10 Shocking Stories That Prove Reincarnation Is Real

We’ve all heard someone being described as an “old-soul”. They are wise beyond their years, and seem to exhibit a sort of calm comfort that others can’t fathom. What if they actually are “old-souls?”

We’ve all heard someone being described as an “old-soul”. They are wise beyond their years, and seem to exhibit a sort of calm comfort that others can’t fathom. What if they actually are “old-souls?” What if they have lived many lives before?

Reincarnation is a fundamental belief of many religions and individuals. Those who believe in reincarnation view death as a new beginning, they believe that we can be reborn and given a new life.

Like any spiritual concept, there is really no scientific proof to indicate that reincarnation is possible or not. However there have been multiple, strange encounters and stories in favor of reincarnation.

Many people, particularly young children, sometimes come up with abstract, detailed information about past lives. They seem to have detailed knowledge of events and/or periods of time that they couldn’t organically have known about. Some of the people who remember past lives can actually remember their former names and their families’ former names, where they lived, and how they died. Could all of this just be a really strange coincidence? Or is it possible that these people truly have been reborn. Prepare to be truly creeped out as you read the following accounts of some of the most shocking reincarnation stories.

10 A Murdered Boy Finds His Own Killer


9 Steve Jobs - A Celestial Warrior?

Has Steve Jobs already been reincarnated? The Apple CEO died in 2011 after his fight with cancer. The news was lamented across the world as well as amongst his friends and family.

Tony Tseung, a software engineer at Apple, reportedly sought out some piece of mind regarding Mr. Jobs death by contacting a group of Buddhist monks in Thailand. The group responded explaining that Steve Jobs has been reincarnated as a celestial warrior-philosopher. Seems fitting enough right?

8 World War II Memories


A little boy named James Leininger from Louisiana began to remember a past life when he was just two years old. James began having horrific, recurring nightmares that woke him in the night. The dreams were of him being trapped in a crashing plane. When he was three years old, he told his parents that he had been a pilot whose plane had been shot down by the Japanese. He gave his parents some very detailed information. He said his name had been Jack Huston and that his plane had flown off a boat named Natoma and that he had been shot down at Iwo Jima. He also had a friend by the name of Jack Larsen. James' father went on to discover that a man named James Huston from the USS Natoma Bay had indeed had his plane shot down during the Iwo Jima operation. James' father used an online World War II database to search information and found a Jack Larsen was also aboard the Natoma Bay.

When James father was looking at a book about the battle at Iwo Jima, little James became interested in an aerial photograph of the area, he pointed at it and told his father where his plane was shot down.

After James turned three he drew hundreds of ships and planes and battles. When James' father attended a Natoma Bay reunion he learned that only one pilot from Natoma Bay had been killed during Iwo Jima and his name had been James Huston.

7 Boy Born As His Own Grandfather


Gus Taylor was a young boy whose grandfather had died one year before he was born. When Gus was a little over a year old he began saying that he was his grandfather. After he turned four, while looking at old family photographs he was able to identify himself in them, he pointed to the image of his grandfather.

The other creepy thing about this particular case was that Gus, at four-years old, began to talk about his dead sister. Gus’s grandfather had a sister who had been murdered and dumped in the San Francisco Bay.

6 A Baby Reborn?

A woman named Lisa had a son called Kevin who had died when he was just a child. He had undergone various treatments in his short life. The first signs of Kevin having problems began at 16 months of age. He appeared to have a limp. He fell one day and the doctors said he had a broken leg. They put Kevin’s leg in a cast but he was in so much pain that it was removed. An orthopedic surgeon took additional X-Rays and it was determined that he had a tumor in his leg. Upon making this realization, the doctors found an additional tumor above his right ear. More tests found various lesions and an opaque area over his right eye. Kevin had a biopsy and began chemotherapy, but he died shortly after.

5 Hollywood Hauntings


An Oklahoma boy named Ryan began telling his mother that he was homesick regularly and pleading with her to take him home to Hollywood. His mother took some books out of the library about Hollywood and upon seeing a picture of an old black and white movie name Night After Night, Ryan pointed out a picture of a man and said “that’s me!”


He saw pictures of Rita Hayworth and fondly recalled memories he had of her. Ryan recalled a scene from the movie he said he was in about guns in a closet. His mother found the movie on YouTube and watched it only to find that there was indeed a scene with a closet full of guns. A researcher found out who the actor was and was able to find up some information about his life.

4 A Sore Throat From An Old Injury


3 A New Family Meets An Old One

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A young girl named Ampan reported memories of a former life at five years old. She told her mother she wanted to go home, but her mother said that she was already home and asked her what she meant. Ampan told her she was talking about Buhom, which was a neighboring village. Her parents had never been to Buhom and didn’t know anyone from there. Ampan told her parents that she had died in a hospital of Dengue fever. She said her name had been Somwong.

2 It's 7 O' Clock in 1787!


1 The Search For Bridey Murphy


A very well-known tale of reincarnation is that of the supposed Bridey Murphy, a Colorado woman named Virgina Tighe elected to be put under hypnosis by a man from her town named Morey Bernstein. It was said that once under hypnosis, Virgina began to speak with a thick Irish accent. It is said that she recalled Irish songs and stories while under hypnosis. She said she was born in 1798 and had been called Bridey Murphy. She spoke about her family and her husband.

Morey Bernstein recorded the sessions and wrote a bestselling book about the tale. However when reporters were sent to Ireland to investigate the existence of a woman by that name and during that time, they did not find any significant information to corroborate the story. Was Virginia making it all up or were the records simply not extensive?


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10 Shocking Stories That Prove Reincarnation Is Real