The 10 Celebrity Couples That Shocked Us

Whether it’s an extreme age difference, or polar opposites, no one does baffling and bizarre like the rich and famous. They are already in the limelight with the media and public as a result of their careers, so why not add a twisted element of personal flare. Many couples try to hide their personal relationships, but then there are the ones that despite looks, comments, and eyebrow raises, step out with their significant others and face the world.

There are some unlikely and perplexing celebrity romances that cause a stir, resulting in people saying “Is this for real? Are those two actually a couple?” Some duos are just down right unexplainable, while others are odd, eccentric, or a fascinating mismatch that leaves us all with a perplexed look followed by tons of questions.

Below are ten shocking celebrity couples, past and present.

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10 10- Danny Boyle and Rosario Dawson

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The shocking factor to many in this short-lived relationship is the 22 year age gap. Director Danny Boyle and actress Rosario Dawson knew of each other for a while, but didn’t get romantically involved until they worked together on the set of Trance. The two rarely discussed their relationship, however in an interview with Access Hollywood, Dawson said she made the first move. She also went on to say that when it comes to their relationship, from an outside perspective, it seems as though there's a lot of dissimilarities. Maybe it’s the large age gap, or the contrasting physical appearances. Either way, it’s peculiar, which sparks extra interest and lands in the shocking and peculiar category. After less than a year together their relationship came to a quiet end.

9 9- Delta Goodrem and Nick Jonas

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They only dated for 10 months, but that didn’t stop the eyebrows from raising. Delta Goodrem was 27 when she met and started dating 18 year old Nick Jonas. Some have said that this was a rebound relationship for Goodrem as it followed her relationship with singer Brian McFadden. A shocking aspect to many is the 9-year age gap, which had many busting at the seams of curiosity. Also, Jonas has gotten tons of backlash from his younger fans for dating an older woman. After less than a year their relationship ended, but it ended on a cordial level.

8 8- Edward Norton and Courtney Love

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Actor Edward Norton and grunge rock queen Courtney Love began dating after co-starring in the film The People vs. Larry Flynt. Love has dated her fair share of unique guys, but what makes this relationship shocking is that Norton may be too normal for her. Norton is calm, charitable, and clean-cut, while Love is loud, rude, outrageous and outspoken. It’s been said that Love quit smoking and taking drugs when she began dating Norton. They dated for a couple of years, but it didn’t last. Apparently Love couldn’t handle the normalcy for too long, as she ditched Norton while on a hike in Scotland to attend a rock concert.

7 7- Kate Moss and Pete Doherty

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A bad-boy rocker and model couple are not uncommon, but Kate Moss's fling with Pete Doherty made its way on the disturbing spectrum. Filled with drama, turbulence and break-ups, Moss and Doherty seemed to have had a pretty bizarre and rugged relationship. When you throw drugs into the picture it’s definitely going to get ugly, and Doherty openly admits his drug habits. In fact their relationship almost jeopardized her career as she was found in a unique position with drugs. On top of the drugs, which is disturbing on its own, they also had a bitter break-up. Doherty has said in an interview that Moss was jealous and had a violent temper. Apparently she set his teddy bear on fire when they ended things, which was a great way to add some shock to their already offbeat relationship.

6 6- Sam Taylor Wood and Aaron Johnson

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Artist and film director Sam Taylor Wood was 45 when she met 22-year-old actor Aaron Johnson. The two met on the set of the 2009 film Nowhere Boy, which Wood directed and Johnson starred in. Despite the 23-year age difference, the two quickly fell in love and they announced their engagement at the films premier. Disturbing comments were being made about the couple as pictures began making their way into tabloids. Many said the couple looked more like a mother and son. To add to the disturbing factor, Wood is also divorced with two daughters. That doesn’t sound too bad except Johnson is only 7 years older than one of his stepdaughters. Can we say awkward and uncomfortable family dinners? The couple is still going strong and they have two children together.

5 5- David Gallagher and Megan Fox

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Actor David Gallagher is best known for his role in the Christian based show 7th HeavenMegan Fox is a highly successful actress who has become a huge sex-symbol. Enter shocking aspect - Christian show and sex symbol equals a controversial couple. It caused a few head turns to say the least. Gallagher and Fox began dating in 2003 and stayed together for close to a year. Shortly after their break-up, Fox began seeing Brian Austin Green, whom she later married.

4 4- Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib

Via: www.celebitchy.com

The level of disturbing was insanely high in this relationship, especially since they dated during the time Britney was going through a downward spiral in 2007-2008. Britney Spears met Adnan Ghalib, a paparazzi photographer, and from the start things were bizarre. To start things off on the wrong foot, Ghalib was still married when he met Britney, and it did not take long for Ghalib’s true colors to make themselves known. In 2009, it was revealed in courts that Ghalib had schemed with Britney’s former manager, Sam Lufti, to gain control of all her affairs. He also went as far as telling other paparazzi of Britney’s whereabouts so they could get the best shots. Fortunately, Britney and her family were able to acquire a restraining order against Ghalib, and he has since fallen off the map.

3 3- Olivier Sarkozy and Mary-Kate Olsen

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2 2- Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson

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Marilyn Manson always seems to draw attention to himself, and this time it’s for who he dated. When Evan Rachel Wood was 19 years old she began dating Manson, who was 38. A true example of disturbing is looking at a picture of Wood standing beside Manson. Manson’s trademark heavy makeup pictured beside Wood’s fresh-face was perplexing to say the least, and put the saying “opposites attract” into play.

Their relationship ignited a fire of controversy in the media, as tabloids went as far as to say Manson was controlling Wood’s career and life decisions. The couple dated off and on and even got engaged, which failed miserably. The pair called it quits for good in 2010.

1 1- Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn

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Woody Allen, whose Hollywood career spans more than 50 years, has topped the chart with his disturbing and downright creepy relationship with Soon-Yi Previn. The most unsettling aspect of their relationship is that Soon-Yi Previn is the adopted daughter of Woody Allen’s former flame Mia Farrow. Legally the relationship is legit because Allen never married Farrow or legally adopted Previn himself. But it’s still bothersome to many, because it’s still seen as a father being involved with his stepdaughter.

The 35 year age difference is enough to raise eyebrows. Allen and Previn began seeing each other when Previn was 19 and Allen was 56. The downside for Allen is that he lost a lot of respect in the celebrity and Hollywood community. Their infamous relationship ignited a messy custody battle for all of Allen and Farrow’s children as well.

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