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My Strange Addiction’s Top 12 Strangest Addictions You’re Glad You Don’t Have

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My Strange Addiction’s Top 12 Strangest Addictions You’re Glad You Don’t Have

If you’re a fan of My Strange Addiction, chances are you’ve seen some pretty weird situations on the show. You may watch to get a better understanding of what causes addiction in people. Of course, there’s also the possibility that you watch each episode feeling just a little bit better about your quirks or strange habits. After all, most of the “crazy” things that people do on a regular basis don’t compare to some of the addictions that are featured on this documentary-style program.

As with all addictions, there’s always an underlying reason (or two) that explains why people have developed certain rituals. The addictions may stem from a need to feel comfort of security, or they could be the result of chemical imbalances in the brain. In some cases, a person can even develop a strange addiction because of a nutritional deficiency. Fortunately, the people who appear on My Strange Addiction are offered help to get over their unhealthy habits, but it’s easier said than done. It can take months, and sometimes years, for these individuals to finally be free of their addictions and live healthy, balanced lives. Here are 12 of the most astounding addictions from My Strange Addiction that you’re probably really glad you don’t have.

12. Eating Drywall


There are several small bugs and other creatures that often find their way inside the walls of homes and destroy the drywall. This, of course, can cause serious damage to the home’s foundation, and can be really expensive to fix. However, Nicole, who was featured on My Strange Addiction, isn’t waiting for mice or termites to get to her home’s drywall. She’s eating the drywall herself. Nicole actually pulls large pieces of drywall from her home, and sometimes leaves holes that are three feet wide in the walls. Her addiction may actually be a condition called pica, which often affects women. Pica is the craving and consumption of things that are not food, and could be due to hormonal imbalances and nutritional deficits.

11. Having a Relationship With a Doll

So, there’s this guy who goes by the name of Davecat (yes, you read that right) who is, in a “loving relationship” with a doll he has named Sidore. Davecat and Sidore live together like a real couple would, and they even eat dinner and go shopping together. Sidore is a blow-up doll, but Davecat is convinced that he and the doll have a future. He also stated during an episode of My Strange Addiction that he gives Sidore foot massages, and that it’s “probably one of her favorite things in the world.” Davecat has an addiction that is known as object sexuality. The exact cause is unknown, but psychologists think that the condition can sometimes stem from abuse or Asperger’s syndrome.

10. Eating Sofa Cushions


You’ve probably hid a few things in the sofa cushions (sometimes by accident), and even found some spare change in the cushions every now and then. But nine times out of ten, you’ve never considered actually eating the cushions. A woman named Adele who appeared on My Strange Addiction is addicted to eating couch cushions, and counts them as one of her favorite snacks. She unzips the sofa cushions, rips out a chunk of foam, and eats as much cushion as she wants in one sitting. Adele has been addicted to eating sofa cushions for twenty years now, so we can only imagine the state of her digestive system at this point.

9. Eating Toilet Paper


Most people realize that toilet paper has one main purpose. Very rarely do people associate toilet paper with eating, because it seems, well, gross. However, Kesha, a woman from a My Strange Addiction episode, admits that she eats 4 or 5 rolls of toilet paper every week. She even takes a roll with her to the movies to snack on in lieu of popcorn. We’re guessing her friends are pretty embarrassed by this—unless, of course, they have strange addictions of their own. Pica is likely the cause of Kesha’s toilet paper craving, since she could be suffering from a lack of iron or calcium.

8. Drinking Nail Polish

Bertha was 23 years old when she appeared on an episode of My Strange Addiction. She was addicted to drinking nail polish, and reached for the polish to quench her thirst instead of “normal” beverages like water or Gatorade. At the time of the show, Bertha was drinking up to five bottles of nail polish a day! While this is certainly a weird addiction, it’s also a dangerous one, since there are many chemicals in nail polish that are certainly not fit for consumption. Bertha shares that she like the “flavor” blue, and she also enjoys drinking nail polish that has glitter in it.

