The 10 Most Shocking Lana Del Rey Lyrics

Lana Del Rey is one of today's most polarizing musical artists. While her young female fan base cannot get enough of her sad songs about drugs and co-dependent relationships, critics have a handful of valid complaints.

The singer started her career under the name Lizzie Grant but struggled to find success. She canned the Lizzie Grant identity to reinvented herself as Lana Del Rey, re-emerging as the sultry songstress and became an instant success. Her brand of music, which she describes as "gangster Nancy Sinatra," is all about a certain nostalgia, a longing for decades gone by. Del Rey’s look falls somewhere between mod, bad girl, flower child and beauty queen, bringing several elements of past eras into one character. Her fan base of young girls love this brand of nostalgia, and flock to her concerts wearing flower crowns and crop tops.

Her look isn’t the only thing about her that’s polarizing. Her lyrics are, well, pretty extreme. She often sings songs about fame, drugs, sex and dysfunctional relationships. While the lyrics can sometimes read like a manic teenage girl’s diary, they can also be pretty poetic. Whether adolescent or poetic, her lyrics can always be counted on to be outrageous. Here are Lana Del Rey’s 10 most outrageous lyrics:

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10 Florida Kilos - "White lines, pretty daddy gold skin"

via flavorwire.com

White lines, pretty daddy gold skin,You snort it like a champ,Like the winter we're not in.

If you consider the fact that Lana's fan base is mostly young girls, it's crazy that she singing about drug use so explicitly. Instead of dancing around the topic of drug use, Lana gets right into it by talking about white lines and how somebody who she calls "daddy" can snort it like a champ. The song goes on to say that "Prison isn't nothin' to me/If you'll be by my side." Though Lana Del Rey often sings about co-dependent relationships and makes outlandish statements such as this one, it's pretty fair to say that prison would actually still be pretty s**tty, even if you were with "daddy."

9 Ultraviolence - "He hit me and it felt like a kiss"

via thatgrapejuice.net

I can hear sirens, sirensHe hit me and it felt like a kissI can hear violins, violinsGive me all of that ultraviolence

The lyrical queen of unhealthy relationships sings about the ultimate unhealthy relationship: an abusive one. The song glorifies a relationship in which the female character is being abused. Not only does Lana Del Rey sing on about their love but the lyrics even goes as far to call her lover "my cult leader." That line might be the least romantic, most unhealthy statements ever uttered about a relationship, let alone an abusive relationship.

8 Off To The Races - "He loves me with every beat of his cocaine heart"

via lyfstylmusic.com

My old man is a bad man but I can't deny the way he holds my hand And he grabs me, he has me by my heart He doesn't mind I have a Las Vegas past He doesn't mind I have an LA crass way about me He loves me with every beat of his cocaine heart

This song hits all of Del Rey's favorite themes. She talks about drug addiction, her wild past and how thankful her "old man" still loves her. In fact, she claims that he's the only one who would put up with her this way and that she would die without him. She even goes as far to say "keep me forever, tell me you own me" which undoubtedly were not lyrics that feminist were down with.

7 Blue Jeans - "Love you more than those bitches before"

via shutterstock.com

I will love you 'til the end of time I would wait a million years Promise you'll remember that you're mine Baby can you see through the tears Love you more Than those bitches before Say you'll remember, oh baby, say you'll remember, oh baby ooh I will love you 'til the end of time

While lyrics like "I will love you 'til the end of time" may seem romantic, the addition of "love you more than those bitches before" contaminates the previous sentiment and makes it seem a bit more sinister, which is kind of Lana Del Rey's thing in case you haven't noticed. Through the course of this song, you learn that Lana is singing about a guy who pretty much ghosted her so one can assume that he might have not been down with her declaration of love/veiled threat either.

6 Put Me In A Movie - "Come on, you know you like (good) little girls"

via mendaily.com

Lights, camera, action If he likes me, takes me home

Come on, you know you like (good) little girls Come on, you know you like (good) little girls You can be my daddy You can be my daddy

Del Rey often sings about the trade of her sexuality for fame but these lyrics are putting it more bluntly than usual. On top of that, singing lyrics like "you know you like (good) little girls" is alluding to pedophilia on some level; so not only is that outrageous but it's something that could get you convicted as a sex offender.

5 Summertime Sadness - "I know if I go, I'll die happy tonight"

via blog.thecurrent.org

I'm feelin' electric tonight Cruising down the coast goin' 'bout 99 Got my bad baby by my heavenly side I know if I go, I'll die happy tonight

"Summertime Sadness" was one of Lana Del Rey's hit singles but if anyone took the time to listen to the lyrics a bit more closely, they might question her emotional state. In a way, romanticizing driving down the coast in a fast car with someone you love is poetic. However, Lana Del Rey takes the romanticism to a dark place, stating that she could die happily. Lana, why can't you just chill and be happy for, like, a minute?

4 F**ked My Way To The Top - "I f**ked my way up to the top"

via shutterstock.com

Lay me down tonight in my diamonds and pearls Tell me something like I'm your favorite girl. I f**ked my way up to the top, This is my show. I f**ked my way up to the top, Go, baby, go.

Whether or not Lana Del Rey did, in fact, f**k her way to the top, stating such in the lyrics of a song is pretty outrageous, especially if your fan base is mostly young girls. Between this song and the Kardashian empire that was launched with a single sex tape, young girls are being taught that sexually exploiting themselves is the way to success and that might be the most outrageous thing of all.

3 Body Electric - "Jesus is my bestest friend"

via shutterstock.com

Elvis is my daddy, Marilyn’s my mother, Jesus is my bestest friend. We don’t need nobody 'Cause we got each other, Or at least I pretend.

If anyone actually knows what Lana Del Rey means when she sings that Elvis is her daddy, Marilyn is her mother and Jesus is her bestest friend, please come forward and explain it to us all because what is that really? It is no secret that Lana Del Rey worships the greats who died too young, so this song is likely about her admiration for the eternal worship that comes with an early death. But who the hell calls Elvis their daddy like that besides Lisa Marie Presley?

2 Dark Paradise - "But I wish I was dead"

via shutterstock.com

And there's no remedy For memory Your face is like a melody, It won't leave my head Your soul is haunting me And telling me That everything is fine But I wish I was dead (dead like you)

"Dark Paradise" is a hauntingly beautiful song until the temptress takes it too far and turns it into a suicidal love song. The lyrics of the song express an affection for a lover who has passed away, combined with the pressure one feels from friends to move on and stop grieving. The affections for her dearly departed go far beyond what is considered grieving as she proclaims that she wishes she was dead, dead like him. If someone was actually saying stuff like this, it would be best to call a therapist but because the lyrics are belted out in her breathy voice, it's a song, and a pretty good song at that.

1 Cola (Pu**y) - "My pu**y tastes like Pepsi-Cola"

via fabzz.com

My pu**y tastes like Pepsi-Cola, My eyes are wide like cherry pies. I gots a taste for men who're older It's always been, so it's no surprise.

Why are these lyrics outrageous? Well, maybe because Lana  is suggesting that her vagina tastes like an ice cold glass of Pepsi-Cola. That's a pretty outrageous thing to suggest. However, it is great marketing for both Pepsi-Cola and Del Rey's vagina. The lyrics above go on to talk about her wide-eyes, which expresses the ongoing theme of her innocence juxtaposed with her experience. Of course, there is the mention of her taste for older men because all of her songs are about her taste for older men. The lyrics of the song go even further and state, "I know your wife, that she wouldn't mind." Um, I don't know this guy's wife but, whoever she is, she most certainly minds, Lana.

Sources: azlyrics.com

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