Real World Superkids: 10 Kids With An Insane Ability

We are all used to most children playing with Lego, watching cartoons and going goo-goo, gah-gah throughout the day. What happens when we start to see red flags about a child being different? Being different doesn't necessarily have a negative connotation; being different means being extraordinary and special. The world latches on to these insane human beings for their talent, condition or amazing ability.

It fascinates the human race when we come across a child who surpasses all that we thought was impossible in the world. A child who overcame such drastic disabilities and who now thrives in the world better than the average Joe is amazing. A child whose cooky talent mesmerized scientists in new discoveries about the brain creates an eagerness to study them more. Whatever abilities these children possess, there is no doubt that they are positive.

Whether it is a natural talent or something that was practiced and improved over time, it is remarkable at the difference these children are making with these abilities. They are unique and they can sometimes hold the key to major medical discoveries for the future. We're sure you've heard the saying, "the children are our future" before. The world stands behind these incredible human beings and encourages any positive change they are making within society today.

These are 10 Kids With Insane Ability.

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10 Ben Underwood - Blind Teen Uses Echo Location

Via mightyten.com

The story of Ben Underwood is one that is immersed in strength and might. Ben had his eyes removed at three years old due to cancer and was left blind. He then began to teach himself echo location, similar to what dolphins use. It is a short clicking sound that bounces off objects around him making him able to know what is around him and grasp his bearings. He is the only human in the world to be able to do this thus far. He does not use his hands, a cane or guide dogs to guide him - ever. Ben is able to ride a bike like a breeze, roller-skate and play basketball. He can speed up and down the stairs and knows exactly where everything is around him in the house.

His mother was determined to always show strength and never pity him; this attitude rubbed off on her child and they lead a positive and remarkable life today enjoying life. Despite any set backs we are given, Ben and his mother are a great inspiration to society in terms of overcoming a downfall and thriving with a fulfilling life.

9 Alyssa Kramer - The Backwards Talking Girl

Alyssa Kramer's journey all started when she began to read at a young age. She claims she has a photographic memory, and sees the words in her head making it easy for her to recite them backwards at three seconds or less. Anyone can say any word to her and she will reverse it so effortlessly and quickly. She is even able to reverse full sentences backwards with no prior knowledge of what the words are. This 14-year-old YouTube star's videos have gone viral, landing her appearances on major talk shows because of her talent.

She appeared on Jimmy Kimmel as well as The Today Show. Other people in the world are known to share this ability, but it is nonetheless insanely cool. Experts have been mystified by this talent and reportedly believe that it could possibly be linked with a different brain structure and is more of a mental/visual process.

8 Elizabeth Barrett - The Reading Baby

These multi sensors used within the home aim to help, but the parents are still searching for more information about the child's progress and status. The daily routines of language used in the house is allowing Elizabeth to exceed at such a young age. It truly is mind-blowing to see such a young one read and understand sentences when we are not use to that at all from toddlers.

7 Victoria Jacoby - The Contortionist

This now 16-year-old can definitely twist and shout. Jacoby, a contortionist, amazed the world as she appeared on the hit show America's Got Talent when she was 11. Her parents began to notice her ability to bend and twist in all ways when she began to move as an infant. She would do backbends, the splits and end up in positions that would make you think she would break a bone or snap her neck! Jacoby was adopted from China and currently resides in New Jersey, USA.

She has began to gain fame because of her bending ability. Not only did she appear on the hit show, she acted in the movie Standing Ovation in 2010. It truly is hypnotizing to see the human body contort the way it does. These amazing people have been around since the beginning of civilization and are depicted in ancient art from all over the world in twisted positions. We wonder if the ancient contortionists could use their feet to place a glass in their mouths the same way Victoria does?

6 Matthew Whitaker - The Song Bird

Via twitter.com

Matthew has been blind since birth, but has since developed a sense of perfect pitch. He is able to hear a song and after just one listen, he is able to recreate it perfectly on multiple instruments. He reproduces the songs on the piano, drums, guitar and clarinet. His abilities began to shine at the mere age of three when he started banging on a keyboard in his house and out came the most beautiful tunes. Today, Matthew is studying braille music at a music school in New York. He is able to write his own songs and is a big fan of jazz. He has since been honored by Hammond Organ, becoming the youngest person to be honored in 81 years! He has gone on to open performances for the famous Stevie Wonder and continues to study music in school.

