Pumping Iron: Hollywood's 15 Most Extreme Workouts

While the role that fitness plays in everyone's daily routine may vary all depending on who you are, there is definitely something to say about how it can improve your quality of living. A healthy body equals a healthy mind, after all. Sure, there are many ways that one can stay fit including jujitsu, weights, cardio, running around with the kids and dance, but one thing's for certain: we are better for having done it. Does this mean that we have to work out for hours every day? No. But even active rest and doing something like talking the dog out for a walk is better than doing nothing at all.

However, in most cases Hollywood actors don't have the same luxuries as we do and sometimes they have to completely transform their bodies for a role. Fast. So, how do they do it? By dramatically changing their diet and exercise routine of course. It is understandable that not all of them have to really alter their workouts because their form mirrored the image engraved into the minds of the director and casting people but not all of them can be so lucky. Being an actor is all about shaping your body and mind to fit the role in front of you, thus bringing forth a credible character.

It's also fair to note that they may not always have a huge amount of time to do this in, sometimes they're given as little as a few months. When this happens it's time to kick it into high gear and lift those weights, complete those super sets (when you complete sets without the typical rest period), and maybe even do a session of yoga to get you into the best shape possible. Yes, men can do yoga too. And even if it's not for the role, being fit is always beneficial no matter how hard you may have to train to achieve the body that you want. But, who are some of Hollywood's favorite athletes who went above and beyond for their craft? Well, there's only one way to find out. So, what are you waiting for? You know what to do.

15. Adam Levine's Practical Workout


While superstar Adam Levine may not be the biggest guy in Hollywood, he's definitely one of the most fit. According to his trainer, he basically works out as hard as an Olympic athlete and possesses great athletic abilities. So, what's his secret to maintaining his slender but toned bod? The sheer essence of movement. Because Adam Levine is one of those who simply cannot sit still, he is easily bored he is always on the move. In addition to his intense yoga workout and traditional muscle training, he does upwards of 14,000 steps a day! He always starts out with a warm-up which calls for: 4 minutes of an easy going pace on the elliptical machine with the last minute in a standing squat-like position shortly followed by a workout that consists of 30 rep inclined (30-45 degrees) dumbbell rows, 30 reverse lunges per leg, and 30 supermans. Despite the minute's rest between circuits, he completes six total and that can take a definite toll on your body. On top of that, he does about an hour's worth of yoga before each show! Some of his go-to's include: sirsasana (a headstand of sorts), ashtanga (a series of eight postures), vinyasa (an intensified variation of ashtanga) and, last but not least, Jivamukti Yoga. What can I say? It's hard work to look that good.

14. Paul Rudd - Ant-Man


While Ant-Man may not be the most bulked-up superhero that you've ever feasted your eyes on, Paul Rudd's dedication to the role really showed. Having had undergone a year's worth of pure physical activity for the role, he may not have looked like Thor but he sure could fight with the best of them. Sure, all of the details regarding his workout may not be known to the general public but we sure know enough to have him merit a position on this list. On top of doing a lot of exercises that were rooted in gymnastics such as rolls, flips and mild parkour, he also put himself through some pretty intense weight-training, cardio and toning.

In order to get a body like Paul Rudd, the first thing that you're going to want to do is boost your cardio because a lot of what comes next will be rooted in it.  Besides, it'll help with your recovery times. In addition, you're going to want to invest in the heaviest dumbbells that you can manage, a workout bench, pull-up machine, jump rope and a 20 pound medicine ball because they will get used... a lot. To sum it all up, you will be doing a lot of training with your dumbbells, pull-ups, planks, medicine ball slams and floor exercises. The goal here is to add some bulk and muscle definition to your upper-body while still toning out your legs and adding the illusion of great arms.

13. Alexander Skarsgård - The Legend of Tarzan


Alexander Skarsgård may have done lots of running in his past but nothing could quite prepare him for the transformation that his body was about to undergo. After he was cast to play Tarzan in the latest Tarzan film, The Legend of Tarzan, he knew that he would pack on as much lean muscle as possible to make the character a believable one and the results that you see on-screen are 100% legit. While his complete exercise regimen has not been released to the general public, major parts of it were and chances are that there's enough there to provide you with the awesome body that you want. He first started preparing for the role by bulking up and doing an hour workout every two days which required anywhere from 9 to 20+ reps; this all depended on the size that the target muscles were so the bigger the muscles the more reps you would have to do.

