Nobody's Perfect: 15 Famous Faces You Thought Were Innocent

It has often been said that no one is truly perfect, but what exactly is perfection? With the dictionary defining it as "the state or quality of being perfect"it can be extremely unclear to what on earth that exactly means. It is leading a sinless lifestyle perhaps? Abstaining from all those that lead you to misbehave. Maybe the act of never cheating on your partner? Obeying the vows that one holds when taking part in marriage. Possibly even respecting those of other races? Leaving everyone to have their own beliefs and convictions. Or simply just the act of not using the last of the milk?

Whatever perfection may be, it seems incredibly rare that someone might be described as such, even if they truly believe they are a good person. Surely as humans we all need that margin of error? That little bit of extra space for silly mistakes, and indeed sometimes huge ones. In fact, the world is full of flaws. Yet why do we push for such an idealistic and perfect universe? Famous people and role models worldwide are often subject to being lauded as those that are perfect. These people can seemingly do no wrong, with words such as 'saint' and 'angel' regularly thrust upon on them. But what if they simply aren't? Their flaws and imperfections suddenly swept under the rug and never to be seen again, going down in history as the perfect man or woman they are considered to be. So to somewhat humanize our heroes, the truth is nobody's perfect, here are 15 famous faces who are considered to be saints— but aren't.

15 John Lennon


Legendary performer, worldwide entertainer and prolific song writer, John Lennon was one of the best if not the best musician that has ever graced this world. One quarter of The Beatles, Lennon was also known for his stance on world peace, offering out a number of songs dedicated to the cause as well as a number of protests along the way. Famed for taking part in the now notable 'bed in', in which Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono protested against the Vietnam war by staging a non-violent 'sit in', the act was streamed all over the world, boosting Lennon's profile as the icon of peace.

However, Lennon was not all that he claimed to be, with a checkered past when it came to violence and negativity. Mimicking his own unruly upbringing, Lennon had a turbulent relationship with his first son, and with first wife Cynthia Lennon. With the relationship so strained, Paul McCartney felt obliged to write a song for the lad in order to show him a little bit of love, hence the inception of 'Hey Jude'. And that's not all, with Lennon known for being violent, it is said that he had attacked Cynthia a number of times, as well as having a number of affairs. Clearly a man with issues, it is important to understand that even those we consider to be our heroes, have a dark side just like everybody else.

14 Mother Teresa


As one of the most important figures with regards to peace throughout the last century, Mother Teresa is often hailed as a saint to many. Founder of the missionaries of charity, a Roman Catholic religious group, Mother Teresa was famed for helping those who were often abandoned by others. Running homes for a number of people infected with HIV/AIDS, Mother Teresa was in fact a savior to many, and rightly so.

However, a controversial figure throughout her life, Mother Teresa was praised for work as well as criticized. With claims that the conditions in which she worked were often extremely poor, Teresa was often forced to explain where all the millions in donations actually went. Accused of not using the charity given in the correct way, Teresa was often shown to have a huge shortage in medical care despite the hefty hand-outs. Considered to be a feminist in a way, Teresa had a strange view on abortion, sternly against those who were pro-choice, turning her back on the empowerment of women themselves. Whatever the case, there is no doubt that Mother Teresa was a good person, however it just goes to show that not everyone is indeed perfect.

13 Patrick Henry


Popular American attorney and eventual politician, Patrick Henry is now considered to be one of the founding fathers of the United States. Remembered for sticking it the Brits during the revolution, Henry was famed for his 'give me liberty, or give me death' speech, which made him one of the most loved and respected republicans to have ever graced the United States of America.

However, regarded as a true American, one that fought for independence and his right as a human being, Henry was in fact quite the opposite. Displaying an overly huge amount of irony, Henry like most other Americans who were fighting for their freedom, didn't really see what it was they were doing on their own door step. A slave owner, Henry was known to have had over 60 slaves throughout his life. Asserting himself as libertarian, Henry certainly did not display those qualities at home, seemingly ok with the fact that he had enslaved other human beings to do his dirty work for him.

12 Justin Bieber


No surprise here, Justin Bieber is known for not being the nicest of people in terms of being a mature and grown up adult. However, it is his relationship with his fans that causes the most concern, with his obvious disregard for them that really winds people up the wrong way. Lashing out at his fans on numerous occasions, it is strange to see such a celebrity react this way to the people that have basically put those huge wads of cash into his loose and baggy pockets. Known as 'Beliebers', Justin's fans have garnered worldwide attention, even going so far as to attack those that don't agree with their sentiments. However, seemingly not caring, Bieber often ignores, insults or even out-right attacks his own fans. That's right, getting into fisticuffs recently after a man asked for a photo, Justin was pictured getting his ass kicked after he had first tried to punch the man in question. From deleting his Instagram account to prevent girls from writing on it to tweeting that he didn't want anyone to come up and talk to him while he was out on the street, it is a surprise he has any fans left at all.

