10 Serial Killers With Obsessive Groupies

Serial killer groupies?  Just about every serial killer has them. The groupies write to these confirmed killers in prison and stand in line and wait for hours to visit them for a brief few minutes. A few give up their lives and move homes to be near the killer’s prison.  Some even marry them, or try to, and have their baby.

Serial killer groupies are not a new phenomena.  William Henry Theodore Durrant was one of America’s first serial killers.  He was  a young and handsome San Francisco medical student, who in 1895 brutally sexually attacked and murdered two women.  His three week trial was an international sensation.  Reporters noted with some disgust the hoards of young females who flocked to the courtroom.  One in particular stood out.  She was Rosalind Bowers.  Each day, she came to the trial carrying a bouquet of Sweet Peas that she unfailingly gave to Durrant.  She unsuccessfully tried to visit him in prison.  In the end, Durrant was convicted and hanged and the married Rosalind went back to her world - and her husband.

Flash forward to the 1990s.  In the bizarre world of serial killer groupies, Sondra London became a stand out.  She is a serial groupie of serial killers.  A true crime author, she wrote to serial murderer G.J. Schaefer, claiming she was a former girlfriend.  She began a strange “collaboration” with him, writing stories many said were based on his crimes.  When Schaefer, who bragged he had killed 30 women, began writing threatening letters to London, she moved on.  She became involved with Keith Jesperson, the so called Happy Face Killer. She then became obsessed with serial murderer Danny Rolling, dubbed the Gainesville Ripper.  He serenaded her at his trial.   In 1993, she claimed in a TV interview with Geraldo Rivera that she was engaged to Rolling.  Rolling died by lethal injection in 2006.

Why do some women become enthralled with brutal serial killers?  There is a long, rather boring technical term (hybristophilia) that describes why people (typically women) become obsessed with serial killers.  There is an equally long and boring explanation for why.  What it seems to come down to, though, is excitement, danger and a daring sexual thrill.  Some women think they can tame the “bad boy”, while others secretly admire the alpha male the killer represents.  Others appear to be in it for their 15 of fame.

These ten killers became famous because of their despicable acts.  They became celebrities who attracted groupies because of our society's undeniably morbid fascination with crime - and murder in particular.

Some graphic descriptions of disturbing crimes follow.

10 Wade Adam Ford


9 Charles Manson


8 Richard Ramirez

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7 Ted Bundy

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6 Jeffrey Dahmer


5 Henry Lee Lucas


4 John Wayne Gacy

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3 Charles Schmid


2 Ken Bianchi

1  1.  Joran van der Sloot

The headlines screamed it out:  Convicted murderer van der Sloot was to marry his pregnant girlfriend.  The number one suspect in the presumed murder of Natalee Holloway (an Alabama girl who disappeared while on vacation in Aruba in 2005), Dutch citizen van der Sloot is serving a 28 year sentence for murdering Stephany Ramirez in Peru, five years to the day after Natalee disappeared.  Van der Sloot has had his share of groupies, and this is the second time it has been announced he would marry.  The current intended  is a 20-something Peruvian girl who claims she is pregnant with his child. Well, conjugal visits are allowed in Peru...

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10 Serial Killers With Obsessive Groupies