The 10 Grossest Celebrity Habits

At a young age, we all learn that there are things we can do that are gross and disgusting. At a young age we learn that if we want attention, we can do those gross and disgusting things. After a negative backlash or two, most of us stopped those things before elementary school or we at least learned to hide them from the rest of the world.

Not so with celebrities. These attention-starved people built a life centered around people paying attention to them and when they don’t, they’ll do something gross, or at least claim to do something gross and then pretend like nothing is wrong. It’s like they’re saying, “I’m just like you. I like to fart in cars full of people. Oh, what? You don’t do that? Normal people don’t do that? I guess I’m still not normal! Yay! Pay more attention to me because you never know what crazy thing I’ll do next!”

We all have different habits that someone else finds gross that maybe we don’t, be it chewing fingernails or drinking only kale protein shakes. It doesn’t make us bad people, but we learn to keep things we know may not be acceptable to others on the down-low. If only these celebrities could keep their mouths shut, they wouldn’t end up on lists like this. But they couldn’t, so they’re here. Enjoy, or at least try to keep your lunch down, as you read about ten celebrities with gross habits.

10. Ashlee Simpson - Burping The Alphabet

Remember Ashlee Simpson? She’s the baby sister and poor sequel to her sister Jessica, who will show up later on this list. She tried a career in music, tried a career as a reality star and tried a career as the wife of one of the members of Fall Out Boy, but she never really excelled at any of these things. The one thing that we can give her frat-party, locker-room props for is her ability to belch the alphabet, which she talked about once in an interview. Sharing her expertise, she explained that “G” is her favorite letter while “S” poses the most challenge. Such as a shame she’s disappeared from the mainstream.

9. Ke$ha - Eating Man Beard

We can all agree Ke$ha is just all-around weird and the proof is that her list of gross behavior reads like a criminal’s rap sheet. We don’t know how much some of the things she’s copped to are actual habits, such as drinking her own pee or posting pictures of herself urinating in the street, versus pathetic cries for attention. She’s also claimed to have had sex with a ghost. Maybe that’s not gross, just weird. Hands down, her grossest habit has to be beard eating. Yeah... ingesting the hair on a man’s face. She likes it so much, she’s dedicated a blog to it. Google it. We’re too nauseous.

8. Snooki - Kitty Litter Facials

She’s probably on minute 14 of her 15 minutes of fame, so we better get all the mileage out of this Jersey Shore "celeb" we can while people still remember who she is. The spray-tanned trainwreck appeared on Conan a few years back and shared one of her favorite beauty regimen secrets: kitty litter. She uses the dirt that felines take a dump in to give herself facials. She claims it makes her face smooth and exfoliates because of the rocky nature of the kitty litter. She may be right, but the bigger question we wonder is if she uses it straight out of the bag, or after the cat has done its business.

7. Novak Djokovic - Eating Grass

Even when the science may exist to support a gross habit, it doesn’t mean that it should be embraced, much less acted out in front of a crowd of thousands. Men’s tennis player Novak Djokovic is known as as eccentric when it comes to his dieting habits, but when he started eating grass after a win over Rafael Nadal in 2011, it really caused heads to turn. Scientifically, there’s not a lot different between grass and many other greens, but come on, eat your grass behind closed doors. When questioned about his back-to-nature habit, Djokovic said, “I wanted to see how it tastes. It tastes good.” We’ll take your word for it.


1 Shailene Woodley - Eating Clay

This Jennifer Lawrence wannabe seems nice enough, but when you’re blindly following health fads that have been proven incorrect for decades and then espousing their virtues like you’re a new age guru, you end up on lists like this. Her gross habit? Eating clay. Yeah, if you thought Novak Djokovic was gross for eating grass, Woodley takes it a step further and goes deeper into the ground. Her public defense of this disgusting pastime is that it’s healthy, but the medical quackery behind this has been proven. It does not clear negative metals out of your body. It just puts wet dirt and who knows what else into your body.

5. Anderson Cooper - Doesn't Wash Jeans

Sometimes when you have your own show, you share too much. Such is the case for Anderson Cooper and his laundry habits. Now, we all know you can wear your jeans two or three times before you need to wash them, and most guys may double or triple that number, but CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage co-host admitted that he goes months between washing his jeans, sometimes going a half-year before cleaning them. He also confessed to not throwing them in the washer. He just wears them into the shower and lets them drip-dry after. Gross, Anderson, gross. Buy another pair of jeans, will you?

4. January Jones & Holly Madison - Eating Placentas

Don Draper’s TV wife and one of Hef’s former girlfriends share a gross habit that makes our stomachs turn, even if it is healthy. The beautiful blondes both eat the placentas after birthing their children. That’s right... those phlegm-ridden cocoons their babies grew in turned into a meal. Some swear by this practice, claiming it’s one of the most nutrious items in the world and that humans are the only animals that don’t eat their own placentas, but we’re also one of the only animals that doesn’t eat their own vomit and you don’t see new age health nuts pushing that practice. Hey, to each their own, but we don’t want to have to tell our kids that we ate the sacks their fetuses developed in, much less that those sacks taste great with sweet and sour sauce.

3. Jessica Simpson - Barely Brushes Teeth

The elder and more famous Simpson sister outdoes her sister one more time, outdoing her sister’s questionable belching habits. Simpson confessed on an episode of Ellen several years ago that she isn’t a big fan of brushing her teeth, telling the talk show host that she only brushes them two or three times each week. That’s not where the grossness ends. Instead of the traditional, American Dental Association-approved way of keeping her choppers clean, Simpson prefers to clean her teeth with a T-shirt. Can you think of anything more disgusting than putting one of Jessica Simpson’s T-shirts into your mouth? Her defense was that her teeth are already white and using a shirt makes them feel less slippery than brushing. Hard to figure out why she can’t hold onto a man.

2. Lyoto Machida - Drinks Own Urine


When you think of the toughest guys in the world, Ultimate Fighting Championship grapplers have to be at the top of that list and former light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida is no different. He does have one little quirk that the rest of the UFC’s roster probably doesn’t have as part of their fitness routine: drinking their own urine. Machida said his father turned him onto the questionable lifestyle and he drinks his own urine as if it were a health shake every morning. Maybe there’s a reason we’re calling him a former champion and not the current one. Don’t try this at home.

1. Alicia Silverstone - Feeds Baby Mouth-to-Mouth

She’ll always have some level of fame because of the movie Clueless, but even when Silverstone is in her 50s and 60s trying to make a buck signing autographs at celebrity conventions, she’s still going to be at the top of this list. Silverstone’s gross habit will change how you look at her forever, so take a moment and remember the cute girl. Three... two... one... time’s up. Silverstone, showing what a great mother she was, posted a video to her website several years ago showing how she chewed her baby’s food before feeding him... mouth-to-mouth! Like a mother bird! She’s pre-chewing her kids food and not even taking it out of her mouth before giving it to her kid! Gross! Gross! Stop it! Gross! We’re never watching Clueless the same way again.



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