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The 10 Most Ridiculous UFO Theories

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The 10 Most Ridiculous UFO Theories

It is easy to confuse clouds, bright planets or experimental missiles for unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) if you are inclined to accept conspiracy theories. There are hundreds of explanations about the appearance of these strange objects and most of them are quite different than the simple alien hypothesis.

Extraterrestrial beings who abduct either animals or persons are thought of flying in metallic flying saucers. Depending on their beliefs, the person seeing a UFO think of other explanations as well. General Douglas MacArthur warned us about alien warfare in a supposed speech he made in 1955 where he said that all the countries of Earth should unite since the next war would involve humanity against aliens and there were some who considered this statement to mean that he had proof about the existence of extraterrestrial life.

During the 2012 Olympics, there were several groups of people which predicted the invasion of aliens and they claimed that the sporting competition was just a ruse of the Illuminati and all other secret societies to establish the New World Order. When officials dismiss a theory for its outrageous claims, the journalists and persons asking the questions become even more curious and consider the lack of answers as an admittance of the truth of their ideas before the paranoia sets in.

The most common things people mistake for UFOs are planes, birds, satellites, weather balloons. After someone sees something looking like an unidentified flying object, they come up with all kinds of theories about them. And with the Internet at our disposal, we find some that are so staggering that we just have to share them with you. Here are the 10 most ridiculous UFO Theories ever.

10. JFK Was Killed By The CIA


One conspiracy theory suggests the Central Intelligence Agency was involved in the murder of John F. Kennedy since he was getting too close to finding the truth about UFOs. Ten days before his assassination, he requested full disclosure on the UFO matter from the CIA and he ordered them to share all their data on the subject with NASA. At that point he was a targeted man. To make things even more interesting, Kennedy himself saw a UFO in 1963 and this is why he wanted to find out more about them. There is a partially burned piece of paper revealed by a former CIA member containing instructions to assassinate JFK, but no one proved the paper was real.

9. The Black Knight Satellite


During the space race of the 1950s, the US discovered an unknown satellite that was broadcasting something, believing it was Russian, but none of the nations could launch or maintain such an object at that time, so the answer was that the aliens sent it there 300,000 years ago to spy on us. The Black Knight was the name it received and there are several pictures of it from NASA. It weighs over 10 tons. During a space flight, astronaut Gordon Cooper saw a glowing green object orbiting the planet and moving toward the capsule. The object was confirmed but the explanation was that the carbon dioxide levels made the astronaut hallucinate.

8. UFOs Are Travelling Through Time


The theory was popularized by Dr. Bruce Goldberg who is a hypnotherapist and considers himself the most knowledgeable person in the world when it comes to time travelers. He considers UFOs to be vehicles of humans from the future that came back to help and to guide the genetic development of mankind. His evidence is based on a supposed flying saucer landing at Rendlesham Forest in 1980 and transmitting a sequence to Jim Penniston after he touched the vehicle’s symbols. The sequence was a comprised of ones and zeros and he noted the pattern to explore its meaning. He only decided to make this event public in 2010 and the code was considered to originate from the south of England from the year 8100.

7. UFOs Are Plasma-Based Life



This theory considers UFOs to be actual live beings instead of means of transportation. This theory was initiated by Trevor James Constable who released this idea in his book “They Live in the Sky” published in 1959. Here he wrote that aside from the mechanical vehicles, some of the UFOs are actually invisible biological entities called “sky critters” and they can only be seen through infrared cameras.

Other theorists continued the idea and claimed that these entities are extremophiles, namely organisms that survive even in extreme conditions such as deep space and probably a form of life that is made of plasma and they are attracted to electromagnetic energy, perhaps for the purpose of reproduction.

6. UFOs Are Archons


The Gnostic texts found at Nag Hammadi in Egypt describe a group of beings called Archons that are led by Jehovah. They were created when the solar system formed due to a wave of plasma and they now try to feed on our emotions. The theorists describe two types: one that looks like an embryo; the other, a reptilian form. They have better technology, are telepathic, travel through space and they influence us to believe in Jehovah. They are the ones who took out the Gnostic seers of siddhis to allow the religions of Abraham to thrive; the only way we can overcome their dominance is through the communion with the Gaia spirit Sophia. Need we say more about this ridiculous theory?

5. UFOs Are A Part Of The Secret Space Fleet Of The US


Gary McKinnon hacked US  military and NASA computers between February 2001 and March 2002 in attempts to find more information about aliens and he managed the largest military computer hack in history. He claims to have discovered that the government captured a spacecraft and reverse engineered it to develop anti-gravity and free energy.

The document taken from the US State Department talks about the Solar Warden Program. The purpose of this program is to maintain a secret fleet of spaceships in orbit. the fleet it is led by the United Nations with several nations helping to support it in case of alien attacks.

4. The Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Was Abducted By UFO


This international passenger flight disappeared on March 8 2014 above the South China Sea. When it disappeared from radar, military radar continued to track it after it deviated from the flight path to cross above the Andaman Sea where it was lost. This is when the world started speculating about what happened and, of course, some believe it was abducted by a UFO since the Malaysian air force detected an unidentified flying object on the radar just before the disappearance and there was no physical debris around the point of disappearance so a crash is unlikely. This theory is ridiculous considering some debris from the plane has been discovered on Reunion Island.

3. The World Will Be Deceived By An Enormous Hologram


This started in 2009 when a blue light formed over Norway’s sky. Even if the meteorological event happens quite often in the region, some started speculating that its origin wasn’t natural since it had the shape of a spiral. Some blamed Russian missile tests, but others remembered Serge Monast and his Project Blue Beam. He claimed that the UN, DARPA, NASA, the US military and the University of Alaska joined forces to create an enormous holographic display that would allow them to begin the New World Order. They would project a fake alien invasion and then a giant God-like figure would appear promising salvation.

2. UFOs Are Demons Announcing The End Of Days


The signs found in crop circles are considered to be an esoteric language related to the Kabbalah and an actual demonic language. The UFOs are manifestations of demonic activities and they are the harbingers of the Apocalypse. The people abducted by the UFOs are taken to participate in sexual activities and other sins in a manner similar to that of the fallen angels before the great flood which leads to the creation of the Nephilim race. The purpose of the demons is to pose as visitors from Outer Space and to weaken the belief in Christ to prepare the coming of an occult religion that would venerate these demonic pseudo-aliens.

1. UFOs Are Anti-Gravity Vehicles Built By The Nazis


The most important proponent of this theory is Ernst Zundel who claimed that UFOs were actually created by the Third Reich and the secret Vril Society which made contact with aliens from the Aldebaran system. Once they lost World War II, the Nazis retreated to Antarctica and continued their development with the help of the advanced race living inside the hollow Earth. In 1946, America initiated a large expedition to Antarctica saying they wanted to find any Soviets retreating there, but the actual reason was to destroy the UFO base only to find themselves outmatched and having to retreat. Now all we have to do is wait for the Nazi UFO fleet to come out of Antarctica and initiate World War III. We’ll be waiting for awhile.


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