The 10 Most Brutal Reality TV Chick Fights You Have To Watch

Reality television has been notorious for on-screen brawls since the first time The Real World entered our living rooms a quarter-century ago. And although it's entertaining to watch men brutalize one another, there's just nothing like the fun that accompanies watching a good and sloppy old-fashioned cat fight.

Over the years, the women of reality TV have gotten more extreme in their violence. Back when Laguna Beach aired, we saw plenty of fights, but the ladies kept their sparring on a mostly verbal level. It's now almost expected to see scratching, punching, kicking and hair pulling at least once per episode on shows such as The Real Housewives, Jersey Shore, Love and Hip Hop, Mob Wives and a whole host of dating programs. Many of the best chick fights aren't even stopped by producers and security until viewers have gotten an ample dose of brutality.

In fact, a 2010 Brigham Young University study found that reality television shows at that time contained plenty of verbal aggression, but almost no physical violence. It's no secret then that much has changed over the past five years. And for one reason: ratings. Even Lifetime's Dance Moms, which one would think would be G-rated, featured two of the moms fighting in the middle of a New Orleans' street, pushing, shoving and pouring drinks on one another.

It doesn't take much to conclude that without violent tendencies, women are unlikely to even be cast in many of today's reality shows. Producers then put them all under one roof, pour some alcohol on the situation and wait for the cattiness to begin. Here are 10 of the most brutal – and entertaining – chick fights to be featured on reality television.


10 Jersey Shore - Sammi And JWoww Go At It

When it premiered, Jersey Shore was one of the most outrageous reality television programs audiences had ever seen – and they couldn't get enough. While it was great fun to watch the guidos clobber one another, it couldn't compare to violence between the guidettes.

In season two, tensions grew between Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola and Jennifer "JWoww" Farley when JWoww helped write an anonymous note to Sammi detailing Ronnie's infidelities – and refused to admit to her involvement. When the fight erupted, JWoww put Sammi in a sleeper hold before Sammi hauled off and pummeled JWoww with her fists. The fight, which went several rounds, eventually included kitchen paraphernalia and some pushing between Ronnie and Vinny.

9 Flavor Of Love - Pumkin Spits In New York's Face


Audiences first met Tiffany "New York" Pollard when she competed for Flavor Flav's heart in Flavor of Love. When it came to tongue lashings, it was no holds barred for New York. But when Brooke "Pumkin" Thomson was eliminated, she wanted to ensure Flav knew New York's true character, calling New York a fame-hungry actress who had no intention of loving the hip-hop star and former member of Public Enemy.

The war of words between the two women eventually led Pumkin to spit right into New York's face before a major tussle ensued. Disgusting as it was, score one for Pumkin.

8 Real Housewives Of Atlanta - Porsha Drags Kenya Across The Floor

When The Real Housewives of Atlanta first premiered, audiences thought they were finally witnessing a classier version of the Bravo network franchise. But first impressions are not always as they seem, and before long the bickering began.

By the reunion show, tensions were higher than ever, and Kenya Moore alleged – with the help of a bullhorn – that fellow housewife Porsha Williams had cheated on her ex-husband, ultimately yelling "You are a dumb ho," right in Porsha's face. Eventually, Porsha had enough and grabbed Kenya by the hair, dragging her across the floor, both in their evening gowns.

7 Love And Hip Hop - Chrissy Kicks Kimbella In The Head


Love and Hip Hop is known for the drama between its stars, often involving Kim "Kimbella" Vanderhee, fiancée of hip-hop's Juelz Santana. The fight between Kimbella and Chrissy Lampkin, fiancée of Jim Jones, however, was particularly memorable.

When Kimbella announced that she dated rapper Fabulous while his ex was pregnant with their son, Chrissy lost her cool. She launched at Kimbella, sucker punching her before the two rolled around on the floor. Possibly the best moment of the tussle was when Chrissy basically drop-kicked Kimbella right in the head. She must not have made much contact, however, because in the next scene Kimbella is seen standing in front of a mirror commenting on how she still looked pretty.

