15 Shocking Doomsday Predictions That Could Come True

Hundreds of dates have been set in the past where someone, or some organization, predicted the end of the world; yet, here we are today as survivors of such events reading on and living another day.

However, there are still some very interesting characters out there today who want to capture your attention with their own far out ideas for the end of days. Some would like you to be aware that cannibalism will save us all and some would just like you to celebrate Asteroid Day. Some want us to all voluntarily stop having sex and some have very startling reasons to back the claims.

TEOTWAWKI! Not an interstellar greeting, and but an acronym for: The End Of The World As We Know It. And we’re not talking the REM song. TEOTWAWKI means more than "kiss your ass goodbye." End of the world, apocalyptic predictions, can also translate into "the beginning of the end."

End of the world prophecies and predictions can mean two opposite ideas: the complete destruction to our planet, ending the life as we now know or, a complete negative change or reversal to modern history moving forward. Brexit, Trump or Clinton, North Korea, Zika virus, just read the headlines – there’s always someone or something threatening our future.

The doomsday clock still ticks ever closer to midnight, global danger still looms, people with degrees say we need to all take action now, and if the interwebs say it’s true, well then…


15 The Fall Of Europe

Europe is about to be a thing of the past. Baba Vanga, a blind mystic from the Balkan regions who died in 1996, is the female version of none other than Nostradamus. Very specifically, she predicted Europe would cease to exist in 2016. A tornado sucked her up when she was a child, and spat her out miles from her home; the dust and debris took her eyesight. From this point she began to prophesize and speak with the dead.

Vanga’s prophecy detailed how Europe would lose almost its entire population, developing countries would take advantage of this crisis, and eventually Muslims would take over the region.

Have you read the news lately? The European Union is currently flirting with this exact crisis.

She also predicted, decades ago, that the oceans would rise to devastating levels and if she’s right about all that, Vanga might also be correct in her thinking the Americans will eventually learn how to control the weather and harness it as a weapon.

14 Stephen Hawking’s Catastrophic Ending


Big oil, capitalists, agriculture heads, billionaires, climate-science deniers, and political opposition, will collectively be the demise of this planet, according to Hawking. Perhaps all unintended consequences, but he paints a picture of there being too many cooks in the proverbial earthly kitchen.

Hawking believes we are fooling around too much with what will destroy us and not paying enough attention to what we need to survive. Human aggression mixed with nuclear weapons, building on technology that causes global warming, and messing with the DNA of viruses and bacteria will ultimately bring the human race to catastrophe. Old cold war rivals, climate change, and antibiotic resistant viruses are definitely making the headlines each day.

He also recently signed onto the idea, along with many others, that artificial intelligence is the third revolution of warfare, reaching beyond nuclear weapons. According to Hawking, we are years away, not decades, from this potentially new arms race.

Skynet is aware and monitoring the situation.

13 Radio Frequency Identification

RFID, for short, uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track almost everything - from commercial inventory, to marathon runners. Also found in security swipe cards, pet tracking, DVD kiosks, and your local library. But how does this all tie into the end of the world? Certain American Christians.

To them, it’s a mark of the beast – 666 type stuff. And don’t get them started on Obamacare! There is the conspiracy theory that Obamacare is a sneaky tactic to force those pet-tracking devices into humans for the purpose of big brother following the flock. This has also sparked a clothing line that blocks RFID tracking.

Tracking us, controlling us, with gadgets containing RFID’s is a sign of the Antichrist, to these Christian organizations - only god is in control and not the New World Order. The New World Order being the entity that gives us those cool gadgets. Buy a new fridge with internet capabilities or the next iPhone and well, be condemned to hell.

12 The Donner Party


If you remember from your history books, the Donner Party were a group of American pioneers in 1846 that set out cross country for a new life in a developing State called California. Hollywood, as we know it, wasn’t even on the map yet but these guys figured travelling for about six months by horse only to be snowbound in the mountains and resorting to cannibalism to survive, would make for a good movie someday.

Professor Lloyd Cunningdale, of Salt Lake City, and his students made a startling discovery while excavating the site where many of the Donner Party perished. A time capsule was apparently discovered by him and his crew. In this time capsule, which was left by the settlers, predictions for the future were stored.

