The 10 Most Absurd And Unlikely Causes Of The Apocalypse

Most people acknowledge the fact that physical life may or may not end at a certain point down the line. But what about the factors that we cannot predict and might just happen in an instant? Apocalyp

Most people acknowledge the fact that physical life may or may not end at a certain point down the line. But what about the factors that we cannot predict and might just happen in an instant? Apocalypse theories have been around since the beginning of time, and will most likely continue to surface as time goes on. An apocalypse is the end of the world as we know it - as many Doomsday preppers call it. A prepper, or sometimes referred to as preppies - are people who theorize and then act on those theories. They take extra precaution and even stock up on supplies for the impending end of the world.

We've all heard about global warming, overpopulation and even the thought of overdue national disasters like super volcanoes or hyper typhoons. These all seem, in some way or another, a possible and actually quite realistic portrayal of how the world might end in a ball of flames.

If the world ended, some believe we could face a whole swarm of lizard people, or maybe even the possibility of the world losing its balance and completely collapsing in on itself. Now, these are most definitely not your average day conspiracy theories or just ideas that have popped into someone's head and written on the internet. These theories about certain possible endings to our lovely Earth have been widely discussed by many people (including preppers alike) and have probably even gone through editorial changes to ensure their "airtight" thoughts and processes.

These are the 10 Most Absurd And Unlikely Causes Of The Apocalypse

10 Frozen Nazis

Via Huffington Post

9 Grey Goo - Robot Apocalypse


Have you ever wanted to be eaten alive by millions upon millions of tiny little robotic spiders that are also the most ravenous predators on the planet? You've probably answered no to that question, a very plausible and realistic answer.

The Grey Goo theory is that from a strange distant area, a bunch of self-replicating spider-like robots reach Earth and completely strip it of its resources. The term was mentioned in the 1986 book "Engines of Creation," written by Eric Drexler, a nanotechnology pioneer.

8 Yamal Peninsula Craters - Hell On Earth?

Via Science Explorational Weekly

Massive craters on the Yamal Peninsula in Siberia were discovered in July 2014. Was it a meteorite? Did aliens have a hand in it? We may never know the reason for the gigantic holes in the ground. What we do know know, however, is that these craters have unusually high concentrations of methane - hence the reference to Hell on Earth and how one day we'll all be consumed by the toxicity of methane.

7 Isaac Newton - 2060 Prediction

Via WikiMedia

Isaac Newton may be one of the world's most well known theologians but it's also very widely known that he had a very interesting thought process that was very unorthodox at the time he was alive. Isaac Newton's thinking went against the teachings of the Roman Catholic church half of the time and the other half, it was for analyzing passages from the Bible itself.

Newton theorized that the world will end in 2060, with almost no other details and specifications. That's right, he just gave a date without warning people what might happen! He never believed in using dates, months or even time periods. After the date was reviewed by scholars, it was believed that 2060 was the most accurate year. Newton often relied on himself rather than the people around him, which is displayed from his thought process that the human interpretation of time was/is shaky and diluted.

6 Halley's Comet - Intergalactic Poison?

Via Wired

Halley's Comet was a very rare and one of the most anticipated comets of the modern world. Discovered by astronomer Edmond Halley in 1705, this comet appears around every 75 years; the last time was in 1986. The next appear? 2061. Maybe Isaac Newton was on to something!

The year 1910 marked the date for theorists to spit out as much as they could as cults and other groups took the world by storm with their theories. After revealing that Halley's Comet was ridden with a deadly gas, cyanogen, made the world go berserk and spend money on things like anti-comet pills and gas masks to protect themselves.

5 Bugarach - The Alien Hostel

Via WikiMedia

The world has had its history with their speculations of the possibility of aliens living among us. We usually think of these creatures as the large-eyed, green and pasty little monsters that come out of flying saucers that have crashed into the earth.

4 The Great (False) Space Vacuum

Via Science 20

The word vacuum is usually associated with those little bags on a stick that suck up all the mistakes that you've made in your house. Of course, there's a reason that a machine is called a vacuum. It creates a suction action that pulls things into it.

A false vacuum is a place that seems like a stable and regular area, just a little too silent and still. Of course, if the world makes it into one of these false vacuums, our fate may be a little more graphic than we want it to be.

3 The Big Rip/Tear

Via Bio Ware

Similar to the great vacuum of the universe, the big tear is similar to the theory in the way that it is unexpected and somewhere far far away in the deepest parts of the universe. The big tear is like tearing up a piece of paper. Think about the world as a tiny piece of that paper and then rip it up. That's essentially what the big rip is. It was first theorized in 2003, with theorists suggesting the big rip would be caused by the expansion of the universe

2 Siri Plans The Apocalypse

Via I download

Siri is everyone's favourite useless application that just sits on their iPhone. People occasionally tinker around with it and when they discovered that the 27th of July in 2014 was actually not a Sunday (which it is), they went bonkers.

1 Waking Up Ancient Gods With The LHC

Via Extreme-Tech

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in the Swiss lab CERN was under fire for a while after it almost threw the world into a black hole. And after theorists attacked CERN from one gate to no avail, they took a sneakier and more inventive pathway to try and undermine the company.

They stated that the Hadron Collider was actually created to connect with the ancient Egyptian God of death, Osiris. Many of the members of cults and other beliefs alike, supported this theory and still believe it to be true to this day.


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The 10 Most Absurd And Unlikely Causes Of The Apocalypse