11 Shia LaBeouf


Known for being somewhat of a bully, Shia LaBeouf has often been labelled as the 'king of jerks' or just basically, a bit of an a-hole. For a man that constantly claims that he hates the spotlight, he sure loves to throw himself in it. Showing up to his own premiere wearing a bag over his head with the words 'I Am Not Famous Anymore' written on the front, LaBeouf could have easily just stayed at home. From storming out of press conferences, to plagiarizing people's work, it his relationship with the paparazzi that seems the most concerning, as he tends to play up whenever the cameras happen to be around. Picking fights with just about anyone he sets his eyes on, LaBeouf has been snapped embroiled in a number of fights, from guys to ex-girlfriends. However, the cherry on top was certainly when he insulted the one and only Steven Spielberg by criticizing his ability as a director. He claimed Spielberg "dropped the ball on Indy 4", and the jab even provoked Harrison Ford himself to call LaBeouf a "f*cking idiot". Guess our Even Stevens star isn't so innocent after all.

10 Julia Roberts


America's sweetheart and the crowned Queen of Hollywood, Julia Roberts is not only one of the highest paid actresses in the world, but also one of the most successful. But with success often comes controversy, and Roberts has often been blasted for being somewhat of a nasty person. Again, like other superstars, Roberts has been known to not appreciate her fans, with a number of her supporters claiming she can be extremely rude to those that have helped fund her career. Known to get insanely irate when handed with a bad review, Roberts has often been accused of not being able to accept constructive criticism, blaming others for ruining whatever movie she was being judged for. With an ongoing feud with her family and a number of strange and bizarre stories that often come out of the Julia Roberts camp, it was the rather inappropriate eulogy delivered by Roberts after her sister's suicide that really made people unsure of what to think at all. Google it, you'll be thankful.

9 Jason Biggs


Shooting to fame through the popular teen hit American Pie, Jason Biggs was a favorite among many. Unfortunately, he has gained somewhat of an unfavorable reputation during the last few years. Embarrassing himself a number of times on a variety of Twitter rants, his favored choice of attack seems to be those of women. Provoking a number of actresses to speak out, Biggs has also lost a number of followers. From body shaming ex co-star Tara Reid to insulting a number of women on the popular reality TV show The Bachelor, Biggs shows no sign of slowing down. However, it was Fox host Megyn Kelly that really went in on Biggs after labeling him a 'disgusting pig' due to a number of lewd and vile tweets that he had written during the Republican National Convention in 2012. Accused of being sexist and racist among other things, Biggs has often repeatedly refused to apologize for any of the offensive tweets that he continues to put out.

8 Roald Dahl


Famed children's author and forever adored by adults and children alike, Roald Dahl has entertained audiences for years, and he'll certainly continue to do so. Known for classics such as Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, and Matilda, to name but a few, Dahl pretty much invented a whole new genre for children's books. With his style of writing often displaying some creepy undertones with a slice of high morality on the side, Dahl created some of the scariest yet warm characters to have ever graced the pages of a book.

However, although loved all over the world, Dahl, like a number of other heroes, often made some concerning comments with regards to his beliefs. Accused of a number of racist slurs towards the Jewish community and the religion itself, Dahl has been quoted for saying, "there is a trait in the Jewish character that does provoke animosity, maybe it’s a kind of generosity towards non-Jews. I mean, there’s always a reason why anti-anything crops up anywhere, even a stinker like Hitler didn’t just pick on them for no reason". Not generally the words you would expect from a man who was so open to differences in his writing.

7 Marilyn Monroe


One of the most iconic figures of the last century and often labelled the most beautiful woman to have ever lived, Marilyn Monroe is often thought of as the best thing that ever came out of the movie industry. Not only did she captivate a whole audience whenever she was on screen, but she even became the face of Hollywood itself. With her image not quite being replicated since, it is doubtful that it ever will, for Monroe was extremely unique in her craft, despite the reputation she had as a dippy and ditzy blonde. Clearly not stupid, or else Monroe would never have had the career that she did, however she was often labelled with a number of other unkind adjectives that may have proven to be justified. Known to have been extremely lazy, it was a common occurrence that Monroe would turn up 'fashionably late' on set. Reprimanded for her lateness, Monroe would also forget to learn her lines, resulting in a number of retakes and a lengthier time on set. With her co-stars often berating her, Monroe was often the subject of abuse, with actors and actresses labeling her as unbearable to work with.

