My Strange Addiction's Top 12 Strangest Addictions You're Glad You Don't Have

If you’re a fan of My Strange Addiction, chances are you’ve seen some pretty weird situations on the show. You may watch to get a better understanding of what causes addiction in people. Of course, there’s also the possibility that you watch each episode feeling just a little bit better about your quirks or strange habits. After all, most of the “crazy” things that people do on a regular basis don’t compare to some of the addictions that are featured on this documentary-style program.

As with all addictions, there’s always an underlying reason (or two) that explains why people have developed certain rituals. The addictions may stem from a need to feel comfort of security, or they could be the result of chemical imbalances in the brain. In some cases, a person can even develop a strange addiction because of a nutritional deficiency. Fortunately, the people who appear on My Strange Addiction are offered help to get over their unhealthy habits, but it’s easier said than done. It can take months, and sometimes years, for these individuals to finally be free of their addictions and live healthy, balanced lives. Here are 12 of the most astounding addictions from My Strange Addiction that you’re probably really glad you don’t have.

12 Eating Drywall

11 Having a Relationship With a Doll

10 Eating Sofa Cushions

9 Eating Toilet Paper

8 Drinking Nail Polish

7 Sniffing a Baby Doll Head

6 Drinking Urine

5 Snorting Baby Powder

4 Falling In Love With a Car

3 Being Obsessed With Looking Like Justin Bieber

2 Addicted to Being An Adult Baby

1 Eating A Deceased Person

When a loved one requests to be cremated, it’s common for the people closest to the deceased to keep the ashes. Casie’s husband passed away and was cremated, and naturally, she wanted to take the ashes home. What is not natural is the fact that she started eating her husband’s remains! Initially, Carie was carrying the urn with her everywhere, and her family was getting concerned. Then, they found out she was eating her husband’s ashes, which means she has truly taken her grief to a new level. Aside from the fact that therapy or counseling is necessary in order to address the emotional issues that are present, Carie may need to see a doctor to find out if the ashes are negatively affecting her digestive system.


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My Strange Addiction's Top 12 Strangest Addictions You're Glad You Don't Have