The first day of the workout targeted his lower body so there was a lot of squats, dead lifts, leg presses, skaters and frog jumps involved. The second regimen called for 2 kinds of barbell bench presses, cable flys, seated overhead dumbbell presses, pushups and burpees.

Then, the third set consisted of pull-ups, seated cable rows, neutral grip alternating dumbbell rows, cable woodchops, and dumbbell lateral raises. And, last but not least, the fourth set included alternating dumbbell bicep curls, ez-bar curls, barbell lying triceps extensions, overhead rope extensions, cable bicep curls and cable press-downs.


3 Hugh Jackman's Wolverine


Wolverine may look like a creature of the future, or at least some sort of alternative universe, but his muscular body was a direct result of an assortment of techniques that any human can do; if they're willing to put the work into it that is. There are two major steps involved here: the classic overload plan that starts off with basic lifts done with light weights and higher reps which then transforms into more weight (except for the fourth week which is used for bodily recovery) and less reps and tried, tested, and true techniques like super sets and circuits.

You may also like to know that this is a 5 day program that should be performed for a minimum of 8 weeks and you SHOULD NOT perform more reps or sets than what is stated. There is also a specific way that you should be tackling the weights and, while I could try to explain it here, it will be a lot clearer if best you just consult the chart that Men's Fitness provides, but just note that there will always be 4 sets regardless of the day and/or week. As a side note, you should also use the link for more information pertaining to the circuits. So, now that that's all cleared up let's get into the workout!

Day 1: Bench presses which will be followed by a 150 second rest; 10 dumbbell shoulder presses and a 60 second rest; 10 behind-the-neck-presses and then a 60 second rest; 30 Cuban presses with a 30 second rest afterward; a super set of 1- triceps dips, lateral raises, and a shoulder circuit that will then call for a 60 second rest.

Day 2: Back squats; a 150 second rest; front squats; a 60 second rest; 20 single-leg presses (10 per leg); a 60 second rest; a super set of 12 standing calf raises and hanging leg raises; a 60 second rest; 10 ab-wheel roll outs; a 60 second rest.

Day 3: Weighted pull-ups (if you can't do the weighted ones you can start off with the standard ones); 150 second rest; 12 one-arm dumbbell rows; a 60 second rest; 10 inverted rows; a 60 second rest; 10 inclined dumbbell curls; a 60 second rest and 8 bicep curls followed by a 60 second rest.

Day 4: Inclined dumbbell presses at a 30-45 degree angle; 150 second rest; 6 multi-angle incline dumbbell presses; a 60 second rest; 10 cable-flys; a 60 second rest; 10 close grip bench presses; a 60 second rest; a triceps circuit.

Day 5: Deadlift; 150 second rest; 10 Romanian deadlifts; a 60 second rest; 12 zercher squats; a 60 second rest; 10 weighted incline sit-ups; a 60 second rest; 10 barbell landmines (per side); a 60 second rest.

11. Chris Hemsworth - Thor


So, you want to get into shape and, in turn, look like a god? Well, ever since Chris Hemsworth's workout was released to the general public, your dreams can become a reality.  So long as you're willing to look like the God of Thunder that is. The key is this: not only do you have to eat right but you must perform a routine that is similar to those done by bodybuilders but with an emphasis on your arm and shoulder area. By working out one body part each day and having a complete regimen that you can do 5 days a week, you'll be able to give your muscles plenty of time to rest before pushing them to their limits once again. But you should note that you'll only really see results if you actually give it your all every single time that you workout.

If you're looking for a back like Thor, you've got to work like Thor. You can do this by completing a superset of pull-ups and push-ups with additional hammer strength 2 arm rows using heavy weights, dumbbell rows, and Swiss ball hyperextensions. As far as getting his chest is concerned, you should be doing barbell bench presses, warrior fit incline dumbbell bench presses, hammer strength chest presses and a super set of weighted dips (with either a weighted belt or a weighted chain around your neck) followed by cable flys.

For his legs, there are back squats, leg presses (until failure), walking lunges and a 3-part super set which includes: leg extensions, single-leg curls and standing calf raises. Want his awesome shoulders? Do military presses, Arnold presses, barbell shrugs and a super set composed of dumbbell lateral raises, dumbbell lateral front raises, and dumbbell rear delt flys.

