Highway to Hell: The 10 Cars With the Highest Fatalities

There is nothing like getting in the driver’s seat of your car, rolling the windows down, turning on some good music, and going for a drive. If you have a convertible, even better to put the top down and feel the wind in your hair! But of course, sometimes our drives on the open road don’t go as smoothly as we hope and accidents happen. Thank goodness for car insurance, right? But sometimes, accidents happen that are much more than little fender benders, and unfortunately can cost people their lives. With the recent death of Paul Walker shedding light on the dangers of not only racing, but the safety of certain brands of cars, we have to wonder...are there cars that are more dangerous than others?

Simply put, the answer is yes. When it comes to car buying, safety should always be a priority, but sometimes style and make takes the priority. Let’s face it; there are some cars that seem virtually indestructible while others look like they can be crushed as easily as an aluminum can. In the United States alone, over 40,000 people are killed every year. In fact, it is known that you are most likely to die from a car accident than something more catastrophic such as a plane crash.

So, out of all of the different types of cars out there, which make and models are the most dangerous and lead to the most fatalities? Here is a list of the deadliest cars according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, most of which are from the year 2001-2004. Of course, as time goes by, there may be models removed and more added to the list, but as you go out car shopping, be sure to do your research when it comes to safety. Regardless of cost or style, compromising safety could very well cost you your life.


11 Pontiac GrandAm (2 door) – 160 million

The Pontiac GrandAm (Pontiac being a division of General Motors) has a vast history spanning back to the seventies with its first inception occurring from 1973-1975, then the models took a three year break and returned from 1978-1980, then they took another break with another return lasting from 1985 until 2005. So, there may be a chance or two that we will see the GrandAm again in the future. There were some notable safety issues in the 2003 models, especially the 2-door make in terms of frontal crash testing and the strength of the structure. Tests noted potential injuries in the right leg as well as the head.

10 Dodge Neon – 161 million


9 Mitsubishi Eclipse – 169 million

8 Chevrolet Cavalier (2 door) – 171 million


7 Kia Rio – 175 million

6 Pontiac Sunfire – 179 million




4 Kia Spectra (hatchback) – 191 million


3 Nissan 350Z – 193 million

2 Acura RSX – 202 million


1 Chevrolet Blazer (2 door, 2WD) – 232 million

The Chevy Blazer with two doors and two-wheel drive built from 2001-2001 has been involved with the most fatalities. The majority of the fatalities involve rollover accidents where the passengers inside were less likely to survive even if they were wearing a seat belt. The Tahoe eventually replaced the Blazer, but there are still many models out there still being driven. So in other words, be careful if you’re ever on the market for a used Chevy Blazer. Automakers attempted to contest the results by saying that driving behavior had a major impact, but at the same time, the numbers don’t lie!

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