The 10 Most Horrifying EVPs Ever Caught On Tape

Nothing brings on a severe case of sh!t your pants terror than hearing creepy noises or voices that seem to come out of nowhere. Sure, a lot of times these noises are just everyday things that can be explained logically; like bad pipes, a loud TV, a creaky old house. But throw in some darkness, being alone and reading too many Stephen King novels, and normal sounds can take on a seriously sinister tone.  And even though the logical part of brain knows it's probably just your washing machine acting up again, there's that other part of the brain that whispers...

"WHAT IF....?!?"

What if that leaky pipe was really dead Aunt Ida yelling at you from beyond to stop touching yourself? What if the loud T.V. isn't the T.V. because the T.V. ISN'T ON!? What if the disturbing groans from the washing machine is really coming from the Indian burial ground you didn't know your old house was built on top of?!  And that's how a normal evening can turn into a nightmare that consists of hiding under blankets and holding in your pee until the sun comes up because f--k that bathroom slash PORTAL TO HELL.

Unfortunately, this post isn't going to help that part of your brain shut up anytime soon.  These 10 horrifyingly real EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recordings makes that "what if" question a little harder to dismiss the next time you're home alone at night.  You're welcome!


10 "Don't Be Scared Of Me"

You know what's scarier than a ghost? A ghost that goes out of its way to tell you not to be scared of it. A pretty tall order for a voice coming from beyond but that's exactly what happened in this episode of Ghost Hunters. Shop owners had their fears confirmed when Ghost Hunters recorded a breathy voice telling them not to be scared and to "leave US alone." They're all pretty clear and from the sounds of it, there is more than one strange spirit hanging out at their store. And while the ghosts don't seem to have any aspirations to be like the girl from The Ring, we still wouldn't put it past at least one of the spirits to eventually rip off their ghost face in front of a customer just because they're bored and probably don't have a good internet connection in the beyond.

9 Hello From The Stanley Hotel


This is the kind of clip that makes you wonder how the guys from Ghost Hunters sleep at night. Or where they keep their giant brass balls. If you haven't watched it yet, they're at the Stanley Hotel, the same hotel that inspired The Shining, one of the scariest books and movie of all time. Ghosts, voices and strange events have been witnessed by people at the Stanley Hotel since 1911 and the Ghost Hunters added themselves to this long list on the night they recorded this very clear and very creepy EVP. This was the type of EVP that didn't need super strong headphones or a sound filtering system as you can clearly hear it on the video as well. The crawl space is small and there's no way a person could have been back there without the guys seeing it. There's no question of "what if" with this experience, only the question of "where is it?" AAAAAH!!!

8 Manson Victims Speak

10050 Cielo Drive in Beverly  Hills will forever be remembered in history as the historic site of the Tate Murders that happened in 1969. Sharon Tate, her unborn baby, Jay Sebring, Steven Parent and Wojciech Frykowski were brutally murdered at the Cielo Drive home by the Manson Family and since the horrific incidents, residents who have occupied the house have claimed to hear and see ghosts. One fairly current resident of the house enlisted the help of Ghost Hunters who captured voices (at 1:40 mark) that sadly still sound tormented and lost. Though it's pretty hard to decipher what the voice is saying, it's not difficult to hear that whoever or whatever is speaking sounds distressed and probably explains why the house still has so much ghostly activity.

7 Princess Chatty


The Head Security Guard, Mr. Fred Hollis, at the Mt. Washington Hotel in New Hampshire always wondered about the strange noises that he and a lot of guests at the hotel heard on occasion. Fred was surprised to learn that they were right about the voices and that this particularly talkative ghost probably was chatting them up all along. Ghost Hunters captured an impressive amount of dialogue from a voice they deemed to be coming from "Princess," as in Princess Aymon de Faucigny-Lucinge - a former hotel patron who apparently loved the Mt. Washington Hotel so much, she's checked in after her death and never checked out (and is most likely pissed that she can't put in an order for room service).

6 Get the B*@ch Out!

No matter what corner of the globe you travel to or other-worldly dimensions you visit, there's always one asshole that you'll have to put up with. This time around, the Ghost Hunters recorded an EVP from something or someone who sounded like one of these said assholes at the Goldfield Hotel. While investigating one of the hotels rooms, Chris, a female investigator, is speaking and out of nowhere a strange, guttural voice says, "get the bitch out" and it was captured clearly on their audio recordings. So creepy and SO RUDE. Although, if some strange person started chatting it up with us at two in the morning, we'd be pretty rude too.

5 Moans, Groans and Leave Us Alone!


Most of the EVPS on this list are from Ghost Hunters because after scouring the internet, they provided the best audio of disembodied voices. This video is a compilation of the clearest EVPs they've recorded so far during their investigations.  From moaning, groaning, to children whispering, women screeching and unclear voices who seem to be confused or lost. Voices they usually don't hear while they're investigating and only hear after they go back and listen to the tapes carefully. It makes you wonder if there aren't other-worldly ghosts trying to communicate with us all the time from the grave while we're walking around clueless and just can't  hear them. Happy sleeping!

4 Lessons From The Other Side

This video was uploaded by a medium and it all sounds very cliche. There's cheesy foreboding music in the background and the medium has the prerequisite soft creepy voice like that little old lady from poltergeist which immediately raised our total BS meters to an all-time high.  But we were intrigued by the question she posed to the spirits, "What happens to a soul after a person commits suicide?" And even though the answers are vague, spoken like riddles, sounds a tad ominous and leaves us with more questions than answers (maybe the ghosts have the same speech writer as Donald Trump?) the recordings are clear and pretty creepy if they're actually real.


3 They Speak


The thing about YouTube is ANYONE can be a "ghost hunter" just by buying some recording equipment on Amazon and finding an alleged haunted place. The problem is that most of the recordings are either unclear or the ghost hunters are hearing 'voices' when it's clearly just the wind or a random sound that could be ANYTHING. Some ghost hunters just flat out suck and put out fake content. However, the Dorset Ghost Hunters videos appear as if they are genuinely trying to find an authentic ghost, so we gave them a chance. This EVP compilation from them sounded pretty questionable at first until you get to the 2:50 mark where they capture more than a few pretty clear responses to their questions.

2 Leave That Girl Alone

This is a short clip that doesn't seem that scary at first until we learned that the recording came from the Erie Mansion in Clyde, NY - former home of serial killer Bill Ely, who reportedly murdered countless numbers of people in the mansion. While the investigators were in the home, they thought they heard a whimper from a girl and encouraged her to come forward and talk when they recorded a growling voice telling them to "Leave that girl alone!" Was it Bill Ely still trying to control his victims from beyond? Or a protective spirit trying to tell the investigators to give the girl some peace? We'll probably never know. But props to these investigators for trying to communicate with a lost soul and not shitting their pants and running out of the house screaming like a banshee like I would have done.

1 Ghost In The Attic


When I was little, my parents used to tell me about the old man slash monster in the attic that would smoke cigars and keep me up there if I dared go into the attic by myself because apparently that was more entertaining than just putting a lock on the attic door and telling me not to go up there.  To this day, I totally believe that if there are spirits hanging out after death, they're all gathering together to plot our demise in our attics and basements and this video just proves that.  A moaning disembodied voice was recorded at the Farnsworth House in Gettysburg and guess where it came from? The ATTIC! It was probably smoking cigars too.  #JustSayNoToAttics

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