6 Mob Wives - Renee Takes Down Natalie

With a name like Mob Wives, what could viewers expect but a show full of violence – and they weren't disappointed. One of the best fights occurred in season four of the VH1 show, when new cast member Natalie Guercio complimented Renee Graziano's new beau, calling him "delicious."

The comment didn't sit well with Renee, who later lashed out at Natalie. The more Natalie tried to somewhat calmly discuss the situation and explain herself, the more heated Renee grew until she lunged at Natalie, grabbing her in a choke hold. Plenty of hair-pulling ensued before the fight is ultimately broken up by producers.

5 Jersey Shore - Snooki Takes Off Her Earrings


Angelina Pivarnick wasn't a favorite house member on Jersey Shore. She was crass, opinionated and had no problem running her mouth insulting her housemates. One night, as Angelina loudly voiced her dislike of her fellow cast members, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi didn't like what she heard one bit. She insisted the cast was supposed to be a family, to which Angelina restated her utter dislike of the entire cast.

Next thing viewers knew, pint-sized Snooki pulled off her large hoop earrings and pounced on Angelina. The fight that ensued was the stuff of legends, as the two wrangled on the couch and the floor, arms and legs flying. Angelina got her due as Snooki was ultimately the winner of the brawl.

4 Love And Hip Hop - Erica and Kimbella Won't Let Go

Kimbella was at it again, this time violently attacking Erica Mena, long-time girlfriend of Lil Scrappy, after an unprovoked verbal attack on Love and Hip Hop. The massive hair-pulling cat fight – which occurred outdoors on concrete, no less – began after Erica accused Kimbella of cheapening the video vixen industry.

Kimbella threw a glass at Erica and soon the two were on the ground with a death grip on each other's hair. Fellow castmembers and producers attempted to separate the two, but they just wouldn't let go. It's a wonder that either had any hair left when the fight finally came to an end.


3 My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding - Millie And Diamond Go For Blood


TLC programming isn't generally associated with the cat fights audiences enjoy on competing networks, and viewers who tune in to My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding expect to see outrageous hair, dresses and bridal traditions. But they were in for a surprise in a particular episode when a throw down between two guests took place following a ceremony.

Two women, Diamond and Mellie, got into a heated exchange about the sustainability of the newly-wed couple while outside of a West Virginia church before coming to blows and literally kicking the snot out of one another. Mellie ultimately pinned the larger Diamond to the ground, pulling her hair, punching and even eye-gauging her.

2 Rock Of Love Charm School - Sharon Shows Megan Who's Boss

Megan Hauserman definitely knew how to get under the skin of her fellow Charm School contestants. Before she was ultimately expelled by school matron Sharon Osbourne, Megan lied, cheated and schemed in order to get others eliminated. Fortunately, Sharon saw right through Megan's tactics. While Megan didn't win, she rejoined the cast for the series' reunion show, where Sharon had the opportunity to tell Megan what she really thought of the scheming vixen… er… stripper. Megan threw shade back at her schoolmaster, insulting Sharon's husband, rock legend Ozzy Osbourne. The prim, yet sharp-tongued Sharon doesn't let anyone bash her family, however, and before Megan knew what hit her, Sharon threw her drink on the bikini-clad blonde. What happened next isn't entirely clear, however. As Sharon went for Megan, security and producers surrounded the pair, and the next thing viewers knew, Megan was carried off the set as her fellow contestants congratulated her adversary.

1 Rock of Love 2 - Heather Versus Daisy


One thing became clear after the Rock of Love with Bret Michaels season two reunion - Heather Chadwell can definitely punch like a man. Although Heather was a contestant in season one of the VH1 reality series, she appeared in season two as friend to Bret, helping him find answers about his final flames. She instantly disliked sexy vixen Daisy de la Hoya, and her opinions may have led Bret to dismiss Daisy in the show's finale.

The two were brought on stage together at the reunion show, and absolute cattiness ensued as they fought a war of words. When Daisy had enough of Heathers' insults, she stood up, staunchly defending herself, but Heather stood her ground. She pummeled Daisy in the head and ripped out her hair extensions before Daisy stomped off stage, tail between her legs. Daisy may have gotten the last laugh, however. She soon starred in her own reality series, Daisy of Love, while Heather was sent off to Charm School.


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