Donald Trump's 10 Craziest Moments

When Donald Trump first announced his presidency in the summer of 2015, everyone thought that this was just an elaborate joke by the blustery, billionaire New York real estate mogul. But as he continued to campaign and project his message of anti-immigration and bringing jobs back to America, he started to soar in the polls. His slogan is simple – “Make America Great Again” and, fueled by his wealthy empire and his savvy for manipulating the media, his supporters continued to grow and grow. Even though the elections don’t roll around till November of this year, the Donald has already set the marker as the one to beat. He is definitely an unorthodox candidate who plays to his own rules. Below are some of the ten craziest moments Trump has had since he announced his presidential run.

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10 Announcing His Presidential Campaign With Insults To Mexicans

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Kicking off his presidential bid last June by descending an escalator in Trump Tower in New York City, Trump made his announcement in an unorthodox fashion – a move which would foreshadow the rest of his campaign. He went off-script, bragged about his wealth, condemned China, and then went on a tangent about Mexicans, stating that they “are bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re r*pists.” He continued: “I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will have Mexico pay for that wall.” Typical Trump, making radical controversial statements that offend entire minority groups while stirring up a racial divide across the country.

9 Stating That McCain Is Not a War Hero

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While at a Christian conservative gathering in Iowa in July 2015, Trump made disparaging comments against Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain, stating that was he was not a war hero, because he was captured. In his words, “I like people that weren’t captured, okay?” These remarks came on the heels of McCain’s comments that Trump “Fired up the crazies” in his home state. The Republican backlash against Trump came swift and hard, leading many to think this was the end of Trump’s campaign. However, it did nothing but leave a minor bruise, showing that Trump was stronger than originally thought.

8 Announcing a Complete Shutdown of Muslims Entering the United States

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In the wake of the mass shootings in San Bernadino last December, Donald Trump called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what’s going on.” After getting heat from leaders around the globe – everyone from UK Prime Minister David Cameron calling the comments “divisive, unhelpful and simply wrong” to France’s PM Manuel Valles tweeting that Trumps words “stoke hatred”, he backtracked, saying that Muslim-Americans serving their country in the armed forces would be allowed back in.

7 Saying That Hillary Clinton Got Schlonged

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In December, while campaigning, Democratic Nominee Hilary Clinton pointed out that comments like Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims aids the Islamic’s State’s propaganda efforts. She stated that comments like that accomplish the opposite of what we need, and that it fuels their fire. Trump immediately slammed Clinton, calling her a liar, and then went on to say that she’s a loser, citing her loss in the last race to now President Barack Obama in 2008. In typical Trump fashion though, his words were incredibly disgraceful and derogatory. He said, “She got schlonged, she lost. I mean, she lost.”

6 Making Crass Statement About Megyn Kelly

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In the early months of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, it was already becoming clear that he was changing the rules of politics like never before with his “anything goes,” off-script style. After one of the first Fox News debates on August 6th, 2015, Trump was heated up about what he deemed to be unfair questions from female host, Megyn Kelly. On the following Friday after the debate, Trump told CNN’s Don Lemon that he thought Kelly’s questions for him were “ridiculous” and “off-base.” He went on to say that, “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes – blood coming out of her whatever.” Of course, people assumed that he was making a crass comment insinuating that Megyn might have been menstruating and that’s why she was out to get him. A huge uproar erupted over this, but somehow Trump managed to stay top in the polls and remain the Republican frontrunner.

5 Talking About Dating His Daughter Ivanka In Rolling Stone

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Sometimes with Donald Trump, it’s impossible to tell when he is joking or when he’s being serious. One thing we can all say is that he is an accomplished entertainer and he has created a “real” political show that has captured the minds of many Americans angry with the status quo. One of the most questionable comments he made last year appeared in an issue of Rolling Stone magazine. In it, he boasts proudly about his beautiful daughter Ivanka by stating, “Yeah, she’s really something, and what a beauty. I weren’t happily married and, ya know her father …” Is that supposed to mean that he looks at his daughter in something other than a “fatherly” manner? These types of comments would have disqualified many candidates, but he just seems to keep getting more supporters month after month.

4 Making Disparaging Comments About Carly Fiorina’s Looks

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There is a worrying trait about Donald Trump and his tendency to consistently denigrate and undermine women on the basis of their physical characteristics. He has been notoriously vocal about his loathing of Rosie O’Donnell and in the same Rolling Stone article mentioned earlier, he took square aim (in his usual crass manner) at his fellow Republican candidate, Carly Fiorina. This is what he said: “Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?!” But even after that comment he made last September, his poll ratings continued to climb and climb. Forget about John Gotti, maybe Donald Trump is the real Teflon Don.

3 Saying He Can Shoot Someone In NYC And Still Be Elected

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Leading up to the Iowa primary earlier this year that Trump would eventually place second in (Cruz won it), Donald Trump seemed to be feeling bulletproof about his prospects for becoming the Republican nomination in 2016. In true Trump manner, he boasted loquaciously about his loyal supporters by saying the following: “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” Now, we all know that he’s joking with comments like this, but once again the question must be asked: is this any way for the potential president of the United States of America to be speaking?

2 Bullying Nice Guy Jeb Bush Out of the Race

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On the morning of February 21st, after the republican South Carolina primary, one of the presumed frontrunners Jeb Bush quietly bowed out of the presidential race. He place 4th in the primary behind Trump, Rubio and Cruz, but the truth of the matter is Trump bullied him out of 2016 Republican primaries. For months and months, Trump had been the thorn in Jeb’s side, constantly calling him a “weak, low-energy” candidate. He would make comments like “Jeb needed mommy to help him” and to add insult to injury, he even purchased the domain www.jebbush.com and redirected it to the Trump campaign website. In the end, all those attacks took their toll and voters categorized Jeb as weak and spineless. Jeb eventually dropped out and Trump moved on.

1 Pulling Out Of The Iowa Fox News Debate

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In the current run-up to the 2016 elections, it’s absolutely fair to say that Trump has completely disrupted the rules of politics. He proved that he is a rebel once again when on the eve of the Iowa primary in the beginning of November, he decided to skip the Fox News political debate. His reasoning was that he didn’t believe the debate mediators (including his old foe Megyn Kelly) would ask him fair questions. And when Fox News refused to play ball with him, Trump refused to back down and instead held a fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior soldiers at the same time the debate aired. He would eventually place second in the primary, but he once again proved that he doesn’t ever back down, even when it comes to the mighty Fox News.


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