10. It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's... A Workout?


Just like the Superman character, this workout is all about getting out of your own head and pushing your body to limits that you didn't even think possible. But, in order to look like Superman, you need to work hard and keep at it. The way that it works is relatively simple: first you prepare your body like you would for any other session, bulk-up using a lot of the same techniques as Olympic weightlifters use, lean your body out and, last but not least, maintain your ideal size.

Just to give you a bit of a heads up, what follows will be a lot of technical weightlifting terms but Men's Fitness breaks everything down for you quite nicely. Also, you should be completing one set of exercises per day which would then result to you working out 4 days every week but that doesn't mean that it's easy stuff. That being said, make sure that you get plenty of sleep (10 hours a night is ideal) and allow your body to recover, it'll need it. Especially when you take into consideration that you should get used to the exercises by first using weights that make up about 50% of your physical strength and do a few reps of those, then go up to 70-75% of the weight that you can use and, finally, do the final reps with weights that are quite heavy but still manageable. From that point forward, however, you should just be doing very heavy sets. You should not complete more than 10 reps, your body will be tired enough already. Anyway, the first day you'll be doing what they call a hang clean and jerk. The second day is where it gets a little more complicated though because it's a circuit which contains 4 sets per exercise. You'll start with a clean pull, then go into a power clean which is then followed by a weighted front squat and a push press then, last but not least, a split jerk.

The third day is the one where you'll be focusing on the front squat and the fourth is where you will be doing a front and back combination with weights that use up about 70-75% of your physical strength where you'll complete 7 reps for the front, take a quick rest, and then do 13 reps in the back. Put it this way, you may not be the Man of Steel but you'll sure feel like him, especially after you start seeing the results.

9. Chris Pratt - Guardians of the Galaxy


Chris Pratt wasn't always a fit Hollywood actor, but when he was cast as Star Lord in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy that had to change. Quickly. No one would ever believe that someone who was as pudgy as Pratt could ever play a superhero so he stepped up his game and the results were outstanding. With this workout and the proper diet, he was able to lose a whopping 60-pounds of fat and gain loads of lean muscle, making him the ideal candidate for any out-of-this-world hero. While prepping for the role he would be working out 3-4 hours a day 5 days a week minimum and would spent this time doing P90X, running, swimming, boxing, kickboxing, completing triathlons and more! But, his actual regimen underwent a metamorphosis of its own because it began with a huge focus on heavy bodybuilding and slowly moved more and more toward cardio. That being said, one thing always remained consistent: his 10 minute treadmill warm-up.

On Mondays, he really wanted to focus on his back and abs which meant that pull-ups and push-ups were done in a super set alongside wide grip lateral pull-downs, hammer strength rows, one-arm rows, hyperextensions, and for his abs there were planks, hanging reg raises, side planks and toes to bars. On Tuesdays, his chest was his main focus so bench presses with an increased amount of weight per set, heavy bench presses, inclined bench presses, hammer strength bench presses, 90-degree weighted dips, and standing cable flys were on the agenda.

As far as Wednesday's regime was concerned, the legs were key so he did squats, deadlifts, leg presses with as much weight as possible until failure, walking lunges, and leg extensions, leg curls, and standing calf raises as a super set but he also repeated the ab workout, too. Thursdays were slightly easier because it only involved overhead military presses, Arnold presses, barbell shrugs and lateral raises, front raises and rear delt flys as a super set. Finally, on Friday you can be expecting to barbell curls and skull crushes as well as 3 separate super sets and the ab workout. As far as the super sets are concerned, the first one consists of preacher curls and french curls. The second is hammer curls and tricep rope press-downs and the last is wrist curls and reverse wrist curls. What can I say, being a leading man is hard work.

8. Vin Diesel - Fast & Furious

Vin Diesel may not be as huge of a celebrity as he was years before becoming an actor (he was a bouncer who followed a bodybuilder's workout routine) but he can definitely fight off anyone who does him wrong. With a routine that consists of muscle building, cardio, Pilates, yoga, jujitsu,and calisthenics he's not only strong but agile too, thus transforming his body into a fighting machine who can move with the best of them. While not all of the details pertaining to the way he keeps in such tip-top shape have been revealed to the general public, there's enough to at least give you a general idea and you can just sign up for some other classes and do various cardio exercises to obtain the true Vin Diesel look. Also, the one truly unique aspect of his particular workout is that all of the moves mentioned follow the same format: there's always 4 sets with 8 reps and the moves are paired up so that they can be done in super sets. The first workout has 12 moves total which are: barbell bench presses with medium grip and decline barbell bench presses, dumbbell flys and push-ups, incline dumbbell presses and cable crossovers, standing overhead barbell triceps extensions and ez-bar skull crushers, reverse grip triceps push-downs and incline barbell triceps extensions, and tricep dumbbell kickbacks and dips that engage the triceps. He also tries to throw in some ab exercises if he can, but there was no information about what he does for that so just do what's best for you!

