The 10 Creepiest Sex Scenes In Superhero Movies

Being a superhero comes with a number of perks. First off, you get to have special abilities. These superpowers can be pretty damn cool. Everyone in the world looks up to you when you are a superhero.

Being a superhero comes with a number of perks. First off, you get to have special abilities. These superpowers can be pretty damn cool. Everyone in the world looks up to you when you are a superhero. You can pretty much score hot girls whenever you want. So, pretty much, it’s like you’re a rich guy with some weird physical power. Superheroes are idolized by everyone in the world. You'll never find someone who doesn’t want to shake the hand of a superhero. And for women, the idea of having sex with one is the ultimate win.

Now, sex is part of human life. We have pretty much accepted the act as a casual expression of our feelings toward someone else. For some, it is sacred. For others, it is just having some fun. Whatever your sexual appetite or how you categorize the act, there is one constant: sex is good. Superheroes have a whole other kind of category when it comes to sex. Since some are human, others are part-human, and some are a whole other kind of alien, there is an allure to how these amazing characters complete the act. Either way, the expectations have to be pretty high when having sex with a superhero. It would be the equivalent of a poor British girl nabbing the Royal dong. It can definitely be a big deal.

Sex in superhero movies isn’t just for the good guys either. And sometimes, it doesn’t even take two. Either way, there have been some epically crazy sexual acts and sex scenes that have gone down in superhero movies. Here are The 10 Creepiest Sex Scenes In Superhero Movies

10 Hancock – The Big Finish

Okay, you have to watch this deleted scene to believe it! This is borderline ridiculous which is why it was a deleted scene. Will Smith plays Hancock, a superhero I can actually get behind. His sarcasm and callousness is fresh and funny. However, in this strange sequence, a woman comes on to him at a bar. They end up going back to his trailer, and like a horny groupie, she wants to have sex with the superhero.

9 Aeon Flux – Casual Sex

8 X-Men Days Of Future Past – Beastly Mode

7 Kick Ass – I Dream Of Teacher

6 Howard the Duck – Sex In The Animal Kingdom

“I just can’t find the right man,” says Thompson.

“Maybe it’s not a man you’re looking for,” says Duck.

“I just can’t resist your intense animal magnetism,” she replies.

5 Blankman – Solo Act

4 Kick Ass 2 – Limp Villain

3 Wolverine Origins – The Silver Fox


Born in the 1800s, you have to figure Wolverine has seen his share of women. Since the dude is now over 200 years old (give or take), he pretty much has “been there, done that.” So one has to wonder when he sees a fresh young girl, what exactly is going through this mind. I mean, he essentially is Hugh Hefner with everlasting youth. Can you imagine Hef if he still looked 40? Instead of having sex with 21-year-old models every day, he would have sex with…well, I guess 21-year-old models every day. Damn, Hef is cool.

2 Watchmen – Auto Pilot


If you are on a spaceship hovering above a heavily populated city with a huge super moon in the background, what better way to enjoy the night than to have sex with another superhero. This was the case in Watchmen when Silk Spectre and Night Owl get it on at the front of the ship as it aimlessly hovers around the city. It is definitely graphic and hot, but they go at it like a hot heavy porno. Probably not what the parents expected when they brought their 14-year-old to see a superhero flick. The sequence is set to an equally crazy version of the song “Hallelujah.”

1 X-Men United – Awkward Switch


X-Men rules the day when it comes to strange love. It has to be odd when you are having sex with one person, and then all of a sudden, their body morphs into someone else. That is the case in another Wolverine precious sexual romp when he thinks he is finally bagging the girl of his dreams, Jean. Then, as they are making out, Mystique’s true blue self comes to life and Wolverine is none-too-happy.

He tosses her away, angry he was fooled into almost doing the deed with the blue villain. On a side note, Rebecca Romijn is pretty damn hot so I wouldn’t have exactly kicked her out of bed. Tough call, Logan.

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The 10 Creepiest Sex Scenes In Superhero Movies