The 10 Most Shockingly Polluted Places on Earth

99% of scientists agree the earth’s climate is drastically changing at a rapid rate, faster than they can comprehend. Oilfield and other companies pay off the other one percent of climate scientists to try and cover up this obscenity.

Carbon accounts for just a fraction of the cause of the global warming issues, according to scientists such as Randall Carlson. The biggest culprit is methane. It is about 17 times more toxic than carbon being expelled by oil and other facilities.

As the ice melts in the ocean, it releases trapped methane from millions of years of frozen plant material. Greenland’s ice sheets are melting so quickly, one can literally watch them melt off and flood into the ocean. If the entire 2,850,000 km3 (684,000 cu mi) of ice were to melt, worldwide sea levels would increase 24 ft. (7.2 m) and 100 of the world's most populated cities would be completely underwater.

Who knows accurately how long it would actually take for the second largest ice sheets to completely melt; exponential growth could see it in as little as a 20 years. Not to mention the largest ice sheets, Antarctica, have now begun to melt as well.

It is human nature not to take responsibilities for our careless actions, it is easier to blame the earth itself. Climate scientists concluded for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) it is 100% our fault for this disastrous world outcome.

Vast amounts of hazardous waste have been introduced into our atmosphere, and tons of others that have been around for years. Oil and manufacturing corporations are raping the earth of natural resources, cutting down forests and expelling deadly pollutants back into our air. Nuclear technology has proven we can destroy places that will take thousands of years to restore. Mining has shown to be lethal to human lives as black lung is a serious issue, more so during the boom of the coal mines decades ago.

We created this mess, now we have the technology to fix it. Or human invasion will be able to create the technology to find a way to clean up these inappropriate deadly spaces.

Here are 10 of the worst places on the planet…

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10 Agbogbloshie, Ghana – E-waste

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Most of the electronics we throw away will most likely end up in a massive dump that is continuously on fire in Agbogbloshie. There they have shocking amounts of lead, which is a serious health issue. Lead levels are as high in some places as 18,125 parts per million – that accounts for being 45 times higher than the standard used in the United States. Upwards of 250,000 Ghanaians are in a serious danger zone. Especially all the people whose job it is to pick through the dump to recycle certain metals.

9 9.Norilsk, Russia – Mining and Smelting

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Once a home to a slave labor camp back in 1935, the Russian city of Norilsk is currently the second largest city found above the Arctic Circle. This mine started up in the dirty thirties, and contains the world’s largest heavy metals smelting compound, which accounts for 500 tons of copper and nickel oxides and pumps about two million tons of sulfur dioxide into the earth's atmosphere yearly. A miner here can expect to live at least a decade shorter than the average human. This is one of Russia’s most polluted places; the snow even tastes like sulfur and it is completely black. The emissions from sulfur dioxide can cause diseases such as lung cancer.

8 Niger River Delta, Nigeria – Oil Spills

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Every day, there is close to two million barrels of oil being sucked out of this area; approximately 240,000 barrels of that is getting leaked into the Niger River Delta. From 1976 up to 2001, there were close to 7,000 incidents where oil spilled into the river, and most of that was never recovered. These spills heavily polluted the air, creating carcinogens such as polycyclic hydrocarbons. A study from 2013 estimates that the amount of pollution from the spills is having a terrible impact on crops, which accounts for about a 24 percent increase in malnutrition in kids. Cancer and infertility can also be a result of crude oil contamination.

7 Matanza-Riachuelo, Argentina – Industrial Pollution

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About 15,000 companies are seeping contaminates right into the Matanza-Riachuelo river, which it runs straight through Buenos Aries, Argentina’s capital. The people who reside there have next to no resources for clean drinking water, leaving the citizens with only the polluted river. This is linked to higher rates of  diarrhea diseases, cancers and respiratory diseases, for close to 60 percent of the 20,000 people who inhabit the area by the river.

6 Hazaribagh, Bangladesh – Tanneries

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Close to 95 percent of the recorded tanneries in Bangladesh are in the area around Hazaribagh, a place in the country’s capital, Dhaka. These are some of the most outdated and banned refining methods in most countries, not to mention these tanneries dump close to 22,000 cubic liters a day of toxic chemicals into the main river. They can cause cancers from the toxin hexavalent chromium. Residents are forced to deal with high rates of respiratory and skin diseases, as well as acid burns, nausea, dizziness and rashes.

5 Citarum River Basin, Indonesia – Industrial and Domestic Pollution

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It has been found that the levels of lead in the river was more than a thousand times the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) standards, and further investigation has exposed that extremely high levels of toxic metals such as manganese, iron and aluminum are present. The capital of Jakarta is a city in Indonesian with a huge population of 10 million. The Citarum River basin is covered with a large variety of toxic waste, from both industrial and domestic resources being dumped into the river. Thankfully, the government has taken the initiative of cleaning up the river, funded by a loan of around $500 million from the Asian Development Bank.

4 Dzerzhisk, Russia – Chemical Manufacturing

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300,000 tons of hazardous chemical waste that was dumped into and around the city from 1930 until 1998. Guinness Book of World Records named Dzerzhisk as the most toxic city on the planet back in 2007. Samples of water taken showed levels of phenols and dioxins which were thousands of times above the normal levels. These substances have a direct connection with cancer and other debilitating diseases. In a 2006 survey, the life expectancy for women averaged only 47 years in women and 42 years in men, with a population of 245,000.

3 Chernobyl, Ukraine – Nuclear Accident

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It is a record holder as the worst nuclear disaster in human history. The Chernobyl nuclear meltdown let out about 100 times the radioactivity of the atomic bombs that were let go on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The 19 square miles around the area remain highly uninhabited nearly 20 years after the accident took place. The officials in the area think that the accident may have been responsible for close to 4,000 thyroid cancer cases, and the deformation of newborns.

2 Fukushima Daiichi, Japan – Nuclear Disaster

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After a major earthquake hit, a massive 15-meter tsunami plummeted the supply and cooling of three reactors in Fukushima, creating a nuclear incident on March 11, 2011. The three cores crumbled in the first few days. Over 280,000 tons of chemical waste water is being kept in the plant as of today. In addition, around 100,000 tons are thought to be in the basement of the four reactors in the turbine buildings. They even tried to send robots in, but they melted when they got too close. People living within the area are greatly at risk of all sorts of cancers. One older gentleman has taken it upon himself to feed the animals who were left behind daily, most of which are abandoned pets. He figures it will take decades to develop cancer and at his age he does not have that much time left.

The World Health Organization (WHO), claims it is the most contaminated space in the world. There is reportedly a 70 percent higher risk of getting thyroid cancer within girls who were exposed as younger children, a 7 percent risk in males who were exposed from a young age, and a 6 percent higher risk in breast cancer in women. Overall, females are most likely to develop cancers in this deadly area.

1 Lake Karachay, Russia

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Said to be the most polluted place on earth is yet another place in Russia. Lake Kararchay it is not the ideal camping spot to take the family. It is close to the Mayak Production Association, which is the biggest and drippiest nuclear facility in Russia. It has been pouring and leaking waste into the river that flows into the lake since the 1950s. It was kept a secret from the rest of the planet until the middle of 1990. Unfortunately, it had several nuclear meltdowns and as a result has leaked toxic waste into the Lake Karachay. Before it was finally acknowledged, the close by region of Chelyabink saw a 40 percent increase in leukemia, a 25 percent increase in birth effects, and an overall 20 percent increase in cancer. It only takes about an hour of exposure to the radiation at this lake to kill you.

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