The second one is definitely shorter but when you consider that it targets your back and shoulders it kind of makes sense as to why that would be the case. For this circuit you'll be doing: dumbbell shoulder presses and side lateral raises, wide-grip lateral pulldowns and bent over barbell rows, Romanian deadlifts, and dumbbell shrugs. Finally, it's time to work on those legs and you'll do that through the following: barbell squats and standing calf raises, wide stance barbell squats and barbell lunges, and finally barbell lunges and clean grip front squats. Yes, I know that no weights were given but it's advised that you work with what's best for you and you may even want to try working with more weight each time you change sets. That's up to you to decide.

7. You, Too, Can Be Spartacus


The one taken from the fitness website gives you about half of what you could possibly need which still isn't too shabby. The first part of the workout is a 30 minute "Total Body Blitz" which is probably just as exhausting as it sounds. However, the section that they have exposed to the public's eye is called the "Triple Set Scorcher" which takes about 29 minutes to complete and consists of 2 sets of 3 3-move circuits. What you're going to want to do is take a day's rest in between workouts which means that you'll be working out 3 days a week. Also, the goal is to execute as many proper reps as possible within a 40 second time span before taking a 20 second rest and moving onto the next move. Once all 3 of them are done, take a minute's rest, do it all over again, and then move onto the next circuit. So, what do these triple sets consist of? Scroll down and see!

The first triple set consists of a plank paired with leg lifts, dumbbell chops (like you were chopping wood with dumbbells) and dumbbell lunges. The second section makes you do dumbbell single-leg deadlifts with the other leg remaining unbent (you'll do 20 seconds per leg on this one), dumbbell push presses, and goblet squats. Last but not least, the third set requires you to do dumbbell alternative rows, dumbbell side lunge and touches (the dumbbell touches the floor) and dumbbell deadlifts. Some people complain that they don't feel the burn in the arms but if you fall under that category it has been suggested that you just use heavier weights and cut it down to 1 rep.

2 The 300 Workout That's Fit for a King 


When you want to train, there's nothing quite like the feeling of wanting to embody the iconic nature of the Spartans and where better to focus that energy than when Gerard Butler played King Leonidas in the Greek epic 300. Considering how much weight this Scottish actor shed to obtain the physique that he did, you can't help but think that the work that he put his body through must have been a gruelling process. Long story short, you'd be right. While the main part of this particular routine may sound easy on paper (or a screen) it can easily kick the butt of anyone who dares face its path and when this happens into the pit it goes!

This particular section is a total body workout with little to no rest in between the moves that you'll be doing. That is, except for when you're walking toward the next set of equipment that you'll be needing. As described by various fitness magazines like Men's Health, the 300 workout primarily consists of doing 25 consecutive body weight pull-ups, 50 deadlifts using a 135 pound barbell, 50 pushups, 50 box jumps using a 24" platform, 50 floor wipers using the same 135 pound barbell, 25 clean-and-presses using a 35 pound kettlebell (per arm) where the weight touches the floor between reps (do all 25 before moving onto the next arm), and finally finish it all off with another 25 pull-ups. While this circuit could theoretically be completed in anywhere from 18 to 20 minutes, you can rest assured that each part of your body has been targeted and you'll be tired as all hell by the end of it.

He also flipped massive tires, sprinted while being attached to a bungee cord, and did crazy amounts of push-ups where his feet were on a bench and his hands were being supported by Olympic rings. Oh! And don't forget about the stunt, sword and spear training that he had to do so that he would truly embody King Leonidas. All in all, working out for about 6 hours a day for 7 months straight payed off but, the question still remains: are you up for the challenge?

