The 10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In the United States

Danger is as much as an entity in some neighborhoods like a Whole Foods is in the suburbs. The chance of victimization in some areas is so high that many of those same residents would have a better chance of surviving if they jumped into freeway traffic. Burglary, arson, rape, robbery, and kidnapping in some neighborhoods are so high that the police, city leaders, and residents are totally baffled on how to stop it.

Crime is so pervasive in some areas that even Hollywood has become comfortable basing its shows on how awful life is for some people. In Baltimore, where so much of the city's harm comes from poverty and substance abuse, the city served as a backdrop to the show The Wire on HBO. The show was a hit in part because of its accuracy about life on the streets for the police and criminals alike.

The worst part of it is that in many neighborhoods the threat of danger is as much of a commodity as oil, sugar, or wood. For instance, a drug dealer or gang member will use the threat of danger to get their way, forgetting that with each new threat their communities are set back almost indefinitely.

The list below is hardly about the sensationalized shootings that have captured the attention of the world. Rather, this is a list of the neighborhoods, and the people, whose struggles with danger have been long forgotten. Check out the 10 most dangerous neighborhoods in the United States.

10 Saginaw, Michigan - 1 in 12 Chance of Becoming a Victim


In the area around Genesee and Holland Avenues, little appears to go on. Most of the neighborhood is dotted with the typical working-class stores. There are convenience stores. There are some takeout restaurants. There are a ton of places to have a car serviced. The tire shops and automotive supply are common sights.

9 Atlanta, Georgia - 1 in 12 Chance of Becoming a Victim


150 years ago, there was probably no way that residents of Atlanta, a southern stronghold for the Confederacy during the Civil War, would ever consider Atlanta the major player it is today. Aside from maybe Miami, only one other southern city would even have a possibility of holding an Olympics. The city is also a hub for major players in the business world like UPS, CNN, and Coca-Cola. Atlanta is a source of pride for all of the U.S.

8 Oakland, California - 77 Crimes per 1,000 Residents


On one side of the San Francisco Bay, there is, of course, San Francisco. This is the town where there is a bagel shop on nearly every corner. People there love to eat "responsibly raised" animals. It is also one of the hubs for a number of progressive movements over the past 50 years. To the south of the Bay rests most of Silicon Valley. There, some of America's wealthiest tech nerds call places like San Jose and Mountain View home.

7 Cleveland, Ohio - 165 Crimes for Every 1,000 Residents

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LeBron James is a hero to so many people in Ohio. In particular, Cleveland residents are probably over the moon that he has managed to lead the hapless Cleveland Cavaliers to at least three NBA Finals. Even if he never wins a ring, Cleveland may be proud.

6 Flint, Michigan - 580 Crimes per 100,000 Residents

5 Milwaukee, Wisconsin - 1,295 Crimes per 100,000 Residents


Apparently Milwaukee has concerns beyond just drinking beer and shoveling snow. With a crime rate where nearly 1,300 crimes are committed for every 100,000 residents, not even the patron Saint Brett Favre can save most of the people here.

4  4. Memphis, Tennessee - Consistently on the FBI's Reports

3 East St. Louis, Illinois - 90 Murders per 100,000 People


Just like during the Dark Ages, sometimes beautiful things can come from such terrible circumstances. The Renaissance, the period just after the Dark Ages, acted as the flower that grew from the concrete poured over the souls of Europeans for years. Just like then, East St. Louis is has created some magic from the depths of its criminal hell. In East St. Louis, not one neighborhood is more dangerous than the other.  In fact, the murder rate is currently higher than that of Honduras; a place known for its violence.

2 Camden, New Jersey - 2,015 Crimes per 100,000 Residents


The issues in Camden are like a recipe book for how to take a once great city and then tear it down to a former shell of itself. The first ingredient is to have a gigantic economic boom during the early part of the 20th Century. This brought in people who did not want to live in New York City and sought a simpler life and it also brought a lot of money to the small city. Then, add in a downturn in the economy during the later half of the 20th Century, bringing this former prosperous city into despair.

1 Detroit, Michigan - Most Dangerous City in America

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The general rule is that the more fiercely a rapper represents his city, the worst the city is. The other rule is that the more intense a city is about their sports teams, the higher the crime is. This is not scientific of course, but Detroit manages to satisfy both of those rules.

Eminem and Kid Rock are some of Detroit's most famous representatives. Of course, Motown has countless other musicians that call the city home, but not many of them have tattooed the logo of a local sports team on their forearm. Speaking of sports teams, despite how hapless the Lions are, fans are definitely behind the surge of the Tigers, the Red Wings have been a cornerstone in the NHL, and the Pistons are not too far removed from a couple NBA Championships.

These things are just the byproducts of Detroit's problems. Corruption, economics, and an inability to keep up with a changing society have left Detroit as the hallmark of dangerous cities. The area around Kelly and Morang is known for its liquor stores and regular observances of murder victims. At this rate, D-Town has a long way to go.

Sources: MLive, ABCNews, AJC

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The 10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In the United States