one of them is the track “Dead Body Disposal.” From the opening lines of the song, it’s immediately apparent that this guy’s mind is extremely dark. He raps “Let’s talk about dead body disposal, Take the corpse to the bathtub and drain the blood out of the bastard.”  Someone get this guy a shrink please.

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