The 10 Most Epic Ways People Have Quit Their Job

Working at a job you hate sucks. Whether it’s because the job is too stressful, not exciting enough, or you just flat out hate your co-workers. We’ve all been there, you are definitely not the only one.

Your precious time and effort shouldn’t be wasted on a job you hate, you’re worth more than that! No one says you’re stuck there, either. In my eyes there are two ways you could end your pain and suffering: jump out the window, or just quit.

Oh, but I know you don’t want to just quit like everyone else. No, you’re a human being crafted by the gods themselves. You want to leave with a bang. It is your mission for them to remember your name in that wretched establishment for years and years to come as the person who left their boss in tears. I understand, and I’m here to help.

10 Harry Potter: Revenge of the Unhappy Employees


I’m sure nobody reading this is currently living under a rock, so I’m more than certain you’ve heard of the Harry Potter novel series. They are the books that fueled our imaginations growing up, and also touched our hearts. Unfortunately, there is a sour side to the production of these wonderful novels. Right before the release of the last book in 2007, unhappy employees at Borders (the book’s retailing company) decided to record a video of themselves reading spoilers from the book and posted it online. Low blow!

9 The Dope News Reporter


There are many arguments for and against the legalization of marijuana. However, this story isn’t about the legalization of marijuana. No, this is about the lovely Charlo Greene. In September 2014, Greene dropped a bomb (the f-bomb that is) while declaring she quit her job as a reporter for KTVA on live television. Charlo Greene is the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, and quit her reporter job to fight for freedom and fairness, which she says begins with the legalization of marijuana. Beautiful, brave, and a humanitarian. You go girl!

8 Best Super Bowl Commercial Ever

We all have dreams. Some of us want to be firemen, astronauts, and of course puppeteers. Gwen Dean had a dream of starting her own business of becoming a self-employed puppeteer, but she was a machine engineer in New York that thought pursuing that dream would be impossible. However, with the help of, Dean was able to say hello to her dream job and “Ciao baby!” to her old job. On Super Bowl XVLIII, GoDaddy made a commercial where Dean actually quit her job in front of her boss Ted and millions of people.

7 Your Princess Is Moving On


Jarrad Woods was a man who worked as a game developer at 2K Games Australia. In 2009, Woods decided to step down from his position at 2K to move on independently as an indie developer. Now, would you expect a game developer like Jarrad to simply write a letter of resignation? You would? Oh, well unfortunately you’re wrong. Jarrad made a whole game based off of Super Mario Bros. There are three levels and each level has a different checkpoint. After you reach the three checkpoints a message will appear on the screen that reads “I QUIT!”. What a genius...

You could play the game yourself on

6 Are We Human, Or Are We Dancers?


Ok, I love this one. Marina Shifrin worked at what she described as an awesome company that produces news videos. Unfortunately, Marina was unsatisfied with the way the company was only seeking quantity over quality and decided to quit her job through a video of her dancing to “Gone” by Kanye West at her office at 4:30 am. However, I wouldn’t be too worried about Marina if I were you. In an interview on The Queen Latifah Show, Queen Latifah offered Marina a job as digital content producer for!

5 Unfriendly at Friendly’s


We all get mad sometimes. But, how do you release all of that built-up anger? Well, if you’re asking Adam Porter, former worker at Friendly’s, he’ll surely advise that you throw an 80-ounce caramel health bar ice cream cake at your boss. I mean, sure you could do that, but I wouldn’t personally suggest it. Porter’s last day was on January 10th, 2010 and the assault on his boss occurred on that day. This resulted in his boss getting a bloody nose, and Adam Porter having a hilarious employment record.

4 Sliding Slater


Being a flight attendant isn’t easy. Heck, being a passanger on a plane isn’t easy. The constant blocked ears due to the altitude, the horrible snacks, that crying baby who keeps kicking the back of your seat. Regardless, on August 9th, 2010, Steven Slater decided he had enough of the flight attendant business. After a landing at the JFK airport in New York, Slater made his grand exit. He picked up the intercom, said some super nasty things, opened up a beer and glided down the plane’s emergency slide. He was charged with criminal mischief nd reckless endangerment, which he pleaded not guily to. The next day he was released on a €1500 bail. Not bad Slater, not bad.

3 Tweet it


What really is privacy these days? In a world of social media, cell phone zombies, and TMZ, it basically doesn’t exist. So, why not just quit your job on your Twitter page, right? Well, that’s exactly what Jonathan Schwartz, former CEO of Sun Microsystems did. On February 4th, 2010, Schwartz posted a tweet reading: “Today’s my last day at Sun. I’ll miss it. Seems only fitting to end on a #haiku. Financial crisis/Stalled too many customers/CEO no more”. Modern day Robert Frost, ladies and gentlemen.

2 Band Matez 4 Life

Joey L. Defranceso is passionate about music and is in a marching band called The What Cheer Brigade. So, why not put his passion to good use, right? After more than three years working under the management at Renaissance Providence Hotel, Joey (with the help of his band mates) confronted his boss with his letter of resignation from the job he dreaded for years and left in a musical storm of trombones and drums. The video of his grand exit has gone viral with more than five million views, and Joey has since gotten more job offers than ever before due to the video’s success.

1 True Joy

I’m sure we could all agree that there are very few things on Earth that are more epic than Star Wars. Obviously, Joy Mukharji knew that for a fact, and decided to replicate the Star Wars IV introduction as his resignation letter. However, Joy wasn’t done there. After the letter scrolled through, a video followed of Joy dancing butt naked in an office with a funky beat playing in the background. I had more than a couple of laughs watching this one. Joy is a true genius.



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The 10 Most Epic Ways People Have Quit Their Job