Crossing The Line: 11 Times Comedians Went Way Too Far

Stand-up comedy is the purest form of entertainment. Just one person making a one-way conversation to an audience and making them laugh. A lot of effort goes into those jokes. Comics who earn their living from their craft spend all day writing, and every night grinding, doing multiple sets a night with no nights off, trying over and over to see what works and what doesn't work. It is a constant hustle for comics who feel pressure to stay on top of their game, stay relevant, try to make as many people laugh as possible, while also staying true to their art, communicating their original observations on the world around and sharing their most introspective moments with strangers.

Comedy, while entertainment, is also one of the last great bastions of free speech. However, there are some audience members who forget it’s also entertainment. In the increasingly politically correct world we live in, it is becoming easier for one to become offended by something a comic said during a live performance and take to social media to let everyone know how disgusted they were. Stand-up comedy has an exceptional track record for offending people, and thus, the following are 11 instances where stand-up comics in their effort to entertain happened offend a lot of people.

11 Doug Benson - The Red Eye Incident

10 Roseanne Barr - Butchered National Anthem

9 Ralphie May - Native American Insults

8 Tracy Morgan - Gay Son Comments

7 Artie Lange - Twitter Fantasy Details

6 Larry Wilmore - White House Dinner Slang

5 Daniel Tosh - R*pe Joke

4 Michael Richards - Racist Tirade

3 Sarah Silverman - Jury Duty Remarks

2 Ari Shaffir - 'Amazing Racist' Sketch

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1 Andrew Dice Clay - Profane Nursery Rhymes

No comedian has enjoyed more of a reputation for being offensive than the one and only Diceman. Andrew Dice Clay was a comedy mega-star by the end of the 1980s, touring major arenas, even selling out Madison Square Garden two nights in a row. His comedy was pure filth, filled with crude sexual imagery performed with bravado. Dice, whose jokes were so popular with his audience that they would shout the punchlines at him as he did the jokes, performed his “nursery rhymes” on an MTV Video Music Awards Show in 1989. The performance caused such an uproar with for his sexist and misogynistic humor that he received a lifetime ban from MTV. The ban was lifted in 2011, as Dice now on a sort of a comeback, with appearing in Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine and starring on his own television series Dice.

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Crossing The Line: 11 Times Comedians Went Way Too Far