The 10 Most Shocking Secrets Revealed By Hacker Group Anonymous

After reading this article, no one should ever complain when people “don’t respect their boundaries.” The hacker group, Anonymous, has not only never heard of boundaries, but they will also go through

After reading this article, no one should ever complain when people “don’t respect their boundaries.” The hacker group, Anonymous, has not only never heard of boundaries, but they will also go through emails, financial transactions, credit card data, and anything else they can get their hands on. The scariest part about them isn’t that they’re anonymous, but it’s who they are targeting, the information they’re accessing, and the fact they publish it. They’re the world’s biggest gossip, but the stakes are so much higher than blabbing their mouths to someone about a secret they learned.

Because Anonymous stays true to its name by being, well, anonymous, there aren’t many ways to tell their story because no one knows who they are. It’s not as if they will end up on Dr. Phil with the heading “I’m In Love With An Abusive Internet” displayed below their name. Most of what the public knows about them is through Tweets and YouTube videos only. To the general selfie posting public, what Anonymous does is very technical and confusing.

So, the public is only left with the 10 craziest secrets they’ve ever released.  Oh, and a word to the wise: start changing passwords.

10 Anonymous Exposed Government Contractors Who Were Paid to Hack Wikileaks


At HBGary, the company and some of its friends had plans to discredit Wikileaks. Wikileaks, like Anonymous, keeps some companies and governments honest by hacking into the company systems and spilling the beans on their operations.

To help understand this, it’s kind of like a buddy's ex who shares on Facebook she found out he emailed naked pictures of himself to Justin Bieber. She's like Wikileaks and the buddy is like a lot of companies; there's just some sh*t you want to stay under wraps and will do anything to stop it. 

9 Anonymous Exposed the Russian Government Paying Hackers to Help Putin


An independent youth group thought Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, was just simply the greatest. During his reelection campaign, they went on and on about how great he was, until Anonymous found out the truth. Apparently, Putin’s people were paying the group to hack into anti-Putin websites and stage pro-Putin rallies.

8 Anonymous Exposed the Location of Top-Secret Canadian Spies


The world's most underrated spy group, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, has even had to deal with Anonymous. Didn't know Canada had a top-secret spy group?  Don't worry, no else did either. This is because unlike the CIA or British intelligence, Canadian spies prefer to fly under the radar, sipping on a Molson instead of a martini. Plus, half of the spy movies made center around someone from Langley or London; not Ottawa.  This covert nature, in turn, makes them the perfect spies.

7 Anonymous Exposed a Company Who Kept Records On Its Citizens For the Government


G’day! Most of people don’t know what the crikey AAPT is or why it’s important to Australia, so grab a Foster’s, sit back and read.

AAPT is similar to what AT&T or Verizon is in the U.S. Basically, they provide internet and telephone services, except a wallaby is the customer service manager. They fired the koala for sexual harassment.

6 Anonymous Exposes Westboro Baptist Church Members' Information 


There aren't a lot of churches that cause a stir like the Westboro Baptist Church. For the uniformed, just Google their name and enjoy hours of being horrified at their antics. Just as an example, they're known for protesting the funerals of deceased military members. Basically, they're a group that hates just about everything except Snickers bars.  Everyone loves a Snickers bar.

5 Anonymous Released a Phone Conversation Between FBI and Scotland Yard About Taking Down Hackers


Does anyone remember, usually in the days before cell phones, when someone would eavesdrop on a call? Remember saying "I love you," to a significant other and then having mom say, "How sweet of you!"  Total embarrassment.  For the FBI and British police forces, their love affair was swiftly interrupted by the mom of the internet: Anonymous

4 Anonymous Releases Source Code for Security Software Firm


A company's only as good as its reputation. For so many businesses, their reputation is the only thing that keeps their competitors at bay and people coming through the door.  For example, Harvard University is a good school, but they are not teaching something magical about sociology other schools don't.  Apple makes good computers, but their reputation causes hipsters to wait in the snow with their tight pants on before the release of each product for hours. Basically, reputation matters.

In the security software arena, Symantec is one of those giants in the industry that protects people from malware threats.  They have made a substantial fortune on helping suckers who download viruses on their computer.  Symantec realized that people who open emails with the title, "Girls in your area want to meet xxx," will pay anything to protect their computers from future harm.  But as far as Anonymous is concerned, Symantec is the sucker.

3 Anonymous Released Personal Identification of People Who Gave it to the U.S. Census Bureau


2 Anonymous Released the Personal Information of the St. Louis County Police Chief


The protests in Ferguson, MO are a touchy subject because of the issues of race, politics, and policing. But for Anonymous, they're like, "Ok, how can we just make this situation worse?" Fortunately for them, they found out a way to make it absolutely terrible.

1 Anonymous Released the Personal Information of KKK Members


There’s a person right now who just moved to Pittsburgh from Baltimore. They grew up in Baltimore. Their family is from Baltimore. They live and breathe Baltimore. But, a job took them to Pittsburgh. This person is also a huge football fan. They’re a die-hard Baltimore Ravens fan. They have photographs with Joe Flacco, a teddy bear with a Ravens jersey on, and just ordered up NFL Sunday Ticket so they don’t miss a Ravens game.

But Pittsburgh is Steeler country. There’s no doubt about it. To get along, this person has to hide their love for the Ravens at all costs. They have to smile politely when people say things like, “Go Steelers!” when, deep inside, they want to barf.

Public figures who are members of the KKK probably feel the same way when operating around non-crazy people. Anonymous isn’t going to let them hide anymore. They have released the names of at least a thousand people they confirm to be members of the group. Somehow getting the internet out to the swamps, the KKK managed to allegedly recruit some politicians and businesses to follow them on Twitter. Anonymous says they found the follower’s personal information and posted it online. The accuracy of the information isn’t confirmed, but the butts of everyone involved has tightened mightily.


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The 10 Most Shocking Secrets Revealed By Hacker Group Anonymous