The 10 Biggest WTF Moments During Donald Trump's Presidential Campaign

At this point, it's no secret that the biggest surprise during this 2016 presidential race has been Donald Trump. Many were not taking him all that seriously when he first announced his campaign, assuming he would be in it just for the money and split before things got serious. He's even been demanding payment for showing up at public events and giving a speech, something that could have been expected from Trump.

But as the months went on, things definitely started to change. Trump began gaining popularity among his presidential campaign rivals. Not only was the Republican presidential candidate building more and more followers, but he has produced a litany of outrageous and controversial statements, from shutting down the Internet and banning Muslims, to claiming that thousands of people cheered when the twin towers fell on 9/11. Since then, many of his statements and accusations have been fact checked and proven to be incorrect and some even flat out lies.

That hasn't stopped Trump from continuing to run his campaign however he sees fit. The man has shown no signs of remorse or doubt in regards to any of his policies and does not appear to be backing down from any of the naysayers or critics. However, when former Vice President Dick Cheney doesn't stand with you and is telling you you're going too far, that's really saying something. Combing through the list of absurd statements Donald Trump has made could take a while, and the following list has made that task much easier.

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10 When He Denied The Existence Of Climate Change

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The debate over what to do about climate change has been going on for quite some time now. There are still some out there who feel that it isn't a threat to our planet. Donald Trump is not only uninterested in talking about the issue of climate change and how to approach it, he's outright dismissed it altogether. On more than one occasion, he's reduced the issue to simply changes in weather patterns, and nothing more. "Global warming is a total, and very expensive hoax!” Trump said in a tweet in 2013. Despite the overwhelming evidence that climate change is indeed something we need to take seriously, it's all just one big, fat lie in the eyes of Donald J. Trump.

9 When He Said He Isn't Morally Obligated To Defend The President

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Even to this day, seven years into Barack Obama's presidency, there are still people who believe he is Muslim. Former Republican presidential nominee John McCain defended the president back in 2008 during a rally and corrected someone who made the incorrect assertion that he was an "Arab." But this is something Donald Trump sees no purpose in doing. At a town hall rally earlier this year, that same assertion was made by someone in the audience and Trump didn't bother correcting him. Not only that, Trump defended his decision to say nothing, stating that he has no moral obligation to defend the president. Trump went on to say that if someone had said something slanderous or untrue about him, Obama would not defend him. Then pointing the finger at the media, claimed that he would have been painted as someone infringing on that man's freedom of speech if he were to correct him.

8 When He Mocked Serge Kovaleski

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When Trump made the statement about thousands of people cheering for the demise of the twin towers on September 11, New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski revealed that he was unable to find evidence to back this claim up in an interview with MSNBC. Kovaleski has arthrogryposis, which limits the functioning of his joints. During a rally in South Carolina, Trump mentioned Kovaleski and was seen contorting his wrist - seemingly mocking Kovaleski's physical condition. Several media outlets jumped on the story and came to the defense of the reporter, and Trump later issued a statement claiming that the whole thing was just a misunderstanding. According to Trump, he wasn't making fun of him - he was simply imitating, what he thought, a flustered reporter would look like. He says he never met Kovaleski and had no idea who he was, while Kovaleski says the two have been on a first name basis for years.

7 When He Insulted Carly Fiorina’s Looks

Donald Trump doesn't play nice, and is quick to serve anybody with a verbal insult, even his Republican rivals, no matter how rude or offensive. Rolling Stone writer Paul Solotaroff got to travel with Trump and interview him, and that's when he saw Trump outwardly criticizing Carly Fiorina's physical appearance when he saw her on television. "Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?! I mean, she's a woman, and I'm not s'posedta say bad things, but really, folks, come on. Are we serious?" Apparently Trump was, but Fiorina kept it cool and didn't let his comments bother her.

6 When He Declared John McClain Was Not A War Hero

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5 When He Said People Celebrated On 9/11

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During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump also mentioned some supposedly true scenario in which "thousands and thousands" of Muslims who were living in New Jersey the day the twin towers fell were celebrating. According to Trump, Muslims were cheering on the destruction of the World Trade Center and it was all on television. But this is yet another one of his controversial claims that has been seriously called into questioned. Democratic Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop sent out a tweet saying the following, "Either @realDonaldTrump has memory issues or willfully distorts the truth, either of which should be concerning for the Republican Party." Ben Carson, another Republican presidential candidate, seemed to back up Trump's claims, stating that he saw American Muslims cheering on September 11. Of course, afterwards, he backpedaled on those comments.

4 When He Called Mexicans "Rapists"

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Earlier this summer during his campaign, Trump yet again made some pretty nasty comments, this time about Mexican immigrants. During one of his speeches, he declared that Mexico is illegally sending criminals and drug runners into the United States. "They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people." Though it seemed to track well with some conservative Americans, many others were understandably outraged and offended. But Trump wouldn't be himself if he didn't double down and defend his statements, which he did.

3 When He Said He Would Build A Wall

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Insisting that America become much more forceful on the immigration issue, Donald Trump decided the only way to handle this is to build a wall. He went on to say that he would force the people of Mexico to build the border themselves in order to keep immigrants out of the country. Because "Mexico makes a fortune because of us," it's perfectly fine to force them to build the wall, and Trump suggests he would do something "very severe" if they didn't comply. If all else fails, he said that he would just construct the wall himself. Apparently, according to his own words, he's very good at building things. This, like many of his other speeches, sparked outrage and bewilderment.

2 When He Retweeted Those Bogus Murder Statistics

While using his Twitter account, Donald Trump retweeted some very racially loaded and inaccurate murder statistics for America. He retweeted an image which displayed a dark-skinned man, wearing a mask and aiming a gun, accompanied by a list of supposedly true murder statistics in the year of 2015.

  • "Blacks killed by whites -- 2%"
  • "Blacks killed by police -- 1%"
  • "Whites killed by police -- 3%"
  • "Whites killed by whites -- 16%"
  • "Whites killed by blacks -- 81%"
  • "Blacks killed by blacks -- 97%"

On the bottom of the image, it claimed that its source was the Crime Statistics Bureau in San Francisco. But the statistics on the white victims were outrageously exaggerated, as well as the police-related deaths.

1 When He Declared He Would Ban All Muslims

Donald Trump's most recent policy is one that is wildly unconstitutional and has been causing an uproar across the country ever since. The real estate mogul has called for "total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States." This, of course, caused more outrage yet again, which lead to Trump re-wording his policy, calling it a "temporary ban." Trump says he has "many friends that are Muslims," and they all apparently were so happy that he was tackling the issue of radicalism. He again emphasizes that the Muslim community is one demographic that he has an excellent relationship with, just like he claims to have with the black and Mexican communities. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu along with other world leaders, came together condemning Trump's plan.

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