5. Joe Manganiello - True Blood


If you ever wondered how Joe Manganiello completely transformed his body into the perfect werewolf form that you see on True Blood look no further because the answer is just moments away. Just be warned, you will have to commit to it for at least 6 weeks with only one day off a week and the circuits will last a minimum of a few hours but the final result will definitely make all of your hard work worthwhile. The way that he breaks it down is simple: there's cardio to do in the morning and then you work on your chest and back on Mondays and Thursdays, legs and triceps on Tuesdays and Fridays and your shoulders and biceps on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The key? Do your low-intensity cardio in the morning before you eat breakfast, that will help you burn fat, not muscle. So, let's start with your Mondays now shall we? Joe Manganiello completes 1 hour on the elliptical machine in the mornings and then does a variety of presses, flys, one-legged squats, calf-raises, leg curls, leg extensions, stiff-legged deadlifts, and hanging leg rises. Then on Tuesday he does 1 hour of interval training on the treadmill followed by lat pull-downs, seated pulley rows, pull-ups, curls, tire throws and crunches.

4. Jake Gyllenhaal's Extreme Boxing Routine


Jake Gyllenhaal's body has undergone a lot of transformations over the years but none were quite as intense as what you can see in his newest feature film Southpaw where he portrays a boxer who steps back into the ring in order to get his daughter back. In order to truly embody Billy Hope, he couldn't just move like a boxer, he had to become one. So, that's exactly what he did. Despite never having really encountered the sport until that very moment, it soon became what he lived and breathed; he ended up spending 6 hours (2x3 hour sessions) at the gym a day and watching matches whenever he could. His days always started out with a run that rotated between 5 and 8 miles shortly followed by a 15 minute jump rope session and anywhere from 500-1000 sit-ups. Then, it was time to work on the boxing basics: footwork, shadow boxing, bag work, and getting into the ring. If that wasn't crazy enough he went back for more after a half-hour break! This is when he did 2 to 3 rounds consisting of 10 reps for the following: pull-ups, plank walks, planks, chest dips, push-ups, 200-300 lb tire flip, 3 minutes of hitting that tire with a sledge hammer, squat drills and various weight exercises. Then you're going to have to do it all over again in the afternoon. Oh, and don't forget about the 1,000 sit-ups before bed. Up for the challenge?

1 Tom Hardy - Warrior


Sure, Tom Hardy has never been a tiny dude but when it came to being cast in Warrior as Tommy Conlon, a boxer, his body absolutely transformed. By doing lots of core exercises and strength training, he was really able to embody the role and look great going it. As per usual, as his strength increased so did the difficulty of what he was doing and the results were absolutely incredible. You may also want to know that everything that he did can ultimately be broken down into 3 major sections, but please note that he also completed 2 hours worth of boxing, a few hours of jujitsu, cardio and 2 hours of pad work to help his elbows and knees. He also worked out 4 times a day but it is suggested that you start doing this twice daily so that your body can get used to it. It is recommended that you begin in the morning after you eat breakfast and then again once you get in from work and then slowly add in a lunch workout as well as one before you go to bed. It's also handy to know that each exercise will have 4 sets and you will move downward from doing 10 reps to 7, then 5 and finally 3.

The first section is mostly mat work that will focus in on your core. As your strength increases, thus facilitating the exercise, you will then move onto the next stage and push your body to its limit once more. Stage 1 involves you lying on your back while on a mat, lifting your head and shoulders off of the mat, engaging your core, lifting your legs and then moving back down toward the mat, legs first. The second stage then involves you working from the lifted leg position in stage 1 and pulling your bent knees in toward your elbows, trying your hardest to have them touch shortly followed by you then moving your body downward. Then, stage 3 of this is quite similar to stage 2 except you don't bend your knees. For the last stage, you'll be reverting back to stage 1 but with one major change: you'll be placing an 8kg kettleball on the tip of your left shoe and crossing your right leg over your left leg so that your right shoe can then stabilize the kettleball. As this exercise gets easier, feel free to use a heavier kettleball.

For the second section, you'll be completing a circuit which contains no breaks between the exercises. Again, you'll be using the 10, 7, 5, 3 rep method. There are 3 different moves in this particular part which are 1) the push-up 2) shoulder flys, and 3) dips. While the shoulder flys are quite self-explanatory and require you starting with an 8kg kettleball in each hand and either increase the weight or standing on one leg when things get too easy and the dips just require you having your back to a chair and using your upper body strength to move your seated body off of the floor, the push-ups are when it gets a little more complicated. For the first set, you'll be completing the simple push-up with hands shoulder-width apart. As far as the second set is concerned, you'll be positioning your hands in a diamond in front of your chest. During the third set, you'll be placing your hands more than shoulder-width apart and for the last set you'll be doing the push-ups on your knuckles.