It’s unclear who made the predictions but one such note stated in 2016 nations will abandon traditional methods of conflict resolution and resort to biological warfare. One such virus is supposedly going to get out of hand and wipe us all out. Hopefully Brazil got this message.

11 Hand Of God

A recent online survey, with about 30,000 respondents from around the world, shows a third of people believe it's going to be the hand of god that wipes us out soon. Second on the list falls to only 17% of respondents feeling a super volcano will end life as we know it. Overpopulation got 11% of the vote. Optimistically, 15% feel humans can endure anything thrown their way and we will survive. Nuclear war and climate change rank low on the list as well.

Bypassing any debate about religion and god, this survey shows at least 60% of us believe it’s going to be a force greater than nature, viruses, and nuclear war combined, that is going to be the proverbial kill switch.



Nostradamus apparently predicted Obama will be the last President of the United States, as did Baba Vanga. You’d also have to be living in a cave in Tibet to not know that in the media a lot of the world right now has concerns about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton taking office.

The internet is currently full of predictions pointing towards the collapse of the United States, if either one of these candidates gets nominated into the most powerful position in the world. And economists also suggest that a collapse of the US economy would spell doom for the world. It’s an unfortunate fact that, one currency, the American dollar, is the driving force for so many countries’ economies.

The end of the world may not mean death to everyone, but could mean a complete and total collapse of the day to day world as we know it. Security, health, agriculture, and freedom wiped out because the wrong person got voted to drive the bus.

9 Happy Asteroid Day!

Rock dinosaur Brian May, lead guitarist for the band Queen, is one of the co-founders of Asteroid Day, every June 30th. Queen still tours today, its peak of popularity was over 25 years ago, and lacks today the vocal success of its former lead singer Freddie Mercury, who died of AIDs in the ‘90s. While May still tours, he wants you to be aware of asteroids that are the size of the one that wiped out the other dinosaurs.

NASA has currently tracked about 15,000 near earth space rocks just up there circling about, but they admit there are still another thousand or so undiscovered. May, along with the 16-member asteroid expert panel, want you to not worry so much that tomorrow there could be that hunk of space debris that would wipe us out, but focus more on what we can do about it.

Asteroid Day is a global awareness campaign educating Earth’s inhabitants on future impacts and survival.


8 Aum Shinrikyo AKA Aleph


Aum Shinrikyo is a Japanese doomsday cult that predicts the world will be destroyed by World War III, a war instigated by the United States, but (plot twist) they are going to make sure their group are the only survivors, at your expense. You may recognize the cult name from 1995 when they released sarin gas into a Tokyo subway, killing many commuters. The group is still active, with membership rising, and have recently been found in Russia and parts of Europe opening up shop. They changed their name to Aleph to avoid that whole gas attack namesake thing.

Shoko Asahara, founder of the group, declared himself Christ. Through teachings drawn from Buddhism, Hinduism, Christian book of Revelation, yoga, and the prophecies of Nostradamus, he basically plans to survive these end times by getting us before we get him.

Asahara wants to warn the world of this American-caused impending doom, but at the same time, his little side gig is saying join him, or die. He believes that by bringing about the end of the world under his control, and not someone else’s, will bring about good karma.

7 January 01, 2017

Out with the old, in with the new, as they say. Plan your next New Year’s party with the ultimate bang. January 1st is the new December 21st. Probably the largest publicized end of the world prediction was the 2012 phenomenon, as it’s known, second being the Y2K bug. Many, many people looked at Dec. 21, 2012 as either the end, or the beginning of the end.

Researchers discovered a calendar designed by the Mayan civilization, which abruptly ended on that particular date. So, of course, doomsayers pointed out that this was it, this was proof of the last day we would all see life as we knew it end. And if you are reading this, you lived! BUT, now apparently the end of the world back in 2012 was just simply delayed. The ‘Oops Apocalypse’ some newspapers call it.

Interesting to note, despite the American election being in November of this year, Obama is still technically president until January 2017. And if Nostradamus and Vanga, and many seers on the web, are correct, this will be the date that goes down infamy.

