The 10 Strangest "Discreet" Toys You Won’t Believe Exist

Ann Summers has become famous for providing the nation with their favourite brands of discreet products over the past few decades, but it now seems that the public has become a generation that is no longer fond of the term "discreet."

The introduction of the internet and dating websites as well as many new shopping sites have opened many people up to new worlds that are now at their fingertips. As you can imagine, with these new worlds come new fetishes and kink.

Love Honey is one of the newer websites and companies that have managed to rise to the top in the last few years after they have capitalized on the release of 50 Shades of Grey. It was even reported that the increase sale of sex toys, credited to the heavily influenced BDSM book, actually helped Britain to climb out of their double-dip recession a few years ago.

One thing is for sure, E.L. James has unlocked a world of handcuffs and whips to a new generation that had been unaware of many of these terms and toys before her book became a bestseller. Along with the more common fetishes out there, we now have some of the strangest toys that literally have to be seen to be believed.

The world is an accepting place and it seems that anyone with any kind of fetish can now be well catered for and the list below only furthers this point. Sit back and get ready, as we reveal the strangest, and possibly, scariest sex toys, in the world.

10 Magic Hand


As if the name itself wasn’t bad enough, this is genuinely a model of a human hand that can be changed into any hand related position and then used as a dildo. Why go for a humanly accepted dildo when you can have one of these scary things that resembles ‘Thing’ out of the Adams Family?

9 Anime Sex Dolls


Sex Dolls are definitely not new, but as technology as advanced so has the production of dolls that looks strikingly similar to characters of TV or even famous people.

8 The Auto Suck


Want to simulate the feeling of your partner going down on you but they're busy? Well, the Auto Suck is the product for you. Apparently it is essentially the same as having a female do the job, except it talks a lot less and you actually control how fast or slow the machine goes.

7 Tongue Vibrator


Apparently dildos and traditional vibrators are no longer enough to satisfy this new generation. As a result, the market has decided that a product of this calibre should be made.

6 Stuffoscope


This product was quite obviously modelled on a traditional doctor’s stethoscope, but instead of it being used to listen to your partner’s heartbeat, this product can actually be inserted into your partner so that you can listen to the inside of their sexual organs.

5 Rubber Fisting Mitten


Yes, according to many sex toy production markets, fisting has now managed to reach a point where a human hand or fist is no longer big enough or good enough, so a rubber fisting mitten is now the essential attire.

4 Fleshlight


Foot fetishes are the biggest growing community around the sexual industry and many companies have decided to cash in on this by creating some of the most disturbing products ever made.

3 Binder Sack


One of the newer fetishes for this generation is adding a little danger to the encounter. This can be achieved in several ways, but perhaps none is more extreme than allowing themselves to be tied into sacks or zipped into full body suits. Then (apparently) the feeling of claustrophobia kicks in and adds to the overall pleasure of the interaction.

2 The Cone


This is seriously a cone-shaped toy that is then inserted into a person’s anus. That’s right, a cone-shaped toy that has been created to somehow help to stimulate a person by actually causing them a lot of pain.

1 This Butt Plug


It is hard to imagine a world where it would be openly acceptable to design the likeness of a baby (no matter how famous the baby is) onto a plug that is inserted into someone’s rear end as a means of enhancing pleasure.

It is thought that many of these were made as a statement more than its actual reasons for production, but putting someone like Jesus and as a baby onto a sex toy when he hardly promoted sex himself is just wrong. I’m sure this has started enough protests since its creation that hopefully there are no more made.

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The 10 Strangest "Discreet" Toys You Won’t Believe Exist