2. Liam Hemsworth - The Hunger Games


Liam Hemsworth has always been in shape and has made his way to a great body using a bodyweight workout which requires nothing more than a pull-up bar to do. But, when it came to playing Gale Hawthorne in The Hunger Games series he had to step it up a notch. The results speak for themselves. After working with an ex-Navy SEAL for months on end, he really beefed himself up and, while he may have wanted to die after his hour of pushing his body to its limit, there is definitely something to say about the process. The high-intensity variation of whatever he was doing at the time ensured that he would simultaneously burn the most amount of fat and build the highest amount of muscle mass possible (and at an accelerated speed), but don't expect to be able to move afterward. Even Hemsworth had to take anywhere from a 20-30 minute rest before moving on with the rest of his daily tasks.

While the exercises will not be listed to their fullest extent in this particular article, you will be able to get the gist of what he did and you can find out more information about his routine by clicking here. Also, you may like to know that this is a Monday through Friday routine and you're going to be spending a lot of time with the rowing machine (you'll be using it for almost every warm-up) so if you don't like it you might as well move on to the next entry. On Mondays, he worked in a pyramid method and completed lots of push-ups, pull-ups, squats (both non-weighted and with weights that make up 110% of your weight), stiff legged dead lifts, and hanging knee raises. Tuesdays consisted of a two-parter, which focused on chest and arms for part one and what they call the "Big 5 55 Workout" for part two. This is where you count down your reps from 10 to 1 for the following exercises: weighted front squat, pull-ups, wide grip push-ups, power cleans, and bringing your knees to your elbows while hanging on a pull-up bar. Please note that you'll want to complete all 5 tasks before counting down. Wednesday is mainly interval training as well as boxing, the kettlebell farmer hold, heavy bag baseball swings, and Thursday is focused on your lower body which means lots of squats and reverse crunches with a cool down of 200 push-ups. Finally, Friday is a fun mix of everything! Can you tell that someone from ex-military came up with this?

1. How Dwayne Johnson Became "The Rock"


When you take into consideration that Dwayne Johnson was literally a professional athlete before joining the likes of Hollywood, it only makes the most of sense to have him at the top of this list. Sure, he may be getting older but his body is in the same, if not better, physical condition than it was years ago and that’s all thanks to the balance of muscle building and maintaining an agile form. From playing the legendary Hercules to a police officer in the Fast and Furious franchise, his gargantuan body was made for action movies of all shapes and sizes. While one of the most intense workouts that he has ever done was for Hercules, today we’ll be focusing on his everyday regimen which has been proven to be hellish but bring forth remarkable results, check out the Mirror‘s article for the full story.

Either way, while there may be a few variations about what you should be doing if you want to live like The Rock, they all focus on each muscle group that you could possible want to build up: your chest, back, legs, core and shoulders. Also, it seems like there's a consistent cardio session that occurs right after his morning coffee, it's the way that he gets ready for the day. As far as the reps, sets, and rest time are concerned, he does anywhere from 4 to 5 sets with anywhere from 12 to 20 reps with a 30 to 90 second rest between them. Probably the most reliable source is from because that's where an actual interview was conducted but you may want to try doing it to twice a day instead of once, especially after your body has become accustomed to the moves.

It also may be good to note that he works out 6 times a week, focusing on one major area each day. Anyway, while there is just way too many individual moves to list you'll be able to get a pretty good idea about what he does by this little sampler. For his legs, there's a big mix of squats, lunges, presses, and curls. As far as getting his back is concerned, you can expect to pick up those weights and do a variety of rows, deadlifts, and shrugging as well as extensions, pull-ups and pull-downs. Now off to his shoulders where you'll be doing varieties of flys, raises, and presses. The next day is the one and only where you'll be focusing on two main areas, your abs and arms. This is when you'll be completing curls, push-downs, tricep stretching, hanging leg raises, rope crunches, and Russian twists. Finally for your chest there will be lots of: presses, curls, flys and dips, all of which are set to build up muscle in all the right places. Yes, it's extreme but if you want an extreme body then you'll have to have a workout routine that fits the bill and this is the most outrageous one of all.

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