The 10 Most Unflattering Celebrity Close-Ups

With their personal stylists, fitness trainers, on-call makeup artists and various other assistants, celebrities are expected to look perfect at all times. It is as if we have forgotten these celebs are people too, making it easy for us to point out the most simple flaw just because we feel celebrities should somehow be immune to a bad hair day, weight gain, or a bad outfit.

Even with age, we anticipate that celebrities will maintain their fountain of youth and beauty simply because they have more access to youth preserving methods and procedures. Young and old, TV star or rock star, we expect celebrities to maintain a level of perfection that no one can attain. When we see these celebs having an “off” day, we are shocked. Instead of brushing it off as a stressful day, or that the celeb simply didn’t feel up to putting a real outfit together for the day, we find every detail possible that we can criticize.

Perhaps part of the reason we are so easy to criticize celebs when they aren’t picture perfect is because we are so surprised by the drastic difference between their less-than-perfect selves and what we are used to seeing on stage or the big screen. Whether you love them or hate them, these fifteen scary celebrity close-ups remind us that celebs have bad hair days, get overworked, have stressful schedules, are overtired and want to relax just as much as the rest of us do. The main difference is, celebrities live their lives under a microscope most of us are spared.

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10 Paula Deen

via melodijeron.com.mx

Queen of Southern Cooking and comfort food that will satisfy your taste buds and scare your cardiologist, Paula Deen has a big personality. She is best known as the host of her cooking show Cooking with Paula Deen.

This Food Network star has seen her share of ups and downs. Despite her bubbly personality and changes to her diet in recent years, when we look at Deen close up, it’s visible that the years of mistreating her body with food are catching up to her. Tired eyes, sagging skin (which can be expected at her age, especially after losing a significant amount of weight) and wrinkles are visible despite her makeup artist’s attempts to smooth out her imperfections. Puffy eyes and crows feet suggest that Paula’s schedule isn’t allowing her much sleep.

9 Mel Gibson

Once a Hollywood heartthrob, the now 59-year-old Mel Gibson is showing that not everyone ages gracefully. The Braveheart star’s longer grey locks and long, multicolored beard make him resemble a mountain man that looks more disheveled and distracting than rugged and strong.

Gibson’s wrinkled skin, deep-set smile lines and less-than-healthy skin tone make him look older and unhealthy. Gibson’s once sparkling blue eyes look dull against his weathered appearance. While Gibson likely still has many years left working in Hollywood, his overall look needs an overhaul. The combination of trying to look natural and rugged combined with an unflattering tan clash to create an unappealing look.

8 Lindsay Lohan

via ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com

From child star to in and out of rehab while stringing together her acting career, Lindsay Lohan has seen many ups and downs over her career. While there’s no doubting that Lindsay is a beautiful young woman, it is clear that her years of alcohol and substance abuse, stress, and lack of a healthy lifestyle have hit Lindsay’s appearance hard.

With a sneer on her face, skin that looks washed out, unhealthy bleached hair and an exhausted look in her eyes, Lindsay looks burnt out and sapped of energy. Despite being young, Lindsay’s look shows that not taking care of your body will wreak havoc on your appearance.

7 Kris Jenner

via celebrityclose-up.com

Mother of some of the hottest stars on television, the Kardashian and Jenner children, Kris Jenner knows that appearance is part of how you brand yourself. While it’s no surprise that Kris will take on beauty enhancement procedures to keep up her appearance, she shows us that sometimes it’s better to work with the features you have instead of trying to enhance them and end up with puffy lips or overly tight skin.

This celeb family queen’s skin looks taunt and uneven. Kris is clearly tired with puffy bags and dark circles under her eyes. While mother Jenner has plenty of natural beauty, she's proven that trying to capitalize on your appearance can quickly be overdone, making you appear older and somewhat desperate to hold on to looks that are resistant to change with age.

6 Ozzy Osbourne

It’s no secret that most rock stars have at least dabbled in drugs and alcohol, and Ozzy Osbourne is certainly no stranger to the rock star culture. The Black Sabbath singer may still be performing and staying lively, but his appearance shows his age. While the king of metal seems to have found a good balance in his life, it’s a bit surprising to see just how tired (and average?) he can look.

His skin is looser than it could be, his hair looks ragged in a way that looks undone instead of intentional, and his eyes speak of someone who has a hard time sleeping. For all Ozzy’s resurrected himself from, one can hope he can find more time to relax and take better care of himself.

5 Kim Kardashian

Kim K No Makeup Celeb Close-up
via thenewsin.com

Kim Kardashian is as synonymous with young beauty as iPad is with tablet. Kim’s confident, sultry appeal attracts fans from around the world. Kim is often credited (and sometimes criticized) for loving (and flaunting!) her curvaceous body. Despite her confident and attention grabbing look on the red carpet, it’s clear that Kim too uses makeup to drastically change her appearance.

With large, puffy bags under her eyes, a faked smile and unruly locks, Kim looks much more like the young mom she is than the fashion goddess many think of her as. While her signature brows and plump lips are still present, her softer facial features and tired look show this starlet gets burnt out just like everyone else.

4 Val Kilmer

via huffingtonpost.com

While the name Val Kilmer may bring to mind an action star from his roles in Heat, Batman Forever and the reboot of Knight Rider, today, Kilmer is showing his age. This once tall and handsome actor looks softer with loose skin around his neck and jawline.

His thinner, lighter colored hair age him considerably while his eyes look so uninterested, they’re almost unnoticeable on his face. Kilmer’s sun-exposed skin age his look as well. While the 56-year-old film veteran is still acting, perhaps we’ll see him in more distinguished roles that show his age in a more flattering light.

3 Steven Tyler

via theguardian.com

Rock God Steven Tyler is showing his age now more than ever. Having gone through his fair share of bodily (and mental) transformations over the years, this Aerosmith frontman has been through it all.

Tyler looks tired and unfocused. His signature long hair looks dull and more unmanaged instead of the rock-inspired undone look. His wrinkled, softening skin add weight to his face while his eyes look tired and uninterested. Tyler’s iconic bold lips look chapped or otherwise weathered. Tyler will always have a unique sense of style, but his appearance shows that no matter how much he may walk to his own beat, he still faces the same signs of aging as everyone else.

2 Brigitte Bardot

via theguardian.com

Known as one of fashion’s greatest icons, former model and passionate animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot is showing her age. The now eighty-year-old veteran model is sporting multi-colored graying hair that looks uneven in both its color and style. The loss of tone in her skin around her jawline and excess skin on her neck speak to her age. Her lips, while still a strong feature on her face, appear dry.

While still carrying herself with confidence, Bardot’s wrinkled skin and messy hairstyle make her look tired and unpolished. Thankfully, Bardot’s confidence is still evident despite her look needing some refinement.

1 Mickey Rourke

via twitter.com

Known for his roles as a badass with a lot of muscle, Mickey Rourke has been an action film staple for years. With roles in films including The Wrestler, The Rainmaker, and Sin City, Rourke has shown us his versatility as an actor over the years.

Despite his continued success as an actor, Rourke’s look is shockingly unappealing. His long, unkempt hair only amplify his thinning hair and receding hairline. Rourke’s eyes are puffy and appear tired, while his skin looks weathered. No thanks to smoking, Rourke looks tired, burnt out, and unhappy. Let's not forget the unappealing results of plastic surgery. Despite dressing to impress, Rourke’s appearance and body language tells a story of going through the motions instead of being on top of his game.


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