The 10 Best Celebrity UFO Sightings

When the average Joe phones in to claim that they have witnessed a UFO, we probably hear little about it. When a world renowned celebrity tells the world that they have seen something unusual, everyone pays attention. Headlines in magazines and newspapers will be written and interviews conducted by the most straight-faced journalist for the job.

It can't be easy for anyone to speak up and make a UFO claim, let alone someone whose income depends largely upon people buying their work. But in recent years there has been an increasing number of celebrities who have been willing to risk their public reputation due to sure faith in what they have seen.

It could be that the aliens are amassing and are ready to introduce themselves to more of us. Or it could simply be that there are unidentified flying objects and that is all. They may not have any alien connection.

When Larry King conducted a survey on his show a few years ago, 86 percent of people said that they believed in aliens. This is definitely not a scientifically sound study, but it does suggest that many of us are open to the possibility that we are not alone in this big wide universe of ours. Here are 10 celebs who claim to have proof that we don't.

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10 Billy Ray Cyrus

As if dealing with his own daughter's erratic behavior isn't enough, Billy Ray Cyrus found himself keeping an eye on some odd looking shapes moving around the sky one evening. He could even claim that he made the first celebrity UFO tweet when he tweeted a picture of it out to his followers on that social network.

His exact words were: "OK....my first UFO sighting. Looks like 5 or 6 disk shapes hovering. Special moment 4 Dad." Maybe after reading that you are inclined to believe that he has been given charge of a creature from another planet. It might explain a few things we are seeing in the media these days.

9 John Lennon

It seems like the aliens are not fond of selfies, many cameras have taken photographs but many times no image has shown up when the film has been developed. This happened for John Lennon in 1974 when he was standing on top of his New York apartment. He described a flying saucer that hovered over his window for a few moments. His girlfriend at the time, May Pang, reached for a camera and took a picture but nothing showed up in the images.

Perhaps the aliens got a bit of a shock themselves, Lennon was standing out on the balcony in the nude,enjoying some fresh air on that evening. The event fascinated him and two subsequent songs, Out of the Blue and Nobody Told Me, included references to UFOs.

8 Will Smith

It could be that starring in too many alien movies is getting to Will Smith's head, but he has said that he and his friends saw ETs.

His son decided that his dad's experience was enough to warrant asking the president of the US directly about UFOs. It happened that the family was spending some time at the White House and despite Smith warning Jaden not to, the young man asked Obama whether aliens existed. In true presidential style Obama said that he could neither confirm or deny their existence. This was enough to make Jaden happy.

Smith has also been immortalized through a term named after him and used by those in ET circles. The Will Smith Effect is a name that has been given to the apparent rise in UFO sightings at the time that alien related movies are released by Hollywood.

7 Alexander The Great

If you think that aliens have only had the technology to zig zag around the skies in the last century, think again. Alexander the Great apparently witnessed some up close and they were putting an end to some of his war mongering.

Those who wrote the history books spoke of two UFO craft flying at his armies, scaring the elephants and his men to the extent that they would not return to the place by the river where it happened. The craft were described as "shining silvery shields" that spat fire around their rims. They came from the sky and they returned back to them. At the time they were about to cross the river in to Persia, so it would seem that something of interest lay on the other side for both the aliens and the men.

6 Russell Crowe

In his recent Hollywood blockbuster Noah, Russell Crowe was communicating with the Watchers, fallen angels who helped him fulfill his mission to build the ark. Before that, he was filming his own supposed UFO encounters. Of course if anyone has the money to make the use of special effects it would be him, and so it was received with some skepticism.

He filmed a video that he posted on youtube which he said was intended to show fruit bats at Botanic Gardens. Instead it seemed to show what he claims is a UFO, something that he defends to this day.

5 Dan Aykroyd

As well as busting ghosts on the big screen Dan Aykroyd has been having his fair share of experiences with beings from other planets. He had always been a fan of UFO exploration but was not prepared for what happened when he was awoken in the middle of the night in the 1980s.

He claims that at three in the morning he told  his wife he wanted to go outside because the aliens were calling him. Though they brushed it off in that moment and went back to sleep, it later turned out that many people had been woken up at the same time that morning. Some of those who actually made it out the front door witnessed a large pink spiral suspended on the skyline. Aykroyd has recently backed up his claims in TV interviews.

4 Mick Jagger

At first you may wonder if Mick Jagger was mistaking band mate Keith Richards for an alien species, or that he maybe had popped a few too many special tablets. Regardless of what we believe, Jagger has been convinced by not one, but two, UFO sightings.

The first was at Glastonbury music festival in 1968, where he witness a cigar shaped and luminous craft lighting up the sky. It was enough of an event for him to install a UFO detector at his home, a device that picked up changes in electromagnetic fields around it.

It was only a year later in 1969 that he had his second direct experience with a craft. As a result of these he is a believer, as is Richards, who also claims to have seen a few.

3 Sammy Hagar

Perhaps the most bizarre celebrity sighting can be attributed to Sammy Hagar of the band Van Halen. He didn't just see ETs - he was apparently abducted by them and probed with what he described as some kind of wireless device. There were two of the aliens in the craft and, according to him, they were connected in to him through his mind.

At the time it happened he did not talk much about it, because he was unsure how to explain what was happening. Now that we have wireless technology on the planet it has become easier for him to give a clearer account of what happened. He has been fascinated by aliens his whole life and has written about them extensively. In a 2011 interview he stated: "If we’re really the only ones out there, that’s scarier to me than thinking there are aliens."

2 Muhammad Ali

Ali was not the only thing that would float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. The boxing legend always believed in aliens and claims to have seen many buzzing around the skies in his lifetime. One memorable occurrence happened one day while he was out running in New York's Central Park. He saw a bright light appear over his head, which he followed around for as long as he could.

His friend and trainer, Angelo Dundee, was with him that day and also saw the same apparition in the sky. Not only did they see it, but so did many other people that night, including an airline pilot who reported seeing it while touching down at Newark Airport at that time.

1 Ronald Reagan

If the public at large had known about Ronald Reagan's UFO sighting, would he still have been elected president? Who knows? What we do know is that, before he was ever president, he was overheard by actress Lucille Ball speaking to guests at a dinner that he had arrived late to. Apparently on his way there, he and Nancy had witnessed a UFO on the highway down from LA. They proceeded to get out of the car and watch it.

There was a second sighting in 1974 while he was flying in a plane as governor of California. He looked out the window to see a bright light flying near to the aircraft. The pilot saw it too and decided to follow it around for a while before the glowing object suddenly flew up to the heavens and out of sight. This time he was not alone in his experience, and everyone on the plane was baffled by what they had just witnessed.

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