Cold-Hearted Celebs: The 10 Worst Breakups

Relationships are, for the most part, transient.  We often hear about couples who spend decades together as legal or casual partners, but even more often hear about couples who don't quite make it.  Some people date for a few days and then move on, while others get married and stay together for quite awhile before deciding to break it off with one another.  This is how the world works for everyone attempting to make connections with people he or she cares about, regardless if the person looking for love is a celebrity or not.  Maybe a famous actor or actress is busier or has to travel more than someone with a different job, but the rules for relationships do not change just because one is famous.  And just like everybody else, famous people can have positive or negative resolution.  This list will examine some of the fore mentioned negative resolutions that celebrities have dealt with when a relationship turns ugly before it breaks.  Whether caught up in cheating scandals; publicly airing dirty details meant to hurt; or approaching the breakup in the most selfish, immature ways possible, famous people can have it just as rough as the rest of us.

What is not on the list though is relationships that ended with domestic violence.  I don't want to treat bad behavior and illegal, violent behavior as the same concept, so you won't read about Chris Brown and Rihanna breaking up because he beat her into the hospital for example.  There is a difference between petty and evil, so evil doesn't make the cut this time around.  Let's look at some of the most pathetic, cold-hearted assassinations of relationships in the world of the rich and famous!

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10 Donald Trump and Ivana Trump - Aspen is Not for Lovers

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There may be a slim chance that The Donald could be the next President of the United States, which means we would have another cheating husband in the White House. Donald cheated on his wife Ivana for a long time before she finally divorced him. He was sleeping with a woman named Marla Maples, whom he married for a little bit after Ivana left him. Maybe the final straw in The Donald's abuse of Ivana came when she discovered Trump had brought Maples with the two of them on a skiing vacation to Aspen! Donald reportedly tried to blow off Maple's appearance at the resort, but Ivana had proof that she was being cheated on and filed for divorce not long after all three of them returned home.

9 Katy Perry and Russell Brand - Divorce Through Smartphone

I've already mentioned how cowardly breaking up by texting is, but now we move to divorcing someone by texting, which is even worse. Katy Perry married Russell Brand for some reason, even though he isn't really worth spending any time on at all. Brand is an actor whose most believable role was as the Easter Bunny in the movie Hop. It seems like he was a terrible husband (shocker!), but he also must have been out of his mind to want to divorce Katy, a woman so far out of his league. Russell texted Perry that he wanted a divorce, breaking her heart but at the same time, from the perspective of every other person on Earth, freeing her from having to hang around this goon.

8 Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa - Not So Secret Love Nest

7 Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson - Dumped by Text

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I feel bad in general for Lohan, who without bad choices wouldn't seemingly have any free will at all.  Between her struggles with substance abuse, problems holding a gig, and difficulty understanding how to drive a car, Lohan has made many gossip columnists a lot of money over the years.  Another bad choice seems to be her dating DJ Samantha Ronson for a couple years in the late 2000s.  Ronson is only a blip in the celebrity universe, but when it came time for her and Lohan to part ways, she sent Lohan a text instead of explaining the situation to her face.  If a person is not mature enough to actually tell someone to his or her face that he or she is being dumped, then that person should not be in a relationship to begin with.  Way to stay classy Ronson!

6 Ernest Borgnine and Ethel Merman - Honeymoon Hell Cruise

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Famous Television actor Ernest Borgnine (okay you know him as Mermaid Man from Spongebob Squarepants) married his third wife, famous Broadway actress and  singer Ethel Merman, in 1964.  Merman was a well respected actress and Borgnine was much loved as a television comedian, so they seemed like a cute couple.  For their honeymoon, Mermaid Man and Merman went to sea, taking a long, relaxing cruise, but when they returned it was as bitter enemies.  On their honeymoon, the two fought furiously, non-stop with the two filing for divorce almost as soon as they reached dry dock.  Merman accused Borgnine of being cruel,  and the two engaged in a very public insult campaign.  They were married less than one month.

5 Woody Allen and Mia Farrow - When Cheating is Worse than Normal

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Hollywood actress Mia Farrow discovered that her long-term partner Woody Allen, the famous director who made Annie Hall, a movie that was not better than the first Star Wars film, was sleeping with her daughter, Soon-Ye Previn.  Okay, the daughter was adopted, and okay she was 21 at the time, but this is still creepy as hell.  Farrow and Allen had been together for a decade when Farrow found naked pics of her daughter in Allen's belongings.  It is already uber gross that Woody Allen is much older than Previn, but really there can't be many cheating scandals that are worse than the partner finding out he or she is being betrayed by his or her kid.  Allen and Previn married each other and have adopted kids of their own now.  I imagine that Previn must be in a constant state of paranoia that history will repeat itself.

4 Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore - DUI Equals Last Straw

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Actor Mel Gibson and his wife were married for over 25 years when she filed for a divorce.  Allegedly Gibson had been cheating on her; he was having problems with alcoholism; and he was having deep, and idiotic, questions about the validity of the Jewish holocaust. But Moore put up with all her husband's crap until he was finally arrested for DUI.  This arrest was seemingly the tipping point that prompted Moore to file for a divorce.  Getting dumped while in jail is pretty harsh, harsher still is the massive bill Gibson was slapped with, having to fork over hundreds of millions of dollars to Moore in the settlement.  Still, with all the hell he had put her through it was probably deserved.

3 Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom - There's No "We" in YouTube

Pro basketball player Lamar Odom married Khloe Kardashian, after only knowing her for a month.  Bad idea for everyone involved.  Odom had many problems with substance abuse and staying faithful to his beautiful wife.  I'm sure Khloe was already frustrated by her hubby when he released a video on the Internet where he brags about cheating on her.  How high do you have to be to think, "it's just the internet, no one will ever see it"?  The humiliated Khloe filed for divorce a short time later.  Then of course Odom messed up having sex with many prostitutes and put himself into a coma.  The media has tried to garner sympathy for some reason for the disgraced baller, but really what happened to Odom is both ironic and totally his own fault.

2 Britney Spears and Kevin Federline - A Pop Trainwreck

So, Britney Spears and her dancer Kevin Federline began having an affair that broke up Federline and his then pregnant girlfriend.  Cheating on a pregnant girl earns both stars some especially negative karma, and boy did they get it.  We all know that Federline is basically worthless and that his marriage to Spears would never last, but they had two really sweet kids so maybe the union wasn't all bad.  Federline was being himself (already established as a cheater) when Spears texted him she wanted a divorce.  That makes the third texting scenario in this list, but in this case, since there were kids involved, things only got worse.  Federline sued Spears immediately for custody of the kids, and Spears, instead of being smart about the matter, went crazy, shaving her head and checking into a treatment center, while K-Fed got to collect alimony and continue being a drain on society.  This was ugly from top to bottom, but again, negative karma was deserved by both parties.

1 Seth Rollins and Leighla Schultz - Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

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Former WWE world champion Seth Rollins had a very nasty break up with his girlfriend Leighla Schultz, which the entire world was able to be a part of thanks to the magic of the internet.  Leighla found nude pics on Rollin's phone of WWE diva Zahra Schreiber (at that point from NXT) on his phone.  Look, these things happen right? If I had a quarter for every time Zahra Schreiber sent me nude pics I would be broke, so okay, maybe these things don't normally happen.  Leighla was understandably upset; however, she not only dumped Rollins, but also posted the nude photos of Zahra - along with some nude photos she had of Rollins - online.  Rollins and Schreiber were exposed on several levels to the world, and Schultz felt like she had vengeance on the man who betrayed her.  Rollins also betrayed wrestling stable The Shield, so what did she expect?

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