6 Kirstie Alley


Known for her role on the popular TV series Cheers, Kirstie Alley was also pretty famous for a number of romantic comedies throughout the late eighties and early nineties. With two Emmy awards under her belt, Alley was most recently seen on Dancing with the Stars, as well as being famed for losing a huge amount of weight. However, it is her continued affiliation with renowned religious group the Church of Scientology that has really thrown her in the spotlight, albeit for negative reasons. Claiming that Scientology helped her through a drug addiction, Alley has spoken out for the religion a number of times. Noted for publicly ridiculing fellow actress Leah Remini, who left the organization in 2013, Alley called her a 'repulsive bigot' who was now her 'enemy'. Announcing her support for Donald Trump earlier this year, Alley has lost a number of fans for her constant abuse towards the democratic party and continued endorsement of Trump.

5 Steve Jobs


Not only did Steve Jobs reinvent the future by changing the way in which humans communicate, but he also invented one of the best things ever in terms of mobile technology. Revolutionizing cell phones, Jobs is now lauded as a modern day hero, in ways in which Edison and Bell were before him. However, although an iconic champion of the people to some, to others, Jobs was a complete grade-A jerk, known for his bitter personality and short temper. Known for being snarky to journalists, Jobs often liked to point out how much smarter he was to those that didn't quite understand the technology. However, it was his relationship with his best friend that really shocked folks, after it was found that in his earlier days, Jobs had tricked his pal into helping him get his first project off the ground and pocketing the bonus himself. In fact, money was a continuing theme, with the stingy Jobs known for not being the charitable type, often displaying a number of selfish qualities.

4 Martin Luther King Jr.


A hero by all means with regards to what this gentleman did for civil rights and overall human equality, Martin Luther King Jr. wholeheartedly deserves every single accolade that has been thrown upon him. However, just like most, King was not perfect, displaying a number of flaws and faults that only blemish such a fascinating and beautiful existence. With adultery a common occurrence, King often cheated on his wife a number of times. That's right, it was even reported that on the final night of his life, King was in bed with another woman. With the woman in question told to stay quiet, King was whisked away in the ambulance with his wife quickly informed of what had happened. As well as extramarital affairs, rumors of plagiarism often tarnished the heroic civil rights leader, with suggestions that he stole a number of speeches and university papers from others. In fact, even the most celebrated and most admired speech of all time, the 'I have a dream' speech was rumored to have been stolen from a preacher who lived during the 1950s.

3 Thomas Edison


Credited with inventing the light bulb, if it wasn't for Edison, we would all still be living in the dark ages, or would we? With claims that Edison actually stole the idea from Nikola Tesla, the rumors have never actually been confirmed, however, it's not to say that they haven't stuck. In what is now hilariously known as the 'war of the currents', Edison and Tesla often battled it out, in terms of who was to get there first. Known for electrocuting animals in order to further his research, Edison once publicly electrocuted an elephant, which makes him by the far the biggest jerk on the list. From collecting stray cats and dogs to add to his electrocuting fetish, Edison also continually tried to trash Tesla's career, going to extreme lengths in order to get that one step ahead. From trying to steal inventions to attempting to trample over Tesla's reputation, Edison was not the hero in technology that we are often lead to believe.

2 Dr. Seuss


Much like Roald Dahl, Theodor Seuss Geisel, otherwise known as Dr. Seuss, was one of the most prolific children's authors of our time. Known for creating well-known characters such as The Cat in the Hat and The Grinch, a number of his most famous books have been turned into best selling movies. Although famed for his amusing and excitable characters, Dr. Seuss was the complete opposite, and in fact also a bit of a jerk. Seuss was a known adulterer, even cheating on his wife while she was fighting cancer. When his wife of 40 years committed suicide in order to beat the disease before it killed her, Seuss quickly shacked up with someone else almost immediately after she had died. Succumbing to cancer himself in 1991, Seuss leaves behind an enormous legacy in which inspires a number of children today, but a bitter ending for the way he treated his late wife.

1 Mahatma Gandhi


If saints such as Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King Jr. can display qualities only real humans are capable of, then anything is really possible. That's right, with even Gandhi holding a number flaws and imperfections, no one is truly perfect, whatever that means anyway. Spending his whole life striving for a peaceful and positive universe, Gandhi was highly influential in leading India and the world through a non-violent revolution.

However, just like those before and after him, Gandhi was not the wholesome and perfect man he was so often portrayed to be. Arrested a number of times during his protest marches, Gandhi was also often sent to prison. Insisting that his wife come with him, the impact would often have a terrible and sickly effect on his ageing wife. After becoming extremely sick, it became apparent that she needed urgent medical care, however, with Gandhi not believing in modern medicine, he refused that she take it, resulting in her eventual death. Contracting the same illness some time later, Gandhi rejected his initial attitude towards medicine, and quickly took what was offered to him, saving him from pain, although not from the disease itself. A 'distant' father, Gandhi's sons often claimed that although he was seemingly a 'father figure' to the rest of the world, he often ignored his own flesh and blood, with numerous reports of adultery and suspicions of relationships with underaged girls staining his legacy.


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Nobody's Perfect: 15 Famous Faces You Thought Were Innocent