6 Apocalypticism, Or The End Of Happiness


By definition, this is the religious belief that the world will end in our lifetime. It is also the belief of a major confrontation between good and evil forces, destined to change history. Christian teachings suggest that an apocalypse can happen at any moment, but further suggests no one should predict when this would actually occur; however, an exception was made for Jonathan Edwards, a renowned 18th century theologian, preacher, and philosopher.

The exception being, Edwards was allowed to publish a book outlining the end of days. A Dissertation Concerning the End for Which God Created the World is still in publication today. Edwards suggests that the end of days would fall upon us anytime in the 21st century.

His arguments may suggest that the end is simply the end of happiness or, if god isn’t happy then he’s going to make us all unhappy.

5 Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

Simply put, this is an environmental movement that wants us to wipe out the human race voluntarily by not reproducing. The short version: Save the planet, but not be here to enjoy it.

VHEM was founded by Les U. Knight, a teacher from Portland, Oregon. His theory – voluntary human extinction promotes the prevention of human suffering. He primarily wants to see First World countries, not Third, heed his theory as they are the greater consumers of resources.

Knight claims that by us not reproducing will allow the return of a Garden of Eden lifestyle. He doesn’t support the idea of mass suicide, but supports the warm and fuzzy idea that we just have sex for pleasure, not to continue each owns lineage.

4 Church Of Euthanasia 


Rev. Chris Korda has a dream: save the planet, kill yourself. Korda was inspired by a dream that had aliens tell him our ecosystem is far off worse than our leaders let us believe. He believes that war and epidemics hardly make a dent in population control.

His movement asks for voluntary forms of population reduction, such as sodomy, free abortion, and cannibalism, which will save the planet. Any sexual act that doesn’t involve the chance of procreation is given the nod by the authority. Despite the majority of his flock being vegetarians, they promote the idea that if you must eat flesh than eat each other, not cow et al.

Their website homepage depicts one of the 9-11 planes crashing into the Twin Towers, and leads with, “I like to watch the plane coming in.” They also provide a 1-800# if you require emergency contraception, if you have accidentally knocked up your sister’s cousin’s aunt.


Mutually Assured Destruction - an agreement between two or more opposing sides, assurance that they each have enough nuclear bombs to wipe each other out. Whoever the genius was behind this, the idea is no one would attack each other if they both had enough power to completely destroy the other.

The MAD doctrine, a fitting name, assumes that if one force was to attack another that any retaliation would result in assured destruction. Despite treaties and scaling back of nuclear weapons, it's still run as one door closes, one door opens scenario.

Despite being a relic of the Cold War, MAD ideology carries on throughout the world. In recent years, more countries have joined the nuclear club. Also, NATO continues to ramp up its forces to match Russia’s defenses in Europe. Russia continues to fulfill strategically tit-for-tat. North Korea has more than a million soldiers, but they continue to adopt nuclear weapon technology.

2 Hollywood


Each time an apocalyptic blockbuster movie gets made it actual kills a little bit of the planet. To make a movie in general takes a great deal of resources, above and beyond the actors and film crew. Green Screen Toronto has unearthed some serious numbers in its environmental assessment of movie and television production.

The production trucks alone burn roughly 175,000 litres (nearly 50,000 gallons) of fuel for each movie shot. UCLA estimates film production in California alone releases a quarter of the air pollutants that the state’s petroleum refineries release. 200,000 bottles of water are usually consumed during the filming of such movies like Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Typically 1,000 tonnes of construction waste is generated building sets.

And those scripts? A medium-sized television series burns through 810,000 sheets of paper, per season.

1 6x6x6=

For those without a handy calculator it equals 216. Bit of a stretch, but that’s looking pretty close to 2016. And while we’re at it, 666+666+666+6+6+6 conveniently equals, yes, 2016. To impress your friends at lunch tomorrow, hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia is the fear of the number 666.

While history and the Internet has shown us that if we add and subtract, divide and round off a few numbers we can ‘predict’ the future. Obama’s birthday is Aug 4th, which is the 216th day of the year. His home state is Illinois and once he was originally elected, the State’s lottery drew 666 for the Pick 3. And some websites have even gone as far to show that he legalized same sex marriage 6 years, 6 months, and 6 days into his presidency. The majority of us are probably more concerned about other things than how we choose to love one another at home but 666 is synonymous with the end of days to others.

The beginning of the end.


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