5 Timothy Doner - Teenage Polyglot

Via youtube.com

In how many languages can you say 'astonishing'? Well, Timothy Doner is able to do that in 23. Amazingly enough, Doner taught himself all of these languages at an immensely rapid pace. At 17, Doner was able to master the basics of any language in roughly two to three weeks. He possesses a definite natural talent, but the time he puts in to this definitely plays a role in his success. He spends roughly 15 hours a day studying grammar and using flashcards to learn the languages. He tries to speak as much as he can with people who speak the language he is trying to learn; New York City cab drivers are his favorite.

His journey began when he was learning Hebrew for his Bar Mitzvah and was later inspired to learn Arabic. In four days, Doner was able to learn the Arabic alphabet and in one week, read the language fluently. His ambitions went viral on YouTube and he is able to communicate with people from all over the world whether they are fluent in a language or trying to learn, just like him!

4 Ashlyn Blocker - The Girl Who Feels No Pain

Via youtube.com

Ashlyn Blocker is one of 100 people in the world who has been diagnosed with a rare nerve disorder. This disorder causes her to have the ability to withstand any type of pain. As great as it sounds to never feel the excruciating sensation of breaking a leg if it happens, the condition is actually very serious. Not being able to detect any sense of discomfort or bodily change makes it difficult to know if illness or infections are there. The disorder effects how signals travel from the central nervous system. It is officially called CIPA or congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis. Throughout her life, Ashlyn has always been very safe and avoids any risky activity. She has also given back to the community by creating Camp Painless But Hopeful, welcoming all other people who share her disease. She may be battling one serious disease, but Ashlyn is one tough cookie.

3 Giuliano Stroe - The World's Strongest Kid

Via youtube.com

This kid can kick ass, literally. The Romanian gymnast and child bodybuilder is constantly breaking world records because of his astonishing strength. He has two world records: one for completing the fastest 10 meter hand walk with weights between his legs; the other record was for the most push-ups done without his feet touching the floor. Giuliano has been training since the age of two and has been dubbed "the world's strongest boy".

Hats off to this little guy, who isn't so little after all.

2 Akrit Jaswal - The 7-Year-Old Surgeon

via www.betterbext.com

At such a young age, this Indian marvel is already a practicing physician. Akrit Jaswal successfully operated on his first patient when he was just 7-years-old in India! A poor family who did not have health insurance needed an operation for their daughter. Akrit was already known throughout India as a young medical prodigy, so they took the chance and let him do the surgery. He was able to separate the fingers of a little girl whose hand got burned together in a fire and would not recoil from the fist it stayed in.

At age 12, Jaswal was granted admission into medical school in India. At age 20, he is completing his Masters in applied chemistry. He holds an I.Q. of 146 which is quite impressive. He is determined to find the cure for cancer using oral gene therapy. Although he was brought up in a poor country, he has still managed to make a very successful life and hopefully one day will change the medical world.

1 Nandana Unnikrishnan - Telepathic Girl

Via weekinweird.com

This little girl's story may not seem believable to some skeptics, but the proof of the matter claims otherwise. Nandana is an autistic girl who is allegedly telepathic. She is able to read her mother's thoughts and emotions without having any communication or contact at all. Her mother claims that she would be thinking about what she was going to make her daughter to eat, and Nandana would already know the exact food. Tests were done in order to provide validity to this case and the researchers were amazed.

Mother and daughter were placed in separate rooms not being able to see or speak to one another. The mother was given a poem to read, and as she did so Nandana was able to write the poem perfectly down on paper as the mother read. Many people excel in multiple talents despite having autism. There is no concrete explanation of how this is happening with the Unnikrishnans, but it is nothing they are alarmed by; they just want to understand it more thoroughly. If Nandana can read all of our thoughts, we hope she knows how awesome she is.



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