7. Sniffing a Baby Doll Head


Lacey’s addiction isn’t one that is an immediate threat to her health, but it’s still pretty troubling. She rubs a baby doll head across her face throughout the day, so that she can take in the smell. Lacey has even named the doll head Susie Q. The reasons why people may be addicted to smell aren’t exactly clear, but smelling the doll head could trigger fond memories for Lacey. Since it wasn’t reported that Lacey was adding any chemicals or scents to the doll head before smelling it, there’s a good chance that the addiction is fairly harmless. However, that doesn’t make it any less weird or socially awkward.

6. Drinking Urine

Carrie was on a My Strange Addiction episode when she was battling cancer. She took up the habit of drinking her own urine in an attempt to cure herself from cancer. Carrie decided to try this natural method instead of undergoing chemotherapy. Every day, she drinks about 80 ounces of her own urine. She also bathes in her urine and brushes her teeth with it. Some would argue that there are more toxins in chemotherapy than in urine, but we’re guessing her family and friends wished she’d have considered other healing options. It’s a strange habit to have, but some people are willing to try anything when it comes to possibly curing their diseases, which is understandable.

5. Snorting Baby Powder


Usually, when a person is on a reality show for snorting something, it’s a hard drug that requires months or even years of rehab. However, there are a few people on the planet who snort a white powder that isn’t illegal. Jane, a woman who was on My Strange Addiction, is addicted to snorting baby powder. She was 28 at the time of the show, and admitted that she’s had this bizarre habit for 16 years! Jane says that she snorts baby powder about 10 times a day. Of course, this is much safer than snorting cocaine, but it could still pose some health risks, since baby powder is not meant to be inhaled.

4. Falling In Love With a Car

Sure, most guys really love their cars. However, few guys actually fall in love with their vehicles. Nathaniel, who was 27 at the time of his My Strange Addiction episode, admits that he’s in a romantic relationship with his car. He named his car, a Chevy Monte Carlo, Chase, and sees her as a “female.” Nathaniel takes Chase on dates, spends quality time with her, and washes her as an act of love. And yes, he also has “intimate time” with her. This is yet another case of object sexuality, which is likely in people with mild forms of autism who seem to connect better with people than things.

3. Being Obsessed With Looking Like Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber has a lot of die-hard fans. Sure, he’s also got some people who would prefer that he not exist, but that’s pretty extreme. Then again, the fact that there’s a guy who has paid more than $100,000 to look like the pop star is also extreme. Toby appeared on My Strange Addiction because he became obsessed with turning himself into an older version of The Biebs. Toby was 33 at the time of the taping, and admits that Bieber had such an angelic, baby face that he just couldn’t resist trying to emulate his look. We don’t really need to go into all the reasons why this is weird. Just be glad your friend/ sibling/ significant other isn’t quite this obsessed with their favorite celebrity.

2. Addicted to Being An Adult Baby

Yes, this is a real thing. There’s a guy who was on an episode of My Strange Addiction who lives like an adult baby. He says that he started wearing diapers when he was 13. The guy even said that he spends all day in a diaper filled with pee because “there’s nothing more comfortable than a warm, wet diaper.” This adult baby also sucks a pacifier and wears adult-sized baby clothes. The “appeal” of being an adult baby likely comes from the fact that these “babies” have an unhealthy connection to their childhoods. Either things were so great when they were kids and they don’t want to grow up, or they’re working through some serious childhood trauma. It’s usually the latter.

1. Eating A Deceased Person


When a loved one requests to be cremated, it’s common for the people closest to the deceased to keep the ashes. Casie’s husband passed away and was cremated, and naturally, she wanted to take the ashes home. What is not natural is the fact that she started eating her husband’s remains! Initially, Carie was carrying the urn with her everywhere, and her family was getting concerned. Then, they found out she was eating her husband’s ashes, which means she has truly taken her grief to a new level. Aside from the fact that therapy or counseling is necessary in order to address the emotional issues that are present, Carie may need to see a doctor to find out if the ashes are negatively affecting her digestive system.

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